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Poking My Ass Amateur Cam Homemade
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I sat on the couch watching TV when the door opened and my daughter Sarah came in. She had on a cute pale white sundress, having spent the last 2 hours downtown with her friends. Being a swimmer, Sarah liked to show off her long, trim legs. So, of course the dress was a bit shorter than I would have liked. Instead of the happy, bubbly daughter I was accustomed to, she was slightly hunched over with her hand on her stomach with a clear grimace on her face.

As she bent forward, squeezing her stomach, it looked as if her little breasts were about to pop out of her dress. I quickly turned my focus to her face, realizing I was spending a bit too much eye time on my daughter's body.

"Hi Honey. You alright?" I asked as she slumped past me and up the stairs. "Ugh. No. My Stomach hurts." And, with that, she disappeared up the stairs. Sarah and her swim team friends from school sometimes spend the afternoon out for lunch, watching boys, and talking about college plans.


"Probably too much Sushi." I thought, laughing at the memory of her eating over 12 slices in one sitting. She was addicted. About a half an hour went by without a sight or a sound. I figured she just lay down on her bed, but decided I'd go up and check on her.

As I walked up the stairs, I could here moaning. And, no, not moaning of pleasure, but a painful hurt moan. As a parent, you can instantly tell what sounds mean what. Sure enough, behind the bathroom door, I could hear Sarah softly groan with a borderline whimper. "Honey, what's wrong?" I asked to the door. "Oh. Dad. My stomach… ugh… hurts so much." I could tell she was struggling just to speak.

"Do you want some Medicine?" Did I even have medicine to give her? Her mom, the ex, was usually the keeper of all things medical. It was just easier than us having to coordinate. One less thing to argue about. "No… uh&hellip. I had some&hellip. Oowwwwwww&hellip." was her painful response. "Alright… Call me if you need something." I walked downstairs, wondering what her problem might be? Most likely gas, I thought, knowing how much that can hurt. So, I chuckled a little, thinking about it, and plopped back onto the couch.

I was just about at the end of my show, having forgotten about Sarah's dilemma, when I was quickly reminded. "Daaaaaaaaaadddddd!!!!!!!!!" Came echoing from the upstairs. I jumped off the couch and zipped upstairs to the bathroom door, having rarely been in such desperate demand. "Honey, what is it?" "Ohh… Dad&hellip. My stomach hurts…" "Can I come in?" I asked.

She responded with a short "Just a sec." then followed it up with an "O.K." I opened the door and saw Sarah sitting on top of a closed Toilet lid, head on her knees, looking at me. She was clearly in some pain. "Do you feel like you need to be sick?" I asked, slowly walking towards her. "No. It's not that. It's my, oh&hellip. It hurts so much." She began rocking back and forth, head in her hands.

"Your stomach hurts? Like a pain? Did you eat something bad?" Sarah looked at me, eyes in pain. Pain that she decided she could not handle any more on her own and had to get others involved. "Oh Dad. No. It isn't my stomach. It is just that, I have to poop so bad, but I can't! Oh, it's so embarrassing." Well, that was it. She was constipated. Having been there, knowing how painful the buildup can be, I was certainly sympathetic. And, when her mom was pregnant with her, it was a weekly routine, massaging Beth's stomach to help ease the pain and help the process along.

"Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. Did you go out for Sushi?" Not that it really mattered, but it was all I could think of saying. Sarah rocked back and forth, head down, not saying anything, just moaning. She was in no mood for conversation. I walked up to her and began rubbing her back in comfort, reminding myself of how Beth and I handled the situation.

She would turn around on the toilet, with her back to me, and I would massage her stomach while standing behind her. She always had a towel on, draped over the toilet to hide the view, but I always enjoyed listening to her struggle and the relief that came with it.

"Daddy. I feel like it is a knife inside of me. Can you call mom?" I knew it was coming. The "Call Mom" request. But, I had to remind her that mom was out of town. "Honey, remember, she went up north with Gram." I still called my ex mother in law "Gram". "Then what am I going to do?" She asked in desperation.

"Tell you what, honey. When mom was constipated, I'd massage her stomach, and after about 15 minutes, things would work themselves out. Why don't you just stand up, turn around, and I'll try that." I figured I'd better offer up something. At the point of her pain threshold where Sarah would do anything to make it go away, she just stood up, turned around, and sat down again on the closed toilet.

Her Sun Dress spilled over the sides, and she leaned on the back of the toilet with a distinct arch in her back, folded her arms, and rested her head on her hands, looking away from me. With her new position I was awarded a clear view of her side, and what her dress did (and didn't) look like.

It had a large opening under her arms, and as it gapped opened, I became instantly aware that Sarah wasn't wearing a bra. Sarah's left breast was visible as I looked down, with her light brown, puffy nipple lying on top of a perfectly symmetrical A cup breast. I had seen brief flashes of my daughter coming out of the bathroom, or getting changed when she left the door open.

But here, 3 feet away from my eyes, hung Sarah's tender, teenage breast. And she was completely unaware of my view. I became instantly aroused. I began rubbing the top of her back as I bent down and put my head close to her left shoulder. Sarah was looking away to her right, moaning, as I rubbed her back with my eyes glued to her light brown cherry of a nipple. For a moment, I forgot what I was supposed to be doing and just moved my head lower, closer, until I was about 2 feet from her nipple.

I could see her tan line, her pale white skin with a mole on the left side of her breast. I became harder as I realized I was probably the first male to ever get such a close and open view of her nudity. Sarah was a beautiful girl, like her mom. But, she never dated anyone long enough, nor did I let her stay out late enough, to get such a free view off her tender breasts. The breast of a woman in bloom. Yes, Sarah was still blooming. She was tall for her age, and her legs and butt had matured quickly.

But, she had the breasts of a young 14 year old despite being 16. From my view, her nipples were clearly working hard on becoming the large, motherly nipples that her mom had. But for now, it was lagging behind her development. "Dad, that's not helping" quickly brought me out of my trance. I was merely rubbing her back, and no, that was not helping.

So I told her "Honey, I'm going to rub your stomach as I press on your back. I'll start gently." This gave me a reason to lean in on her left side. I kept my right hand on her back, lightly rubbing the middle of her back. With my left hand, I slowly moved it to the front of her stomach, touching the sun dress hanging down, and slowly moved my hand to her stomach.

As I did, I positioned my head in a natural position so I could sandwich her with my hands, and in doing so, found myself even closer to her breast on display. I focused on her nipple as I felt my hand make contact with her stomach. I could feel her belly button through the dress and positioned my middle finger over the top of it. A soft groan came from Sarah.

"Just relax, honey." I said to her breast. "I'm going to push on your stomach now." As I stared as the puffy, brown anus on her breast, I began to push. I could feel her stomach tense up as I pushed towards her back. I made small circles, pushing slightly harder each time, holding her back firm. "Does this feel like the spot?" I asked.

"No, it hurts lower." Which made sense. Her stomach wasn't constipated, it was her bowels. So, I began moving slowly lower, pushing down and holding it.

A long, painful "Hhhmmmmpphhhh" from Sarah indicated I was getting closer. So, I pushed harder, pushed lower, and found myself in contact with her pelvic bone. Sarah lifter her head off of the toilet, arched her back, and closed her eyes. Pain or pleasure, I hit the mark.

Firm, deep circles became my focus, rubbing the top of her pelvic bone as I pushed hard against her back. I watched her nipple go from a puffy marshmallow to a firm, pointed tip. Sarah began to push her stomach against my hand, slowly, yet purposely.

I pushed harder, and all of a sudden she sat up, taking away my treasured nipple. "Dad, I feel something. I need to go." Standing up, Sarah quickly got up and turned around. She pushed me away and I quickly spun and walked out, hearing her open the toilet lid as I shut the door. I stood in the hall and waited. Inside, I could hear her moaning. I could sense her struggling.

"Oooohhhhhh." and "Uuuggghhhh&hellip." It did not sound good. "Did it work honey?" "Owwwee… Daaaddd&hellip. Nooo&hellip." "Well, let me try some more. Turn around and I'll come in." I could hear her shut the toilet, shuffle around, grunt to a sitting position.

"Alright, come in." I walked in and once again was welcomed by her hanging breast. Topped off with a solid, brown cherry.

I knelt beside her again. "Dad, it hurts so much. It feels better when you massage my tummy, but when you stop, the pain comes back. Did it really work with mom?" Well, how to tell her that her mom was naked under a towel when I did it. That was a bit of a problem. But, if she was in pain, and that was the solution, I guess all I could do was tell her. But, I'd leave out the towel part.

Looking at her breast was wonderful. Perhaps I could get a peek of her butt. "Honey, when I massaged your mom, she would try to go at the same time. You could try that." Sure, it was a bit of an odd suggestion, but she was hurting, it was a solution to her pain, and I was incredibly hard.

Sarah moaned in pain. "O.K. But, turn around." Clearly, she was ready to do what was needed. Standing up, I turned around and said "Alright, I'm not looking." I heard her stand up, shuffle around, and sit back down.

"O.K. I'm ready." Well, I was more ready. Turning around, I was disappointed to see her skirt hanging just barely over the back of the toilet. I had no view of her ass and felt it ironic that I was upset her dress wasn't shorter. But, I saw she had to take off her underwear in order to position her feet back around the toilet.

And, her breast was still on display. I bent down and purposely put my head close to her shoulder, staring intently at her crinkled nipple. The pale nature of her breast was incredibly sexy. I was beyond myself. So, as I positioned my hand on her front, I intentionally started at bit low. And, sure enough, I could feel the roughness of her pubic hair through her dress. Pushing against her pelvic bone, I began to pressure her back. Again she moaned, clearly feeling the pain as I pushed.

And, as I pushed, I noticed that her skirt began to gather up above the toilet, just barley revealing the sides of her upper thighs. I began to strategize how I pushed, taking my eyes off her breast. I watched as, with each push and moan from Sarah, her dress would slightly move up and reveal just the hint of pale white flesh that was her ass.

I got down on my knees and began to lower my head, as though naturally shifting my position. With my head directly behind her, I looked up and asked "Do you feel anything yet honey?" "Sort of…" was all she could muster.

I sensed her stomach tense as she began to push, and so I pushed harder against it, trying to push my fingers down and behind her pubic bone. With my hand on her back, I pushed up slowly, trying to gather the fabric of her dress. Sure enough, after a little adjustment, with one push, I had lifted the dress up a good six inches in one deft sweep of my hand. And there, on display for me, was my daughters white ass. Round, pale, with a couple of well placed moles, I stared at one of the most incredibly sexy views a man will come across.

The pressure from sitting on the toilet caused her cheeks to squish and separate, creating a full, round, and erotic appearance. I held my back hand still while continuing my pressure up front. Sarah, bent over, on the toilet, with her ass on display to her dad, was completely oblivious. I stared down the crack of her ass to where it disappeared into the toilet and could see the faint trail of dark hairs. Sarah was slouching, so her butt was pointing straight down, limiting my view.

The toilet was one of those that extends out more than usual, so I probably could have bent down to see what lie beneath, but that might have been a bit too obvious.

"Try arching your back and pushing" came out of my mouth, not really sure how she would take it. But, she was on the path of least resistance, and in one slight adjustment, she casually lifted her butt off of the toilet, leaned forward, and put herself obscenely on display. The image burnt itself into my mind.

The first thing I noticed was that Sarah had her mom's anus. It was perfectly symmetrical, a dark brown, and surrounded with spikes of hair protecting it from unwanted entry. Sarah was not pushing, so it was closed tight. But, as I marveled at the stained brown skin, and how it blended into her pale, white globes, Sarah bore down, and instantly her anus opened like the mouth of a fish.

The center was perfectly pink, reminding me of the countless times I would hold her mom's cheeks apart as I came on her back. But, Sarah was bearing down with all of her might, and I was almost able to see inside of her.

It was as though her anus was trying to turn itself inside out, forcing out what was trapped inside. As she pushed, Sarah was oblivious to the fact that her most private, erotic opening was on display to her dad, opening to display her inner bowels.

I was mesmerized, but quickly realized that not just her anus was on display, but her sweet, teenage pussy was hanging down in clear view. Lightly covered and surrounded by virgin pubic hair - creating a unified defense with her anal hair lay Sarah's vagina. Two small petals at the back had separated, creating a small opening to her inner motherhood as she sat on the toilet. The rosy pink folds, with a red, bulbous surrounding, had separated to provide a slight glimpse into Sarah's vagina.

They were lightly damp, but not obscenely wet. Sarah moaned again as she pushed. Again, I watched as her anus opened and blossomed. I stared intently, pushing on her stomach, trying to force her insides out her anus. I pushed further up on her dress, no longer concerned about how much of her it exposed, or if she cared. Because clearly, she didn't.

As the upper globes of her ass were revealed, I was reminded of the dimples as they displayed themselves, like small vaginas on her back. I bent down looking closer at her anus, while massaging one of her dimples with my hand, still giving the appearance that I was trying to help massage her problem away.

As the dampness of her inner anal cavity displayed itself, I so desperately wanted to bend forward and lick. I was so close to her ass, nose inches from the toilet, that I could count the rings of her anus like a tree stump. I studied the transition from a deep, soft brown of crinkled skin to a pink, smooth wetness that formed the center of her anus.

I stared at the skin surrounding her blossoming anal star, how the skin transitioned from a light brown to the pale whiteness of her globes, as though years of wiping and passage had stained her skin. Skin that Sarah herself had never looked at this closely. I marveled at the situation. For many years, I would watch her swim, see all of the teenage girls in their suits.

Their asses would be on display, but covered by their tightly fitting suit. I remember how Elizabeth's was rounder and fuller at the bottom, creating a large bulbous center. I remember Kathleen, and how she developed early, with large breasts and nipples poking out hard. I would stand behind the starting block, watching their asses poking up to the sky, knowing that just under that fabric lay a moist, sweet center. And here I was, with my daughter, Sarah, in the same position, satisfying my desire to just stare right up an uncovered, teenage ass.

She was clueless to my visual violations, the manipulations. Sarah invited me in. Sarah was in pain. As I held up her dress, stared at her mom's ass, white as can be, on the toilet, I rubbed my hand inside of my shorts. Her mom, the bitch she was, gave Sarah a wonderful ass. I remembered the numerous times I would finger it, once coming in it as Beth lay passed out next to me. She had let out an "Eeewww" as I entered, but that was it. She lay still, sprawled out on her stomach, as I violated her ass in a way she would never let me awake.

I still cum to the memory, the tightness and smoothness of her walls. The smell. The taste. As much as I wanted to violate my ex wife one last time, I was going to have to settle for her daughter.

My daughter. And, as her little vagina parted slightly as her anus puckered out, I was happy to settle. Settle for the sweet little girl who would have run to her mom in a second, never to return, if I walked up to her and asked her to bend over the couch so I could look at her butt.

Yet, here I was, holding up her skirt, putting her on display as I masturbated to her most private and intimate moment. Back arched, ass up, cheeks spread, anus open, my daughter was trying to poop, and she was letting me hold up her skirt so I could get a better view. That is what I call a good daughter. As she finished bearing down again, she groaned "Dad, it's not working. Nothing is happening." Ooh.

That was not quite the case. "I'm incredibly hard, masturbating to your anus, watching your hairs bend out of the way, imagining your mom and friends bent over, ass spread. I'm sitting here, about 6 inches from your butt, watching and waiting desperately for you to poop out your insides with me holding up your skirt so I can see it come out.

Sarah, your vagina is slowly becoming damp, spreading open with each push. Plenty is happening, honey!" Well, that is what I thought. I certainly wasn't going to tell her, but yes, I was a busy boy. "Honey, just relax. It will take time. Try not to focus on it. Try to pretend your peeing, and see what happens." Boy, was I pushing it.

So, she took a breath, and I could feel her stomach relax. I bent down and once again, began the inspection of my daughter, ass spread, pussy open, and anus puckering.

I marveled at the redness of her monds, the pinkness of her slit, the bushy hair along the sides. And as I stared, I noticed slight drips leaking from her vagina. Not only was she pretending, she was actually doing it.

Sarah began to dribble pee out of her slit, and as I looked closer, I could make out the small hole it was coming from. What, a moment ago, looked like just another pink fold, was actually her pee opening. It began to open more as the stream of yellowish liquid began to pick up steam. I could smell the aroma, almost taste it on my mouth. Sarah was spraying the back of the toilet, and with her arched position, created quite a splatter since she was not landing in the water.

I put my face close and began to let her liquid splash off of my face. If I could have, I would have wrapped my mouth around her pink lips, opened wide, and let her fill me with her juices. I was beyond myself. As she slowly dripped dry, and as I quickly remembered I was supposed to be massaging her stomach, I adjusted myself, removed my hand from my shorts, and continued my pressures. Sarah might not have wanted me sitting with my nose inches from her anus, watching her pee, peeling open her vagina with my eyes.

"Dad, this isn't working. It's like, I feel it, but it's not coming." Moaning, she sat up, and I let go of her dress, watching sadly as it covered up her ass again. It might have been only 2 minutes, but it felt like an eternity of pleasure. I had to have more. "Honey, listen, this is not good. Honestly, if you can't push it out, we'll probably have to go to the hospital." That was probably true, but I had one more alternative of my own, and for her to buy in, the situation needed to seem desperate.

Slightly sobbing, groaning, and holding her stomach, Sarah pleaded. "Dad, I don't want to go to the hospital for this. I can't. Oh Dad, you said you fixed mom. Why isn't it working?!?" I could tell she was close to tears. "Sarah, whatever it is, it just isn't going to come out without some help. On a couple of occasions, I had to take drastic measures with your mom, because each time is different.

I could do it with you, but you might not like it. Although, it is exactly what the hospital will do." Sarah turned around and looked, with a curious look, but also fearful. "What?" "Well, honey, a few times, I had to massage mom on the inside and free up what is stuck." Right.

Not a chance. Her mom would NEVER have let me do that. But, what is Sarah going to do ask? "Hey mom, did dad really put his finger up your butt to help you poop?" Sarah had a look of horror on her face. "What? Do you mean put your finger in my poop hole?" Clearly, she got the message. "It is probably the only thing, and honestly, it should be relatively quick an painless, although maybe a bit uncomfortable. If you'd rather, I could call another mom and she could do it." Sarah couldn't know I was desperate for the opportunity, and if I just treated it as matter of factly, then perhaps she'd go for it.

But, Sarah didn't have long to think about it. A quick flash of pain came again, and she buckled over. The decision was made for her. "Uuuggghhh. Dad, just&hellip. eeegghhh&hellip.do it. Uhhhmmgg&hellip." Sarah leaned forward, put her head on her hands, and shut her eyes in resignation. She didn't ask how, she just wanted it done and over with. "Alright, I just need to get something." I stood up, walked over to a drawer and got out a jar of Vaseline. If Sarah would have turned to look, she would have seen how excited I was over the prospect.

As much as the Vaseline was for her, I probably needed it more. I walked back to her and got on my knees. "O.K. honey, I need you to hold up your dress." "Yes" I thought "Please hold up your dress because I want you to voluntarily give me a view of your most private, tender, erotic part of your body.

I want you, Sarah, to lean forward, lift up your skirt, and tell daddy it is O.K. for him to put his finger up your ass. That you want me to." But, Sarah was getting impatient with the entire process, and wanting to keep her comfortable, head on her hands position, Sarah sat up, pulled off her dress, and leaned forward. There wasn't going to be any skirt holding by Sarah. Perhaps, deep inside, she didn't like what holding up the skirt implied.

"Hey dad, look at my ass. I'm holding up my skirt so you can get a real good look." Nope. None of that for her. Instead, she just ripped it off. And, just like that, my daughter was naked, on the toilet, right in front of me. A clear "Just do it and get it done" approach seemed more acceptable to her. Despite Sarah's feelings about it, I marveled at the beauty of the moment. Her spine was a perfect line up her back, with faint blonde hairs covered it with a smattering of chocolate moles.

Her dimples above each cheek were even more erotic, almost buttons meant to be pushed to open up the treasure chest between her ass. I glanced around and saw her breasts hanging down, as though they were ready to be milked. All that was needed was a bucket, and I would have spent all day kneading and pulling on them.

Her nipple was even more pronounced against an entire body of pale, naked skin, with Sarah's blonde hair hanging just over the tips of each breast.

Returning to the task at hand, I once again found myself focusing on Sarah's deep brown anus and the spiky hairs that surrounded it. Marveling at the pale globes and how the design of the toilet so deftly forces them apart, I blindly opened the Vaseline jar. I put it on the ground next to the toilet, put some on my left finger, and paused.

I was about to do something few men in Sarah's life would do. Heck, I might even be the only one. As I looked at her anus, sitting there, waiting for me, I put my right hand back down my shorts and began to slowly rub myself, looking at my daughter's anus. "This may be a bit cold, and you'll feel some pressure." As I continued rubbing myself with my right hand, I brought up my left hand, Vaseline on my middle finger, and lightly pressed it against Sarah's anus.

It was a moment locked in time, touching the crinkled edge, feeling the soft center, pushing through her anal hairs. I had my finger on the epicenter of Sarah's bodily functions, and she was completely unaware of the sexual, lustful intentions running through my mind. She instantly flinched, and I thought she might call it quits, coming to the stark realization that her dad just put his finger on her asshole.

That she probably wouldn't have even let her mom in this position. That her mom warned her boys will say and do anything to get in your pants. That her dad had gotten her out of her pants, naked, on display. But, she merely adjusted herself, sat down, and said "O.K." Again, I pressed my finger against her anus. This time, Sarah didn't move. The gel oozed over her brown puckered hole, and I slowly felt the ridges, roughness, and symmetry of her rosebud.

I rubbed a tiny circle, feeling the center of her button, where it opened into the bowels of her body. I expanded my circle, bringing down the spikes of pubic hair and watched as they swirled around her anus. I rubbed back and forth with my finger, petting her most private opening. Then, I gave her a brief warning.

"Alright, I'm going to push." And with that, quietly rubbing myself with one hand, I pushed my finger inside of my daughter's anus. Sarah groaned as I entered. Whether it was a groan of pain or pleasure I couldn't tell. But, she let me know she felt what I just did, slightly lifting her ass off of the toilet. I watched as her brown skin accepted my finger, as it buried itself inside of her. I could feel the smooth walls of her cavity, the tightness of her anal tunnel. How do you describe the intense excitement that comes from feeling the inside of your daughters ass?

The intense arousal that comes from staring at her white, bulbous ass, leaning forward, granting you access to her treasured center? The hardness that comes from listening to her sounds, feeling her response as she squeezes her anus, bearing down on your finger.

Everything that happens in the initial seconds becomes a moment that you treasure forever. The excitement, immoral as it was, was intoxicating. As I entered, I could begin to smell something in the air.

It smelled like a mixture of sex and sweat. Watching my finger slowly bury inside of Sarah, I looked past and found the source. Sarah's pussy had gone from a slight hint of dampness to a sopping display of wetness. It seemed I was not the only one becoming intensely excited. The two small folds had bloomed into a full fledge tulip, with long, pink petals separating the tender center of a flower that had just enjoyed a spring shower.

A deep pink, no longer the soft, pale pink from a few moments ago. And, just barely visible at the front of her pussy, Sarah's hot white pink clit was beginning to poke out. Painful it must be, but Sarah was also deeply aroused with my finger entering her ass. Small moans and grunts came passed her lips as I pushed to the base of my finger.

Her ass was taking everything I could give. Keeping my left hand in a fist, with my middle finger extended, I pushed hard against her ass. Sarah pushed back, almost grinding. "Push honey while I pull out." There was no science in that statement, just lust.

But, Sarah signed on to the experiment, sort of like the first patient who signed up to be subjected to a speculum. Everything was a part of the process to her. I could feel her push as I began to back out my finger. But, I decided not to take it out all the way and slowly pushed up into her again. When I hit the base of my fist I held it there, finger deep inside of her. My finger had entered a cavity, having extended beyond her anal canal. I slowly circled it, rimming the inside of her body.

Sarah grunted and moved her hips a little as I expanded my search. I found the edge of the canal and pulled against it, as though trying to hook a fish.

After a minute of poking, prodding, and exploring, I slowly pulled back. Then I pushed again, slowly, and then pulled, slowly increasing the speed. With every push, part of her anus would bury itself deep insider of her with my finger. But, when I pulled, her anal ring would grip my finger, with a small pink tooth at the center, begging it to stay inside of her.

As I slowly increased my speed, pulling in and out of her, Sarah became accustomed to the pace. Soon, I was pumping Sarah with my finger at the exact pace of the slow pumping of myself.

She would push against me as I entered and slightly lift her ass off the seat as I pulled. It might not have been conscious, but she was anal fucking my finger. The smell was becoming a musty, sexy smell. The sounds were sloppy. Without warning, I decided to end the fingering of her ass, and as Sarah lifted her ass off the seat, I pulled out my finger with a "plop." My finger was covered with a slime, but no sign of anything extra.

Sarah let out a quick "Ooooohhh&hellip." Whether it was relief, or regret, I could not tell. But, her asshole was quickly cycling between a pucker and a slight wink, as though it was catching it's breath. "Did you feel anything?" I asked. "Yea, it felt like it was working. Put it back in." Oh. She didn't have to ask me twice. I took my hands out of my pants and decided I was going to be a bit more aggressive. "Honey, I'm going to push from the front again." Kneeling up, I reached around and purposely let my hand brush against her left nipple.

Sarah jerked, but said nothing. Hell, I just had my finger up her ass. A slight nipple brush was nothing. I put my hand on her pelvic bone, and was instantly rewarded with a handful of thick, long pubic hair. This was the exact same spot as before, but she was the one who removed her dress.

Not me. I kept my hand firm and began to press. Oh, did Sarah have a hairy bush. I was amazed at the thickness, the length, the strength of her hairs.

Her mom had the same coverage, but not nearly the depth and length of curls. I rubbed her hairs between my fingers as I pressed into her. I brought my hand up to her belly button and slowly pushed down. The transition from soft, smooth, tender skin on her stomach to rough, coarse pubic hair was abrupt.

I pushed deep into her hair, stopping just above her slit. Lifting my hand, I repeated, and repeated, and repeated my violation of her. There was no need for me to be rubbing her like this, but it was my daughter's first pubic rub, and I was the one lucky enough to give it to her.

I was not going to cut it short. With my left hand rubbing her dense bush, I took my right hand and placed it on the top of her butt cheeks, as though I needed them there for support as I pushed. Really, I just wanted to feel the small of her back, rubbing small circles with my palm while my fingers pressed against the tops of her cheeks. Slowly, I slid my hand down over her ass, with my middle finger running down the center of Sarah's crack, feeling the tufts of hair get gradually thicker.

I felt her smooth, pale skin, felt the roundness turn from vertical to horizontal, and squeezed as my finger came in contact with her anus. Sarah was ready this time, and when she felt my finger, she began to push her body against it.

Quickly and easily, she sucked my finger up into her ass with little help from me. And as she did, I began to push on her pubic hair, slowly grinding it into her stomach. I had her sandwiched.

My left hand was pushing hard against her pubic hair, and my right hand was push hard against her anal hair. Sarah just sat there and let me violate her. Instead of creating a fist with my right hand, I let my other fingers roam forward as I slowly pushed up into Sarah's bowels. They were immediately welcomed by soft, warm, wet folds of skin, matted with pubic hair.

Sarah slowly pushed as I fan my fingers forward, careful not to push them into her vagina. As I pushed my finger hard against her ass, firmly entrenching my other fingers into the folds of her sex, I took my front hand and pointed my fingers down, pushing with my palm. And, sure enough, I found the top of Sarah's pussy. I pushed slowly, not wanting to find her clit on the first sweep. But, my aim was off, and as my hand made an initial brush, I felt her small bud poking out.

Sarah shuddered quickly, but remained quiet, breathing hard. I repeated this several times, slowly rubbing over her clit while fingering her ass. But, as fun as it was, I wanted some more visuals. So, I slowly took my front hand away and I carefully pulled my finger out of her ass and stood up.

"Sarah, I can't feel anything. Try standing up to move it around." Oh, but I felt plenty, actually. More than plenty. I just felt my daughters anal core and sexual love button. But, I had to keep up the charade. Moaning, Sarah grudgingly stood up.

"I'll try from this angle honey. Just lean forward a bit." Sure, I figured it was the least I could do, give the college try from every angle. Getting down on my knees, I watched from between her legs as Sarah put her hands on the back of the toilet. And as she did, I watched as her tits hung down, nipples pointing to the ground, surrounded by pale, white flesh.

I wanted so desperately to reach up, pull on them, and watch her spray milk all over me. Even though she wasn't pregnant, I could still picture it. Image it. Desire it. Legs spread, standing up, leaning forward, I looked between Sarah's legs. Her ass was spread naturally, and I gazed in amazement at the perfection of her pussy.

The poster child of a bearded clam, bulbous on the sides with a tight little slit down the center. Lips peeking out, with small folds squeezing out of her tight center. Tufts of hair matted against her skin, making it clear this is protected territory. I decided all good things can be made better. Pushing the limits, I asked Sarah "Honey, hold your butt cheeks apart for me." Why not? Sarah didn't know the proper procedure for fingering her ass to help loosen up her insides.

So, taking her hands off of the toilet, Sarah reached around, put one hand on either cheek, and pulled. It was obscene watching Sarah pull open her ass, causing her anus to gap open.

It is sexy enough for any woman to do this, but for a daughter to stand in front of her dad, pull open her cheeks, and display her inner most treasures is unthinkable.

Sarah's taught swimmer ass, with a small brown anus, was standing in front of me, trying to poop. I actually started to wish her mom would walk in, see me with my finger up our daughter's ass, standing up naked. Sarah would casually look over and say "Hi mom, dad is trying to help me poop." I would smile, pushing hard against her bush, rolling my finger inside of Sarah and say "Yea, something is stuck really deep." What would Beth say to that?

I took some more Vaseline, spread it on my thumb, and pressed it against her anus. Pushing it in slowly, I could hear Sarah let out a "Ummphhh." I put my fingers over her hand as I massaged my thumb in her ass. It was my way of attempting to involve her in the depravity.

I stared up at her vagina, looking at the pink center, wondering how often she involved herself in depravity. "Bear down, honey. I'll take my thumb out." Slowly, I pulled my thumb out of her ass, and as I did, her anus bloomed open from her pressure.

As I stared in awe, I felt a slight trickle on my face. Sarah was letting out little spurts of pee. I don't think she even knew it since she was clearly focusing so much on her ass. I opened my mouth and looked up at her vagina. Sure enough, her small pee hole opened and out squirted a little dash.

I let it drip down my mouth as she held open her anus with her hands. "Anything honey?" I asked as she stood, spread eagle, holding herself open. Breasts thrust outward from her arch, head high, Sarah was my own little porn star, only in my mind. I wished I was filming this because I did not think it would ever be happening again. "No. Nothing." "Well, sit down again and relax. Maybe something got moved around." Watching her white ass bend down, stretch, and get comfortable again on the seat was my version of watching an angel fall to the ground.

Pure heaven. I took my right hand and rubbed her butt cheeks, softly caressing them, pretending to sooth and relax. Trying to act calm and natural, I said "Honey, I'm sorry about this." Sorry about rubbing my hand all over your ass?

No. Sorry about drinking your pee? No. But, I had to say something as I felt her up. After several minutes of just rubbing and enjoying her ass, I dragged my finger over the tuft of anal hairs and simultaneously reached around with my left hand to her pubic bone.

Without warning, I pushed my finger back in her ass while my front hand ground into her pubic hair. Sarah made a slight moaning sound, grunting at the end. "Why don't you try to pee again." Useless, senseless advice.

But, with my finger in her ass, little else could seem odd. So, with a slight adjustment, she began to bear down again. As I pushed the top of her pubic hair, trying to force her insides out of her anus, I let the fingers of my other hand extend forward and feel the warmth as Sarah emptied her bladder. I leaned back, looking through the side of the toilet as she peed, taking in the full erotic scene before me my daughter urinating, with my finger in her ass, while massaging her pubic hair and staring at her breasts with the little brown anus on top of them.

And as I did, pushing, prodding, feeling, abusing, I felt it. Deep in Sarah's bowels, in the cavity that lies beyond the tunnel just passed her anus, I could feel a portion of the mass that put me in this position. If I had no clue where my hand was, I would have guessed I was feeling a wet piece of cabbage, hard and lumpy.

"I can feel it honey." Yes, I better after everything I've done to her. This had better fix the problem, or she just might share with mom what I suggested and failed at.

So, I pushed even harder on her stomach as the thought of the consequences of failure rolled through my brain. It would be hard to explain to an ex wife why I felt I needed to massage inside my daughters ass. Why I had her strip down for me and spend the afternoon rubbing her pubic hair, telling her to pee, and running my hands inside of her sex.

As I pushed with my hand against her ass, I began to lower my front hand again, pushing with the palm, acting as though my fingers were just along for the ride. Again, they went low, and I felt them brush over Sarah's clit. She didn't move, flinch, or say a word. It almost felt as though she raised her body a bit to make sure I hit it.

So, again, small circles, and again, as I went low, Sarah went high, and I lightly flicked her clit. This time, I kept my fingers still while I pushed with my palm, just inches above. As I let her clit lie between my pointer and index finger, I pushed again with my hand in her ass, trying to move my finger around the lump. "Oh, yeah daddy, I can feel it." I wasn't sure if she meant the front door or back door.

Did she feel me slightly squeezing her tender clit, enjoying the feeling as I slowly moved my palm around her pubic hair? Or, did she feel me massaging the mass deep inside with my finger, poking and prodding it? Since I was here for one reason, I decided I better focus on the back. So, I took my hand off of her bush and positioned myself behind her. "Push, honey. I'll try and move it and make it easy for you." I poked and probed as best I could, and when it seemed like I did my best to maneuver it inside of her, I slowly pulled out my finger, watching her anus grab and pull on my finger, stretching around it, trying to hold it in place.

I watched as the pink center gave a last peek, and then quickly, Sarah's anus closed up. Sarah was beginning to grunt, leaning forward, ass in the air. She could feel that all of the work was coming to and end. It was time for Sarah to push, bare down, and get it over with. Her anus was again breathing, giving a clear indication of the efforts she was making to push out what was inside of her. As she gave a little grunt, her anus bulged out larger, almost the size of a tender, pink walnut.

I decided to try and help, and put one finger on either side of her anus and began to stretch it open. I could feel the lumpy, soft mass of flesh that she pushed out from inside of her bowels. The flesh attached to her anal ring. Sarah paused and the pink center of her anus stopped it's bulge out.

But, I kept up on my efforts to open her ass, creating a slight opening into her cavity. The masses of pink, the smell, the obscene nature of the position was incredible. Again, Sarah pushed hard, and the inside of her anus began it's transformation.

"UUUUUuuuuuuuuugghhhhhhhh…&hellip." Sarah was pushing with intensity, feeling it, wanting it out. And, as she pushed, and as I pulled open her ass, I began to see it appear. It was a dark, black piece of coal, as though centuries of pressure took all of the color away. Formed of many small bits, all pressed and formed together to create one large clump, it was starkly contrasted against the pink skin that surrounded it.

Sarah could tell it was coming and pushed hard. Her anus was gapping open, making the necessary adjustments to pass such a large object. I put my right finger in the Vaseline and began to rub the inside of Sarah's anus. It was gapping about an inch on its own. As I did, I pushed my finger in her ass and gently rubbed the head of the mass, putting Vaseline on it as well. Then, bringing up my other hand, I gently pulled open her anus to help it stretch.

Sarah was moaning, knowing she was stretching more than she thought possible. The clump reached her anus and began forcing it open, causing the crinkle appearance to transform into a smooth, brown skin. Slowly the coal shaped body bulged out, crating a three inch opening. "Ooohh&hellip. Dad&hellip. It hurts&hellip." I scooped up some more Vaseline and began rubbing it around her anus, slowly pushing it forward to expose more of the mass. I gently rubbed around the edge of the body, creating a greasy film which I then used to rub around the taught, brown skin of Sarah's ass.

And slowly, gradually, the mass began to finish it's journey, stretching Sarah's anus so that her pink insides were now on her outside, gripping the piece of coal, stretching around it. With one last grunt, Sarah pushed, and it plopped into the toilet. Sarah's ass puckered up in a hurry, but a slight pinkish bulb remained. The transformation was quick and erotic. "Is that it honey? Do you feel better?" "I don't&hellip.uugghh&hellip.think so&hellip. Put your finger back in.

I think there's more." Sarah hadn't moved from her position the entire time. Her head lay down, eyes closed, oblivious to my manipulations and ogling's. I was raging hard. I had to come. So, I decided to risk it and lowered my shorts, but only in the front. I put some Vaseline on my left index finger again and positioned myself directly behind Sarah. I put my hand flat against her crack, found her anus, and slowly inserted my finger.

As I slid my finger inside of her, my other fingers began to nestle into her vagina. Wet and sloppy, they began a slow massage as I began to pump my finger in and out of her ass. Sarah slowly pushed back, and as she did, my pointer finger slipped inside of her pussy, bumping against what I assumed was her hymen.

Unconcerned, Sarah just leaned forward and slowly rocked as I pumped her ass. Double penetrating her, I began to rub myself with some intensity, knowing it would not take long before I came. Leaning back, I watched with extreme pleasure as I completely violated Sarah. As exciting as it was to see my fingers in her ass and pussy at the same time, it was more exciting watching her body move up and down, wanting me to penetrate her.

Willing me to penetrate her. I had to smell her, I had to taste her, so I backed out my fingers and put them in my mouth. A mixture of must, sweetness, honey, and lilac. All from inside of my daughter.

But, as soon as I enjoyed her flavor, Sarah was quickly telling me to "Put it back&hellip. I can feel it…" So again, I put my palm up against her spread cheeks. But, this time, I slowly inserted my thumb into her rectum, feeling it clamp tight around its thickness. As Sarah began to slowly move against it, I took my middle finger and slowly rubbed around the opening of her virginity.

It was so wet, so damp, that as I curled my finger up, it easily slid inside of her. Sarah put up no resistance. No indication that she did not want her dad massaging the insider of her vagina while his thumb was buried in her rectum. As my index finger slowly made its way inside of her pussy, the sloppy sounds became more pronounced. I wiggled it and then slowly pinched my thumb and finger together, squeezing against the thin wall between Sarah's birth canal and anal tunnel.

There was no purpose in this. It was purely despicable, devious behavior. But, as Sarah slowly arched her back and lifted up her ass to accept my intrusions, I knew she was enjoying it. "Push Honey… Push&hellip." I quietly repeated. My thumb and finger were double penetrating her, pushing, squeezing, sliding. I watched as her anus blossomed around my thumb as she squeezed her stomach. "I feel another one honey." I stated with my finger and thumb deep inside of her. She was quickening the pace of her rocking, clearly responding to my intrusions.

And, I was quickening the pace on myself, about at the boiling point. I could feel the lump with my finger in her vagina. I pushed against it and Sarah groaned. "Dad… I feel it… put your finger&hellip. in deeper&hellip." She said finger. As in, the finger in her pussy. I pushed, forcing it into the back of her vagina. Burying my thumb deep, causing her anus to spread against the base of it. I massaged the back of her vaginal wall.

I pushed against it. Sarah was grinding back, forcing open her anus. I almost felt as though I was going to lift her up by my hand. The manipulations, the pressure, the vulgarity was working. The mass had entered her anal canal, and I was bumping it with my thumb.

I pulled out my finger and thumb, getting a short grunt from Sarah. Her anus was bulging out again, and slowly, painfully, appeared another similar mass of coal. Watching the expansion of her anus, the wet, dripping opening of her pussy, the mass of hair, and obscene position of my daughter, leaning forward, was too much to take. As Sarah pushed and groaned, as her anus opened up 3 inches to pass what had been trapped inside, I came in my right hand while my left held open her anus, letting the bulbous mass pass through my fingers.

I sprayed all over the back of the toilet, on the ground, and into my hand. Images of Sarah's mom, on all fours, flashed through my mind.

Images of me entering Beth's ass, spreading it, coming in it. Images of Sarah's mom walking in, taking out my finger, and telling me she wanted to finish helping Sarah. Images of Beth, bent behind Sarah, pumping her fingers back and forth in our daughters ass. Images of me, fucking my ex wife up her ass, while she finger fucked our daughter in the ass. I came hard. Opening my eyes, coming back to reality, I looked at Sarah's ass. It looked as though I sprayed a bit on her as well.

I brought my cum soaked right hand and pressed it against her virgin white cheeks, impregnating them, massaging in my cum. The charcoal lump still hung down, with Sarah grunting and pushing. As it hung there, as Sarah struggled with her final push, I moved my right hand between her cheeks and began to massage the cum from my hand around Sarah's anal opening.

Over the mass, creating a brown, sticky film. Back around her anus and into the fold of her vagina, into her virginity. I spread myself into her movement, and as she gave the final push, I let it drop through my hands, finger in her pussy.

I was exhausted. Slowly, I backed my finger out of her vagina and leaned away from Sarah. Slipping up my shorts, I assumed like most men do that, since I'm done, the job is done. But, as I slowly took in the situation, Sarah began to moan again, sitting on the toilet, bending forward. She could not have another one? "Honey, isn't that it? Do you feel more?" "I think there is just a bit more." "Well, do you still need me?" Subtle as it was, the question was my way of putting the experience on her shoulders.

And, really, in the end, it was all on her shoulders, despite my liberties. She initiated everything, approved all.

I was merely taking pleasure in helping her. "Yes… Please put it in one more time…" So, with Sarah leaning forward, I got a bit more Vaseline. However, this time, she sat up a bit, put an extra arch in her back, and turned around to watch what I was doing.

I looked up at her eyes. She was looking at my hand with the Vaseline, cocking her butt to one side so she could try for a better view.

As I approached her, she leaned back a bit more to try and see what my finger was doing. Opening her mouth slightly, Sarah let out a small sigh as I began to enter her. I could clearly feel her body push back. With her body twisted, trying to look down at her butt, I was given a clear view of her strained right breast with the puffy fat behind her nipple clearly defining itself. I stared at her teenage boob, admiring each and every little pink bump on it.

She was oblivious. Sarah was bending, focusing on my finger, slightly moving her hips back and forth. She reached back and grabbed my hand as my finger pushed inside of her. "Put it in more, dad, like this." She gently guided my hand, trying to push it in deeper.

Holding it there, Sarah began to raise her ass off of the toilet, using her legs to maneuver, trying to adjust it for her eyes to see. As much as Sarah may have wanted, there was no way she could bend her head around and look up her butt.

Then I realized, she wasn't looking at her ass, she was checking out the mirror on the counter behind us. She was stretching because I was blocking the view.

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Slowly, making sure she didn't realize that I knew what she was doing, I moved to the side, giving Sarah a golden view of what was going on. She relaxed her body a bit since all was in view, and as she watched in the mirror, I watched her face. Her mouth had puffed up, pushing out air about twice a second. Her eyes were glassy and focused. Her tongue darted in and out of her mouth. Sarah was slowly moving her ass up and down, holding my finger in place, watching as it all happened. Slowly, gradually, she went from a sitting position to a stand up, bent over position.

It provided her a more, direct view of the goings on. Sarah's turned head, watching in the mirror, was intoxicating. She wanted to watch. And, in wanting to watch, she wanted the depravity to continue. She wanted to be penetrated by her dad. Wanted to see what it looked like as fingers explored her. My little High School Junior wanted the good feelings to continue, and she wanted a first hand view.

As my fingers pushed forward into her pussy, she clearly began a slow, steady pant, no longer breathing. My arm was probably still blocking some of the view, with my fist point up. So, I decided to give her total access and change the angle of attack. "Honey, I'm going to try a different direction." I warned her. "Alright." she quietly mumbled. I slowly pulled out my finger, trying to take it slow as she watched. She pulled her hand away and stared as her anus wrapped around my finger as I removed it.

"Oooohhhhhh" escaped her lips as I plopped it out. She was obscenely twisted, with one hand on her left butt cheek for balance. The entire time she had not taken her eyes off of her ass.

This time, I put my palm on her back and started with my fingers aiming down towards her opening. "Put your hand on mine and tell me when to stop." Putting her left hand on the toilet, she put her right hand on top of mine as she continued to twist and stare. I had her guide my hand, my finger, to her anus. With her palm over mine, I guided her finger over her poop hole and began to use it to massage the opening.

Her hips began to grind against my hand, her finger. Looking at her face, I could tell she was watching herself in the mirror with intense fascination. Watching as her finger slowly rubbed her own crinkled, anal center. I decided to test her. "Put your finger in with me." Sarah said nothing, but as I pushed her finger, she let it slip gently into her anus.

Mine followed immediately after. Sarah grunted a bit, and I could see her eyes squint. But, she kept her movements steady.

As we slowly pushed our fingers in to the limit, I let mine wrap around hers like we were holding hands. By now I was standing completely over to the side. Sarah was standing in a bent over position, ass to the mirror, and we both began to finger fuck her rectum at the same time, although under the guise of helping her empty her bowels.

I had the same view of the mirror as she had, and it was immoral. A father and daughter, with the daughter pointing her butt at the mirror, as they jointly fingered her ass. "Honey, see if it is better by yourself." And slowly, carefully, I removed my finger.

I stood back and enjoyed the show. Sarah was rocking her body back and forth as she pumped her finger in and out of her rectum. She was transfixed with her own depravity, captured by her own beauty. I half expected her to take out her finger and bring it up to her mouth.

She stared in into the mirror as though she was watching another person, not realizing that it was her providing the obscene, erotic scene. The stretched breast was someone else's, perhaps Kathleen's.

The spread ass was not hers, but perhaps ElizaBeth's. In and out of her mom's ass her fingers continued, her eyes locked. Watching any girl masturbate is incredibly sexy. Watching Sarah, my daughter, fingering her rectum, blonde hair flowing, small boobs bouncing, was despicably erotic. It was as though she forgot I was there. Her eyes focused tightly on her finger, plunging in and out of her ass.

Sarah's firm legs bounced up and down. I moved my eyes from her face, to her tits, to her round globes, to the mirror, and back. Faster she bounced. Sarah began a deep, steady grunt, almost like a growling dog. I could hear her slop in and out, smell the odor she was creating, see the lust in her eyes. Her small, teenage breasts were bouncing up and down.

Her hair bobbed off of her shoulders. Sarah was burning a hole in the mirror with her eyes, so intensely focused on the finger entering her ass. The one with the teenage nail polish, on the wrist with the friendship bracelet. I just watched as Sarah put on a savage, intense display of beastly anal masturbation, hiding it behind her painful dilemma. It made me wonder what she does when I'm not around. Suddenly, she stopped her movements.

I looked down and saw her wriggle her finger around, trying to push it in deep. I looked at her face, watching her lips pucker and face turn red as she held her breath. Looking down between her legs, I saw she was trying to mash her short fingers forward to her clit, rubbing them hard into her vagina. Unable to hold her breath anymore, Sarah let out a deep sigh. Almost a growl. And with it, she began to move her body again, up and down. Looking to the mirror, I saw her anal manipulations continue between her white cheeks.

The pattern of grunts, slop, pump, and bounce started up again. Having fully enjoyed the scene, I bent down behind her and gave a purposeful look between her legs, curious how she would respond. Sarah just kept pumping away, unconcerned that her dad was in the mirror, watching her small finger masturbating her rectum.

Unconcerned that, six inches away from her most intimate, sexual orifice, her dad was studying her anal hair pattern. Counting the ridges on her anus. Counting the number of folds in her vagina. What started as a medical dilemma became a scene of depravity. I watched in awe as her little finger was gripped by her small brown anus. I put my hands on either cheek, put each thumb on her rectum, and pulled her open.

"Is that helping honey?" I asked. Of course it wasn't, but I had to pretend. Sarah didn't say anything. She wasn't listening, or didn't hear. Her pace seemed to be quickening. I watched as the finger of a young teenage girl pumped in and out of an anus I was spreading for her. Juicy, sloppy, and wet. I could hear Sarah grunting, feel her hand jam against mine as I held open her poop hole. I rubbed the edges, pushing it against her penetrating finger.

Slowly, I moved my thumbs over the hairs surrounding her anus and stretched them flat against her skin, rubbing her anal bush into her pale cheeks. I so desperately wanted to suck on them. Instead, I put my hand over hers and began to help her pump, increase the speed.

Sarah was clearly grunting with each push forward. I watched her pussy lips wiggle with each movement, occasionally dripping juices. "Honey, is this helping?" I asked louder.

"Ugghh. it feels. alright." Clearly, it felt more than alright. "Let me try again." I removed my hand and stood back. Sarah paused, clearly wanting to continue herself.

The trance was broken. She looked a bit red, pulled her finger out of her ass, and sat back down. The show was over. Bending down, I got my nose as close as I could. I could smell her sex, see it hang down from her vagina, see the flower petals drip with morning dew. I took my index finger, circled her anus, and pushed deep.

"Ooohhhhhhh." Sarah moaned. "I don't feel anything honey?" "Dad, just keep it in&hellip." she responded softly, clearly past the pain and into the pleasure. So, I decided I would go all out and help her one last time. I kneeled forward and put my free hand back onto her pubic area.

Sarah now sat perfectly upright, hands on the back of the toilet, thrusting out her chest, no longer trying to bend away any pain. As my hand brushed against her pubic hair, she began to raise her body and guide my hand down to her most tender spot. With my right index finger inserted up her ass, and right pointer finger inside her pussy, toying with her hymen, my left index finger slowly found her clit.

Sarah rested her tongue on her lower lip as I began to make small circles, slowly increasing the pressure. "Dad, yea, I can feel it coming… Move your finger back and forth.

Like I was." Sure, I can do that. So, I began pumping her ass, helping work out whatever she had in her. I watched as her tits began to bounce up and down as Sarah made more and more effort to control the pace. This was no longer my show, but a way for Sarah to get off. "It's coming&hellip. I feel it…" as her pace quickened.

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Up and down, up and down. I watched as her boobs jiggled, as my hands mashed her pussy. I looked at her butt and marveled as her anus gripped my finger and then disappeared as I pushed my finger inside of her. Sarah was breathing like a steam engine, mouth a tight circle. I felt another mass coming, though smaller. Sarah was clearly close, moving her hips faster. I was rubbing hard against her clit, doing everything I remembered from working on her mom.

But, I guess Sarah was not her mom, because she took her right hand and pushed mine away. She was clearly close to cuming, so desperate that my being there no longer affected her. All Sarah knew was I wasn't getting her to the spot she so desperately needed. If she could let me rub my finger in her ass, then the walls of depravity were down and Sarah had no problem taking matters into her own hands.

With my finger up her ass, I watched as Sarah frantically doubled my pace on her clit. "No wonder." I thought to myself. I wasn't quick or hard enough for her.

Sarah's hand was a blur. Up and down, side to side. She knew what she wanted and didn't care who was watching the final seconds. Her dad had his finger up her ass, so apparently there were no more lines in the sand to cross. Watching her bouncing body, I took the liberty of leaning forward, pressing my face against her small, nubile breast, and smothered her left nipple with my mouth.

If I she was going to come with my finger in her ass, my daughter could let me suck on her nipples. And she did. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and inhaled her delicate breast, sucking it all in.

Rolling her tiny nipple in my mouth, I sucked hard, as though I was breast feeding. Just like when she was born, when her mom let me drink from the milk that was meant for Sarah. But now Sarah was letting me suck on her breast. Her dad was tasting her pink, soft skin. She grabbed my head with her free hand, squeezed it tight, began to moan with excitement, and started to shake.

Clearly she was coming. I pulled my finger out of her ass, feeling the clump of mass make its final push. I held my hand under her anus, pushed her crinkled hole, and with one last gasp, Sarah orgasmed out the last piece of dark matter inside of her as I ravaged her nipple with my tongue, trying to suck any teenage milk she may be carrying out of her. What goes through the mind of a teenage girl as she cums?

Does she think of boys she likes at school? Do they think of other girls with better bodies than them? Was Sarah imagining Elizabeth spreading her ass so Sarah could put her finger up it? Was Kathleen breast feeding Sarah with her large, bulbous nipples?

Was Sarah desperate to watch her mom masturbate to the long, slender vibrator she keeps in her bed table? Did Sarah and her mom have mutual masturbation sessions, where Beth taught Sarah about her body, and how to make herself feel good? Whatever her thoughts, she was now completely empty.

Slowly she began to simmer down, and I backed off, looking at her. She rolled her head to get her bearings as I stood up, looking down at my naked, sweaty daughter. A girl who just experienced a deep, lustful orgasm. "Honey, are you alright? I'm sorry things got a little… um… out of control. You just seemed like you were in so much pain…" I was beginning to have the post orgasm fear that, maybe, just maybe, I probably shouldn't have done that.

Sarah sighed, turned to me and smiled. "It's O.K. dad. I didn't think I'd ever survive the pain. Just… don't tell mom… alright? She probably wouldn't understand how much I needed that." Don't tell mom?

Sounds like a good plan to me. Hearing that, I figured it was time to get out of dodge and let Sarah have her time to herself. But, before I could turn and burn, Sarah noticed my raging hard on. Sure, I may have cum, but watching your daughter masturbate in front of you brings things back to life. "Dad, do you have… is that a.?" She said with look of dismay.

"Honey, I'm sorry. I just got a little caught up in the moment." At least it was an honest answer. She stared for a moment, clearly thinking.

Pausing, she looked up at me. "Well… Can I, you know…" What? Did she just ask to see me penis? This was supposed to be my show, not hers. "Honey, I don't think that is a… uh… great idea." "Oh, but putting your finger in my poop hole is?" Well, she had me there.

As irrational as it may have been, I rationalized that she wanted to see it, and little harm can come from just looking. But, deep down, it was exciting to hear she wanted to see it. And, I was still hard. "Alright, but just a moment, O.K.?" Sarah didn't even bother to acknowledge me. She got the permission she wanted, reached up, and pulled down my shorts. Instantly, her eyes bulged out. Sarah was seeing a penis, up close, in person, for the first time.

I wasn't huge, but she had no reference point. For all she knew, I was giant. Her lips parted as her eyes got glassy. "It's got veins on it" She said, almost to herself.

She leaned forward, about six inches from it, and studied it like I studied her anus. I decided to close my eyes and just let her be. I could feel her breath on it, causing me to get incredibly hard and flex it. Sarah giggled as it bobbed. As I tried to control my rogue penis, I suddenly felt her fingers pinch the front of it.

"It's so hard." she mumbled as her hands started to study it. I decided it was my time to be studied, time for Sarah to be the explorer. Wrapping her hands around it, she slid them back and forth, moving my penis up and down. I couldn't help it as I let out a few groans, moans, and sighs, letting her know just how good it felt. She fondled my balls, squeezing them gently, rolling them around in her palm. She lifted them up as though to look what might lie underneath.

As her fondles and explorations slowed, she leaned forward to smell it. I opened my eyes to see her face almost on top of my member, inspecting, sensing. Then, with the most love and care, she gave it a kiss right on the head. There are few feelings that can describe how it feels when a woman puts her mouth on your penis. And I'm not going to try with my daughter. But, as Sarah began to kiss it a second, third, fourth time, I would have cum right there if it wasn't for my earlier release.

The tenderness and innocence couldn't have been replaced by all of the viagra in the world. Pure sensuality wins every time. As Sarah came in for another kiss, I pushed forward. She knew exactly what to do, having seen it online many times. She opened her mouth, lowered her tongue, and let me enter. As I did, she looked up at me with her deep, round, blue eyes. I remembered her mom, always willing to swallow, peering at me with her doe eyes. Sarah was no different.

I ran my hands through her head as she sat on the toilet giving me a blowjob. Next to the same bath where I would let the bubbles over flow as she grew up, creating our own little clouds to play in. Now, she was letting me play in her mouth as she fondled my balls. I was in heaven, which was good, because I probably wouldn't be going back.

Now or ever, this life or the next. Not after ravaging my daughter. Not after entering her mouth. The warm, wet feeling of her mouth disappeared.

I looked down and watched as she put one of my balls in her mouth. Boy, she was certainly making up for 16 years without any sexual activity.

Our eyes locked as she let it roll around in her mouth, as though she was sucking a large piece of candy. With a plop, she popped it out of her mouth and stood up, breasts pointing right at me, hairy bush on full display. She stepped around the toilet. "Your turn to sit, dad." "My turn to sit.??" I curiously asked as I began to sit down, feet forward. "Nope. Like I did.

Turn around." Well, I guess my daughter was in charge. I could have just said "No", I could have walked away. But, it is pretty hard for a guy to walk away having just received a blow job without the job being complete. I turned around, kicked off my shorts, and positioned myself over the toilet.

Sarah stood behind me, just as I did for her, watching as I sat down. I was sure to give her an extra arch, having first hand experience at what provides a good view. The seat was warm from her ass. I leaned forward, put my head on my hands as she did, and waited. I could hear her breathing and rustling around. Slowly, I peeked back and saw her on her hands and knees, looking up inside of me. Like father like daughter. I could almost feel her warm breath. Nothing was touching me, but I was incredibly hard with anticipation, with curiosity, with the ultimate desire.

I knew my anus was on full display, that my balls were hanging down, that Sarah was inspecting everything and anything. After a few moments of no contact, I felt her soft hands on my back. She slowly rubbed little circles, moving them down, dragging her little nails across my skin. As they brushed over the top of my ass, Sarah let her thumbs run through the center of my crack. As she continued her massage of my cheeks, she stayed clear of my anus. It was as though she was teasing me, knowing what I wanted, so purposefully not giving it to me.

She leaned forward and kissed my back, licking it, following the path of her hands with her mouth. Her hands continued to massage the flesh parts of my cheeks, kneading and pushing.

I felt completely on display, open for my daughters viewing pleasure. Her mouth rested on the top of my crack, and I figured the tongue massage was at an end. But, she swirled the hairs at the top of my crack, paused, and began tracing the inside of my cheeks with her tongue.

I was incredibly turned on. Her mom would never travel to this zone. Sarah was slowly moving down, massaging open my cheeks with her hand, licking closer and closer to my anus. Six inches. Five inches. Three. Would she continue? Did she know how much I wanted this? I pushed hard, exposing myself, opening up my insides, dilating my anus.

Two inches. She must be able to taste me. One inch. Smell me. And then it happened. Sarah did something her mom never would. She began to rim my asshole. The wet, softness of her tongue, tasting my most obscene and erotic spot, was incredible.

I pushed even harder, wanting her to taste my insides. She pressed her mouth completely over my asshole, sucking with her lips, pushing with her tongue. I reached around, found the back of her head, and pushed harder.

Forcing her into me. It was lucky I had nothing inside of me because I pushed so hard it would have all come out.

Sarah stayed behind me, bent over, with her ass in the air, licking my anus for over 5 minutes. I don't know if she did it for me, or for her, but I didn't care. I wanted it to last forever. Slowly she stopped, backing away, holding open my cheeks as she studied her work. If you could call a man wet, then I was wet. My hair was matted, juices were flowing, and I was bulbous and aroused. I could hear Sarah fumble with the Vaseline and I knew what was next.

She put a glob on her finger, studied her target, and moved forward. "Alright Dad, it's your turn." She leaned up next to my ear as I felt her hand guide itself between my ass. "Did you like fingering my ass, dad?" she asked quietly as she slowly placed her finger on my anus. My erection instantly doubled in strength as a jolt of sensuality raced through my body. Sarah was feeling me up. "Honey, it was so tight.

I love your ass." I replied, clearly ready for her to intrude me. "Do you want me to finger your ass? Is that something you want your daughter to do?" "Sarah, you know I do. It feels so good." Sarah began to push her finger, sliding it gently into my rectum. The feeling was so intense. So full of pleasure. So erotic.


So immoral. "Did mom ever do this to you?" Sarah was getting a out of control with her questions. Her finger began to get passed the first knuckle, moving around, feeling my walls.

"No… mmmm&hellip. she didn't…… not like this." Beth would occasionally clean me in the shower, just on the outside, or provide a gentle rub during sex. Nothing like Sarah's intrusion. Sarah reached down and began to masturbate me, slowly moving her hand back and forth over my penis while she pushed her finger in deeper into my rectum. "Did mom let you put your finger in her ass?" Sarah pushed deeper, all the way in.

Her other hand continued to rub me slowly. I was slowly building up that feeling, the one where you know you will come soon. "No. Honey. Not like you did. Not so deep.

Your mom. hhmmm. just let me rub it." I was unable to speak long sentences the pleasure was so great. "Did you ever cum in her ass?" Sarah was in her own little world. She was beginning to rub my arm between her chest, moving up and down, not grinding her hips on anything, just moving with her hands as they massaged me.

"Mmmm. Once." I remembered Beth passed out, having spent the evening drinking too much wine. I was stripping her down for bed, but when I saw she wasn't wearing underwear, got incredibly horny. "Did she like it?" "I don't think she. uuggh. knew." I remembered pulling down Beth's pants, exposing her white, round ass. The ass she occasionally let me massage, which I would do vigorously, pulling open her anus. But, she would never let me enter it. "How couldn't she know?" "Because.

I entered her. while she. slept." As she lay there, I remember reaching over to the bed counter, leaving her pants bunched around her knees and her sweater on. I grabbed some lotion, spread her cheeks, and began to massage her asshole.

"You raped her&hellip." Sarah began to push inside of me and grind my penis harder. "Yes. I raped. Beth. Your mom." As Beth lay there, I slowly pushed my finger into her rectum. I could smell her as I swirled it around. Pulling out, I spread her cheeks, lined up my penis, and pushed it inside of her.

I rolled her anal hair around in my fingers, rubbing the mottled clumps that Beth failed to wipe away. I pushed them into her vagina, mashing her pussy with her excess poop, shoving it into her.

"Did you like it?" Sarah was getting that soft, glassy glow around her again, like she needed another orgasm. "I loved it. She's a bitch. mmmmm. She deserved it." For 10 minutes, I pumped inside of Beth's ass.

I was so mad I hadn't thought to do this sooner in our painful marriage. She was such a hard person to live with, want to be around.

Even Sarah knew it. If there was any woman in the world who needed to be fucked up her ass, it was Sarah's mom. Beth took everything I had, and when I was done, I came deep inside of her bowels. After I was completely empty, I cleaned off the sticky mess on my penis by washing it in her vagina. Some time, during the following day, as she emptied herself, I came out with her.

"Oh, I wish I could have watched." Sarah was getting herself hot again. It was now her turn to be on the toilet again. As much as I loved her finger up my ass, I had to cum. "Honey, it's your turn again." As I said it, she slowly backed her hand out of my ass, teasing it a little as she pulled out her finger. I was about to stand up, when I realized Sarah's manipulations loosened me up on the inside. I had to go. "Just a second honey." I began to bear down as Sarah sat on he knees behind me, waiting, not sure what was going on.

"Oh, dad, your poop hole. It looks so big. " Sarah got down for a closer look as I began to push. "Something is coming, honey." Sure enough, Sarah's finger moved more than my penis. I pushed my anus hard, opening it for Sarah. And as I did, I could feel it start to pass through.

"Oooh! I see it coming. Is this what is looks like when I pooped? Oh. Dad." I felt her hand move up around my anus and try to hold it open. Her nose was almost between my cheeks as Sarah squinted for the closest view possible. "Dad. It's like your giving birth. Oh my gosh. You poop hole is stretching." I pushed a bit more, and as Sarah held me open, I passed it out for her viewing pleasure, arching up my ass as much as possible. She reached over, grabbed some toilet paper, and gently wiped me clean.

After dropping the paper in the toilet, she stood up and flushed. "Wowww…" slowly escaped her lips. Without a word, I stood up, erection bouncing, and Sarah sat on the toilet. Knowing that it was no longer about her pain, and only about my pleasure, and being so close to cuming, I wasted no time. Sarah was exaggerating the arch in her back since she now knew what was needed for good access. Getting close, bending down, I began to kiss her cheeks. Slowly, tenderly, I moved to the center of her crack.

I could smell her must, having not taken the time to wipe her as she did me. The closer I got, the stronger the scent. Backing off, I took one last look at her anal jewel. It was glistening, brown, and closed tight. I leaned forward, opened my mouth, and smothered it. Sarah jolted forward in shocked pleasure. My tongue found the center of her anus while my lips surrounded the puckered ridges.

I licked it hard, right away, knowing that it was beyond tender foreplay. Sarah pushed back, and I could feel her ass open, allowing my tongue access to the pink center. I began to suck, to slurp, to ravage her cavity as she pushed towards me. My tongue found the crinkled edges, the soft center, the hairy surrounding. I reached around and felt for her puffy tits as I continued to tongue probe her rectum. Sure enough, there they were, hanging down, wanting to be milked.

Having tasted her anal center, I moved forward as best I could. My nose stuck right into her ass while I tried to lick the back of her pussy. The sweetness. The virginity. It was too difficult. "Stand up, honey." This was my turn.

She stood up, bent forward, and I could clearly see her vagina open up to me, revealing the pink hymen inside of her. I pointed my tongue and dove forward, penetrating her ass with my nose. I licked her hymen, tasting her virginity.

I ran my tongue around the walls of her tender, narrow vagina. Pulling back, I spread her open, looking up to find her small little cervix insider of her. Sarah's future motherhood. Her womanly reason for being. Gently, I inserted my finger. Sarah let out a slight gasp to her first intrusion by someone other than herself. The skin of her hymen pushed out of the way as I went deeper. I soon found myself at the back of her vagina.

Turning my finger up, I found the opening of her cervix, pushed slightly, and entered it with the tip of my finger. Some day, in this cavity, Sarah would be carrying a child of her own. She will go to the gynecologist, put her legs in the stirrups, let herself be opened up, and as her vagina is poked and prodded, she will remember me being the first person entering this sacred spot.

She will masturbate to the vision. She will have sex, thinking of my finger inside of her. I will have been her first. I slowly pumped it in and out, finger fucking her small cervix. With one last twirl of my finger inside of her womanly core, I decided I needed to taste the treasure I was so viscously probing.

Backing slowly out, I pushed my lips back against the lower part of her vagina. Sarah ground her pussy hard against the bottom of my chin.

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But, my access was limited. I had to taste more of her. "Turn around." Deftly, she stepped over the toilet, turned around, and was now pointing her pussy right at me, slouching down and back.

I wasted no time, burying my face in her bush. The smell of her sex was overwhelming. My tongue became one with the mass of pink folds that make up a young girls vagina. Rubbing against her clit, down her slit, back up. I looked up at her closed eyes, mouth parted, lits hanging down. She was mine for the taking. "Sarah. I want you to pee." She didn't ask why. She didn't protest.

She just grimaced, bared down, and as I reached up to knead her breasts, mouth over her vagina, Sarah emptied herself into my mouth. Sarah's mom used to pee when she orgasmed, completely unaware of it, so I was accustomed to the taste. But, tasting pee from your daughter is like drinking a 500 year old bottle of wine.

It doesn't taste like what you expect, but it is better than you could have imagined. I swallowed, I sucked. I backed away, holding open my mouth, watching the urine empty out of her.

I reached up, pulled apart her lips, and spread herself so I had a clear view of the source. Her small, tiny pee hole, just below the small white clit. Everything was on display As she dripped dry, I leaned forward and licked her clean. It was amazing that I lasted as long as I did without my penis blowing up. I was desperate to cum. Should I masturbate in her mouth? On her small little tits? On the back of her neck, into her hair? Into her eyes? Her nose? Sarah would clearly take it anywhere.

But, I chose her ass since it most reminded me of her mom. Standing up, I had her turn around again and sit on the toilet. I got on my knees behind her, grabbed the Vaseline, and put some on my fingers. Just as she had done, I leaned forward next to her ear and began to whisper. "Did you like my finger in your ass?" As I talked, I slowly brought my right pointer finger to her anus, pressing lightly.

"Dad. It felt so good." She arched her breasts forward as I pushed on her anus. "Did it feel good, me being inside of you." I slightly poked into her ass, but just barely, so I could spread the Vaseline around. "Mmmmm. Yes." I reached around and begin to rub her pubic hair with my free hand. I had to get her riled up, knowing that for me to have fun, she needed to want the fun as well. Finding her bushy clit, I began soft, tender circles, knowing she had already come once and it was probably tender.

With my other hand, I continued my tender pressures. When Sarah began to move to the pace of my massages, I knew it was time. She was ready and willing. Backing away from her for a moment, I looked down at her ass. There it was, just like before, anus pointing back at me, brown, tender, obscene in its virginity. Both of us were completely naked.

There was no need to hide my excitement, so I began to masturbate behind my daughters ass, open, naked, and spread for me. "Oh, Sarah. Your ass. looks just like. your moms." My pace was quickening as the warm feelings started to take over.

Sarah turned around to see what I was doing. "Oh. Dad. Your playing with yourself." Sarah stared intently at my penis as I stared intently at the crack of her ass. "Sarah. Play with yourself." Obediently, Sarah dropped her hand between the front of her legs and began rubbing herself. "Sarah. Put your finger in your ass." Without hesitation, Sarah reached around with her other hand, slowly ran it down her ass, and began to finger her anus.

Back and forth. In and out. "Ooh. Dad. Do you like watching me." Her eyes locked on mine. "Sarah. It is so sexy. watching your fingers." She had buried them to the base of her fist.

"Oh… Dad… I saw you watching me… in the mirror… finger my poop hole&hellip." "Sarah… it was so sexy&hellip." "Did you know… I was… masturbating…" "Yes… I could tell by… your face…" "I couldn't help it… Dad… Your fingers… felt so good… in me&hellip." "Sarah… Daddy likes watching… your… anus&hellip." "Did you like watching me poop." "Sarah, it was… so&hellip.

incredible." I was getting close. I had to finish. I wanted to finish. "Stand up, honey. And bend forward" Lifting herself off the toilet, she put her hands on the back and arched her butt towards me. I'm not sure what she expected, but I was in desperate need. I put my hand at the base of my erection. stood up, and began to move towards Sarah. It was the same feeling when I saw her mom lying on the bed, having pulled her pants down, exposing only her white, bulbous ass.

Remembering the feeling when I spread it open, twirled her anal hair, and rubbed the crinkled center. I just had to enter Beth. I just had to enter Sarah. With her legs spread, Sarah provided me a clear path to her anus. I didn't want to scare her, so I simply stated "Honey, you're going to feel some pressure again." "O.K. dad." was her quite, calm respond.

I pointed my penis towards her poop hole, approached slowly, and gently pushed against it. Instead of a jolt forward, I was surprised that Sarah moaned and pushed back, instantly burying the head. I guess she was already stretched out and ready from earlier.

"Mmmmmmmm." was all I heard. I didn't want to rush it, but I needed to rush it. I pushed harder, listening to Sarah grunt away the feelings. Her anus slowly disappeared, being pushed inside of her while I penetrated her. While I violated the person that loved me the most, who came from the woman I hated the most.

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Sarah was giving me herself in a way her mother never would The inside of her walls gripped my penis, slurping it in. With hands on either side of her ass, I stood up, completed the penetration, and just stood there.

Enjoying the moment, looking at my bent over daughter, ass in the air, teenage tits hanging down, with my penis in her butt. In her moms butt. Slowly, I rubbed her dimples. Backing out slowly, I watched as her anus reappeared, gripping my penis as it pulled out. Then, reversing the process, I watched her brown, crinkled ridges disappear. Back and forth, in and out, listening to Sarah's heavy breathing.

I bent forward and reached around for her breasts, squeezing the nipples as I fucked her up her ass. "Oh, Sarah, you are so much tighter than mom." "Dad&hellip.

tighter than when you&hellip. raped her." "Oh, Sarah, so much tighter." "Did you like raping mom." "I loved feeling the inside of her ass. mmmmmm. taking advantage of her." "Do you want to fuck her ass again?" "So bad, Sarah. Her anus. Her brown, stained skin.

I want to violate her so bad." "Dad. hmmm. pretend I'm her. Pretend your in mom's ass . again." I took Sarah up on her offer, needing little help from Sarah since their asses were almost identical. The same plump center. The same dimples. The same V at the top of the crack.

The same hair circling their rectum. The same pale skin. I looked down to Beth's ass. "Oh. Beth. I'm in your ass." If Beth could only see me now, pumping our daughter. "I like it when you're in it." If Beth could only see me now, holding Sarah's ass apart.

"Oh. Beth. I want to watch you on the toilet. I want to watch you masturbate." "Like you did our daughter?" "Yes. Like I did…to Sarah.

" "Did you… watch her… poop&hellip." "Yes… she bent over… and I watched…" "What else…" "I watched her… finger… her ass&hellip." "Did you… drink your daughter's… pee&hellip." "Yes… while she stood up… holding open… her ass&hellip." "Did you fuck her up her ass?" "Oh. Yes. I fucked her up her ass." I broke the trance for a moment, realizing Sarah was frantically masturbating again.

With my dick in her ass, she clearly got her juices flowing again and had to satisfy them. "Why did you fuck our daughter?" "Ohhh. Because she let me… And you wouldn't… She is so sexy." "Do you want to fuck her?" "Oh, Beth, I want to fuck her so bad." "Do you want to be her first?" "Oh, Beth, I want to.

break her hymen." "I want to watch you fuck… our daughter…" "Beth… I want to fuck her so bad,…" "Then you should do it." "I want to… fuck her from behind…" "I bet Sarah wants you… to fuck her…" " I want to break her cherry…" "Then do it… now…" I paused, not really sure if this was part of the talk, the fantasy, or the reality.

Sarah, though, didn't pause. Her hands were quickly pumping up and down while I sat in her ass. "Dad. Come on. Put it in me." Hearing the magic words, "Put it in me.", is a hard thing to resists. By the time you hear them, it is already to a point where you want to do it. Daughter or not. So, backing out of her ass, I slowly lined my penis up to the back of her vagina. In the back of my mind, I wanted her mom to guide me in, see me open up our daughter, know that Sarah loved me in ways she never did.

I was going slow, gradually pushing it in. It was wet, but her virginity was tight. I watched as the folds of skin glistened around my penis, rubbing them up and down, slightly playing with them. But Sarah was ready to go now and wanted none of the toying. Ass in the air, she forced herself back, and I felt her rubber band snap inside of her.

"Uuuuuuuggggghhhhhhhh" came from her lips. I was well past her hymen, halfway in, and the deed was done. Sarah was no longer a virgin. I slowly backed out a bit, grabbed her ass cheeks, and pushed forward. Back and forth, slow movements, while Sarah recovered and held her hand over her pussy. After about 5 back and forths, Sarah began to move with me, slowly rubbing her pussy again. Just as her anus gripped me, Sarah's pussy had a pair of pink lips that would pull back and out of her every time I retreated.

She was so tight, so firm, and so wet. Back and forth I picked up the pace, watching her anus wink at me, holding each of her checks as the pink mass of her vagina took me in. "Oh, dad, this feels so good." "Sarah. will you tell me something." "Anything dad." "How big are Kathleen's nipples." Kathleen, her swim team friend, the girl with large teenage boobs I so desperately masturbated to.

I stared every time I saw them. "Dad. They are bigger than moms. And they are so red. and the tip is so long. And I watched Kathleen's mom breastfeed. Her nipples were so dark, twice as big as Kathleen's. And they spurt milk. I saw it… I masturbated when I got home…" "Sarah. What does ElizaBeth's ass look like?" Another swim team friend. A girl I would stand behind at swim meets, ogling. I watched her on the starting block, behind her, seeing the bulge of her vagina.

I routinely imagined naked, on all fours, teenage breasts hanging down.

"It has hair that pokes out the back. It is so low. So round. It is just like her mom's. But her mom has grey hair in her bush. ElizaBeth watches me change… I think she likes… girls… " "May. How big is May's bush." A girl from school with dark eyebrows and heavy hair. One of the sexiest teenage friends Sarah has. "She shaves it dad. I once watched her, in the showers… and there is so much stubble when she doesn't.

And she has such a long clit. It pokes out always… And her nipples are like Kathleen's. And she bent over in the shower once, and I saw her Anus… It has black hair all around it. She doesn't know to shave it." "Tell me about mom." "I've watched her masturbate in the bath. She sometimes doesn't know I'm home yet, and when I walk upstairs.

She is masturbating, head hidden by the curtain." "Do you like watching." "Yes. She sometimes uses her hair brush. Her legs are propped on the wall. And she has grey hair in her bush. And hair around her nipples." "Does she still have her vibrator…" "It is in her drawer… I can hear her at night… I sometimes stand by her door… And masturbate… to her sounds…" Oh god. There was no doubt I was going to come soon. I bent forward, grabbed her chests, and began to pump away.

Pulling hard on her nipples, Sarah started to grunt as though she was pushing. Trying to force that orgasm out of her while she busied herself with her right hand. I leaned back again and looked down at her ass. Sarah was close. Her anus was bulging out, trying to once again turn itself inside out. The hairs were spreading. Sarah was pushing hard. Rubbing hard. And then, as I held open her cheeks, imaging Sarah bent over before me with her black ring of hair around her rectum, I saw a deep black trying to poke itself out of Sarah's anus.

Sarah was trying to poop again, just as she was about to come. "Push, honey. It's coming." I was in awe, looking down at her ass, trying to make one final pass while she came. Sarah bent over a bit more, looking for leverage. "Dad, I feel it. Oh. I'm pushing." "Sarah. I can see it.

It is so sexy." "Oh dad. you like watching. me. poop." "Sarah, it is so sexy. Your ass is so spread. So white." "You mean mom's ass." "Oh.

I mean your mom's. I mean May's with the black ring of anal hair." "Dad. I want to watch you fuck May… Up her ass" Sarah's anus was stretching as she tried to push out the last piece of dark matter. I watched as my dick went inside of her, but her bowels pushed out what was trapped in her ass.

"Sarah… I want you to watch… me. fuck mom's… ass…" "I bet Mom has such a tight asshole dad." "Oohhh. Sarah. She does." And with that final outbust, Sarah gave one last push and orgasmed out the remaining piece of what was trapped inside of her. I pictured her mind, wondering what mental images she kept in a bank to orgasm to.

Was she imagining her mom spread eagle in the bath? Remembering May's puckered ass hole? Imagining that she was drinking from Kathleen's mom's breast? Picturing ElizaBeth's mom and her grey bush, bent over in front of her?

Remembering the images from the mirror as she finger fucked her ass? As we both did? Whatever it was, she came as I watched her poop hole do just that - poop. I felt her body shake, and as it did, the last piece of matter dropped from her ass, falling on my penis, causing me to press it into her white cheeks.

And, with one final push of my own, I orgasmed into my virgin daughter, watching as the last piece splashed into the water. I thought of May with her dark stubble, her long clit, fucking her up her ass after school. I thought of Kathleen with her large nipples, breastfeeding me after a swim meet in the locker room, while Sarah pulled aside her swimsuit and sucked on Kathleen's asshole.

I thought of ElizaBeth, bent over a toilet, with me holding open her ass as her mom, with her grey bush, finger fucked it, helping her poop… I thought of Sarah's mom, lying passed out on the bed, with me violating her, as Sarah lay next to me, fingering my ass.

I thought of Sarah, and my initial fingering of her ass. Watching her poop. Watching her bent over, witnessing the transformation of her anus.

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But mostly, I thought of the final words of Sarah, bending behind her mom, fingering her ass. Telling me how tight her mom's asshole was.

Oh, the sperm. I felt so much of it release into her. Slurping, sliding, penetrating Sarah. Leaning forward, I smelled her hair as I reached around her front, feeling the comfort of her pubic hair.

I was spent, but I didn't want to come out of her yet. With my penis still in her vagina, I leaned up and softly kissed her ear. "Don't tell mom."