Reife Mutter mit großen Hunger nach Sex

Reife Mutter mit großen Hunger nach Sex
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Our mom (Part 1) My mother's name is Marge and she is 40. She is one hot babe with big juicy tits and cute ass that every teenagers dreams of fucking. My name is Jason and I'm 18 and my elder brother Ethan is 20.

My lust for my mother began when I saw her coming out of the shower one day totally nude. I was passing by her room and totally got the shock of my life. This happened when I was just 12. After that my mom was the only thing that came to my mind when I masturbated. Then, as things turned out, I also found out that my brother also fantasized about our mom when I caught his masturbating with mom's picture next to him. We started talking about our fantasies and how we would fuck our mom.

In my favourite fantasy situation, I would be fucking my mom's ass while Ethan came all over her face. My brother and I jacked off together talking dirty about our mom.

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Even though my mother was one sexy MILF, she was careful about showing skin. When going out she didn't show much skin, only some cleavage and thighs sometimes. But she had no idea what her two innocent looking sons had in their mind.

So, she was rather liberal when it came to putting on clothes at home. We had got many glimpses of her tits and her panties. My brother had even shot a short video on his cell phone showing mom's tits while she was sleeping. We would regularly jack off watching that video.


Well our story began last year a day before our dad's birthday. My brother and I were discussing the birthday party plans for the next day. We had bought a guitar together for dad. we knew how he loved playing the guitar. Unfortunately, he rarely played it now. As we were discussing the plans, mom walked in the living room carrying a large shopping bag.

Before she could stop my brother, me brother had snatched the bag and emptied it on the table. Out came a box - it was a brand new Nokia cellphone.

But it wasn't the nokia phone that caught our attention.

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The second item was a lacy red bra and matching red silk panties. Mom started blushing. Seeing this, I couldn't help smiling. 'Well, Mom! I think dad will enjoy his new nokia very much,' he said and broke into a laughter. Mom also started laughing and said, 'Okay guys! This is enough.


I just thought I would remind your dad of the younger days. But apparently you think I'm too old for lingerie.' 'Come on mom! We didn't mean that. I'm sure you would look great in that,' I said.

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'Yeah mom, we won't tease you. We promise.' 'Really?' 'Well, on one condition. We have got to see how you look with that on,' started Ethan. Mom started blushing again, 'I don't know if I should be doing it.' 'Come on mom. It will be fun,' I replied. 'I mean it's for your dad.

I don't know if you should see me with that thing on.' 'Come on mom.

You can do it.' 'Okay. Wait for a moment.' She grabbed the bra and the panties and went upstairs.

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After she was gone, I looked at my brother. I could read his dirty mind.


I told him, 'Get your cellphone ready.' Thinking about my mom, I already was hard. I didn't know how I was going to keep myself in control. My brother sat down on the sofa and had his cellphone on his hand.

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I knew it was going to be one hell of a show. Then our mom walked in the living room. She was wearing her sleeping gown and no doubt the hot lingerie inside. She paused at the door. Seeing my mom, Ethan stood up. 'Here you go, guys.' And then she opened her gown and let it fall to the floor. There she was wearing that hot red bra and panties. We were speechless. Her boobs were firm and big.

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They were just waiting to pop out of her bra. I could make out the shape of her tits. 'God, this is going to be one hell of a show.' Her long sexy legs looked so inviting to me that I could just grab her and kiss her thighs. The red panties looked so sexy on her. Then she did a catwalk and walked into the room and turned around.

God, Her ass looked so round and firm to me. My hands were itching to spank her butt-cheeks. Ethan asked her, 'God mom, you look so sexy. Dad's gonna have one hell of a birthday tomorrow.' 'Thank you very much, son. Do you really think that?' 'Yeah, he's going to sweep you off your feet like this,' Ethan grabbed her and carried her in her arms, 'and he'll take you straight to the bedroom.' Mom started giggling, 'Oh, stop it, Ethan. Put me down. How could you say that about me?' 'Come on mom, but you look so sexy, ' I said.

'Put me down. I've gotta go and change. Your father will be here soon.' 'Not for another half an hour.

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Mom, you have to dance with us.' 'Okay. Okay, put me down.' She was giggling like a teenager and there was a twinkle in her eyes I hadn't seen before. As soon as mom was down, I grabbed her hands and started dancing with her. Ethan turned on some music. My hands were on her hips and I was slightly trembling. Then, Ethan came from behind and now Mom was sandwiched between us.

We were dancing slowly. To be continued.