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Wild babe licks his cum on the floor hd
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Claire excitedly jumped out of bed in the early warm Boston morning in May.

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This was the day she had been waiting for seemingly forever. She was interviewing for Dr. Lawson's renowned summer scholarship for newly minted post-secondary women interested in pursuing a career in medicine. … For as long as Claire could remember, she wanted to be a doctor. Her mother and father were both physicians, and served as role models for her. Even as a child she would dress up in their oversized white coats, wear their stethoscope in her ears and pretend to auscultate her teddy bears, much to her parents' amusement.

She grew up watching TV shows like House and Gray's Anatomy, fantasizing about what her career would one day be like. Her parents were extremely flattered by their daughter idolizing their career, and they wanted nothing more than for their only child to follow in their footsteps.

As Claire progressed through school, her own internal motivation, as well as the subconscious external pressures she felt from her parents cheering her on, motivated her to exceed in school in order to propel herself to her ultimate goal. While most girls Claire's age were interested in partying and boys, Claire didn't want anything to do with the sort, and focused solely on her career, telling herself there would be time for all of that other stuff later.

So it was no surprise that when an email was sent through her high school newsletter, near the end of the year, announcing that the renowned Dr.

Lawson was accepting applications for his prestigious scholarship for young women interested in pursuing a career in medicine, Claire couldn't help but go all in for the opportunity. She looked into the award and learned that Dr. Lawson was the recently retired dean of Harvard Medical School, and that he was launching an initiative to promote women in medicine. This scholarship was only open for girls in their last year of high school, who were 18 years of age.

Not only did the scholarship offer a three-month summer training program with Dr. Lawson himself, but guaranteed that if the candidate successfully completed the training program and final assessment, that she would receive a full scholarship to Harvard University, and would be fast-tracked to receive acceptance to the world-renowned medical school only 3 years of undergraduate studies. Shocked by this guarantee, Claire eagerly filled out her application, resume, and passionately wrote a required five-thousand word essay on how much receiving this opportunity would mean to her.

One thing Claire found odd, was that the application asked for a full body picture of the candidate in tight clothing, and a list of measurements, including height, weight, waist, hip and breast size. While Claire blushed at the site of sharing these details over an application, she was reassured when the application explained that each candidate would have custom scrubs made for them, and that measurements had to be precise so that the outfit would fit right.

Although modest, this opportunity meant way too much to Claire to pass up. She hesitantly filled out the details. She wrote in the demographics, height and weight section; Red hair, Green eyes, 5'5", 110 lbs. Claire was far from a fashionista, usually wearing modest off the rack clothing. She had to look at several of her fancier dresses, tight fitting pants, and use a measuring tape for the requested measurements. After some deliberation she placed a 36-24-36" in the breast, waist and hip columns.

The next column was one that Claire knew of all too well, "Bra Cup".


While most girls would kill to have bra tag that read "32 DD", Claire was ashamed. Claire had always been a pretty, but very skinny girl, until puberty hit her with a truck-full of hormones. To her dismay, at the tender age of 12-14, her breasts ballooned to C cups. Suddenly, she became the most stared at girl in her middle school. Claire wanted none of this attention, she was never the attention-seeking type. Unfortunately for her as she progressed through high school, her breasts continued to grow nearly a cup size per year, and they also brought a friend with them.

Over those same years, Claire's bum went from seemingly flat to very curvaceous. Her girlfriends couldn't resist playfully smacking her butt when Claire wasn't looking, much to her shagreen.

What bothered her more were all the boys staring at her butt when she walked by, she couldn't help the way that it mesmerized them with its jiggle with each step. Just as for her smarts and career ambitions, Claire had her parents to blame for this problem as well. Claire figured she inherited her boobs from her mother, who boasted F cups herself, while she inherited her bubble-butt from her dad's side, as she couldn't help but notice the sizeable derriere's that her aunts and cousins on that side had.

Needless to say, Claire received plenty of male attention due to her assets, and much of it unwanted. While her peers and older high school boys ogling her was annoying, what really creeped Claire out was when she started to catch her older male teachers and even some of her uncles staring. This started in grade 10 for Claire, and was a wake-up call for her.

While she was never one to reveal much skin with her dress, Claire started to cover herself as much as she could, insisting on hiding in loose fitting sweaters and baggy jeans or sweats most of the time.

This was a sort of defence mechanism for Claire. And while she knew that men would still stare at her, at least she had the comfort of knowing exactly what they could, and couldn't see.

Claire also worked out meticulously and watched her diet, hoping that this might decrease the size of her curves. Unfortunately for her though, all this did was keep her narrow waist and stomach exceptionally well-toned, while managing to lift her butt up into a naturally perfect and toned position.

While the effects were not what Claire desired, this did keep her feeling fit, and was a good stress relief for her when her stress from school accumulated, so she carried on with her regimen. So as one could imagine, Claire was very hesitant to share a picture of herself in "tight fitting" clothing, as the application asked for. Nonetheless, she knew she couldn't pass this opportunity by, and was reassured that it was only used so that they could put a face to the application, and help fit the scrub outfit.

Claire looked through her closet. She eyed some items of clothing she usually only wore for her boyfriend of two years, Alex. Despite Claire's career driven nature, she did fall for a boy in sophomore year, and has been dating him since. He wasn't the football quarterback that most girls with Claire's looks would attract, he was a skinny, nerdy guy that just like Claire, was very intelligent, shy and career driven.

They bonded over their schoolwork, and this slowly developed into a romantic relationship. Claire just felt comfortable showing him some skin a year into their relationship, and they finally had sex, much to Alex's pleasure, on their two year anniversary a month ago. This was a huge moment for Claire, in order to justify losing her virginity, she reassured herself that Alex was the love of her life, and that she would eventually marry him.

They had sex only a handful or times since, Claire was not really that interested in it, even with him, she just had too much school work to focus on. The outfit in question was not lingerie, or a racy bra, that most girls only share with their boyfriends, it was simply a pair of tight fitting white yoga pants and v-neck shirt that Alex had gotten her as a birthday gift. She didn't even like the idea of wearing these items in her own house, as she hated seeing her bubble butt stick out and jiggle in mirrors in around the house.

And she didn't like how the moderate depth of her v-neck exposed some of her cleavage. Nonetheless she, didn't have much to choose from.

She slipped both items of clothing on and took some full-body shots with a professional camera that she had. She took pictures from the front and both sides like the application instructed. She blushed at how they turned out. From the frontal picture while her breasts looked sizeable, it looked like a normal application picture, with Claire beaming a bright smile while featuring her big green eyes, and light freckles, despite how uncomfortable she felt inside.

From the side however, Claire's full curvature was displayed. Claire couldn't help to think that this resembled angles that racy Instagram "models" would post. Her narrow waist contrasted starkly with her round butt which jutted backward, lifted up into an almost erect position by her white yoga pants, and her unnaturally pert and big boobs which seemed to defy gravity, sticking out in front of her.

Claire decided she couldn't look at this anymore, and that she would only chicken out of applying if she did. She reminded herself of what this would mean for her career.

Cautiously, and almost regretfully, she submitted her application.

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This nervousness was short lived, she realized that she was being silly, and she soon began checking her email incessantly, waiting for a response to her application. Finally, about 3 weeks later, she almost started crying tears of joy when she checked her email, finding a message congratulating her on being one of five candidates accepted for interview for the position, out of thousands of applicants. Claire ecstatically shared the news with her parents, who was overjoyed.

They went out for dinner that night, they praised Claire on her accomplishment. They told her how they had no doubt that she had what it takes to beat out those other girls for the position and that she would undoubtedly complete her 3 months of training successfully.

Her father even told her, smiling proudly, that he knew that his baby girl would do whatever it took to make her dreams come true. … On the big day of her interview, Claire excitedly got ready. Although she wasn't the type of girl to wear much make-up routinely, she knew that she had to look professional and well done up for the opportunity that was in front of her.

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She did her long auburn hair into a pony tail behind her, and let some of her bangs slide down the side of her face.

She applied a light layer of foundation to her already flawless white skin, and put some eye liner on to highlight her gorgeous green eyes. After putting on a conservative matching red pair of bra and panties, Claire put on a full white blouse, buttoning up to the very top. She wore a knee high grey skirt, and a matching grey blazer, completing her businesswoman attire.

Satisfied by how she looked in the mirror, Claire excitedly drove to Dr. Lawson's office. After parking her car, Claire walked up to the stunning office building that Dr. Lawson worked in. Everything in the building seemed extremely clean and modern.

Mostly different shades of white were used for décor, with large panes of glass windows surrounding each surface She took the elevator all the way up to the 30th floor as instructed. It seemed that every form of medical specialty was available in this building, as well as administration offices for Harvard medical school.

The site of this made Claire nervous, but even more motivated. The elevator finally stopped at the 30th floor, labelled as Dr. Lawson's private clinic and office. She walked through the large glass door and smiled as she was almost instantly greeted by presumably the secretary. "Hi dear, I presume you're here for the interview?" she smiled. Claire walked closer to her desk and almost gasped. The secretary was a stunning blonde woman, probably in her late twenties. She had extravagantly done up platinum blonde hair, bronzed skin and ivory white teeth.

What made shocked Claire was the woman's huge bust. This women may have had breasts the size of Claire's, the difference was that this woman seemingly proudly put them on display. She wore a tight white silk blouse, unbuttoned down three buttons, exposing almost her entire cleavage. The tips of the fabric of her lacy white push-up bra were clearly visible. Claire couldn't help but stare at her exposed cleavage, before forcing herself to meet her blue eyes, her face was still smiling.

Claire realized that the woman did ask her a question. After seemingly forever, Claire answered awkwardly "Oh erm yup I am." "Right through that glass door then to your left darling." She beamed. Claire slowly walked to wear she was instructed.

There she saw 4 other girls sitting in chairs who were casually talking to each other. The girls casually introduced themselves to Claire, they were the other candidates. Claire noticed that they were all very pretty girls.

There was a blonde with hazelnut eyes and light skin, a fit looking brunette with a gorgeous smile, a light-skinned Indian girl with jet black hair and trim body, and a small Chinese girl with large breasts. While all the other girls were dressed professionally, Claire noticed that she had by far the lowest cut skirt, and the only one whose blouse was buttoned up completely.

Claire learned that the other girls weren't just pretty, they were all incredibly well accomplished, much like Claire. This made her nervous. Finally, the chatter stopped as a brunette woman walked into the room. She smiled and exclaimed. "Hello ladies, my name is Leanna, and I am the head nurse at Dr. Lawson's clinic, as well as his personal assistant." She said in a bubbly voice "I wanted to start by congratulating on making it to the interview stage of the scholarship award.

You are the selected 5 of thousands of national applications, so you should be very pleased." Claire smiled, but again she was put off by the outfit that this woman was wearing.

It was similar to scrubs that nurses would wear at a hospital, but had some variations. Leanna was dressed in a pure white scrub suit. The scrub material though seemed to be very tight and seemed to stick to her body contour like a second skin. She was also very youthful looking, she couldn't have been much older then the girls who were interviewing.

Claire wondered how a woman this early on in her career could already have worked her way up to head nurse for such a prolific physician. The scrub top wrapped around her shoulders but the exaggerated V around the neck descended deep to show Leanna's cleavage. The top then seemed to cling to her breasts and lift them up perfectly. While Leanna did not have overly large breasts, the top seemed to lift them into perfect position, making them appear quite sizeable.

The top then trailed to her abdomen, sticking to her sleek tummy, there it attached to her pants with 4 white buttons, seemingly pulling her tight scrub pants up. She explained that she would lead each girl, one by one into the interview, where they would then leave and be informed later on about the results.

She started with the pretty blonde girl, and led her into the room behind her. Claire couldn't help but notice Leanna's perfect butt as she walked away from them. While Leanna had a tiny waist, her hips and ass seemed to explode outwards. Her butt cheeks jutted out and jiggled with each step. Claire could not believe how clearly the shape of each juicy cheek as Leanna took a step. The tightness of the scrub bottoms allowed for the crystal clear view.

As the other girls were taken into the interview room one by one, Claire waited nervously. Finally, Leanna smiled at her and said "Best for last" she winked "Follow me dear." Clair followed her, again not being able to avert her gaze from her butt.

To Claire's surprise, Leanna led her into a change room, and handed her an outfit.

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"Here you go dear, I'll be outside, let me know if you need any help putting this on, it can be a bit tricky." She smiled Claire took the outfit, neatly packaged in a plastic bag. Even through the bag, Claire could tell it was a scrub suit, she prayed that it wouldn't be as revealing as the one Leanna had on. Claire looked nervously at the suit as she took it out of this package.

"Is something wrong dear?" Asked Leanna, perplexed.

"Oh erm, nothing, it's just that I might feel more comfortable in my own clothes." "Non sense" Leanna giggled "Not only do we want to make sure that the scrubs fit, but Dr. Lawson likes his clinic associates to be dressed in a standard uniform. I don't think it would be a good idea to not wear this uniform." She said, a stern look on her face forming for the first time. "Oh ok, no problem" Claire stomached "Great then! Take your time, use this full body mirror to see how you look, trust me you will want to look good for this interview" Leanna's smile returned as she swiftly bounced out toward the door "I'm just on the other side if you need me, good luck dear." Claire slowly looked at the large full body mirror.

It was on the same wall that Leanna had walked through. Claire cautiously took off her blazer and unbuttoned her blouse. She neatly folded her clothes and placed them on the desk provided.

She placed her skirt there as well. She was now standing in her bra and panties, she took the package in her hands. She opened it. A tag fell out. It read "High quality synthetic scrub suit. Antimicrobial, stain proof, high performance" Ms. Claire Roberts 5'5" 36-24-36 32DD Instructions: Put top on first and zip up at the back. Attach scrub top to bottoms using buttons. Not to be worn with underwear." Claire could not believe this. Did she have to get completely naked? She gulped.

She looked in the mirror, she swore for a second that she could she shadows moving on the other side. Just like that they stopped moving, Claire almost chuckled as she realized the stress of this situation was making her see things. She gulped, as she slowly took off her conservative bra. Her pale DD cup breasts were now free.

They defied gravity only the way eighteen-year old breasts could. She had faint pink nipples. Claire looked at the scrub top in her hands. The thin but clingy fabric made Claire think that this is what Spiderman's suit must be made of. The top was half open from the back, with a white zipper running down the back available to connect the opening. She put the top on like a reverse-jacket, slipping her arms through the short sleeves, which covered her arm just a couple inches below each shoulder.

The fabric seemed to stick to her skin instantly. She placed the built in bra cups onto her breasts. They had significant cushion, and only seemed to support the underside of her breasts.

She struggled to get the zip up on her back side. Obviously this would be a very tight fit. She jerked up and down, causing her breasts to slip out of the cups, she was finally able to get the zip up, but now her boobs were completely out of the outfit!

She tried again as she shoved her big breasts into the cups. After squirming she was able to finally get the zip up. With each inch that the zip went up, her breasts was pulled up and out equally high. Almost exhausted, Claire looked at the mirror. She had never seen her breasts look so big. The padding in the scrub top lining the underside of her breasts seemed to function as an ultra-aggressive push up bra. The zip mechanism further cause her breasts to lift up in to an almost unnatural position.

Claire couldn't believe this. She wanted to take this outrageous top off immediately. However, she couldn't help but think of Leanna's stern words though.

She reasoned, maybe they just got her size wrong. Surely, once she obtained the position, she could ask for a looser uniform. She sighed, as looked at the scrub bottoms. As she unfolded them, she noticed a thin white piece of fabric fall to the floor. She picked it up. It was a sheer white G-string panty. She couldn't believe it. Were they really going to give her this underwear to wear? She put on the tiny piece of fabric.

The small string simply disappeared between her juicy ass cheeks. Claire was so embarrassed, she had rarely ever even wore a thong before, much less something this skimpy. She sighed, surely when she got the position she could ask for some more comfortable underwear. She struggled to pull the scrub bottoms up. Now unsurprisingly to Claire, she struggled to pull the white material up her thighs.

She got to the bottom of her curvaceous cheeks. She sighed as she knew this was not going to be easy. She tried to force the fabric over her juicy cheeks, violently jerking and jumping with each attempt.

This of course caused her boobs and butt to both jiggle uncontrollably. The more of the fabric she got over her cheek, the harder it got.

Apart from the unwanted male attention, this was one of the other reasons she hated having a big butt. As she finally got the fabric over the meatiest part of her ass, she pulled the rest over with one swift jerk. The pants seemed to run out of fabric just as it got a couple inches above the crease of her bum. This left a few inches of her lower back exposed and waist exposed.

She knew that the buttons on the bottom of her scrub top were designed to reach the loops of her pants. She pulled her bottoms up as high as she could, giving herself the ultimate wedgie as the sticky fabric got buried deep into her ass crease. This did by her an inch or two. She pulled her scrub top down.

The fabric stretch minimally, but she was able to make some headway. Of course, this dragged the deep V neck of her Scrub top even lower, exposing almost all of her deep cleavage. The push up mechanism of her bra literally made it seem her breasts were about to pop out of her top.

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She finally was able to get one button in place, and then the other, and then the other two. She cringed, as she felt her pants jam up even higher, and her scrub top even lower. She looked at herself in the full body mirror. Her cheeks went beet red. Her DD cup breasts were literally bursting out of this tiny scrub top. She turned, her butt was lifted by the tightness and nature of the fabric into an unnaturally high position. The way the fabric clung to her like a second skin, and dove into her juicy butt, made the shape of each one of her glorious ass cheeks completely visible.

She noted that she could even see the outline of a tiny beauty mark she had on her right butt cheek. Claire was almost about to have a panic attack. Surely she would get kicked out of her interview looking like this. Then, almost as if he knew she had finished getting dressed, she heard a voice through the intercom. "Claire, its Dr. Lawson here, come on in dear, we don't have all day." Claire gulped.

She took one last look at herself in the mirror, took a big breath in, and walked through the door leading to Dr. Lawson's office. … Claire's cheeks were beet red from embarrassment as she walked into the most luxurious office she had ever seen. The floors were marble, the ceilings seemed 20 feet high, like the rest of the building, the walls had various shades of white.

There was a large burgundy fir area carpet at the end of the long office, with a large mahogany colored desk. Behind it sat the man who Claire would have given anything to meet just yesterday, but now was feeling so uncomfortable that she wanted to run. All she heard were the clicks of her white heels as she walked towards the table. She tried to force a nervous smile, she felt her breasts and butt jiggling with each step. Dr. Lawson was staring directly at her, smirking, almost as if in delight.

Beside him stood Leanna, smiling, but hers looked much more genuine and warm. As Claire approached the desk, Dr. Lawson's smile widened, he stood and extended his hand. "Delighted to meet you my dear" He smiled. While Claire had seen pictures of Dr. Lawson online, she couldn't help but think he looked much different now in person, he looked much older, likely in his seventies. He was short, probably about the same size as Claire.

He was much heavier than he looked in pictures, with a round face and figure. His face was wrinkles, and eyes were puffy with bags. He was bald, and kept the hairs that he had on the side of his head trimmed short. Claire couldn't help but find him to resemble the actor Anthony Hopkins. Despite his looks leaving much to be desired, he had the air of a man who had all of the confidence in the world. Claire extended her hand out and met his.

He brought her small hand to his lips and kissed her fingers lightly. His lips lingered. Claire almost wanted to recoil away but didn't want to offend him. Maybe this is just how men his age greeted young ladies. After a few long seconds, he placed her hand down and then took a seat in his luxurious black recliner chair. To his right stood Leanna, smiling warmly down at Claire, giving her a wink. Claire instinctively looked for a place to sit, but realized that there were no seats out for her or Leanna.

She stood patiently. "Hello Dr. Lawson, it's an honor to meet you, and thank you so much for this opportunity." She forced a smile.

"The honor is all mine my dear." He returned "How is the scrub suit fitting." He said as he took in her amazing figure in the tight suit. Before she had a chance to respond he continued. "You know, we here spared no expense to ensure that our clinic associates have the highest quality uniforms." He said proudly Claire didn't dare say anything contrary.

She agreed "Oh I feel the quality Dr. Lawson, I have never worn a suit like this in my life." Dr. Lawson laughed "Well, don't just stand there, let's see how it fits." He made a motion for her to turn around. Claire complied as she slowly turned around. Confused, but knowing that he must want to see how this suit fit her from all angles, as he seemed to like his associates to be impeccably dressed.

"Oh my" he whispered, as Claire's perfect ass was now directly in his view. Not knowing exactly what he said, she turned her head in his direction.

"Sorry Dr. Lawson did you say something?" "Oh no dear, I'm just admiring the fit. I think we really got this installment right." Claire stood where she was.

There was a silence lasting for what seemed like forever. She couldn't help but notice a large dark glass screen, seemingly matching where the full body mirror was in Claire's change room. "You know Claire, while it seems like a tight fit, what you'll find about this outfit is that it will support you no matter what position you're in. The material is almost military material." He chuckled. "Oh OK." Claire mustered, laughing awkwardly.

She couldn't help wonder why they were spending so much time talking about this stupid suit. Wasn't he going to inquire about her career ambitions, work ethic or goals? He continued "Go ahead my dear, try jumping up and down a bit, you'll find that the support is fantastic." He couldn't be serious. Claire was so embarrassed. She knew the world class view of her ass that he had. Claire could barely move. "Claire you have to try it, it's fun!" chimed Leanna, in her usual ditzy voice.

Claire awkwardly moved up on to her toes and then back down, feeling her but jiggle. "Come on Claire, I know you can jump higher than that." Dr. Lawson smirked "Claire, when Dr. Lawson says jump, just ask how high." Leanna cheered. Both her and Dr. Lawson laughed at this pun. "OK haha." Claire laughed awkwardly. She decided to go all out. She jumped up and down like a bunny in one spot.

Her ass jiggling violently. Even at Dr. Lawson's age, his cock started to harden at the site in front of him. "That's the spirit, faster!" He cheered Claire hopped faster, she could feel her cheeks bouncing around wildly. "You can stop now dear." He said "After all this is an interview and not a work out." He laughed. Claire was relieved as she stopped hopping. Her skin now feeling warm with light sweating. "So how did the pants feel?" He asked "They were amazing sir." Claire lied "they felt very supportive." "Where did you feel the support the most?" "Umm, all over." She replied.

"If you had to pick one part of your body? I only ask so I know what we're doing right, and wrong with these suits." "If I had to pick, probably my backside." Claire said sheepishly "You're what? Remember Claire this is a medical interview, and you want to become a doctor." Claire blushed, feeling demeaned.

"My bum." "No Claire, it you're buttocks." He sneered "But I would also accept butt, and of course, ass." Leanna laughed loudly with Dr. Lawson. Claire laughed softly. She almost wanted to run away she was so embarrassed.

Maybe this was just his personality though. She couldn't let a few jokes ruin the opportunity of her life. "Why don't you face us now dear, the suit seems to fit well from the back." His eyes darted between now between her breasts and eyes.

Not nervously at all, he made no attempt to hide where he was looking. "Just like when you're jumping up and down, you'll find that the suit stretches well to support you even when you're bending down, go ahead and try it." Claire didn't hesitate. She smiled sheepishly before bending down. She felt her heavy breasts droop forwards. She knew she was giving him full view of her already propped up cleavage.

"Claire surely you can touch your toes, all of the other girls could." Claire was a bit taken back by the comment, but it served well to trigger her competitive streak.

She bent down and easily grabbed her shoes. He now had a full view of the tops of her breasts. He was almost able to see the edge of her nipples. "Is there anywhere that you could use more support in this position Claire?" he asked Claire knew at this point that he wanted her to stay in this position. She literally felt like her breasts were about to pop out. She knew to use the correct terms now. "It's a great suit, but I guess my breasts aren't that well supported right now." "I can see that" he chuckled, to Claire's utter humiliation "It's hard to blame the manufacturer though, I don't think these suits have been tested on tits like that." Again Leanna and him laughed loudly.

"Joking of course dear, we will make the necessary alterations." He soothed "That is if you end up winning the spot." He challenged. After a bit more time admiring her deep cleavage, he gave her the ok to stand up. Claire immediately did so, trying her best to readjust her top to cover more of her breasts.

"So Claire, let's get to the point, huh?" he carried on "I've reviewed your file personally. I know that you have what it takes to become an excellent physician." This made Claire flash her first genuine smile of the interview. This momentarily made her forget the ordeal he had just put her through.

"Thank you sir." He continued "Whether you have what it takes to complete this 3 month period training though, I'm not sure. You see, Claire, the point of this training is not just to teach you a thing or two about medicine, but it is to force you out of your comfort zone, to make you grow as an individual." Claire nodded along, she realized that what he had just put her through all must have been a test.

He was a brilliant physician after all. "Only when you break through these silly mental barriers of comfort, will you become in touch with your body's natural instinct." He soothingly said "This is why I worry about your ability to complete the training, Claire. You defence mechanisms are built to tough, much too tough for a girl your age" Claire seemed disheartened, sensing that perhaps this opportunity was slipping. "No sir, please.

I want to work with you so that I can get in touch with my instincts. I agree completely. I would do anything to become the best physician that I can." Dr.

Lawson looked at her, and then looked away, pausing. The anticipation was killing Claire. He looked at her. "Claire, I know that you understand the good fortune which will come your way should you complete the training period. But I would be devilish if I didn't inform you of how it would look on your record should you fail." He paused before continuing "As the former dean of Harvard medicine, failing this training program would likely preclude you from any Ivy league medical school across the country." He said sternly Claire gulped, her career flashing before her eyes.

"Of course sir. But I want you to know that I would do anything that it took to successfully complete training, if you were to give me the opportunity." Dr. Lawson smiled, he looked at Leanna and nodded. "Congratulations Claire!" Leanna beamed "I knew you'd be the one." She smiled as she slid some paper work over to her, with dozens of X's where Claire was to sign. Claire looked at her and Dr. Lawson, she was overcome with joy.

She jumped up and down in joy, much to the delight of her onlooker. "Thank you Thank you Thank you!" Claire cried "I will not let you down si." Claire looked down at the paper work in front of her. They were placed closer to Dr. Lawson then to her. Leanna handed her a pen.

Claire bent down forward low as she read through the paperwork. Dr.


Lawson leered lustfully into the busty teenage cleavage a couple feet from his eyes. Claire read through. "Oh don't worry about that honey, just some standard paperwork. It of course guarantees full non-disclosure and confidentiality about the content of your training and experiences here." Leanna beamed. Claire rushed through the paper work excitedly. As Claire put the paper worked down, Leanna gave Claire a tight hug. She started jumping up and down, prompting Claire to as well as they jumped in a circle.

Dr. Lawson was utterly pleased by the site in front of him, once again hard as a rock. As he stood up, Leanna let Claire go. Claire faced Dr. Lawson. He brought her in towards him, with his hands on the small of her back.

He brought her in close, squeezing her breasts against his chest. His hands grazed down her lower back and landed on her ass cheeks. "Claire, we are going to have a lot of fun this summer." He smiled as he gently squeezed her ass cheeks before letting her go.

Claire was too excited to care. So what if her new coworkers and boss were the hugging type. She practically skipped out of the office and hurried home to excitedly tell her parents and boyfriend about the good news. Dr. Lawson lustfully watched her ass bounce as she skipped away. He turned to Leanna as he unbuckled his belt. "I can't believe she bought that crap about finding herself, I thought she was smart." He laughed Leanna smiled as she unzipped her top "Oh Dr.

Lawson, remember you got me with the same line last year." "Well I guess I can be quite persuasive." He smiled as he reclined back in his chair. "Watching that little slut dance around for me really made me hard, come take care of this girl" Leanna knew what to do.

She peeled her top off, revealing her flawless olive oil skin and C cup breasts. Next she scooted off her tight white scrub pants, revealing her juicy naked ass, which was equally tanned. She climbed on to Dr. Lawson's erect cock. She moaned as it entered her pussy. She kissed him on the lips as he had one hand on her ass cheek and the other on her tit. She rhythmically rode him until he gave her two sharp slaps on the cheek.

She promptly climbed off and put her lips around his fat cock. After a few licks a Dr. Lawson emptied his entire load in his young assistant's mouth. Leanna gladly swallowed, as usual. … Just as Leanna swallowed a large load of cum, Claire entered her room at home. She lied on the bed. She was overjoyed with how the interview went, she knew that she would complete this training and be well on her way to having her dream career.

Sure his methods may be a bit unorthodox, but he was a great physician, surely he would know what he's doing. Little did Claire know that about one year ago, Leanna was had the exact same thoughts.