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Mindy smiled as she put the finishing touches on her eyes. Master liked her eyeliner dark and her mouth red and glossy. She wore her hair in two pig tails, his collar around her neck and high red heels.


She put the trench coat on and ran down to the taxi. She leaned back on the seat thinking of what was to come. Master had demanded her presence tonight, their fourth meeting, telling her she would always remember this night.

She was intrigued and aroused, she knew whatever he had planned the pain of it would be worth the pleasure. As they pulled up in front of his hotel she caught her breath in anticipation.

In the elevator she took the leash out of her pocket and affixed it to the collar, it was a surprise for him, she hoped he was pleased with her offering. She found his door and glanced both ways down the empty hall and removed her coat. He opened the door to her knock and his intake of breath and snapping eyes were a heady turn on. She knelt there in front of him naked, leash in her mouth and hands held bent in front of her.

"Woof, woof, my Master." She barked up at him around the leash. He took the leash and she dropped to all fours. Moisture pooled between Mindy's legs as she noticed the twitching and hardening of his dick through the open robe. He reached down to pet her head and bent to pick up her jacket then led her into the room. Right inside the door he stopped and pulled her up to her knees by the leash and began rubbing his cock all across her face. "I'm so proud of you, my little bitch.

That was a very pretty entrance." He continued to stroke himself across her face for a few seconds, playing with her pig tails, pulling on each of them. He stepped back from her and she arched her back slightly at the sound of the tinkling bells of her clamps that he pulled from his robe pocket.

"Oh you are anxious aren't you?" He reached down and placed the clamps on her nipples. "Ring 'em." She shook her shoulders, her breasts gently swaying from side to side and he pushed his dick at her face, rudely thrusting over and over, "Ring 'em cunt." He was in control now and the life was gone from his eyes, he wore the cold mask and Mindy's greatest desire was to see it slip again.

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She shook and the bells danced. He abruptly pushed her back and down to the floor, pulling her leash he quickly walked her across the room to a leather Ottoman in front of a chair where a man sat. Mindy faltered in her crawl and Master slapped her ass hard. She quickly crawled up and over the stool facing away from the stranger in the chair, though he reached out and spread her legs open wide. She squirmed on the stool, feeling confused and exposed. Her breasts hung over one side of the Ottoman, bells tinkling softly; and her ass and pussy were completely open to the callused hands of the stranger.

"Damn, Chad, I don't know if I can wait." The stranger said to her Master as he pinched and squeezed her thighs. "You will get your payment after you perform your service." Master told him. Mindy squirmed and tried to look behind her. "Hold still, my little whore, you're going to wear my mark." He bent down in front of her, "we talked about this on line right?" She looked into his eyes and nodded. "Good girl." Mindy stiffened and sweat beaded across her brow and top lip.

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She heard the stranger behind her getting his tools ready and then the buzz of the tattoo gun. Master stood in front of her with his hand on her head and then she felt the stranger's hand on her hip. She flinched and shuddered as she felt the first sting of the needle as the tattoo artist began to mark her with the fleur-de-lis at the request of her Master.

The bells tinkled as Mindy squirmed at the needle stings on the base of her spine, right above the crack of her ass, and Master rubbed his hard, hard dick over her head and then slid into her mouth.

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The stranger leaned way down close and stopped tattooing now and then to bite at her ass cheeks, then start again with the whirring torture. He tattooed as Master fucked her mouth, slowly, watching. Finally the buzzing stopped and the stranger sat the tattoo gun down and capped his ink, dropping to his knees behind Mindy he quickly pulled his raging cock from his jeans and pushed into her dripping pussy. "Oh yeah, so fucking hot." He said as he pushed in and out of her, spreading her ass with his hands and then slapping her on each cheek.

"She is one hot fuck, Chad." He pushed his thumb into her ass and continued to rock in and out of her pussy while Master fucked her mouth.


Mindy was so close to orgasm when Master pulled away. "Come up here and try this mouth," Master said and the stranger's long cock disappeared from her throbbing cunt.

"I want to see my mark when I come." The stranger stood and pulled off his pants and t-shirt, standing in front of Mindy he grabbed her by the pig tails and lifted her head. She opened her mouth and he pushed his cock into the warm opening. She sighed and moaned as she tasted the salty creaminess of her pussy on him and sucked him deep into her throat. "Oh, fuck yeah," he said and watched her as she took all of him into her mouth, back and forth, in and out.

Master was behind her, running his fingers over her new tattoo. It was burning and stinging and he pressed his thumb into it as he entered her. "You're mine, little whore." He said so quietly, she barely heard him.

He gently stroked in and out of her for a few seconds and then, he pulled all the way out and spreading her checks with his fingers he rammed his cock into her tight ass. He was fucking her ass so hard, pressing on the fresh tattoo and the stranger was pounding in and out of her mouth and Mindy screamed around his dick as she came. Then she came again as the stranger pulled back and shot a huge load of hot sticky come all over her face and then Master too was coming, shooting hot globs of come onto her ass and over her stinging tattoo.

The stranger went into the bathroom and Master stood in front of Mindy looking down at her, on her hands and knees over the stool, come glistening on her face and backside. "Stay, bitch." He growled as the stranger came out of the bathroom, dressed and gathered his things.

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Master walked him to the door and Mindy watched as the stranger looked back at her and said something she couldn't hear to Master, who smiled and shook his hand. She quickly dropped her eyes as Master turned and walked back to her, pulling her leash he walked her to the bathroom and into the bathtub where she sat looking up at him.

He climbed into the bathtub and stood above her, grabbing the base of his dick with one hand, balancing himself with the other, "Dirty little whore," he said and Mindy realized what he was going to do. "Oh God, Master, no." She fell back against the back of the tub as he leaned down closer to her and began to pee.

A hot, hard stream of piss hit her chest, shoulders and the side of her face as she twisted and squirmed in the tub. He let go of the wall and reached down grabbing her by the hair and pulling her up toward him and she started to cry, pushing against his thighs.

Mindy twisted her head back and forth in denial as she began to moan, and he pushed her back again and the bells tinkled and swayed as he pissed on her tits and then down her stomach.

Her legs spread of their own accord and her clit tingled and throbbed as he sprayed a jet of hot golden liquid onto her pussy, thundering up and down over her clit. It was over almost as quickly as it began.

He didn't say a word, just turned the water on and began to shower, throwing the soap and a rag at her when he finished. She quickly cleaned up, wincing as the bells caught in the washcloth. That was not something they had discussed really, but she hadn't used the safe word.

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She couldn't believe he did that and that it had made her come. Mindy turned to rinse off and cried out as the spray of water hit her tattoo. She quickly finished with the shower and dried off, dropping to her knees and crawling toward Master who sat waiting on the bed.

Mindy settled on her ankles in front of him, gently tinkling the bells, breathing deeply as the clamps dug into the soft skin around her nipples.

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Master reached down and picked up one of the bells, pulling it, her nipple stretching and burning, then dropped it and pulled the other. "You wear my mark, you are mine." He pulled at both bells, Mindy's nipples stretching out from her chest. She whimpered and his cock thickened. He dropped the bells and pulled her head toward his lap, lying back on the bed he spread his legs.

"Get my cock hard, suck my ass my little bitch." He pulled her head into him and she nuzzled under his balls, his legs spreading, putting her hands up she spread his ass and pushed her tongue against the tight, dark pink opening. He held on to her pigtails and pressed his ass against her face as she pushed her hot tongue as far into him as she could, twisting and flicking her tongue, sucking at his dark hole.

"Oh yeah, eat my ass, you filthy little whore." He pushed her head into her ass, holding her there, grinding against her. Mindy struggled and squirmed but kept lapping at his and balls.

Master pushed her down onto the floor and followed her down, straddling her face he pressed his ass down onto her mouth. He wrapped one hand into her hair and ground his ass into her mouth, stroking his cock above her face. The bells jingled and pulled as Mindy squirmed under him and pushed her tongue deep into his ass, pulling it out and shoving it in and then stuffing it as far in as she could until her teeth were grazing against him, and she moaned and writhed under him.

Sucking against him as she pushed with her tongue. "Holy fuck," Master yelled and hot cum spurt over her head onto the floor.

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He stood and sat on the bed looking down at her, she lay there on the floor panting, her breasts heaving and bells tinkling, her legs spread, thighs glistening in her juices. "I want to take you on a small trip for a few days. Pack a bikini and a two dresses only.

Be here on Tuesday." He stood and walked past me, going into the bathroom he said over his shoulder, "You're dismissed, cunt." Mindy lay there wide-eyed and frustrated, needing so much more.

She stood up and removed the clamps, laying them on the table. She removed the leash and lay it there also. Wrapping her jacket around her she left quietly, angry and sore and unfulfilled. Three days, the bastard, three days. Every time she thought she was really the one in control, he reminded her why she called him Master.