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Beste strapon Verführung
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2 weeks of skiing with your family, you though it was going to be hell, at the end it was enjoyable, the evening before leaving you're packing your bags when Paul your brother knocks on the door, 'Hi Sis, I have a favour to ask if you'd be willing' He says entering. 'What do you need?' you reply as he sits on the bed, 'John (your nephew) is off to university next week, it's near you…' you look at him frowning.

'Well I was wondering if he could bunk with you until he gets his accommodation sorted, there seems to have been a mix up and they haven't given him a place on campus' We'd be very grateful he adds. You stand for a second, 'How long?' is all you say. Paul smiles 'only about 2 weeks'. You've gotten used to living on your own but someone as company for a short time might not be too bad you think to yourself.

'Ok, but I'm leaving early in the morning so he's going to have to be ready when I am' you tell Paul. Jumping up he smiles again 'great I'll let him know'.

Next morning John's up before you and helps pack the car, 'See you in a couple of months he calls to his parents' as you pull away. Settling in the seat next to you he smiles 'thanks for this auntie' he says for the umpteenth time since waking. 'God I feel so old when you call me that!' you tell him. 'Call me Ashley please!' he grins at you, 'I know it winds you up dad told me, that's why I did it!' Suppressing a smile you look at him 'So you fancy walking then?' laughing loudly he playfully slaps your thigh 'you wouldn't make your poor nephew walk all that way, would you auntie??' 'One more comment like that and you'll find out!' you reply.

4 hours later you pull up outside you house, 'I wasn't really expecting company you tell John, but we'll muddle through I guess' unloading the car you show him inside, 'ok so I guess you can have the room next to mine, top of the stairs 2nd door'.

You both head up with your bags and you enter your room, pushing the door shut with your heel, you forget it doesn't always shut properly. Emptying you bag you dump most of it into the hamper, feeling sweaty you decide to take a quick shower. Entering the on suite you turn the water on and leave it to warm up, you hear the shower going in the next room and wander back in to your bedroom thinking John's already showering. As you move around the room you strip down to your underwear, dropping everything onto the floor.

Suddenly you hear a gasp and 'God I'm sorry Ashley … I didn't mean too…' you spin round to see John standing in the open door way in nothing but his boxer short, blushing furiously you scream at him to get out and watch as he almost runs back to his room.

Calming down you put a dressing gown on and going next door you knock and hear him say 'come in', walking in you see John sitting on the bed still only in his boxers, 'I'm sorry Ashley, I was only going to ask for some towels, I didn't know you were almost naked' he stammers. 'No it's my fault' you answer 'I'm not used to having anyone here and I forgot my bedroom door doesn't always close when I just kick it' you explain. Getting up you fetch him some towels and tell him there's more in the cupboard right across from his room.

As he smiles his thanks you get up to leave and notice that he's desperately trying to cover his boxers, leaving quickly you go to your room and close the door leaning on it, did you really have an effect on your 19 year old nephew you thought you had seen? You wonder to yourself. You hear him in the shower and dropping your gown you step into yours, trying to forget what you think you saw. You realise that just thinking about it has made you damp, then you feel revolted, he's my nephew for god sake!

Drying off and dress in some comfy shorts and a top you go down stairs to find John sitting on the sofa, 'Fancy something to eat?' you ask him and see him blush, 'Err yeah sure he stammers' as you head to the kitchen. After dinner you're both sitting on the sofa watching TV, you look across at John and see he's trying to avoid looking at you. 'What's up hun?

You scared to look at me?


I won't bite' you ask him. Looking at you he blushes again, 'Sorry auntie, I guess I can't get the image of you in just your underwear out of my head' he admits quietly. You feel yourself flush with pleasure at his admission, and then realise he called you auntie again!

Grabbing his waist you start tickling him 'I told you not to call me AUNTIE!' you say as he squirms and laughs, fighting back he starts trying to tickle you and you both roll on the sofa trying to get the upper hand, almost immediately you feel his hand grab your braless breast and squeeze, freezing you look at him to see his eyes go wide and he freezes too, his hand still grasping your breast.

Pulling away and almost throwing himself across to an armchair, John stutters another apology. Trying to reassure him you tell him 'it's ok hun, it was an accident. Come back and sit with me we can finish watching the film then we can go to bed' you see him stare at you shocked 'oh god I didn't mean together' you gasp.

Suddenly he laughs and the tension in the room disappears. 'It did sound that way auntie… I mean Ashley' he answers. Coming back to sit beside you, you both start to relax though you can rid yourself of the feeling of his strong hand grasping your breast. Shifting round slightly you lean against his shoulder as you watch the film, feeling him tense slightly but he relaxes after its apparent your only getting comfy.

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You keep feeling his eyes wander to you as the evening wears on and you're sure he's checking out you breasts through the thin tee shirt you have on. Once the film finishes you both stand and upstairs he stops, turning to you he quietly says 'I really appreciate this Ashley, I don't know where I would have stayed if you hadn't said yes'. Leaning in to him you kiss his cheek 'that's what aunties are for' you grin, standing this close you breasts brush his chest and you feel your nipples harden slightly, John gasps quietly and you realise he felt them harden too.

Turning quickly he enters his room 'night Ashley' he calls back over his shoulder closing the door. Standing there for a second you wonder if it was an accident or did you make your breasts brush him on purpose.

Shaking you head you enter your room and close the door, dropping you clothes in the basket again you stand in front of the mirror looking at yourself. Long shapely legs go all the way to a trim waist and firm bottom, you turn to look at it, turning back your eyes slide over your pantie covered pussy and see a tiny damp patch on them, continuing over your flat stomach they reach you firm 38D breasts and again you feel your nipples harden at the thought of them brushing John's chest.

Running your fingers over them you touch the nipples and feel them harden even more, closing your eyes you imagine John touching them and again your panties get wetter. Slowly stroking your breasts your breath catches thinking about him in the next room and what you're now sure you saw earlier.

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Dropping a hand you continue to tease a nipple and the other one strokes your pussy through its thin covering, then just as you were losing yourself in the feeling you here 'Please Ashley' gasped quietly from the next room, now it's your turn to freeze, listening hard you hear the bed move next door.

Unable to stop yourself you creep out and stand in front of the closed door listening and almost putting your ear against it. Again you hear 'Yes Ashley. Please touch me' moaned low. Shocked you step back, the realisation that hear John use your name like that has soaked your panties makes you tremble. Stepping to the door you listen again but can't hear anything, slowly you raise your hand and knock, silence, opening the door slowly you almost whisper 'John, are you awake did you call me?' still no reply but as you turn to go he replies 'Sorry I thought you were asleep'.

Without a seconds thought that you're only in a pair of soaking panties you enter his room and step to the bed. 'What did you need hun?' you whisper as you sit on the edge. You hear him gasp as he can see that you almost naked by the light coming in through the open door. 'Ashley you're naked' he gasps. You look at him 'don't you like what you see?' you can't help but ask.

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In the half-light you see him nod afraid that if he says anything you might leave. Trembling slightly you take his hand and hold it for a second, 'Did you like the feel of my breast earlier?' again he nods and this time you guide his hand to your bare breast letting it fall onto you hard nipple. John moans softly as he starts to massage it feeling the firm flesh under his palm, he moves his hand so his fingers circle your nipple and tug it slightly, you gasp but don't stop him as he removes his other hand from under the covers and starts teasing your other breast kneading and teasing the nipple as well.

You feel your breath coming faster, you nipples, always sensitive causing that affect, sometimes even when you full dressed. Looking at him you see his face flushed and his mouth open slightly, unable to stop yourself you lean forward slowly and kiss him gently feeling him stiffen at first then respond your tongue slips into his mouth.

Hearing yourself moan you're not surprised when he start to raise one of your breasts, knowing what he wants you move up more letting him guide your now stiff nipple to his mouth and engulf it with his lips greedily pulling on it as he sucks it into his mouth, gasping you feel yourself grasp his head and pull it towards you more as you push your breast into his face.

You feel your pussy throb in your now soaking panties. John pulls away from your breast and gasp 'Ashley, you're so fucking hot!' Blushing with pleasure at his comment you grin stupidly, 'No' you whisper, 'I want you to call me auntie!' you blush more as you see the surprised look on his face. Slowly you pull back from him, 'now you've seen me I think it's my turn' you tell him as you grasp the bed clothes and slowly almost teasing yourself you start to pull them down and off him.

You stare into his eyes as he looks back at you and you force yourself not to look straight away, finally you can't stop your eyes wandering down his fit young body to his cock. Gasping you see it's bare of any hair and looks bigger than any you've seen before.

Slowly you stroke your fingertips down the smooth shaft eliciting a low moan and gasp from him, as you stroke up it you see it twitch and a small drop of pre cum slips out from under the foreskin, leaning forward you look up into his eyes as you slip your tongue out of your mouth and lightly lick the tip across his cock head.

John jumps at the touch and moans louder 'Auntie… please…' is all he utters, knowing what he's asking for you lick it again this time as your mouth circles the end you cover it with your mouth and lightly drag your teeth across it, John moans louder as you lick again and again.


You feel yourself driven by the taste of his juices and slip your tongue inside his foreskin, almost crying John arches his hips as you work his cock deeper and deeper into your mouth sucking it and using every trick you know to pleasure him.

You stop sucking and slowly stand, looking down at John you slip your fingers into your thong and teasingly slip it down turning so that you block his view and all he can see is one arse cheek, looking over your shoulder at him you whisper 'would you like to see what auntie looks like?' John moans low his and moving towards his hard cock but you stop him with a look 'naughty boys who play with their cocks don't get what they want' you tell him starting to pull your thong back up.

Gasping he moans 'No auntie please I'll be good!' as he move his hand away quickly. Smiling down at him you slowly turn and kneel on the bed close to his head, moving your legs apart to he can see you already wet pussy lips.

You can smell your juices and know he can't help but smell them too as you look down at him his eyes wide and staring at your bald pussy. 'Are you a good boy, will you do what auntie tells you?' you moan low. All he can do is nod.

'Move down the bed' you tell him, and as he does it you move closer to his head, slowly you slip your leg over his head and straddle his face, you can feel your pussy's so wet you know it must be dripping, 'Now lick aunties pussy' you command and almost instantly feel John's tongue bury itself into you soaking hot pussy, you groan louder as he licks back and forth trying to catch all your juices.

Suddenly you feel his tongue hit you clit, you hadn't realised how hard it was and he stops for a second before swirling his tongue round and round it.

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In seconds you start orgasming and push your legs wider so you pussy drops onto his face almost suffocating him, falling forward you start sucking his cock again and your orgasms continue as you moan and cry out with his young hard cock deep in your throat, almost as suddenly as your orgasm hit you feel his cock twitch and fill your mouth and throat with his cum making you swallow as much as you can. Hearing John's muffled cries of pleasure make you redouble your efforts milking him for as much of his cum as you can.

Feeling his cock soften and his cum stop you start to suck him back to hardness but John begs you to stop for a little while and rolling off him you turn, 'as you're such a good boy for auntie I'll do as you ask' you tell him, falling on the bed beside him.

You can't help but play with his semi hard cock as you lay in each other arms, 'Ashley, you're amazing' he whispers, you slap him playfully and reply 'I told you, you're only allowed to call me auntie!' as you grasp his hardening cock again, grinning at him you whisper 'Looks like your almost ready for round two!' and laugh as you see his eyes widen. 'This time you don't need to do anything' you tell him as you slide your body over and on top of his.

You feel him start to move his arms to grab your hips but you pin them down above his head as you slide your soaking pussy up and down his hard shaft, 'don't move' you tell him as you release one of his hands and grasping his hot cock you guide it to your waiting hole and slowly slip the tip inside.

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Then grabbing his hand again you start to slide your body down forcing more of his thick cock inside you, letting out a low moan, almost a growl, you work your throbbing pussy up and down John's pulsing cock and hear him moaning continuously. Sitting up you drive his cock all the way into you panting you cry out, 'fuck me John, fuck your auntie' making him almost shout out.

Pulling his hands to your bouncing breasts you make him grab them and as he mashes them together you feel him pinch your nipples making you cry out in pain but also pleasure.

Riding his throbbing cock deeper and deeper you both cry out more and more, feeling your orgasm building you ride him faster, gasping and hearing yourself begging him to make you cum. As your orgasm his John starts shouting 'You're my fuck toy auntie, admit it aren't you!' not caring if anyone else hears you both you almost scream back 'YES&hellip.

YES make me your fuck toy baby!!' you suddenly feel John's cock twitching and jerking as he cums for a second time making your orgasm get stronger, with his pulsing cock inside you fall forward and John immediately bites your nipples not just sucking them into his mouth but pulling on them with his teeth making them sore and you cry out again, your orgasms continue for what feels like hours but you know is only minutes and finally you roll off your panting nephew.

Both of you lay on his bed until you fall asleep, waking the next morning you hear John in the kitchen and without thinking you walk in naked, stopping you're shocked to see him standing there also naked and with a full hard on, as he walks over to you all you can do is watch as his cock bounces slightly. Without hesitation he kisses you on the lips and takes your hand leading you to the table. Thinking he's going to sit you down for breakfast you're surprised when he stops you and makes you place your hands flat on the table before pulling your arse towards him, before you can say anything John pushes him already throbbing cock into your sore, abused pussy and starts fucking you again.

'Oh god!' you groan as you feel him slip deep inside you thrusting in and out already making you wet again. 'I told you, you're my fuck toy auntie' he whispers in your ears as he uses you, feeling your breasts swinging as he thrusts you gasp 'YES John I'm yours to use… don't stop please…' as you feel another orgasm building, you start pushing back with each of his thrusts timing it to drive his cock deeper.

Moaning continuously now you both feel yourselves reaching you orgasms together and you cry out as he fills your pussy again and again with his cum, you feel it running out and down your thighs as he doesn't stop fucking you. Finally John pulls out of you and steps back as your knees buckle with the waves of pleasure still sweeping your body he steps to the side and offers his cock to you 'Clean it for me auntie' is all he says and without hesitation you greedily suck it into your mouth licking all your combined juices off it.

Sated you both sit down at the table, and you feel the puddle of juices leaking onto the chair from your full pussy. Without speaking John finally gets up and you hear him shower, it must be 20 minutes later when walking back into the kitchen he leans over and kisses you 'I'll be back about 5pm, be ready for me' he whispers and it sends a shiver down your body as you realise you're now helplessly submissive to your 19 year old nephew and you'll do anything he wants from now on!