Hunky gays cum for blowjobs

Hunky gays cum for blowjobs
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"I can't wait for you to meet my family tomorrow, Kelly." "I know you can't, baby, now go to the living room and get ready to 'go to sleep,' you know you're gonna see me soon anyways." Around 10:30, everyone was asleep. Dallas snuck into his room when I was gonna be sleeping for the next 3 weeks.

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Dallas looked as sexy as always and was really to fuck me for the first time in months since he left. "I've been waiting so long for your pussy." He got under the covers, and half way on top of me until he started kissing me and pulling at my black lace panties, the into thing I had on.

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I kissed him back and pulled his boxers down so he could kick them off. "I'm already hard for waiting for everyone to be asleep and sitting in the living room thinking about getting inside that amazing little pussy." "I want you inside of me too, Dallas." He got between Kelly's legs and started feasting. Kelly let out a few small moans and grabbed Dallas's hair.

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He kew he was pleasing her and this made him more hot u then he was before. "Baby.

This feels so good, you're good make me cum!" Dallas started licking her clit and stuck to fingers in his girlfriends wet little pussy, which made her go crazy.

He had to taste her juices, he hadn't in so long.

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"C'mon babygirl, cum for me. I want to lick up all your cum." Kelly came soon after he told her to and it made Dallas's chin glisten.


He licked up her stomach, and sucked her nipples. She squeezed his shoulders in pleasure, then he tongue kissed her to make her taste herself.


"Please, daddy, fuck me. I want all 8 inches of you rammed into me." He positioned his dick to the opening of her slit and drove his entire length into her with one hard thrust. Kelly almost couldn't keep herself from screaming in delight, but she shoved her face into his chest and he held it there for a few more hard thrusts, to keep her quiet. "You like this, don't you Kelly?" "Aaahhhhh, Yes. Baby. You feel so good" Dallas slowed down to give Kelly some time to breath, but quickly started to pound into her willing, horny body.

He loved fucking her hard and fast, and to hear her moan his name louder and louder the more brutal he got. Been slamming against his girlfriends hips for 45 minutes, Dallas finally decides to fill Kelly with his cum and relax for a while. He rolled off of her to catch his breath and Kelly started to suck both of them of his still hard dick.

"Want ride me, baby? You know it hits your g-spot and goes deep." "Of course I'll ride you, daddy. I'm going to end up being pounded anyways because you can't keep yourself from thrusting." She road his dick like a pornstar, bouncing, rolling her hips, thrusting against his playful little thrust.

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He pulled her onto his chest, wrapped his arms around her waste and started thrusting to her until he soon came again. He pulled out of her and both his and her cum started pouring out of Kelly's pussy, all over Dallas's dick and his balls. He kissed her and laughed at how tired this was making her. "I'm sorry, Dallas, I'm just enjoying you so much.

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I hope this night never ends." She got up and wiped her pussy off with a tissue, then knelt by the side of his bed. He knew she was going to let him fuck her face, so he swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up, his erect cock right in her face.

She started massaging his balls with her hand and opened her mouth. She started licking the tip of his dick, which made him thrust into her throat with pleasure. He grabbed the back of her head and put a few good thrusting down her throat, one making her gag.

He still needed more, so he flipped her over and lifted her hips. He was going to get his dick into her all the way to his balls, he needed to be deep in her right now. He was still horny as hell! "I'll baby you right after I fuck your brains out, sexy." He spit on the head of his, once again, rock hard partner and slowly pushed into Kellys beginning to get sore pussy.

"Oh baby." Kelly couldn't keep from moaning into the pillow. "I know, baby, it feels good. Just enjoy this because we haven't done it in so long, and I'll suck on your nipples a little more later." She couldn't help but arch her back when he reached his hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit. This round didn't last very long though. He was tired and so was she, it's was getting late and they both knew that this wouldn't be the last time they'd fuck while she was there.


Dallas put his boxers back on and a white undershirt out of his dresser. Kelly put her panties back on and covered herself with a tanktop and little cotton yoga shorts from her suitcase. They got back under the blankets, cuddled up with Dallas holding Kelly in his arms. "You're amazing. I love you so much and I'm so happy your mom agreed to let me fly you out here.

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Goodnight, my beautiful queen." "I love you too. Goodnight, my sexy King.

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I'm so happy I have you." And with that, they both fell asleep together, awaiting the morning to come.