Deutscher Teenager und alter Kerl harter Outdoor Sex

Deutscher Teenager und alter Kerl harter Outdoor Sex
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I had just finished my exams and had a month long break. I didn't have anything to do. I didn't have a girlfriend at the time and so was mostly spending my time watching porn and jerking off to it. I was a horny 15 year old obsessed with sex especially that involving mature women. I kept downloading movies featuring mature horny women. This obsession wasn't just limited to the computer. I was fantasizing about a number of women whom I knew- my teachers, my neighbor, my friend's moms, my cousins but majority of my fantasies were about my aunt.

My mother's younger sister, she was married with two kids and lived in the other part of the country. Well, she was a really sexy MILF. She was about 5'6", slim, with an ass to die for and breasts that weren't too large but looked perfect on her body. Her nice black hair and her beautiful face made a complete package. So one day when she called and asked me to come over for the holidays, I agreed. My cousin brother, who was a year younger, would be great company and maybe, just maybe I could try my luck with my aunt.

All through the flight, I thought only about my aunt. I started planning on how I would make her have sex with me. I was thinking of eating her sweet pussy. I pictured her beautiful mouth bobbing up and down on my pecker, how my rock hard would be squeezed by her tight and hot pussy, and to top all that my 9" dick would enter her round and sexy ass while she would be screaming and begging me to pound her ass.

Thinking of all of this had hardened my cock to the point where the bulge was clearly showing in my jeans. The lady sitting to my left happened to glance down and spotted the bulge.

She quipped, "Looks like you are getting excited, young man." Embarrassed, I immediately rushed to the loo and had to jerk off to relieve myself of the hardon. The rest of the journey passed off uneventfully and finally I reached my destination. As soon as I reached my aunt's place, I was immediately the center of attraction. I had not met them for nearly three years and since then much had changed. My cousins had grown up but what caught my attention the most was how my aunt looked.

She looked like she had had a makeover. Although she was nearly 40, she looked like she was not even 30. Her face looked much younger than I had last seen it and she was oozing with youth. Even her wardrobe seemed to have been overhauled.

She was looking absolutely stunning in her tight top which hugged her breasts and showed quite a bit of cleavage. Her skirt seemed like it was too short as it showed off her sexy, muscular legs.

There was about 2 inches from where her top ended and her skirt started that showed of her flat torso and her naval hole. She looked like she had been working out as her body showed no signs of any fat. Her curves were even more prominent. She had almost an hourglass figure. Now that I observed, even her breasts seemed to be bigger.

She wasn't wearing any makeup, not that she needed any. She was naturally beautiful. As she came forward to receive me, I noticed that she had a spring in her step as if she was really excited about something.

As she leaned forward to hug me, I got an eyeful of her tits. My semi hard cock hardened even though I had jerked off just an hour back. She hugged me tight and I could feel her tits pressing against my chest and I am sure she would have felt the bulge of my cock brushing against her bare torso. "Ah! Ah! You've grown big, honey." Saying that, she kissed me on the cheek. I could smell her perfume and the fragrance was driving me wild. I thought she meant it sexually, but she soon clarified herself.

"So tall and muscular.

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You look so strong and you've grown into a handsome young man, darling." "Thanks, Aunt Sush. You aren't looking bad either. In fact, you look younger and more beautiful than ever." "Oh, thank you, darling.

I am flattered by the compliment from such a young man." "It's the truth, Aunt Sush." And with that, I went to the guestroom to freshen up. I had to jerk off while in the shower thinking of her beautiful tits and he forbidden fruit beneath her short, sexy skirt. As I came out of the shower, I was determined to fuck her mature pussy at least once in the coming month that I would be there, whatever I might have to do. After lunch, she helped me unpack and all the while I kept stealing glances of her tits and ass.

At times, I would stare at her tits and would be lost in thought of how they would feel in my hands. Once she even caught me looking at her tits and I was embarrassed at the situation. The rest of the evening went off well and I spent some time chatting with my uncle and then with my cousin brother. Aunt Sush retired early and soon after Uncle Pat joined her. My cousins too retired early so I was all alone in the hall watching television. A skin flick was coming so I sat down to watch it.

Soon I could hear few sounds coming from my uncle and aunt's room. I strained to hear and soon heard my Aunt Sush's moans and Uncle Pat's grunts. I was excited thinking of him fucking her with so many people in the house but was also jealous of him as I too wanted that hot pussy that only he had access to. I wanted to go and watch through the keyhole but decided against it afraid that I might get caught spying.

I went back to watching the flick while the sounds continued to come from their bedroom. After a while the sounds died down and after the flick finished I went to my room and jerked off for the third time that day spraying my cum all over my stomach, chest and a bit of it fell on the bedspread too.

The next few days passed without much happening. Each day I found myself staring at her assets and at times daydreaming about her. Not to mention the fantasies that I had. Her dresses did little to cover her and more I think of enhancing her sexy, curvaceous body. She would wear rather daring dresses considering that there were three guys in the house and two of them were horny teenagers (at least I was). It was one such day when I was just passing by my aunt's room. The door was slightly open so I decided to see what she was up to.

And as I peeked in through the small opening, I was treated to a wonderful sight. Aunt Sush had just come out from the bathroom and believe me she was looking absolutely stunning. She was wearing a really short bathrobe that showed off her perfect tits. Her hardened nipples were poking through the material of the robe.

And the robe barely covered her round and sexy ass. It hugged her ass barely covering it. As she bent down the robe rode up exposing her ass to my hungry, lust filled eyes.

My hard cock had formed a tent in my shorts and was screaming for release. As no one else was in the house at the moment, I dropped my shorts and underwear in one go, and began rubbing my dick with my left hand.

Slowly she untied the robe exposing her naked front and dropped it to the floor. What an amazing body she had! She was a goddess. My cock hardened even more seeing this out of world sight. I was in two minds whether to take advantage of the situation or not. The decision was made for me as the bell sounded just then. In a flash, I pulled up my pants and ran down to open the door only to find the maid.

I cursed her in my mind for spoiling my chance to fuck my aunt. The rest of the day I kept thinking of the events of the morning and what might have happened had it not been for the bluddy maid coming at that time. I was feeling extremely horny so I went up to the computer to watch some porn. I was watching a gangbang video where a blonde MILF was getting fucked in all her holes by big black cocks when she came into the room all of a sudden. I just managed to close the window but my fully erect cock which was forming a tent in my shorts was clearly visible.

She asked me what I was up to although I felt she knew what I was doing. Anyway as I tried to think of a good enough reason I felt her eyes linger for quite a few seconds where my cock was straining the shorts. Before I could say anything she changed the topic and started telling me about a party the next day.

She kept speaking of all the people who would be coming and how I should make sure I look good. Half the time, my mind was focused on her and not what she was saying. As she got up and walked towards the door, I couldn't help but stare at her ass swaying as she walked. My uncle and aunt fucked daily as I could hear the sounds coming from the bedroom.

That night I was extremely horny and aroused by the day's happenings. It also made me desire her more. I recalled the morning's events and that was all it took for me to jerk off. Then, I had an idea to tape them fucking so that I would have something to fuel my fantasies.

So the next day I tried to sneak into their room to place my camera but never got the opportunity. That evening, I was ready for the party and waiting for the others to come out.

And wow! Aunt Sush came down looking absolutely awesome. She by no means looked like a mother of two. In fact, she was looking like one of those young girls who had just finished college. Her dress was showing a lot of skin. Her plunging neckline barely managed to hide her nipples as they poked through the material. The dress was tied at the neck and the rest of her upper back was bare.

The dress then hugged her round ass and continued till her feet. There was a slit starting about two inches from where her legs started showing off her long, sexy legs. I was surprised that Uncle Pat was allowing her to wear such revealing dresses to a party. All those thoughts were dispersed from my mind when we reached the party. The party had already started.

The drinks were being served and the dance floor was rocking. After exchanging pleasantries with the hosts and some other people I knew, I headed to the dance floor. A number of young, hot girls were dancing dirty with their boyfriends. I started dancing slowly at first and soon began mingling with others on the dance floor. Soon, I had danced with a number of hot ladies: some young, some middle aged.

I even had a real close dance with one of the young gals who kissed me before going her way. After about an hour or so, my aunt came to the dance floor. I saw that she was alone so I asked her if she would dance with me. She agreed and we danced to a slow dance maintaining a decent distance. As the song progressed, I moved closer to her and continued dancing.

I could see a number of men eyeing my aunt and getting jealous of me as I had the sexiest woman on the dance floor. It was a slow and close dance. From where I was, I could clearly look down into her breasts squeezed together by her dress. I could feel my penis engorge in my pants. She placed her arm around my neck and came even closer.


This made me bold and I too place my hand on her bare back. Slowly, as we danced, I moved my hand lower and lower. Soon my hands were resting on the top of her ass. She looked me in the eye, so I moved my hand a bit up till it rested on her lower back and continued with the dance. When the song changed to a fast one, I started moving my feet to the tune and aunt Sush too did the same.

Although I was surprised by her dancing skills, soon we were rocking the dance floors as men watched her with admiration and the women with jealousy. After a while she excused herself, and I was left to dance with some other girl.

Although she danced well, I couldn't enjoy the dance as my mind was only filled with thoughts about Aunt Sush. I too excused myself from the dance floor and engaged myself in some guy talk with some of my cousin's friends, always keeping an eye on my gorgeous aunt. Both my aunt and uncle were pretty drunk by the time we left the party.

As soon as we reached home, they went straight to the room. Uncle Pat couldn't keep his hands off Aunt Sush as they went to their room. As soon as they entered the room, Uncle Pat started kissing her without even closing the door. In his sexual frenzy, he started ripping off her dress. Soon Aunt Sush too was turned on and they began making love not caring for anything. Suddenly, they stopped realizing that their love making was being watched. Uncle Pat banged the door shut but it did not close properly.

I immediately ran to my room, got my video camera and immediately started recording the action. They were kissing each other passionately and at the same time Uncle Pat was unbuttoning his shirt. At the same time Aunt Sush was unzipping his trousers.

Soon uncle was undressed and completely naked. His 6" cock was standing out and Aunt Sush immediately dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth.

All the while Uncle was kneading her tits in his hands. After a few minutes of sucking cock, Uncle Pat pushed her onto all fours. He then pulled off her panties showing her shaved pussy dripping with her juices.

He placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy and plunged it in all the way. Soon he was pushing in and drawing out at a furious pace. He was only concerned with his own pleasure and I could see that my Aunt wasn't enjoying the sex much.

Soon, Uncle Pat let out a loud groan and came in her pussy. He withdrew his cock from her pussy, went to the bathroom to clean up and then went off to sleep not caring a bit for her pleasure.

She started fingering herself to bring herself off. Soon she got up, opened a drawer and took out a black dildo, about 8" long. She slowly pushed it in and then started moving it in and out. She then started pushing it further in until she had it all in her pussy.

The sight of that black cock going in and out of her shaved pussy was a completely enchanting sight. As she fucked herself with the dildo in her right hand, she moved her left hand to her clit and started rubbing it. She had developed a furious fucking pace and was also rubbing her pussy with equal speed.

Soon she was bucking against the dildo and moaned out as she reached her climax. Realizing that the action was over, I moved to my room.

While going over the events of the night, it struck me that now I had a real good chance with my aunt as she wasn't being satisfied by her husband. I dozed off thinking of what might happen tomorrow. The next day as I got up, I had a feeling that today was the day to take my chance. The whole morning, Aunt Sush seemed eager to go to her room and I sensed that she was still horny from last night.

So I decided to lay a trap for her. I told her I was going to watch a movie at the theatre and would come back after 4 hours or so. I left taking a key with me so that I could enter without letting her know. I strolled a bit and then came back fifteen minutes later. I checked through the windows whether she was in the kitchen or in the living room.

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I quietly opened the door and made sure she wasn't anywhere downstairs. As I climbed the stairs, I could hear moans coming from her bedroom. Voices were coming from the room and I began speculating whether she was cheating Uncle Pat.

As I neared the room, I realized the sounds were coming from the television. I immediately looked in the direction of the TV and saw that a porno was playing. She was on the couch engrossed in the movie and her fingers were beneath her robe. I decided to wait for a while to enjoy the movie as well as to see her fingering her pussy.

As video was nearing its end, she got up to get her dildo. As she was facing the drawer I entered the room and closed the door locking it behind me. She must have heard me bolting the door because she immediately turned around to see who it was. I could see the surprise on her face and she was clearly at a loss of words. Before she could say anything, I started talking.

"Hi, Aunt Sush! So, what were you doing? Can I help you?" I asked innocently. "Oh, oh, it's…it's nothing, nothing at all." "Oh, don't lie to me. I've been watching you for the last fifteen minutes while you were watching that porno all the time fingering your pussy. Even yesterday, I saw you getting fucked by Uncle Pat, and then you had to use your black dildo to satisfy yourself." I paused to let the words sink in.

She was completely awestruck. "I think I have what you really want." With that I pointed at my hard cock which was bulging my shorts. She dropped her eyes to my cock and immediately let out a gasp.

"See, you like the sight of my young hard meat even though it's still covered. Oh, Aunt Sush, I saw Uncle Pat fuck you yesterday, and well&hellip. He didn't really care for your pleasure, did he?" "Well, no he didn't. And he's never cared for my pleasure except for that first time." All the while her eyes seemed to be fixed on my cock as if they had some X-ray which could see through the jeans.

"See, so you are basically horny like hell, I suspect. And I've always lusted after you. You don't know how many fantasies I've had about you. How many nights I've jerked off thinking of you?" I moved towards her.

"Please Aunt Sush, it will be only between us. Please, please let me fuck you. I'll pleasure you like you've never been before. Please…" I was right in front of her and could easily kiss her by leaning forward.

I slowly started leaning towards her in order to kiss her. She too moved closer and kissed me on the lips. It was a short kiss and as I withdrew, I saw that hunger in her eyes. She really wanted me. We again kissed but this time it was more passionate.

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There was a fire that needed to be doused. Soon my hands were roaming her curvaceous body while all the while our tongues engaged in a battle. We stopped kissing and she removed my T-shirt in one move. She watched my bare, muscular chest with admiration.

"You've got a great body, Matt." I had removed my jeans and was only in my boxers. "Thanks, Aunt. Now, it's my chance to see your body." I pulled her into my arms and untied the belt of her robe.

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Her robe opened in the front showing her bra and panty covered body. Soon, I dropped her robe to the floor and immediately started kissing her. Then, I moved to her ears gently nibbling at them. Planting kisses all the way, I moved to her neck smothering it with kisses. All the while her hands were at the back of my head guiding it around her body.

I moved to her shoulders where her bra straps hindered my progress. I turned her around and kissing her back, I then unclasped her bra with my teeth. With my teeth I removed her bra straps and dropped it to the floor. Slowly, I moved down to her lower back and then to her wonderful, round ass. I removed her soaking, wet panties and sniffed them. It was the sweetest smelling pussy. Not satisfied with that, I moved my nose to her pussy and inhaled her aroma. It was one of the sweetest smelling pussies that I had ever come close to.

Her shaved cunt was a really wonderful sight to watch. Her pussy lips were looking beautiful and juices were oozing out of her pussy. My cock was harder than it had ever been and the head was poking out from the top of my boxers. It was clearly begging for attention but I was not yet ready to fuck. So, I removed my boxers and told her to get on her knees and give me a blowjob. She kissed me and moved down kissed my chest, even biting my nipples which excited me further.

Then she moved down and caressed my inner thighs with her gentle and soft hands. This sent a shiver through my body. Slowly she moved her hands until they were cupping my cum-filled balls in her warm hands. She rubbed the underside of my cock and then replaced her hand with her tongue. She licked the underside of my cock coating it with her saliva and making it wet. She then moved her tongue to the tip of my cock head and circled it with the tip of her tongue.

She licked the precum that was oozing out and then proceeded to take my cock between her lips. Slowly she sucked on the head as if it was a lollipop. After a while, she took a bit more of my cock into her warm, wet mouth. All the while she was using her other hand to pump at the base of my cock. She continued taking a bit more of my cock inch by inch until she had nearly six inches in her mouth.

Seeing that she was not taking any more of it in, I took hold of her head and started fucking her mouth. Soon she was taking more of my cock in her throat. She was gagging a bit but soon adjusted to the large dick in her mouth.

I was now fucking her mouth at a decent pace and the tension in my balls built up. She too felt it because she immediately slowed down and squeezed at the base to prolong my ejaculation. I was in a different world altogether and was aching for release and this bitch was teasing me. I looked down to see her mouth bobbing up and down on my cock and her mouth was sucking me in. My mind was in overdrive as I imagined all the fantasies. I thought of how, I had lusted her and now my dream was coming true.

I was going to fuck my aunt and that too in her own house. And I might be caught in the act! All these dirty thoughts sent me over the edge and I blasted my load right down her mouth and bluddy hell she was swallowing it!!! Oh, my god!!! My sexy aunt Sush had just given me a fantastic blowjob and was hungrily swallowing my cum.

It was a really big load and although she tried her best to swallow it all, some of the cum dribbled out from the corners of her mouth and landed on her tits.

She scooped all the cum from her face in her fingers and licked her fingers clean. I lay down on the bed to relax a bit but soon she came over and placed her pussy right on top of my mouth. Once again I inhaled that sweet pussy before gently parting her lips with my tongue. This made her moan, so I pressed my tongue further into her pussy.

I pushed my tongue further in exploring her hidden depths. I withdrew my mouth and replaced it with my fingers. I pushed one finger in and as I hit her G-spot she let out a loud moan and juices dribbled out. I lapped them up and continued my fingering. Another finger joined the earlier one and soon another. I wanted to please her like no one had and from the sounds that she was making, I was sure I was doing just that. I kept fucking her with three fingers and lowered my mouth to her clit.

I sucked her clit into my mouth as I was probing her with my fingers. Soon she let out a loud moan and screamed out that she was cumming. I am sure any passerby would have heard her but I didn't care. Her pussy flooded my mouth with her juices that I happily drank up. After her orgasm subsided she released the hold on my head and I moved up to kiss her and give her a taste of her own juices.

We were both really horny now and she immediately told me to fuck her and fuck her hard. So, I placed her at the edge of the bed and placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy. Her eyes were closed in pleasure and waiting for my cock to enter her pussy. She lay down on the bed and with her fingers she spread the pussy lips that concealed the entrance to her forbidden treasure. She spread herself wide enough to accommodate my cock in her hole. I slowly entered my head into her pussy and stopped.

I withdrew then again entered her only till my cock head rested inside her pussy. I repeated this a few times and clearly Aunt Sush was getting impatient and surprised me by pushing her pussy forward and completely enveloping my cock with it. Her tight, wet pussy was hot like hell.

She was sucking my cock with her pussy muscles and I felt that I may cum right then. So, I told her to slow down or I might cum quickly and that I wanted this lovemaking to last as long as possible. I started slowly moving my hips so that my cock was moving in an out of her pussy slowly.

I increased the pace and fucked her for a while and then again slowed down. This not only helped us fuck longer but also was much more enjoyable. I continued this for quite some time and I could see she was really turned on by the situation. She was rubbing her hard nipples as my cock invaded her pussy. Soon, she kissed her own breasts and licked the nipples. I moved my hand to the other tit and squeezed it and mashed it in my fingers.

I teased her nipples and pinched them, all of which drew out moans of ecstasy and pleasure from her. She had many orgasms as I fucked her and her juices made their way out of her pussy through the sides and along the shaft of my cock which was buried deep inside her womb.

As the time progressed, our fucking intensified and soon we were going at each other at a furious pace. Her tight cunt walls were sucking my cock every time I pushed in. She was using her pussy muscles to bring me to the point of cumming and relaxing so that I lasted longer. After a while, I increased the pace of my fucking until my cock was going in and out of her pussy like a blur. The sensation of her silken pussy, the realization of the situation, my wild lust and her constant moans urged me to fuck her even harder.

Soon, I felt that familiar sensation in my balls and I screamed out, "I'MMM CUMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG" "OH YEAH, HONEY!!! DO IT!!! FILL ME UP!!! FILL MY PUSSY WITH YOUR HOT CUM!!!" I complied with her demands and released the first of many shots into her pussy. Then, I withdrew my cock and as I did that the second shot landed right on her stomach and some even landed on her tits. I moved myself fast enough so that the final few spurts landed on her forehead, nose, chin and some went into her mouth.

As the last shot ended, she took my softening cock into her hands and licked off all the cum on it with her tongue, also tasting her own juices on it. After she was through with that she let my cock pop out from her mouth and she put her tongue out to show me the cum that had landed in her mouth.

This was a really horny sight. She kissed me and passed some of my cum into my mouth. It was the first time I tasted my own cum and I seemed to like it. Eager to get some more of it, I sucked her tongue to get the last few drops. Then, I told her to get on all fours. Although she was suspicious about what I was up to, she complied and did as I told her. My cum was on her ass and I was going to lick it off and clean her ass. I got down on my knees and gently squeezed her ass cheeks.

Then, I slowly licked her ass with my tongue and once again tasted my cum. This time it tasted even better than earlier maybe because it was lying on one sexy piece of ass. I licked all the cum from her ass and covered it with my saliva. As I was licking off my cum from around her asshole, I some how felt really horny and had this nasty idea. I got a peek of her tight pink asshole and began wondering how it would taste. I decided to check it out and gently licked her asshole with the tip of my tongue.

This immediately invoked a shiver through her body accompanied by a loud moan. I looked up to see if she was ok with me doing this and I saw that she had closed her eyes in pleasure and her mouth was open in anticipation. I took her expressions as a go ahead sign and continued caressing her hole with my tongue. Then, I inserted the tip of my tongue into her asshole which drew another louder moan from her.

I continued pushing my tongue up her ass as her breath became heavy. She was panting and in between she was letting out loud moans and also urging me to keep going on.

I replaced my mouth with my finger as I slid my forefinger into her tight hole. It was difficult at first but soon I had it in her hole and was fucking her with it. ThenI inserted my middle finger and did the same. Slowly, but surely her asshole began to loosen up a bit. I pulled out my hand and scooped out some of her juices from her leaking pussy and spread it over her asshole.

This gave my fingers easier access. I kept fucking her shithole for a while, during which she had two orgasms.

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When I felt her shithole was quite well lubricated, I stood up and took my hard cock in my hands and dipped it in her pussy to get it lubricated with her juices.

Then, I place the head of my cock at the entrance of her hole and pushed slightly. My cock head was halfway into her hole and already I was feeling her tightness. I pushed a little bit more until my cockhead rested in her asshole. I waited for some time to let her get used to the new sensation in her shitter.

This time, it was she who proceeded with the fucking. She started moving her hips slowly to get more of my cock in her asshole. I too moved my cok in unison with her and gently pushed more and more of my 9 inch dick into her tight, round ass.


Her ass was the tightest ass I had ever been in. It was continuously sucking my cock as if it didn't want to let it go away. After I had about 6" in, I had to push harder to get more of my cock in. Now that the wider part of my cock was entering her she seemed to be in a little pain. The going was slow but all in all it was worth the wait. The pleasure I was getting from just being inside her ass was incredible.

The tightness of her ass was unimaginable. And I still had more than 2 inches to shove up her ass. Finally, after another 7-8 minutes of gentle pushing, I was completely in her ass. My cock was giving her immense pleasure and it was probing her depths like they never had been. My thoughts took me back to the days when I fantasized about this very ass that I now had the fortune of fucking.

I was thinking of how I had longed to get into Aunt Sush's panties since I landed here, and when I had finally got the chance I had fucked her pussy bare back. I was brought out of my thoughts when Aunt Sush called out,"Hey, Matt! You aren't tired are you or are you thinking of something else." "Oh, sorry but I was thinking of how I had lusted after you and that now I was finally getting to fuck you." "Now that your dream is coming true, why don't you just get on with it???" So I started moving in and out of her ass slowly at first and gradually increased the pace.

She was moving in rhythm with my cock and was matching me stroke for stroke. The intensity of fucking was tremendous and our sweaty bodies were uniting to give both of us immense pleasure.

Both of us were letting out load moans, but her moans were so loud that they drowned mine. My balls were slapping against her ass cheeks as I kept plunging my cock in and out of her shithole. She was in her own world having multiple orgasms on the way as her loud moans and cries of pleasure filled the room. She was urging me to fuck her really, really hard and fast. As I had cum twice already, I knew that I was going to last for sometime. So, I started playing games with her. I teased her and played with her tits, nipples, pussy, etc.

I removed my cock from her ass and entered her pussy. After fucking her tight cunt for a while, I again moved to her ass. This time I did not hesitate like before and slammed right into her to the hilt. This provoked a loud moan and a cry of both pain and pleasure which was followed by louder orders to fuck her harder and harder. It was a side of hers that I hadn't witnessed before but had always hoped I would. We kept fucking for another fifteen minutes until I felt the feeling in my balls that I was ready to cum.

I told her I was about to cum and that I wanted to cum all over her face and tits. So, as soon as I removed my cock from her ass, she turned around and took my still rock hard cock in her mouth.

She sucked on it 3 or 4 times before positioning it right on top of her face.