Teenage Girl Doggystyle and Facial

Teenage Girl Doggystyle and Facial
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So here's a new story of mine. And the regular disclaimer of, this a romance sex story between 2 consenting 15 year old high school student. If you have a problem with that why are you on this site anyway? If your under 18, again why are you on this site anyway? But if you are and it's a bad thing……sorry *shrug*. Sorry it is a little long and not a hell a lot of sex but I am hoping to use it as a set up to a much longer and fun filled story.

The Fighter, Round 1 I barely heard the sirens whine in the background as I walked, dumbfounded, out of the cage. I never noticed them cut the tape off my hands or wipe the blood off my knee. The next thing I knew the arena manager walked in and tossed the envelope of money on the table next to me. "I can't believe I nearly killed him." I thought to myself, letting the events of the fight run through my mind. Shaking my head I stand up, strip off my trunks and jock shorts.

Looking into the mirror I grimace at what I see. 6' 3" 245 pounds of nothing but muscle I remember the promo for today's fight saying. "Ya if they only knew there "demon" was planning on quitting they would have portrayed me as even more of a villain" Dressing quickly, I grabbed my bag and walked out the dressing room, not even caring about the pain in my knee. I can't even tell you what I was thinking as I walked home from the arena, completely forgetting my friends mom was suppose to pick me up.

I got back to my house and checked the voicemail on my phone. "Hay son we will be home late your step-dad had another dinner tonight so we won't be home until tomorrow morning.

Don't worry I'll email you the hotel were staying at when we get there. Love you!" my mother's voice comes through the recording. I didn't expect them to be home, they rarely are. And how with it being 2005 could I be the only 15 year old without a fucking cell phone. Although maybe if I had one they may actually know what I had been up too and maybe cared, ya and maybe bush will get elected a 3rd time.

As soon as I hit my bed I was out. My dreams were back, those fucking ones about Shawn and Nick finding me. I knew they couldn't, because of me they are serving the first 2 years of a 50 year jail sentences, no way they could get out.

I still woke up at 6 am. Only 6 hours after falling asleep but whatever, I'm use to it. I ate fast and headed to school, walking the 4 miles to get there. People wonder why my legs were so muscular, take a look at my daily walking schedule, and then you would understand. I got to school about 7:30 and the first thing that hits me is all the fucking pink.

"God damn it, I forgot the damn valentines dance coming up. Great more reason to hate being here." Let me explain a few things, first off in a small town like this the only things for teens to do is sports, dances, or party. All of which required you to be around people. Also the fact that guys out numbered girls here 6-1, so getting a girl for anything let alone a dance wasn't going to happen.

Walking up to my first class of the day I noticed that I wasn't the first there, that's not normal. Sitting where I normally do (the farthest back corner where I could work with few people near me) was this little brunette with ear buds in.

I don't know who she was, but this was not her class room. I tapped the desk and as soon as the ear buds were out I asked "Why are you here, this isn't your class, and what are you doing in my seat?" With a cocky smile she replied "first how the hell do you know?

And it doesn't have your name on it." Grabbing the desk I flip it over and burned onto the bottom is my name. "Because I've been in culinary all year and you haven't been, and that is my name so up!" She looked hard at the name "hey I know that name!

You were in the MMA fight last night at the…!" I had my hand over her mouth before she could finish.


"Let's get some things straight. There is no fight and I wasn't anywhere near the arena last night. Got it?" I said staring right at her. She nodded so I let go of her mouth. "Whatever you say, Demon, but no I just switched in to the class yesterday." she rubbed her jaw as she spoke, damn she had sexy lips and cute face. Wait what the hell was I thinking there was no way this chick wanted anything to do with the likes of me.

"Transferring in this late means you wont get credit so you must have came from either a different school or just don't care.

Either way your still in my spot." I stated flipping the desk back over. "I came over here from my old school at the start of the year. So yes I'm new but not new enough. I know the teacher and she let me trade in without losing credit." She explained as she switched to the desk right next to mine.

Great she knows Mrs. Edwards and she is sitting next to me. "Then you don't really know who I am?" I asked as students stared to come in. they stared, probably amazed anyone was actually talking to me.

"Should I know who you are?" she asked with that cocky smile of hers "if you don't then you wont" I replied turning to face the front as the teacher walked in, a sub so it would be just a video day, no kitchen time. Damn, cooking seemed to be the only thing that I could do without being mad. The rest of class dragged on without her trying to talk to me again.

I bolted out the door as soon as the bell rang, calculus, chemistry, psychology, ancient history, past without me seeing her again but walking into my only freshmen class there she was again. "HI!" she nearly yelled as I walked to my seat in the back, again she moved to sit next to me.

As she walked I watched her move, she almost glided, I couldn't tell much about her upper figure with the loose fitting sweater she had on. It was 40 out, but those leggings clung to those shapely legs for dear life "so why didn't I see you in any other classes?" she asked like we were old friends.

"This is my only freshmen class" I explained finally mentally slapping myself to stop staring at her legs. "So then are you in like middle school class the rest of the time?" I laughed so hard the few people in the class got scared, I rarely laughed unless something bad was about to happen.

"You really don't know a damn thing about me do you newbie?" I asked sarcastically "I may be known as the demon but I'm not retarded. The reason this is my only freshmen class is because the rest of mine are collage level IB classes that most seniors cant hack it in.

if your going to act like you're my friend you might want to learn a bit about me other then what's on the promo posters." I said pretty harshly as I got up and walked out of the class. I felt kind of bad talking to her like that, she was only trying to be nice. I didn't care about the class, I knew more then the fucking teacher, but her on the other hand. As soon as I got to the house I noticed the envelope from last night on the porch. Picking it up I read the note attached from my only friend "I found this in your dressing room last night when I went to pick you up.

Hope you're not messed up man, call me." Smiling I walked into the house. Carl was the only guy that seemed to not care about who I was or what I had done, probably because for the last 7 years he has been around and been my only friend outside of the shit. I opened the door went to my room, tossed the envelope of money onto my bed grabbed the phone from my dresser and called Carl. "Dude, you are alive! I heard some crazy shit went on last night." Carl's voice had a knowing tone.

I knew damn well that he knew what happened last night and was just flipping me crap. "Sorry I wasn't there for the ride man. I decided to walk home after the fight." "With your knee?

After what happened? You sure that was a smart idea?" I hated it when he got all fatherly on me. "No one said I was bright for even being a part of that shit dude. But no I got a question, what do you know about the brunette that transferred in earlier this year?" I asked trying to get off the subject of the fight.

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I heard typing in the back ground "all I got is a name, she isn't in most the classes you and me are. Her name is Lynette and she came from Stanwood and doesn't seem to be a part of any of the cliques yet." He stated like reading a stat card. "I can get you more info once I hack the schools student database." "No that's ok. well thanks man, hay that reminds me where the hell were you today in class?

I was without a partner in chem." I asked accusingly. "I had the robotics training thing today. Speaking of which they still want you to join." "Not a chance dude, but I'm going to hop off here and do homework." "Ok later man." As soon as Carl hung up I grabbed the envelope and went to my closet.

Lifted up the floor boards my parents didn't know I modified and dead lifted the heavy ass safe that was underneath them. Keying in the combination the lock popped and the door swung open. I stuffed the envelope next to the 30 others inside on the bottom shelf.

Checked to make sure my 45 was still on the top shelf, then locking it back up I slide it back into the hole covered it up and flopped onto my bed.

I tried my damndest to not think of Lynette but it wasn't going well. Eventually I guess I just passed out from lack of sleep. Waking up I noticed it was 6:30.

Rushing to get ready I heard my mother up stairs. "shit they cam home" I thought to myself as I finished getting ready and headed out the door and up the stairs to the main floor (my rooms in the basement, its colder and no one under me) "Hay honey you want breakfast?" my mom asked from the kitchen "I have to get to school mom." I said heading for the door "Ill drive you later come sit and eat." She told me but like hell I was going to let her drive me.

More then likely I would either be late or there just before the bell. "No that's ok I like the walk" I replied already half out the door. I made it to school with 15 min left and headed right to the culinary room.

Sure enough Lynette was in my seat again. Man she had some nerve. "You're in my seat again" I told her coming to stand in front of the desk. "Well sitting in your seat seems to be the only way to get you to talk to me and not run out of class." She replied with a sly smile.

"I didn't run, I left a useless class." I replied staring into her eyes, god damn they were an amazing shade of brown. "Why do they call you "the demon"?

She asked like it was nothing but getting up and sitting in the desk next to me. "Trust me you don't want to know." "If I didn't want to know I wouldn't ask" she said flashing that smile "Why are you so interested in me?" I asked thinking I finally had her "You told me to" she replied with an even bigger smile "No I didn't!" I replied a little taken aback "yesterday in freshmen foundations you told me "if your going to act like a friend you should learn a little about me first" or something along those lines." I totally forgot that I said that "and I do want to know about you, why do you think I transferred into your class and picked your seat to sit in?" "So your stalking me!?" I said getting a little heated' this little tart is purposefully trying to bug me "Heck no, but I couldn't seem to get your attention around school any other way.

You just float around like a damn zombie or something. Everyone clears a path that you just fallow from class to class, you eat lunch who the hell knows where, and no one see's you outside of school other then those fights at the arena. I've tried to talk to you before but you just seem to have everyone shut out." ok maybe she did know a little about me, but still, I don't like people fallowing me.

"Then what the hell do you want from me? You one of Shawn or Nicks old flings or did john from the arena pay you to learn something about me?" I said standing up staring down at her with hard eyes.

She met my gaze and said flatly "if I had any reason other then that I wanted to I would have told you along time ago. I have nothing to do with Shawn or Nick and I don't know who John is. If you would stop freaking out and actually open up to someone for once maybe you would have more friends then just Carl." I knew Carl knew more then he let on. I sat back down and kept my eyes locked with those earthy eyes.

"Fine then, but I'm questioning of people from experience. Most people are out to get you or screw you that's all they want." I stated not noticing Mrs. Edwards walking into class "So I'm out to screw you Thorek?" Mrs.

Edwards stated for the whole class to hear. I fucking hated people using my real name, it's the main reason I let them call me demon. "I asked you not to call me that ma'am!" I thundered back as the class snickered until I glared at all of them. "You will not yell at me young man, and sense you seem to be getting along with Miss Hiller then she will take over as your kitchen partner as it seems no one else will." I sighed but didn't fight it, it was better then working with someone I hated or any of the other fools in the class.

Rising from my seat I head to the closet and grab my chef jacket and other gear I have to keep in the class because they don't trust me with it outside the class room. Everyone else takes there stuff out of there bags and we get ready. I noticed Lynette has her own jacket and gear that isn't school issue.

"Hmm maybe she won't suck at this." I thought to myself as I head to kitchen 6, my kitchen. The class room was designed with 10 full scale kitchens, sense our school has produced some of the best chiefs in the west coast the school board made us a very custom and nice room. I don't know why I choose 6, it may be because I love the number 6 or because 6 is in the middle of the room so I don't have to interact with most anyone else. Lynette walks into the kitchen in the tightest chief jacket I've ever seen.

Damn this girl had a figure. I could finally see the whole thing, her legs reminded me of a swimmers, strong but lean and sexy, that lead into flaring hips with a tight ass that snapped each way as she walked, there was not an ounce of fat on that belly and her breast were just right, big enough to have fun with not big enough to smother you.

Add in that amazing smile and adorable face she was one drop dead stunner. At this moment I thanked god that my apron covered my now very noticeable bulge in my pants. I shook my head to clear the thoughts racing through my head and turned to the prep table where I knew Mrs. Edwards would have put our ingredients. Lynette came to stand by me as we looked at what appeared to be just a large black box. "Fuck mystery challenge." I stated "well then it's just a great representation of you, Thorek.

No idea what's inside!" she said quietly with that cocky smile. I glared right at her "I don't give a fuck if you call me demon but don't call me by my name!" I whispered in a dangerous tone. "Relax big guy, I like the name, I'm not making fun of you. Besides you can't stab me we have to work together." She said moving a little close for my comfort.

"I fucking hate my name!" I hissed back "Then what do you want me to call big guy?" she shot back "I don't care, just don't use my real name." I said settling down a bit, I didn't like that she had that effect on me.

She just smiled and looked to Mrs. Edwards. "Class today we will be doing a black box challenge, these are common at the skillsUSA single and team competitions. There pretty straight forward, you have only the ingredients in box, your tools and 1 hour to cook and figure out what your making.

When time starts you and your partner have exactly 1 hour to cook me a dish that I will judge. The winning team will get to go to lunch 30 min early and eat a meal I will make for them as your cooking." As she talked I looked around at the other teams, most of them had picked there best friends so they will talk more then cook.

I had no idea how good Lynette was at cooking but I was about to find out real fast. "And time starts&hellip.NOW!" Mrs. Edwards shouted as she turned on the big wall clock. I quickly opened the box to see lamb chop on the bone, red apples, pears, potatoes, chives, onions, scallops, a mess of herbs and spices, a thing of coffee beans, and some other basic items.

Then it hit me, I remembered a dish I heard about but had never tried "I'm thinking doing a three piece dish, the meat as the main and I have plans for that, probably mashed potatoes but I have no idea what to do with the fruit." I told Lynette turning to look at her. She had already started to get her knives out "ill take care of the fruit and cutting up the vegetables then you can make the potatoes.

If you have an idea for the meat go with it but I hope it blends with what I got in mind for the fruit." She stated as she started to pull the ingredients out, man she worked fast. "Works for me. We will taste each others dishes as we go so we can blend ok" I said as I start to prep the stove top and pans.

"prefect." Was all she said before she started cutting food, she seemed good, let's just hope it stayed that way. I grabbed the medium pot and got water boiling, turning to the meat I new what I was going to do, it was going to be risky but if it worked it would be huge.

10 mins into the challenge Lynette had everything cut. I tossed the cut potatoes into the water to soften up as I coated the lamb in a crust. I looked to Lynette to see her taste my crust mix then start coring an apple&hellip.wait coring an apple? "What's the plan on the fruit?" I asked focusing on my next step with the meat, in a small sauce pan I had added some herbs and spices to some sauces and oils in the bottom of the box. "Fruit relish." Was all she said as she got to work on it.

I kept watching her as she worked, that sexy ass in those tight jeans as she bent over the prep table. My mind kept trying to picture her naked as I kept working.

30 mins later my meat was cooking well and was almost done with the potatoes. Me and Lynette had flowed way to well together. We barely talked but we seemed to know what the other was doing and thinking just by tasting and being near each other. As the time started to whine down we had only 5 min left. I started to plate the food, I had mixed the chives and onion into the potatoes with other herbs. I made a small mound of it that I placed a single coated lamb on top of with the bone still in.

finally Lynette brought over what seemed to be just a whole apple. Looking up at her shocked "what the hell happened? Did you just give up on the relish and hope you can get away with just a whole fucking apple!?" I nearly shout as I reach for the apple, she slaps my hand away and places it on the plate locking eyes with me she said simple "trust me" I don't know why I did but I trusted her.

Turning back to the plate, I added the finishing touch. In the sauce pan I had made almost a sweet caramel glaze that I gently poured over the lamb.

The buzzer rang and everyone put down what the where doing and lifted there hands, we knew the drill. I heard noise and looked over at kitchen 1. Jen, a Preppy junior was still putting food on the plate. Oh that was going to hurt, Mrs. Edwards was a nice old lady but she was a stickler for rules. She walked right over to kitchen one, picked up the plate and dumped in into trash.

"You know the rules Jennifer." She said walking to kitchen 2 which got chicken, they seemed to have a pretty basic dish and Jason was struggling to explain the dish, showing he had little confidence in it.


She moved to 3 which had sea bass, not an easy protein for 1 hour. As Mrs. Edwards moved around the room tasting everyone else's before she got to mine, a normal for her. I noticed Lynette had moved to stand right next to me as I leaned against the prep table in the middle of the kitchen. I looked at her and she had a small smile as she watched Mrs. Edwards circle the room with her arms crossed under those very ample breasts. Finally Mrs. Edwards got to our counter and looked at the dish. "explain." Was all she said as she kept her eyes locked on the dish, trying to dissect it with her mind.

"well we have mashed potatoes with chives and onions under a lamb chop that I brazed then coated in a combination of coffee beans ground up mixed with herbs and pepper coated in a caramelized whisishire sauce." I finished and right as I finished Lynette reached over and pulled the top off the fucking apple, the cocky bitch had cut the top off and hallowed out the apple "inside the apple I have a pear and apple relish, lightly seasoned with ground cooked scallops and herbs." She said flashing me that cocky smile.

"Now that was creative Miss Hiller." Mrs. Edwards said as she took a fork and knife and took a bite of each piece, then a second. She never took a second bite, she never takes a second bite! Turning to the class she said "It's very clear to me who the winner today is.

For creativity, ingenuity, exaction and taste, the winner is kitchen 6." I just smiled but Lynette jumped up and hugged me. The whole class sucked in an audible breath, expecting me to throw her across the room. No one had every seen anyone touch me in a friendly manner let alone hug me. I was too shocked to do much more then stand there.

"Sorry!" Lynette said quickly pulling away from me. Even Mrs. Edwards looked a little shocked. I just stood there staring at Lynette.

"Kitchen 6 I'll have your food out to you in just a few minutes, if you will go wait in the restaurant for me to serve you." She said more to the rest of the class, she kept her eyes locked on me waiting to see what I would do about this. "The rest of you will clean not only your kitchens but kitchen 6 as well." She said never looking away.

I had no idea what to do so I simple walked to the back of the kitchen and through the door to the restaurant in back. As I walked everyone just stared at me shocked. I walked into the restaurant and sat at the booth in the back corner. Yes our culinary class had a small restaurant in the back. It was connected to the school, faculty and students with the money could eat lunch there, it was how the culinary class kept itself founded and paid for our competitions.

Lynette walked in through the door unbuttoning her jacket as she came to the both. She hesitantly sat down across from me at the booth. She looked scared, which didn't suite her. "Are you mad at me?" she asked in a small voice staring at the table. I had to think about that, I wanted to be mad, I really did, but damn it I just could be mad at this girl.

"No, no I'm not, just really, really shocked. No one has hugged me outside my family in a long time." I stated looking up at her.

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"Why the hell did you do that?" I asked trying to make heads or tails of what the hell happened "I don't know it just felt like the time to do that." She said finally lifting her eyes from the table to look at me.

"Plus I kind of wanted too." Ok now my head has really spinning did she really just say that or was I having a heat stroke. "Why?" I asked in a surprisingly quite tone. "You may come off as this big, mean, guy that use to work for Shawn and Nick, that now does this MMA crap at the arena, but I don't know. I've spent most the year trying to get you to even notice me. Everyone has told me to just stay away from you and to not even try that you were to mean, that you were insane, that you would kill me, or that you were to smart for me, but I just couldn't help myself." she said locked eyes with me and I figured it out finally, 170 IQ and it took me this long, she was in love with me.

"I just wanted to talk to you and get you to notice me.

"Most those people aren't wrong Lynette, I'm not a person you should be involved with. All that will happen is you will get hurt or realize just how bad of a person I am and leave." I replied softly not letting my glaze avert from her eyes. "You don't want to be friends with me." "No I want to be more then friends." Was her quick response. Well I couldn't say that I disliked the idea but I was worried about her, so I decided to do what I always did when I didn't want to talk about something.

"So who did you kill to get that idea to hallow the apple." That's right I just changed the topic on her.

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So what does she do? She looked at me for half a second before she busted up laughing.

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"What I just wanted to know where you got the idea?" "I know I was laughing at the way you tried to change the subject from something serious to food." She final got out after another minute of laughing. "But I got the idea from my uncle, he use to do that as a prank on my mom so I thought why not use it with food." "It was pretty ingenious." I said honestly. "I guess you can cook. That's a good thing sense it seems I'm stuck with you as my partner the rest of the year." I said trying to make a joke "You did pretty well yourself, I would never have thought to use coffee as a curst on the lamb.

But you haven't stuck me with anything yet." She said winking at me. I busted up laughing at the obvious sex joke, just as Mrs. Edwards walked in carrying 2 plates of food with her that she almost dropped at hearing me laugh.

I stayed laughing the whole time she brought the food to us. I finally stopped as she set the plates down. "I don't think I've ever heard you laugh like that Thorek." I glared up at her but said nothing, I was actually in a good mood. She looked at me and Lynette, smiled, then left. I looked down at the plate, sure enough she made her specialty, a 2lb. rib eye steak done so well it needed nothing but its own juices, a baked potato the size of a football with all the toppings and a salad that was more vegetable then leafs, I've had this meal a few times.

"Enjoy you two, you made a great dish today." Mrs. Edwards stated as she walked out. I got up and walked to the soda fridge.

"What's your poison?" I asked looking back at Lynette. Her face was priceless "I'M SAPPOSE TO EAT ALL THIS!!" she yelled looking at the plate with big eyes. I laughed hard for the second time in 30 minutes, a record for me. "I can't even finish that. She is strong in the Asian belief that if the plate is clear the server did not make you enough food and is dishonored. She will be fine if there is food left." I replied heading back to the fridge.

"Now what do you want to drink?" "Umm I don't care I'm good with just about anything." She replied still staring at the plate. I grabbed a couple of Mtn Dew's and headed back to the table. I set on down in front of her, grabbed my knife and fork and started on the steak.

Lynette tentatively cut a small piece off the steak and tried it. Smiling she dug in we talked lightly as we eat. When it was almost time for lunch to start we were almost done. "Well sense we don't need to eat, I was thinking, want to hangout with me at lunch today?" what the fuck was I saying!?

I never did anything with anyone at lunch, not even Carl. She looked at me took the napkin off her lap and got up.

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My first thought, great I pushed to far, was totally wrong. Her response was to get up walk over to me grab my hand, pull me up, and to hug me. Again with this hugging thing. "I would love to." She says into my chest. Pulling away I notice she is blushing. I walk to the door leading into the kitchen. We both pick up our back packs and knives. Turning to the list in front of the class I see me and Lynette conveniently aren't working lunch today. "So you ready?" I asked looking to her as the whole class stares at us with slack jaws.

"You know it." She replied with a smile fallowing me out the door, that I hold open for her. We headed into the commons, our school was designed kind of moronically the main door lead into the commons which is a huge almost arena sized room with 4 different 2 floor hallways coming off of it at exactly the 4 compass points.

North is the math and science wing, east is the arts wing which has the culinary class, south is the history life classes, with the west wing having the 3 gyms and pool. Our school has a population of over 3000 kids in a town of less then 1700. I know, the math doesn't work but hey I'm not a census taker. The commons between classes are like trying to watch a fat chick get into skinny jeans. Teenagers packed together wall to wall trying to shove there way to there next class or lunch, with the massive school population we have 3 different lunches a day.

I never seem to have an issue walking in the commons though and this time I actually thought about it as I walked into the commons, everyone did kind of just part away from me and make a nice little aisle to walk through. I watched everyone gawk and whisper as I walked with Lynette right next to me as I headed to the north wing.

I lead her to my chemistry room, knowing my teacher has the lunch period with no classes and never stays in her room. What few people knew about the chemistry room was that I had a latter just inside the vent that led right to the roof.

"What are we doing in here?" Lynette asks as we walk in. "Just shut up and trust me." I told her walking to the vent and opening the repair hatch revealing the ladder.

"After you." I motion to the ladder "You want me to climb that thing?" "No I want you to just look at it." I replied sarcastically. She gives me a dirty look before tentatively testing the ladder then climbing it. As soon as she was far enough up I start climbing myself.

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Soon she reaches the landing and steps out, I fallow close behind. "Wow." Was all that came out as she looks out over the lake behind the school and the forest.

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I walk to my spot I normally sit on which is just a ridge in the roof between the terraced levels. She sits down next to me using a vent to lean against as she faces me. "This place is beautiful, how did you find it?" "I hacked the city halls computers to get the blue prints of the school so I could find safe places that were secluded.

As you can tell I don't get along with people very well and prefer my privacy." "Why is that?" "You really aren't going to let any of this go are you?" I asked flatly "No&hellip.I like you and would like to know more about you…I mean come on you can't live with just Carl can you?" She replied and I swear she stuck her chest out a little as she said it too.

"How much has Carl actually told you about me and how do you know him?" She laughed before stating "His family goes to the same church as mine and a few months back I heard him outside talking to you.

I went up to him and asked him about you. He was cautious at first and spent a few times talking to me. It took a of while talking to me before he finally told me a enough that I know your not as dangerous as you seem, or at least not dangerous enough that I knew we could actually talk and I could try." She started to turn a little red at the last part.

I turned to look right at her and asked "What exactly are you trying for?" She turned a little red before the resolve returned to her eyes and she locked them with mine. "I want to try to be with you, I don't know what it is about you but ever sense I saw you fight last year I wanted to meet you. I saw you in that fight and you didn't enjoy hurting that guy, you put on an act for the crowd but you hated what you did.

I just got the urge to run down and hug you. But when I heard from my parents we would be changing school districts and I could actually meet you I made it my goal. But I want to know, why do you fight?

And why don't you date? Or hangout with anyone other then Carl?" "Look all of that is complicated so before we even think of getting into all that shit I want to know. Do you really believe you could handle BEING with me, like dating me or fucking me?

Because if all you want is to fuck like most the little dumpster sluts here then fine I don't give a fuck but don't act like you give a shit if that is all its about." I replied a little venomously.

She glared back with a look that almost made me flinch. "Look for your information I'm a fucking virgin and I don't sleep around or even goof around with much of anyone. So trust me that isn't it. As for weather I could handle it? You don't really know much about me now do you?

I have a pretty shitty home life and outside school I'm pretty much the only person who takes care of my sister, I'm not looking for a fling I'm looking for a fucking boyfriend. Trust me you're not my first choice or even someone I thought I would be with but hell for some reason you're who I want to be with. So, are you willing to actually try being a human for once and try dating me or you just going to walk away like you do from everything else!?" she almost shouted at me obviously getting mad.

To this day I have no idea what in my head caused what happened next to happen. I got up but instead of walking to the latter I grabbed her cheeks and began kissing her, a little roughly at first but it quickly turned into a passionate kiss. Our lips parted and our tongues begin a slow dance. She seemed to be a bit inexperienced, but I could deal with that.

Her arms flew around my neck and pulled me into her locking my face to hers as we kissed, my hands left her face and grabbed her tight as lifting her off the roof she wrapped her legs around my waist as we kept kissing. We finally broke for air. "I guess I can take that as a yes?" She asked with that sly smile. "Ya I guess you can, but don't let anyone know I've grown soft." Over the next few weeks me and Lynette spent almost everyday together at school.

At first people were worried I had forced her to walk around school with me but once she started wrapping herself around my arm as we walked it finally hit them that someone actually likes the Demon and fell for him. Lynette's friends tried telling her that I was just going to kill her or cheat on her. Few people knew I had a sex life but almost everyone assumed when I was with Shawn and Nick that I had been with hookers and gang sluts, but none of that ever happened.

Me and Lynette just ignored them, when I told Carl though he nearly chocked on his Amp. But out relationship progressed fairly normally considering who I was, we fooled around at lunch and teased each other in culinary but always focused on cooking when we needed too.

We hadn't done a whole lot, tell about 3 weeks into the relationship. My parents were going to be gone for the weekend and it was the week of competition qualifiers for culinary. Me and Lynette had dominated almost all of it and now it was Friday the day Mrs. Edwards would post the listing. "I really hope we make it." Lynette said towards the end of the day we were sitting in freshmen foundations Mrs.

Edwards would post the listing at the end of school. She had been a lot more worried then I was. I was a competitor I always fought for nothing less then 1st. "You are going to be on the team and so am I. Mrs. Edwards wouldn't be dumb enough to leave us behind." I told her as I reassuringly put my hand on her thigh.

All she did was smile and as the bell rang we both quickly packed up and headed to the east wing to check the door. As we got there most the rest of the class was already there checking a yellow piece of paper on the door.

I heard Jen squeal out happy that she had made the team. Lynette was all of 5'4 so I could easily see over everyone's head and saw the list before she could. I saw my name in the number one slot meaning I was captain of the main team and one of the 3 people allowed to compete individually.

I saw Jennifer's name in 3rd meaning she was on the team and individual. "Where am I on the list? Did I make it!?" She asked tugging on my arm trying to see around everyone. "Please tell me where I am Hun." She had taken to calling me pet names initially because it bugged me but now it was just habit.

I waited for the crowd to disperse, not saying a thing even though she kept begging finally she got to the front of the group and shot up to the paper, she started at the bottom of the list expecting to be down near 8th and on the back up team. Slowly she brought her finger up the list her face dropping a little with each spot she passed before she finally hit the 2nd spot and her name.

Her jaw dropped as she realized not only was she on the name team but was in the individual too. She turned around and jumped into my arms and kissed me hard. Before pulling back and whispering. "We should celebrate!" "How?" I asked as she slides down me teasing me before her feet hit the ground. "We'll, Shawna is staying at a friends house this weekend so I don't have to worry about her and your parents are gone so I thought why don't I stay the weekend with you?" She said with that sly little slime of hers.

This had my attention, we hadn't spent anytime alone together let alone in an empty house. "I think I can be ok with that." I replied kissing her softly "Yay! Then I will go home tonight and be there a little later just need to get some stuff." She said as she broke from me, I walked her to the bus and kissed her as she got on. I was almost running on air as I raced home. The house was a damn ugly mess so I quickly picked up, by quickly it took nearly an hour by which time I got a call from Lynette saying she would be over in a little, I told her the door would be unlocked and to let herself in but that I was going to take a shower.

I ran to my bathroom, it was connected to my room thankfully and turned my large standing shower on. My parents were gone a lot because my step dad worked a lot but by working a lot he makes a lot of money too so when we built the house I got to design my own room resulting in my bathroom having a full 3 person with jets tub, a large stand in shower with 5 heads that could easily hold almost 6 people with room to move, 2 sinks with full mirrors and plenty of room.

I stripped down and looked in the mirror. My dick hung simi soft, in anticipation of what was to come, but I quickly realized I should trim my lower hair a bit.

In no time I had it low enough to not look weird but still well out of the way of any mouths, with the shaft and balls fully shaven. I hoped in the shower and started cleaning. I tried to be fast but any time I'm in water I kind of zone out and just enjoy the water. I soon lost track of time and didn't even hear the door open to the bathroom let alone anyone come in.

I soon hear a soft "Enjoying yourself?" I turn a little startled to see Lynette outside the glass door in nothing but a lacey purple bra and what I could only assume from the front was a thong. My jaw hit the floor as I took her body in, her brunette hair hung down over her shoulders hitting just between her shoulder blades, those piercing brown eyes leading to those big full lips cocked in her trademark smirk, a slender neck flowing into strong yet famine shoulders, with lean swimming arms as I found out she did swim a lot, to those sexy tits barely held in by her bra, flat stomach with a defended but not ridiculous 6 pack, her hips held up the waistband of the thong in almost a v, finishing in those amazing legs.

I could do nothing but stare as she stepped into the shower not even taking off her underwear as she got under the water with me and wrapped her arms around me kissing me passionately as my dick slowly got hard and pressed into her flat belly.

"Seems you do like what you see." She said with a small laugh "Are you insane!? You're the most beautiful fucking thing I have ever seen!" "well you haven't seen all of it, why don't you help me with this pesky bra." She almost whispered into my ear making my spine tingle.

I happily agreed and with just 2 fingers popped the clasp and helped her slide it off but before I tossed it I made sure to check the label, 34 C. damn, damn good size! I lifted her up by her ass, ya defiantly a thong so that her tit was right by my mouth letting me take a nipple into my mouth and sucking on it.

Her breasts were perfect just the right size and stood proud. Her nipples were just the right size to match her breasts.

As my lips locked on her nipple she lightly moaned. I rolled my tongue across her nipple before shifting to the other one. I bit it lightly bringing out yet another moan that only served to make me do it again. I set her down with my dick locked at its full length. She kissed me before looking down. "Hmm maybe I should do something about that, shouldn't I?" She asked with a smile, before squatting down in front of me and placing her hand around my dick.

"Now bare with me this is my first time." She said blushing lightly as she wrapped her lips around my dick causing me to moan so deeply it reverberated off the granite walls. She pulled off quickly to say "Easy big boy I haven't even done much yet." She laughed before taking me back in her mouth and bobbing her head slowly.

She may not have known what she was doing but the feeling of heat around my dick was amazing. I placed my hands on her head and soon she had a good tempo and was not too long before it became too much and felt the usual tightness in balls signaling I was going to cum soon.

"I…I'm going to cum soon baby I stammered." She took her mouth off my dick and began pumping my dick. Soon I came and I came hard shooting almost halfway across the shower.

My legs grew weak but thankfully the wall was behind me. I leaded into it as Lynette stood and pressed into me kissing me. "That was amazing!" I told her breaking the kiss. "I'm glad I wasn't too horrible my first time." She said flashing that smile. I gave my own devilish smile before turning me and her pinning her to the wall.

"Now let me return the favor." I told her as we resumed kissing, I soon broke the kiss and moved to her jaw kissing it lightly before moving to her neck. My hand came up to cup her firm young breast and play with the nipple as my kisses began to trail to her other breast.

I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked lightly teasing it with my tongue before my mouth resumed its quest, down her chest to hey stomach, lingering just a little on her belly button before reaching her hip. I kissed down her hip line hooking the waistband of her panties with a finger and kissing every inch as I slowly exposed it.

Her hands on my head guiding me lower and lower as her breathing quickened. I kissed the full length of her leg as I pulled the thong off exposing a perfectly shave beautiful pussy. My mouth moved back up kissing the whole way as she opened her legs exposing the inner lips glistening wet but not from the water flowing across her body. I teasingly run my tongue along her outer lips before flicking it across her clit. "OHHH!! Thor please eat me! I want it so bad." I had never heard her call me Thor or talk like that but I kind of liked it.

And not to leave a lady wanting I ran my tongue along her whole length before planting my mouth on her clit and teasing it, bringing my fingers up to gently tease her opening, my other hand resuming its light mauling of her breast.

I slowly slide a finger into her, good lord was she tight. Her whole body shook lightly as my finger entered, her moans echoing in the bathroom as my tongue kept up its assault of her clit. My finger was soon sliding in and out brushing her barrier as it entered and flicking across her g spot as it left only to return. Before long I wanted to taste all of her, I removed my finger and replaced it with my mouth letting my tongue take over for my finger.

It was not long before I was rewarded with a flood of sweet juices as Lynette almost screamed as her orgasm hit, her body shook and my hands moved to help support her and my mouth continued to work her beautiful pussy. As she came down I moved up and kissed her only to pull away. "Sorry forgot most girls don't like the taste of themselves." I said apologetically.


"Its ok, I kind of like it." She said with that smile before she felt my dick hard again against her. "Looks like its time." She said coyly "Time for what?" I asked honestly not realizing exactly what she meant. She laughed and leads me out of the shower and to my bed. She pulled me onto into it on top of her and right between her legs leading me with her lips. When I was right where she wanted I felt her hand move between us and grasp my hard dick and pull it towards her.

"Wait, are you sure?" I asked like any dumb 15 year old "No I'm doing this just to be a dumb cock tease. Of course I am, these last few weeks have been amazing and I have fallen in love with you more then I ever thought possible. Now get that damn dick inside of me I need you now!" She almost growled the last part as she pulled me and lined me up with her opening. I kissed her as I pressed into her immediately feeling a warmth and tightness that my dick had never felt before.

I rocked in and out letting her slowly get use to this alien in her but soon I was hitting her barrier. "Its ok I am ready." She told me wrapping her arms and legs around me kissing me passionately.

I pulled almost all the way out and thrust hard back in ripping through her barrier and bottoming out in her all at once. I stopped but kept my lips locked with hers as I felt her whimper. We stayed like this for a few moments before I felt her hips move under me letting me know I could continue, slowly I resumed my movements and in no time her hips were moving to match my, my speed increased, her nails dug lightly into my back and we ceased kissing, choosing instead to pant and moan as our body formed together.

I pulled back just long enough to lock behind her knees in my elbows and pull her legs forward allowing me even easier and deeper access to her amazing pussy. In no time her walls begin clenching my hard cock milking it as she moans long in orgasm with her body shaking, it was all I could take, and I thrust hard 2 more times before burying deep in her and firing off a full load of hot cum deep into her. Making her eyes snap open and another long moan escape as her orgasm intensifies.

Finally it all begins to slow and eventually fade, I slowly pull out of her and fall next to her in bed, feeling like I just got done with a fight. Lynette moves to cuddle her back against my chest, pulling my arm over her, before gently drifting off to sleep. So that was chapter one, comments are more then welcome.

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