Masturbating ladyboy pees in the shower

Masturbating ladyboy pees in the shower
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The story about Julie is a little bit hazy in my memory so to be honest, it might not carry the same tone as the first part. If you read all of it, you'll get why it should be hazy to me.

I personally think this story has a much deeper meaning for all of you who enjoy a real plot to the story. Like I said at the first part, the general outcome and situations are true.

Names are changed for privacy, and a few details are changed to help me distance myself enough to put the truth into the rest story. I omitted anything I couldn't remember clearly, but I still think I remember the best parts extremely well. This Part is WAY longer than the first, and reading the first part is essential to understanding all the jokes/references in the story.

Thanks in advance for reading! It's me again, still the average kid, just with a small turn of events that gave me a little boost of self-esteem. I'm not going out with Samantha, who I had sex with at her house at her request, which is strange to think about. She also rejected me again when I asked her out after our new found interest, saying she "didn't want our friendship to end in a same lame high school break-up like John (my friend and her ex)".

But she did do me the favor of seducing Julie, her best friend, the model-bodied girl with the celebrity smile, without me even asking. This is where the story begins. Summer's still rolling on its way, and it's august, which made me sad, because I knew school would be coming.

I would be a senior in the upcoming school year, so I would be ruling over the high school, but I didn't really care because I thought the whole seniority idea was stupid. I got my license in august, meaning I could finally drive my own ass around. John was driving way before me and usually would let me hitch a ride with him, but I've always felt bad about it.

Now I could even give him rides, or my other friends. For those that didn't read my description on the first part of the story, I'll give you a brief summary. I'm not cool, I'm not ripped or have jacked muscles,and I don't have a monster sized cock.

It's 6 inches. My little circle of friends consists mainly of girls, and they all say it's because I'm a "nice guy". I'm not their pimp. Most of them have boyfriends anyway, and half of them keep asking me to turn gay (what kinda question is that…right?). Samantha has a quite a dirty mind I realized, because we've been talking on the phone late at night ever since we had sex that one time.

She said she was curious about porn, but can't really see any because her parents have her computer firewall on lock-down all the time. My parents don't really care about what I do, since they both work. I tried to answer anything she had questions about, mostly on the guy parts.

I asked a few mysteries myself, and it was fun I guess. But one special night, the conversation took a weird twist. Samantha cooed, "Who do you wanna fuck Tony?" "You know it's you I want, stop teasing me." I replied.

Silence on the other end. Samantha wasn't satisfied, and to satisfy her, you ALWAYS have to end up telling her what she wants to hear, being honest and truthful isn't exactly her top virtue. In this case, I immediately realized she had a name in mind. Playing along with the game, I replied again with the equal teasing tone she wanted to hear. "Oh, Why Sammy, you got me! How did you EVER know I've always wanted to fuck…" epic pause.

Now I wait until Samantha comes in to fill in her own part. I was right. Sammy filled in almost immediately, "haha I know EVERYTHING Tony, cmon, you know you want to fuck Julie almost as hard as me." Now I was caught off guard. I was lucky once to risk my relationship with one best friend and come out the other end happier, but I was a pessimist, and there was no way I was going to risk my OTHER best friend by trying to get in her pants.

"what the fuck Samantha… that's not even funny." I blurted out quickly. Samantha never hid her cunning observation skills from me now. She bluntly said, "See, now I know that I've planted the idea in your head, and that you took it." Wow. I can't believe I have such a fucking nasty Vixen as my best friend. Sometimes I did hate her for it. "Sammy… we really shouldn't be talking about that. Stop messing around! I really enjoy talking to Julie, and I like talking to her even more than I like talking to your rack." I said that too fast without thinking.

There was a long shocked pause, and I knew I've hurt her feelings. What I heard in the next few seconds made me almost sigh in relief, but it also got me madder. Try to put yourself in my shoes. "Tony… I didn't know you were capable of this…" I was extremely sorry, feeling like an asshole that uses girls to fuck them and leave. "Sam, I didn't mean it, I'm so sorry, you're both very close to me. You know how much I like to hang with you both at scho." Samantha cut me off by interjecting with "I didn't know you were capable of LOVE!

Hahaha!" I was stunned and half relieved of course. I had no response. "oh my god Tony, I'm totally gonna hook you up with her!


You can thank me later! K I gotta sleep, bye!" the phone clicked and she hung up on me before I even made a response, let alone try to deny it. Samantha's last words left me thinking a while awake. Did I really like Julie? But I couldn't, what kinda idiot would mistake a girlfriend-material for a friend? logically speaking, Julie was pretty, atleast in my point of view. But the other side of my mind spat back, slamming the argument back down. You idiot, you were friends with her since freshman year!

Back then she looked like a skinny weed that didn't get any water or sun for weeks. She was flatter than a surf board and she had braces. Forget celebrity smile that she has now. Back then she cracked mirrors. Knowingly or unknowingly, once again my Vixen-like supposed best friend worked her mind tricks successfully and left me in a giant torment over Julie. What happened next is a little hazy, so I will omit the next few days and skip to the big part.

It is the most uncomfortable part for me. It's just how my brain dealt with the event when it happened to me. Samantha arranged us to hang out at the local ice cream shop, which was normal, and casual. It wasn't the first time we've been there, and it was nothing out of the ordinary, atleast on Julie's part. Samantha deliberately made these plans, and she just told me to just enjoy myself, and let her do all the talking. Samantha and I are practically neighbors, since we live near each other.

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I picked her up and drove over, while Julie drove herself over from the other side of town, since she lives a little further away. In the car, Samantha was just excited, and blabbered on and on about how today just might be better than the day we fucked.


The whole ride I was lost in a mental state next to nervous breakdown, and I had to try really hard to not crash the car. We got there first, because we lived closer to the shop, and because I drive fast. When Julie walked in, I automatically ended up checking her out just like I used to check out Samantha.

She had her long dark brown hair falling straight down her face, and was wearing a pair of sunglasses in her hair, brushing her bangs off the side. One would request an autograph or a signed picture, since even a retard would know that she'd make a great model on a poster or on tv.

Her well tanned legs complemented her white cut shorts really well, giving it the healthy, summer beach look. Long, sexy legs swishing back and forth, and only if she wore heels instead of those flats.

She may look like a model, but she didn't know how to dress like one. Maybe that's why she never had a boyfriend. Her top didn't really match her pants or her skin. It was a weird lime green. I told you.

Not very… fashionable. She sat down with her ice cream and the two girls chatted while I kept mostly quiet, and participating only every now and then. I was usually the talkative one. call me girly if you will, I don't care. I believe in honesty above everything, and being honest usually means saying a lot of unnecessary shit.

Julie obviously noticed after a while, and tried to spark me into a conversation. Samantha smiled as she immediately caught what was going on, and what was going to happen. She's a creepy gypsy or something, I swear. "Tony, what's up? Turning gay yet?" said Julie with a slight wink, saying the usual jokey line that every girl uses on me when they want to talk to me. I murmured some blank reply and wished I had gotten some ice cream to stuff my face.

Too bad my sensitive teeth didn't allow any. Fuck it, what goes down goes down. I'll blame Samantha and get her to give me a blowjob for blowing up my friendship with Julie. I could blame it on her and explain myself and win her friendship back, and it was her idea anyway. As I made my decision, Julie started again. "Tony, I know something's wrong. Sammy just told me that something was wrong with you today, and you didn't even notice it when she was saying it right infront of you." One of the qualities that make girls befriend me so much is the ability to ride the conversation for a long time without boring the other person to death.

I personally hate it, and if I didn't have it, I'd be like any other guy, with more regular guy friends and probably Samantha as my girlfriend, not my dirty little secret.

I let my "talent" take over and started taking over the conversation. I engaged and delivered my real reply after a few smart replies, sneaking it in so Julie wouldn't suspect anything set-up and fishy.

"She's right. I do have a problem. Sammy can tell you why." Samantha said she'd handle it, so I gave her the reins. Samantha thought for a moment, taking her time spooning a bit of ice cream into her mouth while nodding to buy some time. "Tony's gay." Samantha said after swallowing the icy treat. WHAT THE FUCK?! I was getting furious now, but I kept my mouth shut, because now I was DEFINATLY getting a blowjob if she fucked this up.

Julie laughed, "I don't believe you, you liar" Go Julie!

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My mind was cheering and celebrating and cursing the evil friend that was trying to lie to my other friend. However, Samantha's rebuttal actually reinforced her idea well. "then why would he be so shy about it? It's true. He's gay. He just doesn't admit it because he's not sure.

Tony barely had the voice to tell me over the phone, and even that was weak." Julie became wide eyed and had the unbelieving look on her face.

"no way… Tony can't be!" I didn't even exist now, and neither took notice of me shifting uncomfortably. Samantha continued, "and it's our job to find out who he really is today.

We're going to help him find his true identity." Oh, so noble, Miss Samantha. You are the knight in shining armor, rescuing the poor confused boy from his confusion and bringing him into the light. She really is a manipulative bitch. She should have been born a man. "Oh my god… I guess we have to… I mean we are his closest friends, right?" "you're damn right we are, and let's not waste any more time! My house is empty, let's regroup there, since its getting crowded in here" Samantha said authoritatively, and Julie nodded and said she'd be there in five.

On the way back, I was just shaking my head, kind of hating Samantha, and kind of thanking her, because she practically had this in the bag.

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I was just lucky I was on her better side. Imagine how destructive she could be if she didn't like you. When we were at Samantha's living room again, I was actually completely calm, and almost relaxed. Sammy's living room was kind of a lucky place for me, and I felt nice being in it again. I was the center of attention, and both pummeled me with questions, Samantha asking me easy ones, Julie asking harder ones. After a while, tired of stalling any longer, Samantha dropped the bomb.

"Tony, we need to define you as straight or gay. We all know what each means. We'll just have to physically test it and see what we get." Oh man, this is really gonna start happening. My stomach was all knotting up in suspense, and it was NOT because I was curious about the answer. Julie was clueless. She asked, "how would we do that? We don't have another boy here" Samantha simply replied, "but if we can eliminate the fact that he doesn't like girls, we can conclude he's gay anyway." Julie understood, but now was getting the gist of where things were going.

"I don't like the sound of this…" she trailed, and Samantha said heroically, "It's for our FRIEND Julie! Tony deserves a favor after being such a good friend to both of us for almost three years! He hasn't pissed either of us off once in those three years. Think about how meaningful he has been to us. You can't sacrifice the tiniest bit for his sake?

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Don't be selfish now Julie." What she said was true, and though she used it manipulatively, it made sense, and I actually liked the sound of it. I remained quiet. Julie was silent, and she made the decision in her mind and nodded. She was in.

She was going to do it. For me. She looked at me for the first time in a while, and looked deep into my eyes. She looked long and hard, and searched for an answer. She obviously wanted to avoid as much as possible. I tried to stare back blankly. Specifically, I was focused on the image of a yellow rubber duck floating in a tub. Julie removed her sunglasses, and let her bangs fall down again over her forehead and left eye. She looked seductive. She slowly stood from the couch facing my own couch and approached me.

She was either really good at acting, or she really cared about me enough to do this. I felt kind of guilty, but my hormones didn't give a fuck at the moment. Maintaining eye contact, just like Samantha did when we had sex, she scooted over, and sat down next to me. Julie said, "Tony, I need you to empty your mind, and try to focus." She didn't need to say twice. Julie lifted a hand to my face and turned it towards her own, though it was already looking in her direction anyway.

Slowly, she took her other hand and placed it on my thigh. I was hard by then. I just hoped to god that she wouldn't notice… Julie started rubbing her hand up and down my thigh, and then I was busted. She felt my iron baseball bat.

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It was all over. She didn't need to go further, and I was immediately disappointed in myself. Julie's eye widened, but she didn't move away. She was still for a moment, but after making another decision, she didn't stop, and went on as if it never happened, carefully avoiding my erection this time around.

I was again rejoicing at my luck. But before I could celebrate too much, Julie started to shift. She started to adjust herself a little, and within a few seconds her hands were back to my face and thigh, all the while maintaining eye contact. I saw her purity ring on the hand that was stroking my face, and Julie noticed me looking. With a smooth motion, she slipped her abstinence ring off and put it on the coffee table, about where the laptop ended up when Samantha was doing this to me before.

(strangely coincidental I'd say.) Julie then surprised me by pulling me in for a kiss, and by god, she was a better kisser than Samantha. She was better than I was! I was amazed to feel her red serpent dart around in my mouth immediately, mapping out the interior of my mouth in seconds, and pulling my own tongue into her own and inviting me in.

I kissed back passionately, Samantha completely forgotten by now. I started to move my own hands to feel those smooth legs that I loved about her so much and started rubbing them. I was greeted by the warm tanned skin of Julie, and strangely, the shorts were a little shorter than I expected. Summoning up my courage, I slide along her thigh closer and closer to my ultimate goal. I still felt no cloth, and when I was sure I was at the end of her leg and at her hips, I looked down.

No pants. She took them off while she shifted. It looked so natural, I didn't even notice it! I started to question just how much this purity ring meant to Julie. But before I gave it a second thought, Julie tugged at my pants. My jeans were a little tough to get off, since the buttons were a little stiff.

I felt a second pair of hands helping my own, and I remembered Samantha. She slid off my pants easily and took my cock in the ever-soft grip that she always had. Her fingers applied almost no pressure, so I just felt five dots of heat on my rod. My body immediately started to warm up and I felt adrenaline rushing. I broke my kiss with Julie to quickly throw off my shirt and pulled Julie's off while I was at it. She gave no resistance, and pulled off her bra and panties by herself.

Her magnificent pussy came into view. Julie shaves! Her smooth mound was slightly swollen-looking, and reminded me of a fruit at its highest point fertility. Her outer lips were also slightly parted, and the inner lips that showed within were a hot shade of pink. Her pubic area was a little lighter than the rest of her body, and I saw no tan lines. The clitoris that peeked out ever so gingerly was engorged, and hard.

I moved up my gaze to her small, but extra firm breasts. They were rounder than Samantha's, and her nipples were bigger. She practically lacked areolas, or atleast that's what I thought, since her skin was too dark to really tell where it started or ended anyway. She approached me again, and laid one hand on my chest, softly applying pressure to make me lie back. I was stunned and completely hypnotized into doing her every bidding silently, and I sat back in the couch.

Samantha was now softly massaging my cock, but still barely applying any pressure. Julie sat on my lower stomach and kissed me passionately.

She hugged me softly, and I felt her nipples press into my upper shoulders. I was getting really turned on, and I must have leaked some pre-cum. Samantha started giggling from below, and I guessed it was the pre-cum. I was soon bathed in that hot wet swirl again, and I was no less surprised and pleased than the first time she did that to me. Samantha was sucking my cock, and she didn't lose me my friendship. I decided that she was a good hearted friend after all.

Win for my hormones, win for my conscience. With all burdens removed, I was able to really let myself into the action. I used my hands to grab Julie's ass tightly, and started probing for her pussy with my right hand. I immediately inserted my middle finger into her vagina after I found it, sinking it in gingerly and lovingly. I started pumping it in and out, and my other hand seeked out her clit. It took me a while, but I found it, and I started to massage it in circles lovingly.

Julie moaned my name and hugged me slightly tighter, but defiantly not as rough as Samantha clings. Samantha moved onto full-blow job at this point, moving up and down as fast as she could, with that killer suction she has on my prick.

I was just about ready to blow, and nearing the climax, I started fingering Julie with more force and speed. Julie started moaning even louder, and Samantha noticed the change. She knew me so well. She stopped and got off, and the cold air that hit my penis immediately screeched a halt on my orgasm, I felt it being turned a little bit toward me, and a hand pulling my hand from Julie's pussy. Julie noticed what Samantha was doing and looked down, and looked back at me.

I was now nervous that she'd back off, but I would understand, though my penis would never forgive me. Julie whispered to me, but inaudible to Samantha.

"Tony, I want you to break my cherry." Uh, what? I had no idea what a cherry was. Samantha didn't have her hymen when we had sex and I never asked. But then Samantha had a dirty mind and probably masturbated until she finally popped it herself one day. But Julie who supposedly practices abstinence, Julie the model, the one who shaves her pussy and kisses even better than me, still had her cherry. It felt somehow strange when I understood what it meant later. At the moment I didn't realize that she was really giving herself to me and was starting a promise with me that she didn't want to break.

She took my cock in her own slender fingers, and eased it into her opening. She was completely oblivious to lubrication unlike Samantha, but Samantha already covered for her by sucking on it earlier. My goddess started to sit down upon my rod, at a slower pace than anyone can imagine. She was truly taking this seriously, and emotionally, and she kept easing down lower, and lower. The velvety, suffocating love grip that slid down my cock made me think of Samantha's pussy like a joke.

THIS was like shoving my dick through a pinhole, Samantha defiantly wasn't this tight. Then I felt the resistance. It was her hymen. I thought this was her cervix and wondered how my dick has gotten that far in. I looked down, and saw that practically nothing was in, and that something was different, and possibly wrong. I looked questioningly into Julie's eyes, but she already closed them, and sat down completely on my cock.

She flinched and hugged me tighter, saying my name. I was confused. I was worried that I've done something wrong. As I was starting to panic, Julie started to pant and gasp, and attempted to take deep breaths. "oh shit." I heard Samantha mutter. She apparently never knew Julie still had her cherry. When she saw that Julie shaved, she thought the obvious and took it as that she already lost her cherry, and that the ring was for show.

Julie only did it out of embarrassment; she thought the bush was ugly. I never knew it then, so she seemed like a porn star to me then. Samantha immediately went over to Julie and started murmuring to her and saying things I couldn't quite catch, and Julie whispered back, "it's okay." Even though I was confused as hell, I looked at Samantha and saw that she was completely naked, with her large rack in full view.

Hallelujah, the lord has come. It eased off my confusion and I looked at Samantha with lust. I nudged my hips into Julie by instinct, and immediately Julie groaned in extreme pleasure.

When Julie looked back into my eyes again, she was changed. She had a lustful look in her eyes and started to hop up and down my cock. She was really enjoying herself now, and Samantha was now apparently relieved, and all confusion left my brain. I grabbed Julie's ass, and started pumping up and down, although it was a little uncomfortable due to my sitting position. I decided to change that and flipped Julie over so that she was on the couch and I was on top of her.

I grunted aggressively as I performed the flip, and Julie yelped in surprise as she discovered that I was able to lift her like a doll with my surge of adrenaline. I was pushing into her even deeper, and way faster than she could ever hope to ride on my cock. She arched her back and moaned, unintentionally pushing out her breasts in my grunting face. I took a nipple in my mouth, and bit on it softly as I pumped into her even faster.

I was coming up fast, and I needed to blow. I grunted like an animal, as I usually do when I'm near my climax. I started to hump her almost violently, making audible slaps, even though I told myself to take it softer than Samantha, since Julie was gentler. I tried to regain control and softened up a little more. I slowed down the speed a bit and moaned with her as I pushed into her repeatedly, switching my mouth's attention from her breasts to her lovely mouth.

I felt it rising again, and I just buried my face into Julie's breasts and moaned as I began to shoot off fireworks in Julie. I pushed softly, lovingly into her vagina, and held it there firmly as I spurted into her. Julie was orgasming herself now, and moaned in pure ecstasy. She was panting quickly and her mouth was gaping open a little.

My body turned stiff and I couldn't move much, but the sight of her face arcing backwards, her mouth slightly open, and her eyes closed shut completed the face of an angel. I willed myself to lean in to softly kiss her mouth, and comfort her with my tongue. As I came down from my climax, apparently still hard, I kept kissing Julie.

She kissed back softly, but weakly, as she was spent at this point. She sank into the big couch and relaxed her grip on my back and let her arms slide off of me.

I pulled my still-hard rod out from Julie and carefully released my kiss. Julie lied there panting softly, recounting what just happened. I stared at her lovingly, but my hormones weren't so patient, so I turned to Samantha, who was just watching from the opposite couch. "you two are definitely hooking up." She said. I smiled and said, "Whatever that means.

Benefit time." and walked over to her. Samantha smiled brightly and kissed me as I came on top of her. She kissed me with a rougher passion, though lacking in skill. Then she bit my tongue. "Mmm!" I said as I moaned in slight pain. Samantha giggled into my mouth and kept kissing. She spread her legs and pulled me down with her. I felt the second jet of adrenaline course through my veins and this time, and I fully let hormones take control and let it loose on Samantha, because I knew she liked it.

I grunted almost threateningly, and Samantha giggled again into our kiss. Then, I just threw my hips as hard as I could to where I guessed her pussy was, and hit her on target.

My rod was harder than an iron beam and pushed into her hole like it was a hot knife through butter. It was her turn to be surprised and she yelped into my mouth. I smiled a little in satisfaction and pride that I was able to control Samantha so well. I wouldn't have done to bad being a pimp I thought, as I started to thrust. But no time for thoughts, my hormones advised, and I let it take control of my mind once more and thrust into Samantha deeper than ever.

I broke our kiss and hissed into her ear: "God Sammy, you get me so worked up. You piss me off and then make up later; you manipulate me like a sly fox, and tempt me with your super tits and ass. I love it so much baby, I can't handle you." She smiled in between my hard thrusts and managed to gasp out a reply.

She gasped, "don't call me baby. Just keep fucking you idiot." So typical. Fine. I thought to myself as I thrust into Samantha like a battering ram on crack speed. I was sure Samantha's ass cheeks were red now, because I've basically repeatedly slapped her with my pelvis. Fucking Samantha always made me last longer, maybe because my hormones actually enjoyed it and let it linger longer before letting it blow.

It was defiantly not love or liking her. As cruel as she sounded, she was right. She wasn't shallow or anything, but we were just different people that didn't match so well. Julie and I were better. Samantha cried out as she came hard, and that brought me back from my thoughts. I was eager to please her, and made a final deep thrust into her, with enough force to break a brick wall.

I hit her cervix again, and she arched her back. She dug her fingers into my back and clawed my back, probably leaving red, irritated trails. I wasn't climaxing yet. No sir, I wasn't done with her. I was going to take her to town and back. I pulled out of her and pushed my dick into her face. She took it gladly and started sucking on it as if her life depended on it.

Not satisfied, my hormones decided to step it a level higher. I took her head in my hands and softly pulled her away from the couch. She followed like a paper clip attracted to a magnet, and ended up sitting on the floor, sucking my cock. The sly part took over then. With a violent sudden burst, I took her head in both hands and gripped tightly. Samantha realized I was going to thrust into her face.

She stopped bobbing and just held that tight succulent grip that I loved so much. I started moving in and out, Slower at first, then harder and faster until I felt like I would knock or pull a couple of teeth out if I went any harder or faster. Samantha growled in pleasure, and sucked even harder, until my dick almost hurt. I was rolling over the edge, and I was about to release a giant load into this girl's throat.

I gripped harder and pulled backwards. My cock was out, only the tip trapped in Samantha's tight vacuum. She swirled her tongue around the tip and the crack and abused that tip. It gave an extra kick that must have drawn out an extra gallon from my balls. I started jetting, and the first spurt just kinda oozed out. It landed on her tongue, and she lapped it up. I started pushing back in as I jetted again and again. My jets turned stronger after the first, and I sprayed my second when my dick was half buried, filling her mouth and shooting in the back of her throat.

She gagged, and let some ooze out and drip onto her chin, then to her breasts. I pushed further as I jetted again, and even stronger than the second. I was entering her throat, which she never allowed, since she was no professional at blow jobs. Samantha started to panic a little, and gagged a little more, this time letting all the cum ooze out onto her breasts, making a thick river between her mounds. I drove in the rest of my cock, and the feeling that followed was absolute heaven.

My dick pushed its way into her throat, and pushed in deeper than Samantha ever dared to go. She gagged openly as all of my cock was buried into her throat, and my jets were going directly down her esophagus, into her stomach.

I made small, but firm thrusts with each jet, sliding in and out of her throat, all the while having Sammy gag. After a few thrusts I was done, but my hormones had no intention of pulling out.

For the first time, I was ready and erect despite two straight orgasms. I face fucked Samantha, and she got used to it. She gagged a little every now and then, but she apparently didn't try to stop me and allowed me to thrust into her throat. She gained the ability to lick the underside of my cock as it moved in and out, and it was heavenly.

After a good few minutes, I got another idea. I pulled out, and the built up saliva oozed from Samantha's mouth, falling onto her breasts and joining my drying seed. I rubbed it in with my dick and she got the idea. She quickly climbed back onto the couch, and I quickly followed suit, mounting her, just on the chests this time. She laid back, and I took her hands and made her squeeze her breasts together. I saw it on a porno, and wanted to do it real badly, and my hormones apparently needed it too.

After having Samantha push her mounds together in a tight seal, I thrusted into her boobs. It was softer than anything, and so slippery. It defiantly felt different, and my balls were massaged by her lower mounds in between strokes. The effect was entirely unexpected and I felt the climax rising faster than any of the two previous ones. I gripped her body and pushed in hard, and sprayed my first long jet into her chin and face.

Then I pulled back as I jet one in between her boobs, lubricating it further, and squirting another fresh jet into her face again. In that pattern, I fucked her couple more times, until Samantha took my cock in her mouth again and sucked deeply on my cock and gulped down the last of my seed. I was completely spent, and my dick was too soft to thrust anymore.

Samantha was panting at this point from the rough exercise, and barely was able to speak. "holy shit… that was awesome." She said. I said, "yeah I know." I looked over to Julie for her approval. She regained her strength now, and was sitting on the couch watching us.

She smiled, but there was a sadder look to it that I recognized. I was again confused, and with no hormones to delay or push it out of the way, I was going to find out why. "Julie, what's wrong?" asked intently. I was determined to fix whatever was causing her this sadness. As I was finding my "identity" I did discover that I truly did like Julie and really wanted her to be my girlfriend, especially since I made her break her purity promise. I wanted to be there for her more than ever.

Some moments in life are disappointing. Fantasy stories leave that out. Well, I'm going to add it in and refuse to lie that this ended happily. What Julie said next was irrefutable and unfixable.

"I can't be with you Tony." She said, without me even asking. I was shocked. "but why? What's wrong?" Julie just shook her head and said, "l saw you two guys.

You treated her with a completely different personality. Either you have two sides, or you made love to me as you did just to please me." I was shocked beyond belief that this girl that gave herself to me moments ago was now refusing me.

"Julie, that was just my hormones acting! Don't be so shallow about it! You know I'm the caring person you've always trusted!" I couldn't believe this girl was rejecting me because I had rough sex with Samantha in front of her. Julie again shook her head and said, "and you know I value honesty above many, many other things. As long see that there are doubts like these in you, I can't trust you. Maybe eventually, I will. But for now, I can't. When I let you have me, I thought I was sure, but now I'm not so sure anymore.

I think we should remain friends until I'm ready for the higher level of commitment" she got up and slowly got dressed. I just sat in disbelief as she quietly left.

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I blankly started to dress myself, and Samantha came up next to me, fully clothed. "I'm so sorry Tony, that wasn't part of the plan. I messed up by dragging you into this. I'm really sorry." I murmured to her that it was okay and sat back down. And that goddamned door clicked open again. Of all times to barge in, Samantha's parents can REALLY pick the epic moments.

I suddenly got angry. Angry at my hormones, angry at Julie, at Samantha, at my stupid decision to follow along and now ruin the only truth I've discovered after almost 3 years. I couldn't care less what happened next. A bus could run me over for all I cared. I got up, and walked straight towards the front door, where my slippers were.

Sammy didn't stop me. Ofcourse, I saw that there was a VERY surprised look on the parents' faces, also her younger sister, as I came from the living room, reeking of strange odor and sweat. They watched me as I put on my slippers and split the group as I rudely barged out the door unquestioned. They already knew who I was and liked me because I am nice to Samantha, but I think the reason they didn't ask anything was because of the look in my eyes.

I had the look of pure hurt that couldn't be faked. I think the ability to be cunning but observant runs in the family. Even the little one just looked at me confused, then her gaze changed quickly into that look of pity the adults had already.

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They said nothing as I slipped my slippers on rather slowly, and stood aside and let me leave without questions. They closed the door quietly after I exited.