Hot gay emo teen anal porn vids The fellows are so warm together

Hot gay emo teen anal porn vids The fellows are so warm together
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This story is fictional and my first so i hope you like it im always open for suggestion. Nancy just turned eighteen when she was lying in bed, she had a perfect body.

She was a brunette with green eyes and a really cute face, full lips and c-cup firm breasts.

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At that night she couldn't sleep and she started to play with herself, one hand moved to her left breast while the other hand moved over her naked body. slowly going lower and lower till it reached her clit and really wet dripping pussy.

She was really enjoying herself that she didn't notice something sliding under the sheeds towards her naked body. Suddenly Nancy felt a stinging pain in her feet as the thing injected toxins in her feet, it was to late for Nancy. Within seconds the toxins started to work, paralyzing her body and working as a aphrodisiac turning her on.

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her pussy became wetter and wetter while she felt something sliding up towards her. she wanted to scream but she coudn't. She was completely helpless as the thing reached her soaking pussy. while she couldn't move she could feel everything. the tip of the thing found her pussy and started to slid inside.

she felt it enter her wet pussy.

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slowly it buried into her tight pussy. she wanted to scream while the thing almost ripped her wet tight pussy in two.

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she felt it completely enter her pussy and it started vibrating. real slowly it started going deeper and deeper. it started giving nancy more toxins and she felt her womb opening up a little.

when the ting reached her womb the tip could enter. it buried deeper and deeper.


slow but surely entering her womb, tearing it apart while it buried even deeper. Poor Nancy felt everything while her naked body lied paralyzed. it stopped vibrating and moving. Nancy hoped that the worst was over. How wrong could she be. Small needles started to come out of the thing and pierced her womb, No force on earth could take it out of the poor girls pussy now. The needle thing started to secree a solvent to dissolve her womb, so the thing could take it's place in her hot naked body.

She never ever felt so much pain in her life. She felt it burning as it ate her womb she know she would never have children.

slowly the needles grew longer and longer through her helpless naked body. she felt the tentacles grow. They grew throughout her entire body, She felt them everywhere. in her wet pussy, breast and nipples, her fingers and toes.

Some even entered her brain. and started mapping her brain functions. when it was done it started changing her. destroying empathy and conscience and increasing lust, survival and feeding needs.

it even started to change her body, making it really strong and making it possible to change the structure. in essence Nancy wasn't human anymore, she even started producing a toxin in her breasts what she could ejaculate through her nipples. she wasn herself anymore but an alien creature that only wanted to feed and fuck and cared for nothing else. and she was hungry. even in her sister. She slowly entered Michelle's room and walked to her sleeping sister.

she crawled in her bed and Say'd she had a nightmare. Michelle smiled and she say'd it was OK.


Michelle was a petite girl with brown eyes and hair and she had small firm breasts. She was a perfect victim for Nancy's first prey. Nancy's took the bed sheeds and rolled on her little sister, before she could react she took her and rolled again and again.

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They were bound by the bedsheets and Michelle was bound by it. She looked in fear while her big sister ripped her clothes off her body. leaving only her beautiful naked body "W-W-What are you doing??" she asked just before she felt something wet at her breast.

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Nancy let some toxins drip on her sister through her nipples. It slowly got absorbed by her firm breasts and entered her bloodstream. She felt it burn as it quickly spread through her body.


she couldn't move anymore and she lay'd on the bed with her sister on top. Nancy ripped the sheeds of them and she looked at her sisters helpless body. she saw the fear in her brown eyes and it really turned her on. She started to kiss her neck and bit her.

She tasted her blood and she almost came from the taste of it alone. She wanted her more than anything in the world, and she would have her no matter what.

Nancy climbed on top of Michelle and sucked some more blood from her neck.

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slowly Nancy gave in to her lust and started to suck on her firm breasts, Michelle saw how a huge tentacle came out of her sister's pussy and she knew that that would really hurt if it took her. She felt the tip of the tentacle probing her pussy and touching her clit and then she felt a sharp pain as it entered her tight little cunt. it hurt as the big rod entered her. She wanted to scream but she couldn't. Nancy felt her sister's tight virgin pussy around the tentacle.

Michelle's pussy started to bleed as the tentacle forced it's way into her. and the tentacle absorbed her pussy fluids and her blood. Nancy started to rape her little sister violently and with every thrust the tentacle entered her pussy a little deeper each time. Causing Michelle more pain and making her bleed more and more.

The more she bled the more nancy liked it. Suddenly Nancy felt herself cum as the tentacle moved violently in her sisters pussy tearing it apart from the inside. Nancy's teeth penetrated Michelle's skin. she felt her sisters teeth sink deep into her firm breast. she felt her sister suck the blood out of her breast, as the tentacle in her pussy started to grow.

she felt it at the edge of her womb. she slowly felt the thing being pulled out of her while her sister sucked the blood out of her breast.

Michelle felt her sister's teeth sunk into her other breast, and felt the blood being sucked out. Nancy pushed the tentacle back into her tight little sisters pussy, Deeper and deeper.

Michelle felt it reach her womb.


She looked in fear while tentacle ripped its way through her womb. Nancy came again and again while the tentacle ripped through her sisters body, feeding on her blood and life.

draining it both away of her little sister. The Last thing Michelle felt was her sister teeth slowly piercing her neck and a warm feeling of blood drippen out of het tight raped pussy.