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Young teen tight vagina porn
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This is a work of fiction. It involves sexual acts between underage persons and adults. If this offends you, leave now. If you are still here, enjoy. I would greatly appreciate any and all comments about the story, love it or hate it.

I will only get better through the help of others. BEST SUMMER EVER 3 (incest, MFmf) By: Scott Winslow "Ready to go?" Katie, my wife who also happened to be my twin sister, asked me. We were standing in our bedroom at the lake house.

She had just finished tying her bikini top behind her neck. I pulled a t-shirt over my head and admired at her body. She looked incredibly sexy. I felt a familiar stirring in my shorts that reminded me of just what today would bring.

"I'm ready, I can't wait" I replied. We were getting ready to go out on the boat with our own twin children, Brandon and Molly. That was not all, however. Today we would have two other kids on the boat. Our new friends, the Kirby's, had allowed their children, Sarah and Junior, to spend the night at our house last night, and we were about to meet up with their parents to drop them off.

"Me neither" Katie said as she walked by me and gave a quick kiss on the lips. She continued out of the room and I heard her call down to the kid's room to see if they were ready. Several "yes" responses were heard from down stairs. Katie then returned to our room. "Do you know how you're going to do it?" she asked me. "I think so" I answered. "I'm just going to come out with it. Not try to be sly or get them to admit it or anything. Just say 'Hey Jack, Lisa, we know you fuck your kids, we fuck ours too.

Wanna trade?' How's that sound?" Katie had a stunned look at first, and then smiled. "Sounds good" She said, chuckling. "I like the coming right out with it, but I wouldn't be quite so blunt." Our family had begun an incestuous relationship this summer. Katie and I had been making love since we were 12, and since our kids were turning 12 this summer, it seemed a perfect time to get them involved.

We never thought we would find another family quite like ours. That is until last night when we walked in on our children and the Kirby kids having a steamy 4-some on their bed. Katie and I knew right away that we would confront Junior and Sarah's parents and, hopefully, all eight of us could have fun together. "Yeah I know, I'll clean it up a little bit, but let's get going" I said. I took my wife's hand and we left for the boat.

*** I pulled our boat up onto the shore at our usual cove. This was to be the meeting point where the Kirbys and we would get together and we would return their children to them. When we got on shore the Kirbys had not yet arrived.

I found it odd that all the children seemed so normal.


As I watched the four kids play in the water together as any four kids would, I couldn't help flashing back on the scene I encountered last night. Just hours ago these sweet innocent looking children were engaged in an incestuous orgy, and now they are playing Marco-Polo like any other kids on summer vacation.

I was brought back to reality by the sound of the Kirby's boat pulling up along side ours. I greeted Jack and Lisa, looking at them in a whole new way. "Hey there Dan, Katie" Jack said in his usual jovial manner.

"I hope the kids weren't any trouble last night." "They were no trouble at all" My wife answered. "Well that's good" Jack said, He had gotten off his boat and was walking around mine to where the kids were playing. "Where are the little buggers?" He asked. As he came around the boat, Jack's son saw him first. "Hi Dad" he said. Sarah, who at this point was currently "it" and had her eyes closed, now realized her parents had arrived.

"HI DADDY!" She exclaimed and rushed out of the water to hug him. He picked her up and kissed her on the lips. With my new found knowledge about this family I was able to read more into this little kiss than I ever would have before. While still in her fathers arms, Sarah leaned in and whispered into Jack's ear.

Jack, after hearing what his daughter had to say, suddenly got a concerned look on his face, and glanced over to me. I knew instantly that I wasn't going to have to bring the subject up. "You kids run along and play" Jack said setting Sarah down, "we adults have some things to discuss." Lisa had joined my wife and me on our boat, and Jack climbed aboard himself.

"I guess the cat is out of the bag" I said. Katie and I shared a look, and Jack and his wife shared the same look. "Just so you know, Lisa, Jack, Katie and I did not get involved last night." I continued. "We thought it best to talk with the two of you prior to doing anything with your children ourselves" Katie added. "Well that is mighty classy of you all" Jack said.

"I know if I had walked in on what you did last night, it would have been hard to stay out." "Oh trust me, it was" Katie said. We all laughed together. It was so great to be able to sit and talk like this with another couple.

Lisa and Jack were eager to learn about our family. We told them all about being brother and sister, and how we had been lovers since we were 12. They loved how we decided to bring our children into our relationship this the summer of their 12th birthday. "How did you start with your children?" Katie asked the Kirbys.

"It was her that got me into it" Jack said indicating his wife. Lisa began telling us about their family. "I grew up being visited in my bed at night by my father" she said. "And loving every minute of it" she added.

"As I grew up and started to understand what was really going on and how wrong it supposedly was, that made me love it even more" she continued. "I guess it was how much the idea of being with a family member, and how naughty it is, that I liked.

I decided early on that when I had kids of my own, I would have this type of relationship with them. Then I met Jack and fell in love, and soon after that Jack Jr. came along." "He was only a few years old when I caught them in the bathtub together" Jack said. "Now her giving him a bath wasn't a problem, but when I walked in and she had her lips wrapped around his little member and rubbing her pussy, that was quite a shock." "Were you angry?" I asked.

"At first I was furious" he answered. "But Lisa here calmed me down. When I was finally able to think straight she started telling me all these stories about her childhood and other families who do this. At first I was ready to walk out, but she convinced me to stay. I lied awake all night thinking about families having sex, about dads doing things to their daughters, and honestly the more I thought about it, the more turned on I got." "By the next morning he was on board" Lisa added.

They smiled at each other. "When I woke up and saw how hard he was I knew things were going to be ok. I went to Junior's room and brought him into bed with us." "I wasn't, and still aren't, into doing things with him" Jack said, "but it was very erotic watching Lisa do things with him.

We ended up fucking with him right there in between us." Lisa continued the story saying "We were having so much fun after that first day, and who would have thought that bringing someone else into our bed would actually bring Jack and me closer? But it did, we became so much more in love. I think it has to do with us not having any more secrets. At any rate though, we could tell that something was missing." "Lisa was having so much fun with her little lover, I wanted one of my own" Jack said with a chuckle.

"No, actually we both thought it would be nice to have another child, and we both hoped it would be a girl." "It took a little while, but we finally had little Sarah, and we wasted no time initiating her into our family play time" Lisa said.

Katie and I were almost dumbfounded by the Kirby's story. We did not necessarily agree with their decision to begin making love to their children so early in life, but they were their children, who were we to judge. "It sounds like you have a lovely family relationship" Katie said when their story was finished. *** Kids will be kids and as we sat and talked a nude Sarah climbed onto the boat, ran past us, and jumped off the back with a loud splash.

I couldn't help but admire her young body. Seeing her smooth, bald, tight body made me understand why the Kirby's didn't wait to start playing with their children. I looked off the boat to where the rest of the children were. They had all disrobed and were likewise swimming in the nude. Unfortunately this happened to be a busy weekend on the lake and suddenly a boat turned the corner and began slowly floating toward our group.

"Kids better get your clothes on!" I called out. Jack also saw the boat coming. "It's a shame the kid's fun has to stop. What ya say we take this little get together up to our place? Theres no swimming there, but the kids will have a more private place to expose themselves" he said. I loved the idea. My mind began spinning with thoughts of what might take place with our two families alone together in their house.

My wife must have been thinking the same things. "Sounds like fun. We would love to" she said. *** The Kirby's had a huge house on the lake. Apparently Jack did quite well at whatever industry he was in. We were led into their home from their dock and into a large living area. There were two large L-shaped couches surrounding a coffee table. A large HD-Tv hung on the wall. We all sat around the table, with little being said.

Finally it was Sarah how broke the tension in the air. "Can we get naked now?" she asked her parents. The way this adorable little girl said these words instantly got me hard. I looked to Jack to see his reaction.

He just smiled and nodded his head. "Ok good" Sarah said, sounding very relieved she no longer had to be constricted by her bathing suit. She stood and pulled her top over her head and tossed it onto the table in front of her. I was sitting next to her and could mostly see her back. She then pulled her bottoms down, leaning forward to take them off her feet. If I wasn't already fully erect, the sight of her tiny butt sticking out toward me would have done it. She sat back on the couch, looking around at everyone else like nothing was out of sorts.

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Jack Jr. was the next to strip. He was sitting across from me. He did not even bother to get up. While still sitting he lifted his bottom off his couch and pulled his shorts off. They, too, were tossed onto the table. I couldn't help admire his young body, especially his cock. For someone his age it was surprisingly large. He was semi-erect and I could tell he was long and had a nice thickness as well.

He looked from Brandon beside him to Molly diagonally from him and said "Go ahead." My children both looked at me. "Go ahead" I said, echoing Junior's words. They both smiled shyly and slowly stood at the same time. Who would have thought these kids, who had been making love to each other and their parents for a little while now, and who had sex with the two already nude children in the room the night before, would be so shy about taking their clothes off?

But their shyness quickly wore off and their bathing suits were soon on the top of the growing pile on the table. They both returned to their seats, neither even attempting to cover their nakedness. We continued to talk about nothing in particular for a few minutes until Sarah turned to me. I noticed her gaze on me and looked at her and gave her a big smile. I could now get a better view of her body. She had the tiniest beginnings of buds on her chest, practically flat.

Her little mound, as I had gotten a flash of earlier on the boat, was hairless and looked very tight. She leaned closer to me, and I leaned closer to her. I could tell she wanted to whisper something to me. "Are you gonna get naked too?" She asked. "Well. I. um." I stammered. I would love to do just that, but I didn't know how the other adults would act.

I decided to test the waters. I took the t-shirt I was wearing off. I looked around to see what everyone else was doing. They were all watching me, wanting to see if I would go all the way. "These too" Sarah said, pulling on my shorts, this time loud enough so everyone would hear.

I stood and Sarah pulled my shorts down. My hard cock sprang out and pointed toward the ceiling. I sat back down as my clothes got tossed onto the table by Sarah. The other three adults took my lead. Jack removed his shirt and shorts. He sat back; his penis was also hard, obviously enjoying this as much as I was. His cock was long and very thick. Our respective wives were the last to strip.

They both stood and untied their tops. I watched Lisa as she removed her top. Her breasts were beautiful. They were full and plump with large nipples. She pulled down her bottoms and returned to her seat. I got a nice view of her pussy at this point. She had a nicely trimmed small patch of hair above a lovely set of lips. At this point my wife was also nude. We continued our small talk, each of us looking over the nude bodies of our new friends.

Young Sarah was still leaning close to me, resting her head on my shoulder. I moved my arm and put it around her, my hand resting on her side.

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She snuggled closer into my chest. My cock was sticking straight up toward her. I thought to myself that if she sunk any lower my member would be touching her face.

I must have been distracted momentarily, because suddenly that it what happened. I first felt it as a soft kiss on the head. I looked down and saw the back of Sarah's head covering my crotch. I then felt her kissing my cock again. It was not just a quick peck this time, however. She kissed it longer and I could feel her opening her mouth wider. Before I knew it she had the whole head of my penis in her little mouth.

I looked around me at everyone else. I was still a bit nervous about how Lisa and especially Jack would react to me doing this sort of thing with their children.

Jack was on the end of one couch, my daughter Molly was on the end of the other. Jack was facing Molly while she faced inward toward the table. Jack had been watching what Sarah and I were doing, at the same time he was leaning forward talking with Molly.

I could not hear what they were talking about, but Molly was giggling. I watched Jack begin to rub his hand up and down my daughter's leg. Across the table from this scene, I saw my wife sitting next to Jack Jr.

He had one hand on her breast, squeezing it and pinching her nipple. His other hand was lightly touching the area around her vagina. Katie, not to be out done, had her hand wrapped around Junior's shaft. I realized if anyone else was nervous about what was going on, they weren't showing it. So I decided to forget about it and enjoy myself as well. Sarah was doing an amazing job on my cock.

By this point she had gotten a good deal of it into her mouth and was slowly bobbing up and down on it. I helped her turn so she was now kneeling next to me on the couch.

My view was no longer blocked, and I could see my penis sliding in and out of this little girl's mouth. I began running my hand down her back.

When I got to her butt I gave it a gentle squeeze, which was responded to by a soft moan from her. I more felt her moaning on my member more than heard it with all the other panting and moaning going on in the room. My fingers began to wander around her bottom. I lightly rubbed her anus, than went farther until I found her little pussy. I used more pressure at this point and slid a finger into her a little bit. Sarah moaned again, much louder this time. Sarah then released my hard cock from her mouth and sat back, pushing my fingers into her more.

We were at an awkward angle and I couldn't get very deep though. I pulled my finger out and stood up. I turned her so she was sitting on the couch right, and then I got on the floor in front of her. I kissed her on her little lips. She opened her mouth and we stuck our tongues into each other's mouths. I ran my hands down her body, playing with her nipples.

I then broke our kiss and replaced my hands with my mouth on her nipples, switching back and forth between them. I did not stay here long, though. I kissed down her body. She spread her legs for me, and I kissed her little vagina. I began licking up and down her little slit. I used one hand to spread her open and the other to slide my finger into her hole. Sarah was moaning very loudly now. Had I been in my right mind I might have thought twice, but I wasn't thinking straight and moved up her body again.

I placed the head of my cock on her pussy and looked into her eyes as I pushed. Her eyes got wide as my member slid into her. I loved how her pussy felt. I could tell that this wasn't her first time, but she was still very tight.

She felt amazing. I pumped into her a few times, and we got a good rhythm going. Before long Sarah was panting and moaning very loudly, I could tell she was close.

I pushed in deep one last time and felt her body quiver. She was cumming. The sensations her body was giving me sent me over the edge and I exploded with cum inside her young vagina.


It took me a couple seconds to recover, but when I did I sat next to my new lover on the couch. She was also a little out of it and leaned into me again, this time out of exhaustion rather than lust. I looked around the room again. Everyone else was just about finished up as well. I saw that Jack had more than likely made love to Molly because his cum now covered her chest. His wife Lisa was currently licking it off her breasts. Jack Jr. was still going, though. He was behind my wife fucking her.

She had our son's softening cock in her mouth. I heard a low grunt and Junior pulled his cock out, shooting cum across Katie's back. They also collapsed onto the couch. For a long while we all just sat there, not saying a word.

Finally after we had all mostly recovered, Jack broke the silence. "Well that was fun," he said, "but now I'm hungry. Anybody else?" "He's always hungry after he fucks" his wife Lisa said.

"I'm good," she added. My kids, Sarah and my wife Katie all said they could go for a snack. They all got up and followed Jack to the kitchen. "Would you care for a tour of the house then, Dan?" Lisa asked me.

I responded, "That sounds lovely." I stood and took her hand to help her stand. Jack Jr., not wanting to be the only one left in the room, decided to join us on the tour. We walked all around the rather large house and saw many rooms, all large and comfortable.

On a few occasions I noticed Lisa and Jack talking to each other in hushed tones. I wondered what they were talking about, but did not think too much of it.

Finally our tour brought us to the master bedroom. I had already seen Junior and Molly's rooms, but I was told they did not sleep in those rooms very often. Most nights were spent in the master bedroom, where the whole family slept in one bed. My whole family had been in our bed a few times, but it was not big enough for all four of us to sleep in on a nightly basis. Upon entering this room I noticed that our bed was tiny compared to the bed the Kirby's had.

Now that was a bed four people could share every night. As I looked around the room, Lisa and Junior stayed close to the door, once again talking. I finally decided to ask "Is everything alright?" "Yes Dan, Junior just has something to ask you, but he's a little embarrassed about it" Lisa said.

Jack Jr. gave his mother one of those 'oh my god Mom' looks. "Don't be shy, kiddo." I said. "Go ahead and ask." "Well is it true, I mean, Brandon said that you, that you and he." he stammered.

I had an idea where this was going. "You want to know if my son and I have sex with each other?" I asked. "Well, yeah" he said, looking down at his feet.

"Yes Junior, Brandon and I are bisexual and we have sex with each other" I said. Lisa then said, "Big Jack isn't bi though, Dan. He has nothing against you or anyone else who is, he just doesn't want to do it himself." "Well I can respect that. It isn't for everyone" I said. "But how do you know if it is for you or not?" Junior asked. "I think the best way is just to try it and see," I answered. I could see that Junior was starting to get hard. I had a feeling he was thinking about trying it out.

I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder. I started rubbing his arm, and then gently moved to his chest. I started leaning in closer to him, and he did the same. Our lips met and we shared a deep, passionate kiss. Lisa was standing behind her son. I felt her hands wrap around his waist. When I broke our kiss, I looked down. She was lightly stroking him penis. I got down on my knees and took it into my mouth. It was nice and long, and I took it as far as I could down my throat.

He was moaning loudly. I looked up into his eyes as I sucked his cock. I could tell he was really enjoying what I was doing, but I also knew this was supposed to be about Junior deciding if he liked doing things with men, not just men doing things to him. I slowly pulled his member out of my mouth and stood up. I kissed him again, and then went a lied down on the bed on my back.

"Hmmm is it his turn?" Lisa asked me. "Yes it is" I responded, stroking my hard cock. Lisa walked over and got into the bed with me. She motioned for her son to join us. She was on my left side, down by my crotch. She began kissing around my shaft as Jack Jr. climbed into the bed on my right side.

Lisa stopped kissing my penis and held onto it, pointing it at her son. "Go ahead Junior, give it a kiss" she told him. He leaned down and kissed it on the tip.

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"Not like that" she said, "like this." She kissed it again, but as she kissed the tip she opened her mouth, wrapping her tongue around it, and then sucking it into her mouth. It felt amazing. She took it out of her mouth and again pointed my cock at her son. He again kissed the tip lightly, but then he stuck his tongue out and started licking it. He then put the head into his mouth. "Now suck on it, and try to put as much of it as you can into your mouth" Lisa continued to coach her son on how to suck cock.

He was doing a very good job for a first timer. I was really enjoying this mother-son blowjob when Lisa got out of bed and said she would be right back. She walked out of the room.

I didn't mind that much, because Junior was doing a wonderful job. He had worked his way down till he had about half of my shaft in his mouth. Soon Lisa returned. She climbed back into the bed next to her son. I could see she had something in her hand, but I couldn't tell what it was. She began playing with Junior's cock with one hand while the other hand moved around to his ass. I could now see what Lisa had gone to get. She squeezed a small amount of KY jelly onto her hand from the bottle she left to get and began using her lubricated fingers on her sons butt hole while she sucked on his cock.

I could tell he was getting a great deal of pleasure from this based on the moaning I could feel on my cock as he continued to suck on me. "You ready to try going all the way Junior?" Lisa asked her son. He took my penis out of his mouth and nodded his head in agreement to the both of us.

Lisa had him lie on his back and pull his legs up. I placed my cock head at the entrance to his well lubricated hole. Lisa kissed her son on the lips as I began pushing. I could hear him grunting as I pushed half of myself into his ass. I pulled back and pushed again. Lisa had done a good job lubing him up because I felt very little resistance. In no time at all I was going in and out of Junior's butt at a steady pace.

Lisa took a hold of her son's penis and stroked it as I fucked his butt. He didn't last long at all and soon shot his load all over himself.

The sight of him cumming, and the way his butt tensed up as he orgasmed sent me over the edge. I knew I was about to cum myself.

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I knew there was one more thing, though, that Jack Jr. needed to try before he knew whether or not he was bi. I pulled my cock out of his ass and moved up to his head. "Open up" I said. He opened his mouth and looked up into my eyes.


I placed the tip of my cock on his lips and shot my load into his mouth. He wrapped his lips around my shaft, and swallowed as much as he could. A little bit did spill out of his lips. I pulled my spent penis out and fell to the bed. The three of us lied in the bed for a few minutes. Lisa finally asked the question I also had on my mind. "Well, do you think you like being with guys too?" she asked Junior.

"I don't think" he answered. "I know I like being with guys." We all shared a laugh. We decided we should probably head back downstairs and see what the rest of our families were up to. We walked into the main room where we had first gone when we entered the Kirby's house and although it shouldn't have been surprising considering what I had experienced these past few hours, I was shocked by what I saw. The first thing I saw was my son, Brandon, sitting on one couch, jacking off his stiff cock.

I then saw Jack. My daughter, Molly, was sitting on his lap. He was lightly stroking her young pussy. The three of them were looking at something on the other couch. Jack Jr., Lisa, and I entered the room from behind this couch, and at first could not see who or what was on it.

We walked around the end of the couch and all enjoyed the sight we beheld. My wife, Katie was lying on the couch on her back. Sarah, the youngest member of our group, was lying on top of Katie. They were facing opposite directions, each licking and sucking the others pussy. The sight of my wife 69ing with this young girl made one thought pop into my head. I was right all those weeks ago. This was the best summer ever.

Please drop me a message at [email protected] and tell me what you thought about the story. I hope you enjoyed.

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