Hairy japanese teen fucked in the bathroom

Hairy japanese teen fucked in the bathroom
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Please read the first couple parts of this story for everything to make sense. After an amazing weekend with Tracy and Jen, Tracy and her husband left and went back home. Jen got a very excited call a couple weeks later that she was in fact expecting.

Both Tracy and her husband were so excited, and of course only Tracy had any idea that something other than just good luck was at work.

As was typical, a couple months went by without us seeing them, and thus getting an opportunity to have any more fun together. I enjoyed Jen's instable desire for sex (including bringing a few very horny pregnant women home from a class at the hospital) and Tracy regularly sent pictures of her growing belly (although in all honesty it was only the very recent pictures that I could see any appreciable belly).

We were sitting at home having a relaxing evening when the phone rang. I answered to hear a very teary Jen on the other end.barely able to even talk. She asked to talk to Jen, and after a few minutes of "yes", "I'm sorry" and the like, she hung up the phone. She had a somber, but strangely excited look on her face.


She looked over at me and said, "You're going to like this. My brother is getting assigned to a hardship base for a year; that means Tracy can't go with him. She doesn't want to be alone while she's pregnant and then caring for the newborn baby.

She's asked if she can stay here for the next year, and I or course said yes." I looked at her, my first (well, fine almost first) thought was of her brother, but she assured me that the base wasn't dangerous, but they didn't have the facilities to support families. Needless to say that thought was quickly followed by the thought of having two very hot and pregnant women in my house. I smile crept across my face.

"Of course it would be fabulous to have her stay here. Should we even bother setting up the guest room?" I asked with a mischievous grin. After a couple of achingly long weeks we were driving to the airport to pick up Tracy and her things. We greeted her as she walked down the aisle, and my cock jumped seeing their two bellies pressed together, Jen's big 8 month belly and Tracy's small pregnant bump.

Hugs and kisses were exchanged by all, attracting a few questioning glances from those who might have seen all three of us French kissing.


I proceeded to load all of Tracy's bags onto a cart and we rolled them out to the car. After everything was loaded up into the back of our SUV we headed for home. Tracy looked over and smiled at us both. "I've been thinking about you a lot.

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I know this is a lot to ask, but I am so glad I can stay with you two. Plus, I'm not going to lie, I had to change panties on the plane because I've been so excited thinking about you guys.

Ever since my belly has started to form hubby doesn't want have sex.

It's been more than a month since I've had anything but my dildos in me." Jen laughed out loud, "honey, I think you're going to have to share because I can't get enough either and we don't want to wear out our man now do we?" I could only smile, knowing that it wasn't all that likely that I was going to wear out, but if it was possible these two girls were likely to be the ones to do it.

We arrived home and Tracy said she wanted to go get cleaned up from the traveling. Jen led her up to our bathroom as I began bringing up her bags. I was setting the things in the guest room when one of the bags began humming. I opening it to find out what was making the noise and found the biggest collection of sex toys I have ever seen. You name it, it was in there: vibes, dildos, anal beads, butt plugs and a couple big strap-on dildos.

There were even things I couldn't identify and I've seen (and owned) a fair selection of sex toys. I turned off the humming vibrator and zipped the bag up with a smile on my face. I walked over to our bedroom to find the girls and was rewarded by finding them both in our big walk in shower. If the picture of their two clothed bellies in the airport was enough to get me excited, seeing them in the shower together naked, wet and making out was threatening to make my cock explode.

I watched them as I began to strip my clothes off, slowly stroking my hard-on as I walked to join them. They broke from their kiss and looked over at me. Jen smiled and Tracy beckoned me to join. I walked over, passionately kissing my wife and then kissing Tracy as well. I felt four soft hands start rubbing all over my body and two mouths began to tease me. My cock was already throbbing when Tracy leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I've been aching for your cock.

I can't wait to feel you cum in my pussy and finally get to cum in my ass." It was all I could do to not cum right then. I continued to kiss them as my hands started exploring them as well. My hands ran over their bellies, both full with babies from my seed.

I ran down to guide a finger from each hand to two different but equally wet pussies. Jen purred and rocked her pussy toward me, my finger sliding between her lips and into her wet hole. Tracy moaned loudly as I ran my finger down her slippery slit, "Please, it's been so long, I need that cock inside me!" "Please, I can't wait any longer." With that Tracy leaned over the bench in the shower and presented her dripping wet pussy to me.

Jen smiled, guiding me, taking my cock in her hand and directing it to Tracy's tight pregnant pussy. Jen began to rub my cock head on Tracy's pussy, as my throbbing member parted her wet lips my precum mixing with the liberal juices of her horny pregnant cunt.

Jen squeezed my nuts I gently pushed my throbbing cock into Tracy, relishing her tight velvety pussy around my hard cock. Tracy let out a long sigh as with one long slow thrust I was buried balls deep in her tight snatch. As I began to thrust slowly in and out of her dripping wet pussy Jen grabbed a bottle of lube and squirted a little on Tracy's asshole.

I moaned at the pleasure of Tracy's pussy and in anticipation of her tight asshole. In an effort to make a baby we didn't waste any of my cum on her ass last time, as much as she and I wanted to feel my cum in her ass.

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After rubbing a little more lube on her rosebud Jen stood behind me. As I pulled back, Jen pulled my hips back a little more and my cock slipped out with a pop. She guided my purple cock head to Tracy's asshole and I gently pushed inside. I moaned as my cock head slipped inside, relishing the tightness of her sexy tush. I was surprised at how much easier my cock fit in her tight asshole than last time.

I was a little taken aback as Tracy moaned and pushed back on me, forcing my entire cock inside her tight asshole. "Oh my god that feels so much better than my toys." Well, that explained it, I was wondering how she was able to take my entire cock without any pain.

"I've been fucking my ass with everything I own getting ready for you. Please, fuck me harder. I want your cum in me so bad." I grabbed her hips and started thrusting a little more forcefully, still not wanting to hurt her tender hole. She moaned, "HARDER, HARDER!" Jen got next to her and I felt her get even tighter and Jen slipped 2 fingers in her pussy.

Tracy was moaning and bucking now, so took that as my hint and I grabbed her hips and really started pounding my cock into her tight asshole. Tracy moaned even louder as I started thrusting harder into her. With my hands on her hips and the water flowing over us my cock was pounding inside her. I could feel Jen's fingers in her pussy, making her ass even tighter.

I knew that I wasn't going to last very long in her tight asshole if I kept up fucking it like this. Tracy moaned as I pulled my cock out of her asshole. Jen saw and knew exactly what I had in mind. Jen guided Tracy back toward me. Jen hopped up on the bench in our shower and guided Tracy's face to her pussy just as I knelt behind Tracy and spread her ass cheeks with my hands. I heard Jen start moaning and knew that Tracy was licking her tight pregnant cunt.

With Jen's moans filling the air, I spread Tracy's ass cheeks and started licking Tracy's clit, sliding my tongue back to lick over her pussy and then thrust my tongue into her ass. Tracy began moaning into Jen's pussy as my tongue pushed into her stretched asshole.

I ran my tongue in circles around her asshole before thrusting it inside again. I leaned down and licked Tracy's clit and was rewarded with a moan. She was pushing her pussy into my face and as she pushed back I kept licking her clit and sucking it into my mouth.

She moaned and I gently nibbled her clit, pinching it slightly between my teeth. I began alternating between licking Tracy's asshole and sucking her swollen clit in my mouth. I heard Jen moaning louder and louder and knew that her orgasm must be getting closer.

The last couple months of her pregnancy she's found it easier and easier to cum. Tracy's pussy was literally dripping now and I slipped to fingers in her tight snatch.

With my tongue in her ass and 2 fingers in her pussy i used my thumb to rub on her clit. I could feel her pussy beginning to squeeze my fingers. I stood up, hoping my gamble would pay off and we'd all get to cum together.

I grabbed her hips, thrusting my cock into her tight pussy, giving it a few good hard thrusts to get a little of her slipperiness on my cock. I then pulled it out and rammed my cock into her gaping asshole. Almost immediately I could feel her asshole tighten on my cock. She screamed out, "fuck me harder, yes, yes I'm cumming!" I rammed in her as hard as I could, feeling her butthole twitching and squeezing me as she came.

I could feel my balls boiling and knew I wouldn't last too much longer. I heard Jen moan out and knew that she was cumming too. With that I gave Tracy's asshole a hard thrust and the cum began to erupt from my cock into her bowels. I moaned as several streams of my cum shot into her ass before I was able to move.

I started thrusting, feeling my jizz begin to drip out of her asshole even as I was still shooting more cum into her. I kept fucking and the two girls kept moaning. After a few more squirts filled her ass I stopped, unable to move. The two girls were still gasping, something between a low moan and a purr now. As I slipped out of Tracy's cream-pied asshole, Jen stood up and pulled Tracy forward onto the bench. Tracy turned and sat down as Jen knelt and began to lick Tracy's pussy and cum filled asshole.

Tracy gestured to me and I moved over to her. She leaned over and started licking the cum from my cock that had just been in her ass.

I moaned and my softening cock quickly changed direction and began to fill with blood again. Jen was going to town on Tracy's asshole and pussy, both cleaning the cum from her ass and sucking her clit. I could feel Tracy moaning on my cock as she buried it balls deep into her throat. I could feel my cock getting harder as she sucked me. I was slightly disappointed as Jen stood up and turned off the water. We all stood up and shared a kiss, tasting each as we did so.

I stepped out of the shower and handed a towel to each of the girls. Watching their two naked bodies as they dried had me already rock hard. As they were drying off they kept giving me a show, bending over and spreading their asses. Much to my surprise, with hair still wet they each took one of my hands and lead me to the bedroom. Jen crawled onto the bed and promptly rolled onto her back. I took a step forward, getting ready to sink my swollen cock into my wife's wet hole.

Tracy stepped in front of me, straddling Jen's face and getting into a 69 position. With her ass in the air and Jen's tongue starting to dart out onto her pussy I got behind Tracy. I felt Jen lick my sac, then gently guide my cock into Jen's dripping slit. I started gently trusting into her and could feel Jen's tongue on my balls and felt when she would lick Tracy's pussy.

I began to increase the pace of my thrusting and was rewarded with a moan from Tracy. I put my hands on her hips and began to thrust as hard as I could, my balls brushing Jen's face with each thrust. I could hear Jen and Tracy moaning. Tracy's were moans getting louder and I could feel her begin to tighten up on my cock. I rammed my cock into her hard and fast as I felt her cumming. I felt a gush of liquid on my balls as she squirted her girl cum. Tracy rolled off of Jen and smiled at us.

"I have a new surprise for you." she said and walked out the door. I laid down on the bed and Jen got on top of me in a 69. Jen's growing belly was making this increasingly difficult, but we both loved it so managed to make it work. I moaned as I felt her very skilled mouth take my cock inside. As I started licking her pussy I felt Tracy get back on the bed. Before I knew it a large purple dildo was slipping into Jen's pussy.

I looked up to see that Tracy was now wearing a strap-on cock and was fucking my beautiful pregnant wife with it.


I kept licking Jen's pussy as the fat dildo stretched her open. I felt Jen's mouth on my cock and her finger slipping into my ass. I moaned and continued to lick Jen's pussy.

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I was thrusting my cock into her eager mouth as I felt something cool pressing on my tight rosebud. Turns out the purple dildo wasn't the only thing Tracy brought from her bag. I moaned as Jen slipped a slender glass dildo into my ass. As she slipped the toy into my ass she took my entire cock into her mouth, my cockhead sliding into her throat. I moaned, attacking her pussy. I sucked her clit as the fake cock continued to fuck her.

I reached back to grab Tracy's ass, pulling her harder into my wife. As I was grabbing Tracy's ass I slipped my finger between her ass cheeks and was rewarded to find her asshole still nicely lubed. I slipped a finger inside it and Tracy moaned loudly. Unbelievably I was already starting to feel the cum boiling in my cock.

I pulled back a little, hoping to slow my load, but Jen was having none of that. Just then she moaned on my cock and my face was covered in her delicious woman juice.

I lapped at her pussy furiously as she continued to cum. I heard another load moan and was rewarded with the biggest gush of pussy cum I've ever experienced.

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Tracy screamed as her orgasmic rushed spread through her. She was thrusting the fake cock at Jen as hard as she could. I lapped at Jen's pussy and was still getting soaked by Tracy's orgasm.

Jen was still thrusting the glass dildo in and out of my ass and it was more than I could take. My cock began to squirt into her mouth. Considering it was my second cum, I couldn't believe how I just kept cumming and cumming. As our orgasms started to subside we all fell in a pile on the bed. We looked at each other and smiled. This was going to be a great year.