Brunnette gives herself tequila enema

Brunnette gives herself tequila enema
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Michael did in fact forget about Rose. All he thought about until ten was math. And Zoë. They had forgot about the help until nine o'clock, but she assured him that her parents wouldn't worry about her. At nine they resumed their studies, going over the homework that they had been assigned and finishing it in a half an hour. By then Zoë fully understood the subject. Once they were done Michael excused himself to the bathroom while she went to refill her water.

Once he was inside with the door locked he dropped his pants and let his cock loose. He hadn't been able to get off since that morning when he and Rose had fucked.

He sat on the lid of the toilet and began stroking it. After a full day of almost no attention his dick would have been a little bigger than normal, but the light touches and smiles of the elegant and gorgeous Zoë had forced him to hide his erection a few times over the course of the night.

The result was his full nine and a half inches, swollen and red with need. As his hand gently began to stroke his cock he imagined that scene that he had witnessed so long ago, though it in fact had only been two days; Candy, the bitch ballerina, undressed and caressing her stunning body. Quickly the scene changed to one of Zoë on her knees in front of him.

He stroked for about five minutes to no avail before he gave up and tucked it back away.

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As Michael quickly dropped down the stairs he found Zoë standing in his path. Too late to do anything Michael hit the carpet of the first step and flew forward, crashing straight into Zoë and dumping her ice water all over the both of them.

Luckily the collision had occurred in a place where there was no furniture. Looking up from the floor Michael found Zoë with ice water all down the front of her shirt and some on her shorts. He struggled to his feet and winced, pain coming from where his head had hit the floor. He helped her to her feet and began his apology when she gasped and ran off.

Again Michael felt the pain in his head, and reaching up to find the spot he found his head warm and wet, slightly sticky. Pulling his hand back he found blood dripping down his fingers to his palm.

Zoë rushed back with a towel and pressed it to his head, attempting to staunch the flow. "Mike are you okay? I'm so sorry I didn't think that you would be down that quickly…" For a moment he was unable to reply.

Michael was to busy looking at the outline of her bra through the gray t-shirt that had been soaked. Realizing that she might catch him looking he stammered a reply. "Yeah, ow! I'm… aah! I'm fine Zoë. Really I'm okay. And you shouldn't be apologizing this is my fault. I crashed into you." He took her hand as she led him up the stairs to the bathroom to examine the wound. Once they were in front of the mirror she pulled the towel away and they looked, finding it was only tiny cut just beneath the hairline.

He put a bandage on it as she dropped the towel into the hamper.

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"Um, Zoë maybe you should change, your covered in water and your shirt is a bit see through…" She began to ask a question until she looked down and found what he said to be true. She gasped and looked at Michael, but the second her eyes landed on him she covered her mouth with a hand to stop from laughing. Looking down Mike discovered that his shorts had taken on the same see through quality, and he was still afflicted by his erection.

The ice water had, however, forced his dick to begin to shrink, meaning that a half flaccid head tented his shorts just down his right leg. He looked at her and realized that she thought he had a small cock. "Uhhh… yeah, so you could probably use one of my sister's shirts… and I think I'll go change as well." He spun and walked out of the bathroom, the laughter starting as soon as he was gone.

He went straight to his room and grabbed a pair of basketball shorts he used for sleeping, stripping out of his shorts and boxers. He grabbed another pair of boxers and put them on. Actually changing took him a while, as his semi erect cock was still large for the small underwear. Finally he emerged from his room to find Zoë nowhere in sight.

He was about to knock on his sister's door when he realized that the door was not fully shut. Looking into his sister's mirror he could see Zoë, fully nude and pulling on a pair of sweat pants and a white t-shirt. She left her bra and panties on his sister's bed, covering her lightly tanned skin with the thin material of the shirt and admiring herself in the mirror mounted on the door of the closet.

She stayed half turned and pulled off the shirt, her breasts falling free of the white fabric with a slight bounce. Michael watched as she picked out a pink one and spun full towards him, the shirt over her head and her chest fully exposed to his hungry eyes.

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Michael tore himself away from the sight as he felt his cock beginning to grow again, heading down stairs and refilling her cup with ice water. When she came down he handed her the cup and smiled. "Thanks Mike." She said the nickname with a sly smile, as if it was a joke. "I'm sorry that I ran into you, Zoë. How do the clothes fit?" She kept smiling at him as he asked her. "They fit pretty well… they're a bit small…" she laughed at her own joke and pulled the hem of the shirt down, stretching it out and making her nipples poke out through the thin pink cotton.

She tried to keep a straight face as she did a spin but as soon as she faced him again she began to laugh again. He grinned at her belief, knowing that if she knew his real size she wouldn't be laughing.

But he decided to play along with the game. "Ha ha, very funny Zoë. Lets just go sit down." She grinned and agreed, grabbing his arm and cuddling with him as they made their way to the sofa.

He sat down on the shorter of the two, resting against the arm and watching as she laid down on the whole thing, putting her feet on the arm rest and resting her head on the other end.

She smiled at him from the other end, laughing every so often.

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After the first couple times he laughed along with her, shifting and putting his feet on the couch with his knees up in the air, grabbing her feet and beginning to massage them. After a while she began to relax and shut her eyes. When Michael looked at the clock reading ten he began to get scared. "Hey, Zoë, don't you have to be home soon? It's ten o'clock." She opened her eyes and looked at him still massaging her feet.

"No. My parents trust me enough that I can stay wherever I want.


They understand that I don't like to drive late at night and so if I'm not in by about ten they just assume I'm staying over at a friend's house." She waited until he had finished her massage before she stood up, stretching and groaning only to sit back down, this time on Michael's lap. He was a bit stunned by this but she seemed absolutely fine with it all so he didn't say anything.

He felt his erection start to poke out of his underwear, but he ignored it, seeing it more as a time bomb than anything else. He smiled and went along with it. "Want to watch a movie? We might as well do something." She shook her head and continued looking at him with a funny expression.

Michael knew it but he couldn't describe it… it was just off the tip of his tongue. Suddenly, on a rapid exchange of thoughts, he remembered something she had said. "Zoë, what did you mean when you said that you thought I would be up in the bathroom longer?" She stammered a bit before she started giggling again.

"I, I uh… I knew that you had a hard on.


I tried hard to give you one! I figured you'd gone up there to take care of it." Michael started to apologize, one hand moving up to the back of his neck to rub absentmindedly. She grabbed it and wrapped it around her waist. "You don't have to apologize!

I knew what I was doing before hand.

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And I wanted a break anyway." She smiled that stunning smile again, melting all of Michael's soul with it. "Well you certainly got a break." They both laughed at the jest. They sat there for a while, simply talking about absolutely nothing. Finally Zoë got up to refill her water, removing the pressure from his nuts.

He corrected the angle at which his dick pointed then followed Zoë into the kitchen. She filled her cup with water, smiling at him as he came in and leaned against the bar. She walked over and slid in beside him, setting her water on the bar and leaning against him. "Just couldn't stay away from me huh?" He looked at her when she said it.

She wasn't looking up at him, just looking forward at the cabinets. He turned his body so that he faced her. She looked up at him as he did so. Her nose and cheeks had a few freckles, or rather spots of groups of freckles. It gave her an even more innocent look than the one she already wore. He smiled gently. "Why would I want to?" Michael slid forward, hugging her to him and kissing her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him in tighter to her. He didn't press the kiss, not wanting to ruin anything the way he had with Rose.

He did, however, want her in the most intimate ways. Michael picked her up as they continued to kiss and carried her into the den. Setting her on the longer couch he laid down on top of her, supporting himself with his hands to keep from putting his entire weight on her. They resumed their kiss, this time a little bit more desperately. Zoë reached down and grabbed the hem of her shirt, pulling up and off to expose her breasts to his view.

Michael ran a hand underneath the small of her back, pulling her up to him and nibbling the nape of her neck. She hugged him even tighter, moaning ever so slightly as his fingers stroked the small of her back and his teeth picked at her. After some attention was given to her neck he moved his lips down to her breasts, her fingers clawing at his shoulders to pull him tighter to her luscious globes.

His tongue whipped out and began to encircle her small brown areolas, covering her nipple in saliva. She cried out at the feeling of his mouth sucking hard on her breast, her own hand pulling off of his back and pinching her other nipple hard. Michael stopped his attention and slid back up her body to kiss her, kissing her hard and feeling her arms on the back of his neck, pulling him closer to her. Her legs rose and wrapped around his ass, holding him as she kissed him furiously and rubbing her nipples against his own.

Zoë squealed in surprise as Mike picked her up again, this time walking towards the stairs. She continued to kiss him, not caring where they were going. If he had taken her out in the street and fucked her like a dog she wouldn't have cared.

She needed him. After a few minutes of steps Zoë felt the cushion of the bed underneath her back, grinning as she looked about and found herself in his bedroom. She pushed him off of her and stood, pushing the sweatpants down to the floor and sauntering sexily over to her lover. She crawled on top of him and kissed him, letting his arms gently wrap around her. After a short make out session she slid down his stomach, stopping at his neck to bite it as he had done to her earlier.

She then resumed her erotic journey; gently licking one of his nipples and sending small sparks through him as she went on her way to his shorts. He grinned as he awaited her reaction to his true length. He watched Zoë grab the waistband of his shorts and pull, waiting for his average or smaller dick to pop up. She pulled faster and faster, reaching his knees before she finally was rewarded with his cock bouncing up and presenting itself to her.

She gasped and put one hand around it, barely fitting her fingers around the girth. She gaped at him and then saw his grin, smiling devilishly and returning to his throbbing cock. She didn't waste any time. Michael felt her hand on the base, felt her stroke it a few times before he felt the warmth and wet of her lips latch onto the head.

He groaned as she licked around the head, passing over the spot just above his tip that was so sensitive. Then he watched as Zoë slid her lips down, stroking her hand up it the entire time.

She slowly took more and more of his cock until they both felt it touch the back of her throat. Looking up at him with a mouthful of his cock Zoë simply continued forward, allowing the head to push past the boundary of her throat and slide down to the base. Michael groaned at the sight of her lips reaching his pubic hair, the feeling of her throat on his cock. She pulled her lips off of his cock and swung around, placing her pussy just above his mouth.

Her request was obvious. As she continued to suck his cock he grabbed her ass in his hands, pulling her dripping lips down to meet his. She moaned around his cock as she reached his crotch a second time. Michael shoved his tongue into her fuck tunnel, the taste of her secretions like candy to his wanting stomach. He pushed his tongue into her faster and faster, tongue fucking her until he remembered the spot on Rose's cunt.

He tongued it briefly to test for a reaction.

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At the feeling of his tongue on her G-spot Zoë shook visibly, her moans long and loud from around his cock. Michael finally felt his balls begin to burn as Zoë began her fourth deep throat. He pulled himself away from her sweet pussy, watching as her throat expanded on his cock.

Mike groaned when he saw the head clearly outlined in her throat. "Oh, fuck babe I'm gonna cum…!" Michael felt the heat shooting up his dick, the feelings of bliss rocketing through his lower body and his mind, and began to pump his cock in and out of her throat as he shot his load into her stomach. She stopped her descent as she felt the first string of seed race up his length, pulling back until the head was the only thing in her mouth.

Mike came as he had that morning, cumming a bucketful of seed into Zoë's mouth. Somehow she managed to swallow it all without losing a single drop. When he was finished she looked like she had eaten a full meal, her stomach slightly swollen with the amount of sperm in her belly. She swung around and kissed Mike, the two lacing their fingers together as they kissed passionately. However content the two lovers were, Michael soon felt his cock begin to rise, pressing against Zoë's pussy as it grew to its full height.

She looked back to his recharged cock and smiled at him. "Well, you certainly are a race horse! Hung like one too!" She laughed and kissed him again, letting him hug her to him as she rubbed her wet pussy on the base of his cock. She squealed with joy as he rolled her over so that he was on top, rubbing his cock against her cunt as they continued to kiss.

Finally he lowered, pressing his cock into her entrance and pushing into her pussy. Zoë grunted as he pushed gently into her, spreading her vagina like nothing ever had before. She wrapped her legs around his waist again as he pushed into her slowly, stopping when he reached the thin flesh of her hymen. "Shit… I forgot about my maidenhead… Michael just tear it, I need you in my fucking pussy!" Michael kissed her with as much love as he could, pressing hard against her and breaking his cock into her untouched void.

She screamed as it broke, her fingernails breaking the skin of Mike's shoulders as she attempted to squeeze the pain out of her most sensitive body part. The result was intense pressure along Michael's cock, which was already squeezed tightly by her virgin pussy. After a little while she relaxed and kissed him, begging for him to continue. He pushed into her slower than he had before, forcing her wet pussy apart as he pleasured them.


Finally he felt his hips touch hers, pushing a little harder and successfully hitting her cervix. Once Zoë felt the head of his cock on her cervix she cried out in surprise before begging him to continue.

Michael did so happily. As he pulled back out Michael groaned, her tight pussy squeezing his cock hard while trying to suck him back inside of her. "Ooooohhhh god… I miss you already… Fuck me Michael! I need to cum all over your cock!" Zoë's eyes were flooded with desperation and lust, urging Mike on in his quest. He forgot that she was a virgin, shoving his cock back into her fast and ramming into her cervix.

She grunted and moaned loud, begged him to do it again. Michael fucked her hard, ramming his cock into her as fast as he could and relishing every second of it. Zoë didn't take long to climax. "Ohhhh yes oh fuck oh yes oh god oh MICHAEL fuuuuuuckkkkkkkk!!" Zoë felt the climax through her entire body, the huge cock in her pussy destroying her as her lover fucked her the way she wanted it.

She bucked under him as Mike continued. She climaxed again only a few minutes later, this time spraying Michael with juices as she screamed that same orgasmic rant over and over, "ooooooooooooOOOOHHHHhhhhhh…!" After her third orgasm in a row Mike felt his own hitting him like a train.

He pushed into her hard and let his load loose, forgetting everything else as he finished fucking the woman beneath him. Zoë screamed when she felt his seed hit her cervix, flood her cunt and squeeze itself into every possible part of her hole. Mike didn't even bother to pull his cock from her pussy. He wrapped her in a hug, kissed her once more and rolled over, falling fast asleep with cum leaking down onto his nuts and his lover on his chest.

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