Slave In Stockings Tied To Bed And Touched

Slave In Stockings Tied To Bed And Touched
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My wife & myself went over to my wifes sisters. We helped her clean up around the house. At the end of the day we all got cleaned up and had dinner.

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After dinner Sherry(sisterinlaw) was having back pain, she poured us all a glass of wine to unwind and she asked me If I would mind giving her a massage, I asked my wife if she mined (since my occupation is a massage therapist) Kerry said she didn't mind so I started massaging her, my wife Kerry was sitting on the couch watching TV. Sherry began to finally relax, I jokingly said I was not use to giving a massage with clothes on. My wife had agreed to that! Kerry went to the bathroom and got a towel for sherry.

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I suggested that she lie on the bed where she would be more comfortable. Sherry got up and went into the bedroom and To my suprise Sherry was lying on her stomach on the bed with a towel covering only her buttocks.

I massaged Sherry for about half an hour she said it felt great, thanked me then STOOD UP letting the towel drop to the floor. I had just enough time before she turned around to catch a glimps of her nude breasts (which are about a D cup, alot smaller than my wifes) as she went into the bathroom to take a shower a wash the massage oil off of her body. My wife still turns me on with her natural red hair that flows past her wist line & her little red patch between her legs & lets not forget about those DD breasts of hers!!

My wife said that was a nice thing to do for Sherry and asked me if I would give her my special massage. Now I began massaging my wife.

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Starting at her neck and moving down to her feet. I worked my way back up her body massaging on the inside of her legs I started to massage around the joint muscle on both sides of her RED mound of hair.


Slowly I worked my way up to the top of her pussy where her red pubic hair stops and massaged that area she then grabbed my hand and started put it on her wet lips. I stopped her, asked what if her sister comes out of the shower?

dont worry she said when the water is turned off we'll stop before she comes back in the bedroom.


After a while of fingering my wife, she begged me to put as many fingers in as I could. I ended up sticked my whole hand up past my wrist into her dripping wet hole as I've done many times before. This time my wife was really getting into it like never before, she said just the thought of Sherry coming in the room while I had my hand working in and out of her.

This really turned me on, I was now hard as a rock. My wife begged me to fuck her NOW! Which I did!


I banged on my wife making her hugh tits bounce so hard they nearly made her pass out during one of our best orgasims ever. I slowly pulled out and was going to put on my shorts when I noticed the shower was not running I looked up and saw my sisterinlaw standing at the bathroom door. My wife looked at me smiled and said she saw Sherry standing there for about 10 minutes and said it really turned her on to have her sister see her being fucked right in front of her.

My wife smiled up at Sherry and said it's Sherry's turn! Sherry slowly stroked my now limp dick.

Her soft warm hands felt so good. Sherry began to suck my dick, I looked over at my wife who was smiling at me now. Soon, Sherry had me rock hard again as she continued to suck my dick.

Sherry sucked my dick like it was the last one on the earth, swallowing it all as far as she could. Just as I was about to cum, she griped the base of my dick as she said I'm not ready for you to cum yet. The next thing I knew my wife had started to suck my dick while sherry licked her sisters pussy clean of all my cum. My wife did the same thing that Sherry had done to make sure I didn't cum, she did this several times. Sherry said it was time for her to ride me, Sherry slowly lowered herself down on my rock hard dick, slowly going up and down.

My wife spread her legs and put her pussy on my lips. As I licked and sucked on my wifes clitoris which made her begin moaning. Sherry began moaning as she moved faster and harder up and down my dick stopping with my dick all the way in her pussy, she began grinding in circles and then in front to back motions causing the head of my dick to heat up. Still licking my wifes pussy, Sherry yelled "cum in me, I want to feel your cum shoot inside of me"! My wife began having several orgasms at this time, while Sherry buried my dick as far in her pussy as it would go until I exploded my cum in to her.

We all feel asleep in the bed together. The next morning I woke up to Sherry and my wife talking to each other and Sherry came over to me and said that was the first time she had ever felt someone cum in her, she had other men cum in her before but never one she could feel.

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Which made me happy since my measurements are soft: 2" long x 2" wide, Erect 7" long x 4 ¼ " Wide, I know it doesn't sound right but since I had a surgery on my genitals when I was about 5 the doctor had messed something up when he did the surgery, I cant explain it. My sister in law said she was glad we stopped by & hoped we could come over sometime soon!

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There is several parts to this story it continues for about three years which I will post them for you in the future. The End.