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Superlatively valuable free teen porn
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I've worked hard all year long and I know that I can be a little bitter and somewhat difficult to deal with at times. I'm the boss of a shipping company and the only woman in the building of about 30 men. Tension is always present whenever I'm present. We have meetings everyday at 2:00 and again at 6:00. I hardly cut my employees any slack because I worked so hard to become the #1 Shipping company in the state. So hard work and dedication is a must, if a person is going to be working for me.

So today is the last working day of the year and everyone is very excited. We're all working and making small talk about our Holiday's plans here and there.

I mentioned my getaway vacation trip to the mountains to my secretary. He said that he was passing through the area and would be more than happy to make sure that I get there safely. I laughed and agreed to the offer. Joe is a Jamacian with a smooth edge about him. He stood at least 6'6, 220lbs, shoulders length dreads( which he usually kept in a bun). He was very clean cut, very respectful, good manners and etc. From time to time I would follow him with my eyes but hope he didn't know.

I secretly was in love with him but couldn't date him due to the job rules.

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. Today at the last meeting of the year we had a small party in the office where I handed out bonuses and other small gifts. Joe jokingly told a small group of guys about my soon to be mini vacation. Tim, 6'2 medium build 28 yr old, walked to the side of the room where I were and told me of the Mysterious man myth.He said that there's a myth about a guy that roams the area that I were vacationing on and to be careful while there.


I giggled because I DONT BELIEVE IN MYTHS. He warned me again and he seemed so serious about it. So I apologized and asked him" soooo what does this supposedly snow stranger does?" He looked a little embarrassed but continued to say that the guy is just. just.awww forget it Mrs.

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Kay, it's just a myth anyways. I shrugged my shoulders and begin beckoning everyone to help clean up so we could all leave. After locking up the building returning to my vehicle, I noticed Tim standing around talking to three other coworkers Paul( 41,5'8 about 160 lbs), Stanley(45, 6'2 about 200lbs give or take a few lbs) and Shun( 39, 6'6 about 210 with a Russian accent but I never asked if he were or wasn't one).

I got in my vehicle with nothing on my mind but my vacation. Standing at 5'7 145lbs I don't think that I was hard on the eyes being a 36 yr old boss.


It took me nearly 12 years to get here. I worked hard and now it was time to give myself a treat. I'm use to vacations and all but usually it's done with others, such as my family and/ or friends. This time it's only about me! I can't wait to go home and rest up because Joe and I intend to leave early. We were scheduled to leave at 5:30am because the trip is an 18 hr drive and Joe as usual, arrived 30 minutes early.

He got out of his gray 2014 GMC SUV, he was dressed in a nice pair of jeans that showed his form with a nice jacket with matching scarf and gloves. He walked up to my step to retrieve my bags and other things that I had packed. I was truly turned on by his fragrance. He flashed his big smile, showing his perfect white teeth and asked if there was anything else that I was taking.

I said no and we continued to the car. He opened the passenger door and closed it after I got inside. He then ran around got inside on the driver's side. As we backed out of my driveway he said " okay Mrs Kaye, you're mines for the next 18 hours" although he said it jokingly.

I somehow felt safe being his care and all. We drove for about 10 hours ( which is a long time considering icy highways, traffic jams and accidents that we had to bypass going about 35mph) before I decided that it'll be a good Idea to rest up before continuing the drive.

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"Are you sure" he asked.and I said yes. Okie dookie he said and pulled into the nearest hotel. I said "Maybe we should call it a day before we get back on the road. He said're the boss after all as he laughed. We both walked into the hotel front desk and ask for separate rooms. To our surprise there was just one left. He looked at me and said that we could go to another hotel but I refuse. Plus this would be the perfect chance to seduce him. Here's your key to room 109, said the clerk as she handed it Joe blushingly.

He said thanks Miss as he kept a straight face as if he was mines only. We went inside our room which was surprisingly nice! 32 in screen Tv, two chairs at a round table, a walk-in shower with a nice closet, a King size bed and the warm was already pre-heated.

It as nice to be able to stretch our legs. Joe said that we passed a restaurant about 3 miles back and that it would only take about 20 minutes to go get us food. I agreed because this would give me the opportunity to take a nice shower while he was gone.

I looked in my bag and took out a nice fitting shirt and silk underwears. I guess that I wasn't noticing the time because when I stepped out the shower Joe was already back.

He was sitting on the bed watching porn, with the volume down fairly low. I stepped into the room and startled him.

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He quickly tried to turn the channel but he couldn't hide his boner. He was fully erect and it had to be 10in long and 1 1/2" wide. He was embarrassed and all I could do was stare at it. Soon I became aware of my own embarrassment.

I was standing there with nothing but a towel on because my clothes was on the bed. Nice panties he said jokingly to break the tension in the room. I said yeah.well can borrow them sometimes if you like blushingly. He laughed very hard and said no thank you, they're not my size ha ha. He said that he was going to clean up and eat so that we could watch a movie or something before we go to bed.

Walking towards the shower he looked back and said that he would make get a blanket and sleep on the floor so that I could have the bed. As he showed I peeked in there to watch him. I never seen a naked black man before. He was everything I dreamt him to be. His tight buns, strong back, huge calves, flat muscular abs and etc.

I began to rub myself as I watched him imagining him inside of me. I must have shrieked or me because he stop washing his hair and went to turn his head but by the time he did I was gone.

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Joe got out the shower and came into the room wearing only pajamas bottoms. I couldn't hardly eat because I was so distracted and turned on by his body. He asked if everything was okay and I said yes thank you.


I fell asleep a hour or so before Joe so he covered me up and turned the lights off. I guess he thought that I was sleep because I heard him talking to me in a low voice about how sexy and beautiful I was. It morphed into my dream. I awake about 1am because I was so hot and bother by Joe' s presents.

I leaned quietly over the bed & was shocked to find Joe masturbating with his eyes closed. He was working his shaft with long, hard but quick thrusting of his hands.

I rolled back over in the bed and thought to myself.hmm he's making my job easy. I got out the bed quietly and got naked. I tiptoed around him and bowed down. He must have been fucking someone in his sleep because he didn't hear me.

I removed his hands and replaced is with my mouth. Oh my did it feel good wrapping my lips around his long hard shaft. I was bobbing at the same momentum that I had him masturbating to. He was groaning in a low voice.he grabbed two hands full of my ginger colored hair and stuffed about half of his cock into my throat.I was gagging but I was enjoying it. He exploded in my felt like hot coffee as it spilled down my throat and chin.

He turned over and began to snore loudly. I guess that he wasn't aware of what just happened. The 5:00 alarm on Joe's watch woke us up. He sat up and was looking around as if he lost something and he shook his head. Boy was that a good dream he said as he stood up and stretched.totally unaware of his morning wood. I sat up and began to gather my things.

I notice that Joe was looking at my ass but quickly changed direction as I turned around. Hey did you sleep well I asked.he said yeah but I had this dream that felt. I mean seemed so real he stumbled. Oh what kind of dream I asked he just laughed and tried to redirect me.

He said "hey you were moving a lot in your sleep last night before I went to bed, was you have a nightmare or something" I pretended not to know what he was talking about. We left at about 10:00, due to my procrastinating and stalling.

I knew what I was doing. We continued our drive and we talked about all sorts of things that we were into. In my mind as I listen to his accent I could ride with him forever. As we arrived to my destination, I felt obligated to Joe. I at least owed him a hot meal and good night of sleep.

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After all he didn't have to drive four hours out the way for me. Plus a snow storm was on the way in a hour or so. I encourage and insisted on him staying. The cabin that I leased for two weeks came equipped with everything that we needed. So he took me up on the offer. It was almost 9 when Joe wanted to clean up for the evening.just I case he get sleepy he said. I agreed and I noticed that he sent a text to someone.

So I said " ooh your lady friend is going to be upset if she knew he was there . I was flirting the hardest that I ever had. He smirked and said "yuh not really wann dis could nana handle it. I said well teach me with a serious face. He stood there for a moment and said " alright but don she me didn't warn yah". I readily went and showered! I came downstairs to find Joe buck naked standing at the bottom of the stairs.he had the fireplace lit and candles were nearby.

When I begin down the stairs he said held his hand out and led me to the Bearskin rug. There, he put his hands on my shoulders pushing me to my knees. I was looking into his green eyes as he rubbed his hard cock around my soft lips. He inserted what felt like a fist into my mouth.he was rocking his hip back & forth as he looked in my eyes.

I was salivating all down my chin & chest profusely as he enjoyed himself. He stopped and picked me up by my waist.he threw me upon is shoulders as he slavishly ate my pussy. He then put me about four steps up on the stairs and positioned one of my legs. He then placed one of his hand in the center of back to position me to his height.

He placed the head of his hard cock at the opening of my soaking wet pussy. It couldn't quite fit even though I was wet.only about half of it would go in and it felt like it was ripping, stretching and tearing me.

The pain soon subsided and pleasure kicked in. He had his hands on my hip as he leaned over and whispered in my ear. Me kno yuh sekkled me last night.yuh used me huh? So nana me gonna use yuh! After he said that.

My senses are now coming back to me. He plunged deep into my pussy making me scream. Then I heard a bang on the door. I thought of my conversation with Tim. I became be continued.