Fucked hard and facial she love it

Fucked hard and facial she love it
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I showed up at the ski resort a day before my buddies, eager to get a good day of hard skiing in. little did I know that wasn't the only thing that would be hard.

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Plans started to evolve as soon as I was checking in to the hotel. A woman was trying to check in with the clerk next to me, and I couldn't help overhearing. "I'm sorry, ma'am, but I can't find any reservation under that name." "Well, do you have any rooms available? We've been looking forward to this weekend for ages. Besides, where else are we going to go? Its late." The clerk just shook his head, and I turned to look.

The woman was perhaps in her mid-thirties, but had a better body than most teenagers; clearly she kept herself in shape, and as near as I could tell there wasn't an extra ounce of fat on her body. An adorably cute teenager was with her, maybe her daughter, with long brown hair and a nice figure too.

Both of them were wearing loose ski jackets that concealed their top halves, but form-fitting ski pants, and it was almost hard to figure out which of the two had the more perfect butt. Without even thinking about it, I turned to them "I've got a 2-bedroom suite with just me in it tonight; you're welcome to stay in it, as my friends don't show up til tomorrow" She turned to look at me, and I could see both her and her daughter sizing me up.

I may be close to 40, but I'm in perfect shape, and pretty proud of how I look. I'd driven up, and wasn't wearing a ski jacket; they could see I was in good shape under my T-shirt. "Uh. thanks - I guess that seems ok; what do you think Carrie?" The daughter beamed at me "Thanks, mister!

Can you give me a hand with my stuff?" I smiled back and grabbed her bag along with mine and my ski bag, trying hard not to think about sharing a room with two perfect women and that there was no way I could have either of them - who'd want to sleep with a stranger while her daughter around? I'd have to find a way to masturbate in the shower, otherwise I'd have a hard-on all evening.

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"I guess that's a yes - my name is Beth, and this is my daughter Carrie." "I'm Bill, pleased to meet you!" I couldn't shake her hands cause my hands were already full with the luggage.

The suite they gave me was even bigger than I thought, and while I dropped the bags, Carrie ran around checking it out. "This is awesome! I'm so looking forward to skiing tomorrow." She tossed her jacket on the floor for me to pick up, and had just a tight T-shirt underneath, showing off her awesome top; she'd clearly started to fill out, and maybe she was a bit older than I thought - I wondered if she was legal, but quickly put the thought out of my mind.

Beth glanced at me, and caught me staring at her daugher.

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My first thought was that I was busted, but she just smiled and whispered "I wish my body still looked like hers!" I sized up Beth and before I could think, blurted out "You look pretty damn good to me!" I turned a bit red; my brain clearly wasn't getting much blood flow, but Beth just grinned and gave me a hug.

I was hoping she couldn't tell that I was getting hard feeling her pressed up against me; it'd been a while since I'd broken up with my girlfriend, and I tried to break off the hug before she noticed. "What do you want in return for letting us stay here tonight? We'd really have been screwed if you hadn't been there" "Uh." I turned a bit redder, as I'm sure she could read my mind. I was hoping they'd both be screwed in a different way. Oh hell, I thought. "How about a kiss?" "Where would you like it?" she grinned, and leaned forward to kiss me on my cheek.

On instinct I turned my head just enough to meet her lips with mine. She was surprised, but didn't break away, and instead pulled me to her and ran her hand over my butt.

Her tongue immediately flicked out and caressed my lips. "Mom!!" "What's wrong, Carrie? Why don't you go take a shower?" "What, so you can fuck our friend?" "Carrie!!

That's not appropriate talk" "Oh come on, mom, I know you well enough. You haven't had enough since dad died last year." Carrie turned and blew me a kiss. "I'll be in the shower, running my hands over my soft warm naked body." I could hardly believe my ears, and didn't know what to say.

Carrie pulled off her T-shirt as she headed for the bathroom, she was wearing a tight sports bra underneath that clearly revealed her erect nipples underneath.

And abs of solid muscle. Dear god, how would I get through the night with these two teasing me! "I'm sorry, she just turned 16 and you know what that means." It means I won't be going to jail, is what I was thinking.

But while I was thinking about the perfect teenager, I was alone with her mother, who was pretty damn hot herself. I was hard as a rock, and she certainly knew it! She didn't seem at all perturbed, either, and I wondered how far this would go - but I figured I'd go for it, and running my hands over her butt, I slipped them up under her shirt and felt her bare back.

Didn't take me long to realize that unlike her daughter, she wasn't wearing a bra. "It was itchy, so I took it off", she said with a smile. "Hope you don't mind." I answered her by lifting her shirt over her head, exposing a perfect pair of breasts.

I've never been turned on by giant boobs, maybe because I prefer fit women, and hence not too much body fat. Despite being a mother, and evidently not wearing a bra all the time, hers didn't droop at all, but stood proudly. Her nipples were big, and already hard.

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Without hesitation, I bent over, and took one of her nipples into my mouth. She sighed, and pressed my head closer to her, as I ran my hands down her sides, hooked them on her ski pants, and started to inch them down. She didn't resist, and my mouth let go of her breasts as I knelt in front of her to pull her pants down. "Not wearing any panties either, I see!" She just grinned, as I exposed a neatly trimmed patch of hair. Without hesitation, I stuck my tongue out and searched for her clit.

"Oh my god, that feels good!" There's only a few things I like better than eating a woman's pussy (you can guess what they are!) Its always been an amazing turn-on for me to play with her clit and see how far inside her cunt I can push my tongue, and to smell her and taste her, and see how wild I can drive her.

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Beth had lost track of anything other than moaning with my tongue buried inside her and then flicking over her clit, with her hands pulling my head tight against her. It didn't take her long to start to quiver, and with one arm I held her legs tight to keep her from falling over, while the other reached up to pinch a nipple. That sent her over the edge.

"FUCK YES!!!! DON'T STOP OH GOD YES YES! YES! OHHHHHHH" It was somehow even more of a turn-on to know that her daughter was in the shower and could probably hear the screaming coming from her mom, and I stood up, lifted her off the ground, and carried her to one of the beds.

It took me less than 10 seconds to shed my clothes, and drive my dick deep inside her dripping wet cunt. I held her legs wide apart while I slammed myself deep inside her, my eyes focused on her gorgeous tits moving up and down in rhythm with my fucking. God, it had been too long, and I couldn't hold out very long.

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My first shot filled her cunt, but I missed on the next thrust and covered the smooth skin of her belly with cum before slamming inside her again. Beth's eyes were glued to my muscled pecs and abs and her breath suggested she might be close to a second orgasm.

I'm usually pretty wild with my orgasms and have learned to really make them last, so it took all my focus to maintain enough of a consistent rhythm to drive her over the edge again, and she screamed again "FUCK YEAH!!!

OH MY GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!!" She was now slamming up into me, and it was all I could do to keep myself inside of her until she exhausted herself and collapsed, with me on top of her. "Was that good?" asked Carrie? Oh shit; I'd forgotten about her. She was standing next to the bed wearing a towel wrapped around her while she tried to straighten her long hair.

"Carrie. I thought I told you to take a shower." Beth didn't even have the energy to cover herself, and I didn't even think to help her, or even pull myself out. Carrie didn't seem to mind seeing her mother naked, covered in sweat and cum from a random stranger they'd met less than half an hour ago. "I did. If I stayed in any longer, my skin would wrinkle. And I bet Bill wouldn't like that, would you Bill? Mom's always been a screamer; I remember wondering what was going on in their bedroom when I was about 5, and one of my cousins tried to explain it to me by taking all my clothes off and touching me.

Kind of like this" she said as she reached under the towel and fingered herself.

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I stared at her mesmerized, and felt my dick already starting to wake up again. Jesus, was I going to get to fuck this stunning teenage body too? "Does that turn you on, Bill?

Did you want to fuck me too? I bet I'm tigher than my mom. I'm not a virgin, though, sorry. Funny, his name was Billy too. Hung like a horse. I hope you're not quite that big; it hurt like hell at first. And I couldn't even get all of his dick into my mouth. I know from the way mom looked at him, and the way she dressed around him, that she wanted to fuck him too. Sometimes you could see the wet spot in her shorts when Billy was around with his shirt off and a bulge in his pants, which was most of the time.


At least, when I was around. I always made sure to leave the bedroom door ajar when we fucked so mom could hear everything. Though it was even more fun to fuck him in the back yard, where I knew the neighbors could see from their upstairs window, and I knew my mom was watching from the kitchen.

Billy was terrified, but you know, once you grab a guy's dick, you can do anything to him." I couldn't believe I was hearing this talk from a 16 year-old, a 16-year old with what looked like was probably a perfect body under that towel, and a 16-year old that was this horny.

My dick was rock hard again, and without thinking I started moving in and out of her mother's dripping pussy while Carrie was talking to me and fingering herself. "Go take a shower, mom. My turn." Beth stared at her daughter for a minute, not sure what to do; it didn't look like she'd seen this side of her daughter before. "If you let me fuck Bill, I'll set you up with Billy, and you can feel his thick 8 inch prick inside you. He may not last long at first, but after he's cum a few times, he can stay hard for an hour.

He's pretty much always horny, so it won't be hard to get him to fuck you.

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Billy's got friends, too, that would never say know to a willing cunt. I've lined four of them up, naked, and given them blowjobs before, but right now I'm so horny I'd let them all take turns fucking me.

God that sounds good. Billy in my cunt, maybe Joe's cock up my ass, and taking turns with Tony and Rick in my mouth. Always like the feel of an uncut cock in my mouth." I couldn't take it any more, got up off her mom, strode over to the grinning daughter, and ripped her towel off of her.

God, she was even more beautiful than I could possibly have imagined; lean, fit, solid abs, and perfect teenager breasts; I hadn't seen a body like that in twenty years, and back then I didn't know what to do with it. Her pussy was shaved clean, maybe only a few minutes ago, and it was glistening wet. She didn't stop touching herself. "Billy prefers it hairless when he goes down on me, says he doesn't like getting hair caught between his teeth. What do you think, mister?" I couldn't decide whether to fuck her first, or bury my tongue in that beautiful moist delicious cunt, but my dick was ready to explode again, and even if my 6 inches wasn't as big as her friend Billy's apparently was, I didn't care.

I dropped her on the bed next to her mom, and buried my dick inside her in one motion. God she was tight! And wet. "Suck on my nipples while you do that." Given that she was only about 5'2, and I was 6' tall, it was a bit hard to ram myself into her all the way while sucking on her, but I would do anything she asked at this point. She clearly loved having her nipples played with.

I hoped I knew a few things Billy didn't about how to drive her wild, and it was a good thing I'd already cum once, otherwise I wouldn't have lasted 30 seconds. As it was, I don't think it was very long before I was filling her cunt with another round of cum, and just as I started, she started convulsing and howling with pleasure "OH GOD I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME SENSELESS!! FUCK ME!


FUCK ME! OH GOD I CAN FEEL YOUR CUM SPURTING INSIDE ME! DON'T STOP!! FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!" Damn, she could scream louder than her mom, who had never gotten up to shower, and was just staring mesmerized while I fucked her daughter barely two feet away from her. Mom was fingering herself on her way to another orgasm, and clearly enjoying the show, though with a slightly bewildered expression, like she was wondering what the hell had just happened to her life.

But she had a smile, like me, realizing that this was likely to be an incredible weekend. Stay tuned for part 2, where they have sex on the gondola with an audience.