Susana bangs her employee to overtime

Susana bangs her employee to overtime
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This is my first story, ever. I appreciate all sorts of criticism so don't be afraid.


Please tell me about any grammatical mistakes I have made, I know I'm not perfect. I just need to say that if you are looking for a sex filled story, this isn't for you and you should read something else.

This is a true love story, and it's pretty emotional but completely worth the long wait. ============================== Walking to school, one week until school ended. I am 16 years old, I say I am 6 foot but I am really 180cm, oh. and still a virgin. A virgin of every kind. I have never kissed a girl on the lips, I haven't even been near the base.

My name is Smithy, and I don't know what it is about me. I have average looks, I have the body of an athlete and the brains of a scientist. I have always gotten on with girls, I was good at flirting and all of that nonsense, I guess it's because I have never asked a girl out.

I've never had a girlfriend or anything even close to it. Although I do have a lot of close friends that are girls, and may I say that they are all A-class girls. The finest in my school. I know the building blocks to my failure with women, my parents. 100 fucking percent of my failure is because of my parents. They are so christian it is unbelievable. I am not aloud a girlfriend that they approve of, they even disapprove of me watching movies that have kissing of sexual scenes in. Isn't that ridiculous at the age of 16?

Let me tell you a little more about my parents, they don't drink alcohol, don't do drugs, my mother works at some company whilst my dad is a house wife… They don't let me drink and the curfew is 9PM. Although I say I come home at 8PM, I actually return at 11-2am to an angry duo. Other than this, I would descry myself as a cool guy. Popular with the guys and the girls, thought I wish it was a bit more with the girls. Let me tell you about my friends and my school, my year is split up into 9 sections, these are called 'houses', I'm in the house of Pitt.

My house is the worst out of all the houses, we have the most idiotic, pathetic and unsporty pupils in this house. It's like they made a house just for the retards, and I somehow came on board.

Every year we have house sports events, and we come last. I am captain of everything for my house, because no one else can qualify to do shit. I am the captain of the rugby team for the year, so we manage to keep ourselves higher than last place in rugby.

In football, we have no chance, coming last every year. For the first three years of this school, you are in all of your classes with your house. This means that your group of friends will be from your house, as you can imagine, the people in my house and fucking unpopular.

This made the whole house graded as unpopular, and thus, me. Thanking god, we reached a point in our school career that we had to choose the subjects we wanted to learn. I chose business, physical education, science and history, as well as the compulsory english, maths, religious studies and chemistry/biology. This is when my luck turned around, The three most popular people in school where in EVERY SINGLE one of my classes, and I sat by them in every single lesson.

The first few days, we really hit on and became good friends. After a month, I was in the game, rolling with the most popular people in my school. My two closest friends, Jake and Mike, where the biggest players I know, jumping from girl to girl, forgetting their pussy count. After the first few weeks of knowing them, they introduced me to the medicine of the world, marihuana as I like to call it. Chronic, weed, kush, blaze, stinky, chrow or whatever else you want to call it, it was the best.

They where the source of everything good in my final two years of school. I smoked with them regularly, every other day since they got the best weed in town. Still though, I had no luck with the girls, rolling with the two payers of the school didn't do anything.

========================= So anyway, that's the basic story of my school life, now that I have a week remaining until school is over, I plan on getting myself a girl. Walking to school, I start running through my head the single ladies. A number of pretty faces pop up, but I am in the 'friend' zone with all of them.

Nothing a bit of alcohol can't fix as Mike always says. I get to school, and my first class is Chemistry, I sit next to Mike and Jake and they start planning their day ahead.

As usual, the first they talk about is how much money we have and who we will buy our weed from. Then mike receives a text and looks down at his phone for a moment, stopping the whole conversation. "You know theres a part on friday right, Michelle is holding it at hers, 8PM" says mike, holding his face to his phone, tapping in a few buttons.

"I don't think I can come man, it will finish to late and you know what happens." I replied. "Don't be a fucking pussy, it's the last day of school, they will understand! Besides, everyone will be drunk and you are sure to get some pussy." Mike instantly told me before punching my in the shoulder making a pop sound.

"Alright I'll come, I won't be able to come out tonight though, or I won't have any money for friday. I wan't three grams and some drink. Mike you think your sis can get me a bottle of strongbow?" I said, winking at him. Mike new that me and his sister got along really well, being a 19 year old babe with a fake ID, she digger me for some reason. I could never do anything about it, Mike was my best friend and he was always there when I saw her. We flirted even in front of him, and I did it to piss him off.

So he was a little sensitive about me being alone with her. "Yeah, she'll get my drink as well so I'll just meet you and give you yours." He said, looking at me with a cold facial expression. "Nah that's alright, i'll just get it from her, don't want to put you into any bother." "You can go and fuck yourself." is all he managed to get out before we saw the teacher in front of us.

We got back to work, Mike called the dealer and rolled him to get him his weed for tonight and have it ready by when school finishes.

The lesson ended and this girl walked out of the class next to me, Bethany. She was a real babe, but like me was a virgin.

She had many boyfriends though, just never went past first base with any of them. We both got on really well, but we where extremely close friends.

This is the first person who came in my mind when I was digging for singles. It was a cold day, and we had a long walk across the school campus for business, and she had lost her gloves. She started rubbing her hands together and blowing air into them, a frantic effort to warm them up. I took my chance and gently grabbed her hands, having gloves on I wrapped her hands and started rubbing over them.

She just looked up at me and smiled. She was a real work of beauty, if I ever believed in the gods, I would thank them for this sweet, cute brunette, standing 5 foot 6, slim figure with the most amazing golden tanned smooth legs.

After rubbing her hands for a while, I lowered one of them and continued to hold her hand as we walked. I know now that it wasn't awkward at all, but it seems amazingly tense for me. Never being in a situation like this, my experience being from the movies (sad I know) so I had to spark up a conversation. "You going to that party on friday?" I said, looking down at her as we continued to hold hands. She suddenly looked up at me smiling, "I don't think so, I haven't really been invited.

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I'm not really friends with Katy." Katy was the prom queen, the captain of the cheerleading squad and the netball team, she was the girl everyone wanted to be. Being the daughter of a local business man, she had a huge house up on the hill. She held a party every year, only invited people with cards could come. Last year she had bouncers with picture identification of all invited members. I remember distinctively that three crashers got kicked out and beaten up.

"Katy must have forgotten, you should come with me." I said, looking straight down into her golden hazel eyes. "No, I don't think I'll get past the infamous body guards." She stuttered, sighing briefly. "You will, I promise you." She shook her head whilst I was saying this so I just stopped her on the spot and said "Look, this is the last part of the year, and your coming. I'm going to be at your house at 7 so be dressed.

Open the door or I'm coming through your window." She just smiled at me and mentioned how sweet I was. I lifted the hand I was holding and gently kissed it, "Well you know me." I said, looking down into her eyes. She blushed a little, and this was how I knew that I was in for a chance.

This was the first time I had done anything like this with a girl, first time my lips had touched a girl, first time I had invited a girl anywhere. I knew I was a persuasive person, and very twisty with my tongue, and the knowledge of my own powers gave me all the courage I needed. We walked to business, talking casually about how fat our teacher was, then I suddenly thought of sitting next to Bethany, breaking my routine of two years, sitting by Mike and Jake. I was pondering how I could pull of such a stunt, without raising too much awareness, then my luck grew a little.

I crossed paths with Mike, he looked down at me holding hands with her and as he walked past me, he made the O sign with his thumb and index. I instantly knew what he meant, as they had been helping me get a girl for some time.

We got in class, and I started talking to her about something her brother, Tom was telling me, I didn't really want to talk to her about it, but I knew she would be interested and wouldn't leave half way through, so she sat next to me at a 2 man table at the back of the classroom.

After finishing the stupid conversation, we started working when she suddenly said, "So are you getting any weed for the party?" whilst keeping her head focussed on her paper. "Yeah i'm getting a couple of grams, why? Are ya' interested?" "Well it's all you and my brother talk about, so I want to see what all the hype is about." I smiled at her for a moment before telling her "I'll smoke some of mine with you, you have the honour of smoking with a professional." I winked at her, and this is when she broke her gaze from her book and gently punched me on the shoulder.

I am a complete amateur, but even I know what this means. I upped my game and started teasing and flirting her, I had learnt everything there is to know over the last two years of Mike and Jake. "Oh how humble of you, Dr.


Dre" she said after the flirty punch. "Yeah well I'll have to be careful, girls usually take a toke and pass out. We don't want that now do we?" "I'm not your average girl, Dave, be careful." She said, followed by a growl and acute girlie giggle. "Well there is still a lot I need to teach you, smoking weed isn't something you just learn." I said to her, after turning my repositioning myself to face her directly.

"How hard can it be? You just blow into the joint and that's it." She said, staying quiet for a moment whilst I just started at her. "I'm kidding! I might be new to this, but i'm not a fool." She said, before looking up at me our faces where literally two inches apart from each other. She looked at my lips for a moment before looking into my eyes, I knew from all the romantic movies I had seen that this meant a girl wanted a kiss, and a kiss is touching unknown areas for me. I placed my hand on her leg and said "I know that, fool's can't be as pretty as you are." I said to her, keeping my facial expression calm.

She blushed and broke a helpless smile before returning to her previous expression. I slowly moved in when "If you two lovers would like to tell me what the tertiary sector is?" A cold and voice came from the front of the room, splitting mine and Bethany's faces to look at the front.

The voice could have only come from the fat bastard of a business teacher I have. He reminded me of myself, a virgin. A fat virgin. Everyone looked at us but luckily our faces had changed position and the near kiss was never seen by anyone. Bethany was quick to reply, giving a detailed answer about the Tertiary sector of business finance and management.

She finished her answer and looked down at the paper, she was blushing madly, and so was I. The rest of the lesson went normally, we split ways after I reminded her about friday. The rest of the week went normally, not a minute went without me regretting the near kiss I had with Bethany, I really embarrassed her. I went to work everyday at the local gym, I had to clean the pool and all the machines every night when the gym closed.

It took a few hours, but I slowed myself for extra pay. The pay was £15 an hour, which is amazing considering my age. On the friday, I went to school in a plain white shirt, the day went just as expected, people signing shirts, hugging and giving farewells. The last day we would see each our friends. Everyone was splitting ways. I was a popular gay, and by two lessons I had my whole shirt covered in names, numbers and memories.

I even had a few kisses implanted on my cheeks from the girls with the ridiculous overload of red lipstick. A week ago, this would have meant a lot to me, and I would have followed that road, but I had a new perspective in mind. I had Bethany in my head and I couldn't remove it. It got to forth period and the signing had gone form my shirt to my body, all of the rugby team unbuttoned their shirts and walked around like that, being the captain, I was forced to do so.

I ran into Bethany and she circled me looking for a spot to sign, she eventually came to my front where to only available space was on my chest. She looked down at my pride and glory, my six pack and abs that I had been working on the whole of the previous year. Being captain of the rugby team didn't come easy, there where high expectations and being muscular was one of them. "Wow. Your really covered huh?" She mentioned. "I think there is an available spot just down here." I said as I pointed under my belly button.

She smiled and got onto her knees, and started to sign her name under my belly button. I suddenly caught the eye of Jake and Mike, who had been sitting at the opposite side of the room watching me for a while. They both made the ace sign to me and Jake got up, placing a hand in front of his crotch, thrusting his head, imitating a blowjob. I mouthed the words 'fuck you' to them before giving them a nice taste of my middle finger. Bethany stood up and placed the lid on her pen, he looked up into my eyes for a moment, smiling.

"So you ready for tonight?" I mentioned, looking into her eyes. "Yeah, everything ready, climb through my window at 7 yeah?" She said, winking at me before we both quietly laughed. "Alright, oh and i've got that weed you wanted, you addict." "Bit ironic don't you think Smithy?" She said, placing her hand flat on my bare chest and gently attempting to push me backwards, only ending up in pushing herself.

"Only thing ironic is you're courage facing the rugby captain." I said to her, placing my hand on her shoulder, gently pushing her back. The bell suddenly rang and it was the end of the day, I looked down at Bethany and our eyes locked for several seconds.

"Bethany, you coming?" said a voice from behind me, it was her best friend, Charlie. Bethany walked past me and as I looked back, so did she, breaking a cheeky smile while she did so. I was then approached by Mike and Jake. They mockingly applauded my work with Bethany. "She looked back at you Smithy, you know what that means." said Mike.

Jake then started making moaning voices whilst Mike started the blowjob re-enactment again. I pushes them away laughing whilst I walked out of the door saying "You know, I'm not in this just for the sex. I actually think I like her." "You can't be serious? Your going to pussy out on us now?" muttered Jake. "No you idiot, Smithy's a thinker you see, a relationship means steady head." said Mike.

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I told them both to shutup and that we should get ready. I went home and got changed, I went into my parents room and explained that I was going out tonight and that I would be back late.

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To my surprise they didn't give me any shit. I gave them my farewells, before going back into my room. My room was a nerds heaven, the cool rugby captain that I was at school, I was a fucking nerd at home. I have an amazing black workstation with a PC and an iMac on, also being the heaven for any druggie.

The drawers that I had on the workstation came out in a special way, and under the drawers was my stash. I reached in, grabbed a 50gram Golden Virginia tobacco pouch, a pack of blue rizzla king skins and my roach card. Closing my stash, I tucked all of the goods into my pockets and made my way outside. I met up with Mike and Jake at 6, I handed Mike £40 and then we proceeded to walk to his house, we walked straight into his living room where his sitter was sitting alone with her right foot up on the couch, painting her toenails with bright fluorescent orange nail varnish.

I was sure of getting lucky tonight, so I put on my best clothes, Adidas original low-tops, Dark navy Diesel jeans and a red superdry top.

It was a pretty warm day so I didn't need a jacket. I made sure that I had a decent amount of cologne on to please Bethany, but it seemed to please Mike's sister swell, Jodie.

She looked up at me and gave me a pleasant smile, saying "Hey Playa'!" Jake laughed in the background and then walked into the kitchen.

Although I was anything but a player, Jake and Mike did a goo job of keeping it quiet that I was completely unexperienced. I smiled at Jodie and gave her an alluring wink, before slyly checking her out whilst she was finishing off her toe-nails. She was wearing a denim short shorts, a grey tanktop that came down to her belly button and extremely sized up her enormous breasts. I'm not sure if she was wearing a bra or not, I didn't have enough time to check because she was just finishing off.

"So you going to that party as well huh?" she said as she looked up at me, noticing me looking at her breasts. "Uh.huh yeah I am, are you?" I said nervously, bushing. "No.

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Why the hell would I go? You are just little kids with little toys." She said as she pointed towards my crotch with her nail varnish brush. "Please, you couldn't even handle my luggage." I said in return.

She chuckled for a moment before saying 'You should show me some time." followed by running her tongue across her teeth, which was notoriously arousing.

As always, Mike walked down the stairs before I could answer. "I got everything, let's go." he said whilst walking towards Jodie. He kissed Jodie on the cheek and thanked her for the drink. She replied with a smile and a wink to me as Mike turned around and walked to the door. I smiled back at her, walking backwards for a moment before turning around and walking out the front door (which I thought is a very cool move.) We walked down the road and eventually got to our little stash, it was a turnaway into the woods, a nice path had been made from the thousands of times we had gone there.

It was a ten second walk through the woods, to where you reach a blank area, about 5msquared of emptiness, apart from several logs in a circle. We sat down onto the logs and pulled out our necessities. Even though we where all very experience in rolling now, Mike was by far the best. He licked the side of two king skins and joined them together, making an F shape. I opened my tobacco pouch and poured in the required amount, Jake pulled out his grinder and placed a gram and a half in there.

He closed the grinder and begin twisting away. He opened it about 20 seconds later and tapped it into the joint equally filling it. I layered the top with a little bit more of tobacco and Mike rolled, tucked and licked. We all got up and Mike proceeded in lighting the joint, it was passed to me after he had taken several tokes, as well as his rollers rights.

I took several deep tokes and as I was about to pass it to Jake, Mike said "Nah man, this is your day, take a few more." I simply smiled in return and took another toke. "So, tell us what you're going to do." said Jake. "Well I'm going to Beth's after this little sesh, hang out a little, she wanted to smoke some weed so we'll do that. Then we will come to the party," I said, releasing the smoke as I spoke.

"You going to make a move?" asked Mike. "Obviously, I'll just wait for the perfect moment." I replied. "You know. We saw your little kiss attempt in business the other day." said Jake. I looked up at the and took another toke, trying my best not to act embarrassed.

"I just need to tell you that you are doing it all wrong man. For the first kiss, it needs to be special, girls are sensitive, they remember things like this." said Mike, trying to sound sensitive. Jake and I chuckled a little before sitting down. "This weed is good." I said before taking another toke and passing it to Jake. "Oh yeah, here's your chrow." said Mike, taking out three baggies and passing them to me.

I inspected them for a moment before pocketing them, they looked like juicy buds so it didn't look into it further. "So anyway, you need to look deep into her eyes for a couple seconds, raise your hand and brush her hair our of her face, then move a little closer.

Don't break eye contact what so ever. Stop about an inch from her lips, savour the moment. This will tease her so much.

Then go in really slowly and gently, make sure your top lip is above her top lip, and for god sakes, no tongue on the first kiss. You don't want to push her away." said Mike. I just looked at Mike, nodded with approval and said 'Thank's bud'.

I looked down at my phone and it was 6:40, and I was a while from Beth's house. I take my final tokes from the joint, bid my farewells and went off. I got to her house precisely at 7, knocked on her door and waited. It was about 2 minutes and no one had answered so I knocked again. Being my first time doing anything like this, I panicked and started to get a little worried, I thought that I had been stood up. then I thought of how Beth was such a kind person, she doesn't have the heart to stand anyone up.

I looked up at her window and noticed that it was open, and I remembered what we had both talked about. It seemed like a crazy idea at the moment, but I took the chance. I climbed up the side of the tree, which was luckily placed in front of her window, just like a movie.

I peered in and saw nothing unusual, then grabbed onto her window and climbed in. I walked out of her room and stood on one of the dogs toys as I walked out. The dog suddenly ran out of a room and started barking in front of me. "Shut up you stupid thing!" I heard from a random room, it was a man's voice, very deep so I assumed that it was her dad. The dog continued to bark and a figure appeared in the corner of my eye. Within seconds I was pushed against a wall and a second later, I was on top of the figure holding him down.

"Get off me you fucking cunt! I'll fucking kill you!" he shouted at me. "I'm Beth's friend, she's expecting me!" I said quietly, trying to quiet him down. Beth suddenly walked out of the bathroom in nothing but a small towel, covering her form the upper thigh to her breasts. I looked up for a moment and the raised my hands and blocked my face, apologising as she ran to her room.

"Shit! Sorry!" I said. As my hands where raised the man pushed me away and then held me down, clenching his fist behind his head, ready to punch me. "Stop! Don't punch him, he's my boyfriend!" said Beth from a small gap in her door. The man suddenly looked back at Beth for a second, released me and then stood up. He walked back into his room and slammed the door shut. Beth also closed the door, and I was sitting there leaning on a wall, confused as shit. About ten seconds later Beth's door opened and she came out in an extremely baggy t-shirt.

I presume it was all that she was wearing, no one gets changed that fast. She had no shorts or anything on, but the t-shirt came low enough to hide vag. She stared at me for a second and them began to laugh quietly, "So you took the window thing seriously?" she said, laughing again afterwards. "I knocked several times, so I thought that you where serious." I said as I pushed myself off the ground. "Look, i'm really sorry, I didn't think this through." She closed the door, after some shuffling the door opened and I was invited in.

She was wearing a tiny black skirt, barley covering anything, a white t-shirt, and obviously no bra. Her nippled where as hard as diamonds, cold from the shower and from the shock of the stupidity I had caused. She was drying her hair with a towel whilst looking at me, our eyes where locked for about thirty seconds, I had been smiling the whole way through. "Why are you smiling?" "No reason" I replied. "No one smiles for no reason, tell me." she declared.

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"Well. It's the first time I've seen you without any makeup. You look stunning". She blushed and looked away, a smile from ear to ear on her face. It made me feel on top of the world knowing that I had caused such a smile.

She looked back at me and said "You don't look so bad yourself." I had no idea what this meant, it didn't sound like a compliment or an insult, so I just put it aside.

She finished drying up, put on her makeup and we left, from the door. She looked up into the sky and said "It's going to rain, I can tell." I looked up, and there was not a cloud in sight.

"Your kidding me? the sky is completely blue." "You want to bet?" she proclaimed. "I always stake high." I replied. "Twenty pounds." she said. "Pfft. That's it? I make that in an hour!" I said to her, winking.

"Fine, mr. rich. If you lose, you have to take off your shirt and give it to me to wear." she said, winking back at me. "That's a high enough stake for you?" I looked at her for a couple of seconds with a blank expression, "Deal, and if you loose?" I asked? "I'll take off my shirt." she said, smiling at me like a little tease. "You've got a bet!" I said, laughing slightly.

I extended my right hand and offered her a handshake, she accepted it immediately and gave me a manly firm handshake. We continued to walk, until we reached a little spot that I used to come to with Mike and Jake to smoke weed. It was a very secluded small park, with benches and tables.

I sat down, I got out all of my stuff and began rolling a joint. She was watching me from the other side of the table and then came and sat immediately next to me, leaving no gaps as she leant on me. She kept her eyes peeled down on my rolling without breaking focus, it was obvious that she was interested. I finished rolling the joint, it wasn't as good as I would normally do, but I had a beautiful girl leaning on me.

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It was still a good joint, not that she would know the difference between good and bad. "It's your first time so I'll let you have the first tokes.

You have to be careful not to buttsuck it, that's when you get the joint wet. Just parse your lips and place it between them, like this." I said, as I moved the joint to my lips, placing them gently between them. I retrieved the joint and handed it to her. She did it perfectly and I slid out my lighter. I lit it and moved the lighter to the joint, "Suck.' I said, whilst the lighter was on the end of the joint.

She must have sucked to hard because she just coughed and instantly took the joint out of the mouth. I smiled at her and placed my arm around her smoothly. (I'd like to think that I did it smoothly) "Take a small toke, and then breath in gently." She did so perfectly, and she smiled at me and blowed the smoke into my face.

"There you go, you look like a pro." I said, smiling at her. She took a few more tokes from the joint and then passed it to me, soon she felt the chronic hitting her, she was laughing and giggling. I told her that she had the giggles, and she just told me that she loved it. "Hey what drink do you have by the way?" I said.

"Just a bottle of vodka." she replied. "Vodka? I knew you where naughty!" I said, smiling. The joint finished, and as it did, it started raining. We both looked at each other, then got up and ran to the closest tree. "A bet's a bet." She said, punching me playfully on the shoulder. I forced a sigh, smiling at her whilst I took off my t-shirt. I didn't regret this at all, I had the body of a champion and Beth appreciated it. I handed he my t-shirt and she raised her hands and placed it over her.

"Good fit." she said, looking down at my chest. I forced a few shivers out, knowing that if she liked me, she would make a move. And that she did, she reached out and hugged me.

"It's freezing." she said, I could feel her hands tightly holding my shoulder blades.

I lowered my hands to her lower back and then moved my head back, and stared deeply into her eyes. "You know your eyes glow like a star." I said to her quietly.

I raised my right hand and brushed a little bit of hair and placed it behind her left ear, keeping my hand on her cheek. I slowly moved forward, keeping my gaze on her eyes. She looked down at my lips for a fraction of a second and then looked back up.

This boosted my confidence by 500%. As told my Mike, I stopped. Millimetres from her lips, I stopped. She placed her hand on the back of my head, my hair climbing in-between her fingers, she pulled my head into hers and out lips locked for what felt like hours.

I savoured every second of it, I slowly pulled back my head and we both opened our eyes simultaneously. "You're all I think about" is all she managed to say before I pulled her in for another round of passionate kissing. I didn't try to involve any tongue, but she slipped hers into my mouth, and began exploring so I did the same. After several minutes of extremely passionate kidding, we pulled our face apart, still holding each other. We locked our eyes, I had a smile from ear to ear, I was over the fucking moon.

The rain suddenly stopped and the sun glommed out, all the clouds seemed to disappear, and all was left was the red night. "It stopped raining, I guess you need your t-shirt back." she said, pulling off my tshirt from her torso. I raised my hands and she placed it over me, pulling it down, leaving her hand on my chest as she came in and planted another kiss on my lips.

======== Part two will be coming soon, I hope you enjoyed!