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Blonde girl sucks a dick in his bed
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Today finally June 21st the day all of us wait for, summer. It was a normal day just like any other summer day, wake up, shower, and eat breakfast, then swim maybe, but whatever the case, I had free time.

I woke up surprisingly early for summer, about 7:00 AM. I usually wake up much later; about ten o'clock was my normal wake time. But today I guess I just wanted to wake up early. Sometimes you just want to. I went into the bathroom closed the door, pissed, and then took a shower to start my day.

I got out of the shower; look at my hair then got out of the bathroom, downstairs I could hear my mom and dad speaking about something. As I went downstairs I heard my mom say to my dad "Charley are sure you want to leave them here that long?

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They are still kids." My dad said, "Lynn, first off…" then he was interrupted by me walking into the kitchen. "Morning" I said. Mom says, "Good morning, you are up early" in a very surprised voice. I quickly change the topic from me to the conversation they were having. "What's this about, were still kids?" I say to mom as I grab some cereal from the cupboard.

There is a strong hesitance and Dad says, "We were offered a two week cruise to the Bahamas." I say, "Okay so what's the problem?

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I mean myself and Taylor are teenagers. We can handle two weeks alone. Besides I am going to be an adult soon anyway." Mom has a look of uneasiness.

Dad says to Mom, "Honey you need to let them grow up. You can't baby them your whole life. Besides our anniversary is in a few days, it would be a great way to celebrate our twenty year anniversary." Dad kinda had a look on his face that I really didn't want to see, I could tell he had plans, and my mom kinda smirked back like she caught on, I rolled my eyes and tried to erase those images from my mind.

Then my mom turned to me suddenly. "Bryan, so help me god, if I find out you don't look after your sister, and don't act like a true responsible adult, I am going to kick you out of this house and you will be gone, you hear me!" My mom almost yelled.

I think it was fear that something might happen to Taylor. I told mom that I would never let anything happen to Taylor and would promise to protect her. Mom was satisfied with my answer. I then asked, "When are you guys leaving?" I expected a day or two, but to my surprise my mom said, "In about five hours." I was very surprised by the answer. Dad then said, "Bryan, I want you to tell your sister about our trip when she wakes up, we have to pack up, and we only have a few hours to pack." I nodded and said, "When she wakes up I promise I will tell her." I was still in shock as I ate my cereal taking everything in, I expected to have more time with mom and dad before they left, not like they aren't annoying, but I guess it hit me like a ton of bricks.

But I can have some time with my sister and she is pretty cool. My sister is fifteen, a year younger. Taylor and I have a really good brother sister relationship that I would never want to replace. We talk a lot about personal issues, and recently she has been coming to me about sexual issues. Asks me if I know much about that stuff, I tell her I do, and she asks me many questions about sex.

I asked her when she first started coming to me for sex advice why she couldn't ask dad. She tells me she trusts me much more than dad, and I guess I did understand since dad tends to drink a bit. But even though I could understand, ever since she told me how much she trusted me I have made sure to be a good big brother to her. As I finished my cereal I put my bowl in the sink, and saw Taylor come downstairs from bed.

She was still in her bedclothes. She smiled at me and said, "Good morning Bryan, my big brother." I smiled back and said "Good morning little sis." I sat there reading the Weather section of the paper seeing if it will be warm enough to maybe go to the beach a little after mom and dad left, as we were about a quarter to a half-mile from the beach.

I was actually surprised I was trying to plan stuff for my sis and I to do later. But then the silence was broken by Taylor asking, "Where's mom and dad?" Dad told me earlier that I could tell Taylor when she got up, as mom and dad had to prepare quite a bit in a short amount of time. I said, "Well sis, mom and dad have decided to treat themselves to a two week vacation since their anniversary is in a few days." I paused for a moment to grab a drink, then Taylor looked puzzled and kinda upset then she said, "So where are you going to go?

Am I going to have to stay at grandma and grandpa's house?" To mention grandma and grandpa's house in not healthy to be in, I mean an hour or two visit there is okay, but after a few hours you have to get out there, since they smoke their cigarettes in their house and it's like a smoke machine in there, and even for me a healthy, young, sixteen year old teen, when I walk out of there I feel like I was smoking myself.

And let me tell you, I love grandma and grandpa, and never would want anything to happen to them but I would never let Taylor stay in there for two weeks.

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Never! So I look at her and say, "Taylor, I am not going anywhere, I am staying right here with you for the whole time. Little sis I promise I will be here.


I would never let you stay at grandma and grandpa's for two weeks!" Taylor then smiled and hugged me and said I was the best brother she could ask for. It is now about 10:30 in the morningmy mom and dad are all packed and have their car running.

They decide they are going to leave early, they made sure we had their numbers in case of emergency and told us to make sure we follow all the rules, then we say our goodbyes and we watch and wave as the car turns into a small dot. Taylor looks at me with this weird look, almost like dad's, at least with dad and mom I could understand, but my sister…Taylor? Why? Does she have a boyfriend I don't know about?

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Then she asked what we were going to do. I said, I was thinking about maybe going to the beach. She quickly agreed and we both went into the house. My sister and I now changing into our swimsuits, I continued to think about the look my sister had on her face.

It haunted me so much as I hand no clue why or how she would get that look. I now was naked and could feel my cock grow thinking about Taylor earlier in the morning, when she had her gray tank top and short shorts on, as that's what she wears to bed.

But I tried to ignore it as much as possible, I then heard a knock, quickly dressed and Taylor just said she was ready. I thought well I mine as well go quickly since I want to get back so we can eat. I come out of my room, and to my surprise this beautiful woman was standing outside my room. I knew in the back of my head it was my sister, but I also knew in her bikini she was someone different. Taylor is standing there with a royal blue bikini, which made my cock grow even more since it was my favorite color.

She was standing there with her beautiful breasts, which were almost exposed, her dark brown hair, and green eyes made my cock grow to its fullest height. Her legs oh my goodness, were so wicked beautiful I could just rub them. She seemed to be mesmerized by my huge cock that was standing tall for my sister to see. She quickly looks up and says with a grin on her face, "How do you like my swimsuit?" I quickly answer and say how I absolutely love it.

So we quickly grabbed a few things and headed for the beach.

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When we got there, I was surprised that not many people were at the beach. Most were at the bigger beaches to the North and South of here. So now we are finally at the beach. I am totally amazed at how pleasant this experience is. Out of all the girls I have dated and hung out with, the time I have already spent with my sister, was so much better than those lame dates. My sister seriously was amazing me! Since we were spending the afternoon here, we brought towels, beach chairs, and a few sodas.

So finally after a while, Taylor says, "I don't know about you but I'm going in the water and cooling off." I decided to join Taylor and go in too. As I went in Taylor asked me if I had any other plans for us over the next two weeks. I say maybe we could camp, or go to the lake further down on our property, and a few other things. We talk about other social stuff, go a little deeper in the water and splash each other and have a good time. We head back closer to shore and sit in the cool water that with each wave of water refreshes us from the warm and thick air.

As we sit there we get a little silenced for about five minutes. I then all of the sudden feel Taylor touching my legs and rubbing them.

She smiles and says, "Bryan, the feel of you skin is wonderful." I look in astonishment, and try to take it all in. I mean this was my very own sister, how could she say this! I still feel her hand on my leg and try to think of a response and I finally say, "Well we've been here for a while let's head back to our chairs and towels as it's getting late." Taylor nodded in agreement.

As were walking back to the chairs my cock bulging and wants me to wank it as hard as I can, as I am thinking of what Taylor said. But I think no, not here, were at a fucking beach! So I quickly get control of myself and we both pick up the stuff set down, we wash the sand off with the fountain showers on top, near the road and head home. As we are walking I can clearly see out of the corner of my eye her looking at my pulsating cock inside my bathing suit.

I just ignore it and continue walking home. I know we both could sense the silence since she told me what she felt. I seemed to be going crazy and she seemed to be continuing to look at me with lust and total naughtiness.

We walk into the house, Taylor seems to not be too quick of changing, she says, "Bryan I'm gonna go on the deck and tan." I respond and say, "Just make sure you have sunscreen with you, I don't want my little sister burning and then suffering." She smiles goes into the bathroom where the sunscreen is.

She comes out with a smile and says, "Happy now?" I say yes, and she walks out the sliding glass door. I look out the sliding glass door happy my sister might get some extra color added to her skin. I turn around after about maybe thirty seconds and see my sister pulling her top right off.

Oh my god, right there as she lay there I could feel my precum juices flowing. Her boobs being at least size C. I now run up the stairs, close my door, and lookout my bedroom window and wham my cock as hard as I can, as I could not take it anymore. So now I am masturbating to my sister, which I never thought would ever happen.


I see her come up out of her place, and head inside. I thought, oh shit, if she catches me she will tell mom and I will be in serious fucking trouble. But a part of me said, "Bryan keep whacking that thing, don't stop." That part won out. As I exploded I unintentionally yelled out my sisters name as I orgasmed. I have no clue if she heard but quite frankly I didn't care, as the feeling I got was so good and irreplaceable. I clean up my mess with some Kleenex that I have in my room and throw it away in my trash barrel.

After that I took a shower and changed into fresh new clothes. When I came downstairs Taylor was not down there, and about a half hour to an hour after I got out I heard the water for the shower running. I imagined she was chatting with friends on the computer or something, which she does quite a bit. So I decide that I should start making supper and figured Taylor was most likely hungry too.

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I hear Taylor coming down and I suddenly see her come down in a bright red camisole, and blue jean short shorts, as I saw her I thought, my fucking goodness, she is wearing the best clothing today. I imagine it's because mom and dad would have an absolute fit if they saw that kind of clothing she was wearing.

They hate when she "exposes herself" as my parents say. But right now my parents were not in my mind, it was Taylor. I hear the water boiling and grab the pasta that I am going to make and pour it into the pot. She taps me on the shoulder and then suddenly says, "I just wanted to tell you that I love your outfit, you look fucking hot." I stand for a couple of seconds in complete shock; all I was wearing was a black tank top and a tan pair of shorts.

I continue to think how totally naughty and sexy she was being today. I then managed to say, "Well my outfit is not that exciting, but you look fucking gorgeous yourself." With that wicked weird smile again she said,"Thanks." Then quickly asks, "What are we having for supper tonight big brother?" I said, "Well what about spaghetti?" She says, "Okie dokie." As I finish up Taylor decides to go watch TV.

After about ten minutes, we sit down and eat, we talk some more, then we clean up and by the time we were all cleaned up it was about 8:30 PM and the sun was going down. After supper, we sat and she asked what I wanted to watch, I said I didn't care what we watched. We put on a film and watched it with my little sister. Since the movie had some scary parts in it, I found her rapping her arms around me and leaning her head on my shoulders.

I quickly wrapped my arms around her, comforting her, as I promised my mom, but I also did it because I liked it, I have to admit it felt pretty good having her arms cradled on my body. Then there was a scene in the movie with some sex and nudity in it and I felt her rub me again.

I just continue to hold her and noticed her mesmerized by the sex. It was about a half hour after that, around eleven o'clock we decided to go to bed. I could tell my sister was upset that I wasn't holding her anymore, but I thought she'd get over it.

I also wanted to get upstairs quickly since I wanted to whack my cock as it had been big when she was holding me, and also from the sex scene.

She said, "Good night big brother, thanks for making me feel comforted." I smile and say, "Anytime little sis, love you, and see you in the morning." I go into my room close my door a crack and take off my clothes since I wanted to jack off, go into my bed and lay there, stroking my stiff 8" cock. I thought, I am going to make this last a long time, I'm going to make this last at least an hour, as I was doing this, I was thinking about all the images of Taylor I saw all day today, at this point I didn't care if she was my sister or not.

So as I am stroking, I hear a loud bang of thunder outside, at that point I stopped, and I knew if Taylor wasn't sleeping she will probably come knocking at my door as she has a fear of thunderstorms. A fear she has always had since she I can remember. I resumed stroking, and about twenty minutes later I hear a knock at my door, I stop stroking and then say, "Come in Taylor." She comes in and looks scared, as there was more thunder since the first, she then says, "Bryan, do you mind if I sleep with you tonight, I'm scared to sleep alone." I say, "Taylor, of course you can sleep with me." I forgot to put my clothes back on, and in my mind said oh shit.

This is not good. I was lying towards the wall and when Taylor came into my bed, she quickly wrapped her arms around me, and said, "Bryan, comfort me, I'm scared." I had to think for a second, because if she feels my cock she might tell mom and then I get into trouble. But the other side saying Bryan be a good brother, comfort your sister. So I did exactly that, cradled my little sister in my arms.

Her breath got deeper and whispered, "Bryan thank you so much for comforting me." There was a very brief pause and then she said, "I love you so much big brother." My cock was throbbing with excitement as she whispered to me in this very erotic voice. She then said, "I saw you earlier, jacking off and yelling out my name, it was so hot and exhilarating, it made my cunt drip hot cum right out of me." My little sister was talking like a total whore, I was so surprised and did not expect it but I actually liked it.

She started rubbing my chest and shoulders while she bent over and started kissing me. This was no peck on the cheek; this was a tongue-sucking kiss. I pulled back and quickly and said, "Taylor, wait do you know what you are doing?

Mom and dad could…" and she quickly stopped me in the middle of my sentence, I felt like right now, at least in this situation my sister was older than me. She said, "Bryan, you have done so much for me, you are the best brother I could ask for and, now it's time for me to repay you, and mom and dad don't worry about them, keep this our little secret. Okay." I say, "Well little sis I don't know what has gotten into you, but I love this new side of you." I now understand why all day she was looking at me weird, it was because she wanted to seduce her brother, who which she obviously loved so much, she didn't want anyone else, and quite frankly neither did I.

She looks at me with a huge grin leans and we continue kissing, she continues rubbing and holding my body. She whispers, "Bryan, you skin, it's so warm, hold me tighter." Then she makes her way to my cock, at this point, it was throbbing, and was at its full eight inches.

Taylor started to stroke it gently, she asks, "Does that feel good big brother?" I nod quickly and say, "Please don't stop! It feels so fucking good." She then starts to lick me; she starts at my chest and goes down to my balls, which were clenched so tightly.

Taylor then starts sucking my cock; she starts slow then bobs her head so fast, that she was gagging almost every time my cock went in her mouth. But that didn't stop her, I say, "Taylor, oh my god, suck that cock harder, it feels so good." She went faster and I almost came but I stopped it before I exploded. I take my cock out and my cock was sopping wet with her spit and mouth juices.

My cock never felt so good. Taylor was going from my little sister, to this sex animal that I never saw before, but to be honest I absolutely loved this animal that she had inside her.

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In this erotic voice she says, "Put that cock inside me, and fuck me so hard your bed breaks!" I had to go along, I push my cock into her and Taylor moans and says, "Now fuck me hard!" I push my cock in and out of her pussy as fast as I can and she is screaming and says, "It feels so good Bryan don't stop!

Go faster and harder, please!" My bed is rocking loudly and slamming my wall and shaking everything in my room, I hear my sisters' moans and screams, I'm moaning and enjoying my sister as much as I can. I kiss her some more and then she says, "Lay on your fucking back, I going to slam your cock." I lay; she gets on top and starts to scream as her ass is hitting my thighs.

She leans and we kiss some more while my cock gets its fuck of its life. She yells, "Oh my god, I'm fucking going to cum, Bryan I'm going to cum, don't stop!!" About three minutes after I yell, "Fuck, fuck, Taylor I'm going to cum!" She says, "Put that fucking huge load in my pussy!" My eyes were closed, I yelled Taylor's name three times, Taylor then moans, "Oh yes, yes, yes, oh fuck that feels so good!" I finish my whole load which was at least ten shots, and Taylor licks the cum off my cock as if it were frosting.

We kiss a little more; she rubs me and says, "Bryan that was amazing. I loved it so much!" I look at her and say, "Yes, that was very amazing." Taylor says, "We have to do it again soon." I look at her with a grin, I guess with a look like dad gave mom and said, "Don't you worry, you will get plenty of attention over the next two weeks." She smiles and we fall asleep in each other's arms.

Part 2 coming very soon!

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