Novinha chupando pau do namorado

Novinha chupando pau do namorado
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Based on true events, but partially fictionalized for entertainment. Tony admired his football coach. He was the only black man that Tony had occasion to interact with, and thought the world of him. So when coach Simms asked his mom and dad if Tony could stay over at his house after the teams latest victory, no one thought any thing of it. After all, other players had stayed at coach Simms'.

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It was just part of what he did for the players. The night went great. Good food and lots of fun. Mrs. Simms turned in early and Tony and coach stayed up watching TV. The conversation eventually turned to Tony's personal life and coach asked about his girlfriends. Tony sheepishly admitted that he hadn't really had a girlfriend. Coach chuckled and asked if he would even know what to do with a girl if he had one.

Tony was embarrassed that his coach was laughing at him. Tony had little experience or knowledge about sex. His parents sheltered him when he was younger. He knew what the other boys were bragging about. But he had not experienced it himself.

Coach offered to help Tony out. He got up and put in a video. As it started to play it was a girl alone, but as she started to undress, Tony got hard and self conscious. He half looked up at coach Simms who was sitting on the couch behind him and coach was openly rubbing his crotch. Tony wanted to rub his growing cock, but knew that his friends made fun of "jacking off" and he was already embarrassed in front of his coach.

Simms noticed Tony looking up and told him to watch a little more. When Tony turned around he saw that a muscular black man had joined the now completely naked white woman. Tony was drawn in. Not just by the two together but by the way she looked at him. How she touched him. And when she went to her knees and worked out his cock, Tony was shocked at how BIG it was. His own cock was nothing like that and the boys at school, from what he had seen in the locker room, were nothing like that.

Without thinking Tony glanced back again, and this time coach had his own black cock out. It was every bit as big as the one on the video. Embarrased Tony turned back to the video. He watched intently as the white woman took the cock into her mouth. It was so hot and sexy, Tony's cock was throbbing and all he wanted to do was touch his own cock.

He started to hear coach moan from behind him. He knew that coach was rubbing his own cock. His heart rate increased and his head started to pound. He was nervous and a little bit scared. He began to think of Simms not as his coach, but as the black man on the video.

With the white woman. With a big cock. He was seeing his beloved coach as something sexual. But it made Tony uncomfortable. To be thinking of his coach like that when his cock was raging hard. Simms asked Tony if he wanted to move up to the couch and sit next to him. Tony said he was just fine where he was.

A few moments passed and in a strong authoritative manner, coach told Tony to move up to the couch. Out of reflex to obey, Tony moved up to the couch. Seeing Simms' cock in full view made his heart jump up to his throat.

He was intimdated and thought that if his friends knew they would never stop calling him a fag. Swallowing hard, Tony shifted his gaze back to the TV.

Out of the corner of his eye, Tony saw coach pull him pajama pants completely off and pull his shirt off over his head. Simms turned to Tony and urged him to get comfortable. He said he knew Tony's cock was hard and it was perfectly ok. Just a couple of guys hanging out. No big deal and it would just be a secret.

On the screen, the woman was still sucking the big black cock. Coach asked Tony, do you think she looks pretty like that? Without thinking Tony just muttered "Yeah". Coach again ordered Tony saying "Take off your pants".


Tony complied. He wasn't sure how to feel about all this, but he trusted his coach. As Tony went to sit back down on the couch, Simms grabbed his arm and pulled him closer so that he was sitting right next to him. Smiling, Simms grabbed his cock and held it out in full view.

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" Look at that black cock Tony. I mean really look at it." Tony did so. Swallowing hard. Coach reached over and gently stroked Tony's smaller cock. He jumped. " Shh. It's ok. Just the two of us. Why don't you touch mine too. Tony was reluctant.

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Simms took his hand and moved it to his big throbbing black cock. Tony, as if almost out of reflex, wrapped his fingers around this big fleshy thick black cock.

Simms moaned " See that's it. You kinda know what to do don't you?" Not sure what this question meant Tony looked into coach's eyes. Smiling Simms encouraged him to take a closer look. Putting his arm around him, Simms pulled Tony over so that his head was resting on coach's chest.

Now Tony could watch the video and see Simms' cock at the same time. Reaching over the top of Tony coach grasped his forearm and gently encouraged Tony to work his hand up and down the shaft of his thick cock.

Precum began to ooze out the head. Tony could hear coach's heartbeat. "You want to be like her Tony? You want to feel my cock in your mouth don't you?" Tony felt a slight pressure on the back of his head. He didn't want to. Or did he?

He was unsure. He knew he wasn't a fag. But coach seemed to want this, and yet he was married. So he couldn't be gay right? All this and more was rushing through Tony's head as Simms pushed his head down more.

Coached moaned as Tony kept stroking the black cock and his head moved closer. Now Tony's head was resting on Simms' belly, the black cock just inches from his mouth. Simms stopped applying pressure. He reached over encouraged Tony up onto his knees on the couch next to him. " Just watch the girl Tony and do what feels natural to you." Coach reached under Tony and stroked his little white cock some.

Tony's head began to throb. He wanted to make coach happy, but didn't want to be a fag. After what seemed like an eternity Simms moved his hand up over Tonys back, working his hand to down between Tony's little ass cheeks.

Tony jumped reflexively. Simms held him still and lightly ran his fingers over his asshole.

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This sent a shudder down Tony's spine. " Felt good didn't it?" Tony was afraid to answer. Swallowing hard, Tony made up his mind. Opening his mouth, he lowered down over coach's cock and closed his lips around the head. Simms let out a deep low moan and thrust his hips up slightly into Tony's mouth. " That's it, just do what feels right" he said to Tony as he run his fingers lightly over Tony's asshole again. With his other hand planted firmly on the back of Tony's head, he began to work the young ones mouth with his cock and his ass with his fingers.

Rubbing gently on Tony's asshole as the young man took his black cock deeper into his mouth. Tony couldn't believe how…good it felt. But also in the back of his mind, he could hear his friends calling him a fag. He was about to change his mind about this whole thing when coach put his hand on the back of his head and started thrusting up into his mouth.

That's when he felt the fingers pressing against his asshole. Tony instantly knew he had made a mistake. He wanted to be out of this situation in a hurry and was upset at being allowed to be coaxed into this situation. He tried to pull off, but Simms sensing him trying to move off only held him down further.

" Not til I'm done Tony. You know I taught you to finish what you started" He laughed softly. " You are mine now, you just don't realize it yet" With that Simms continued to thrust in and out of Tony's mouth, and playing with his young tight asshole.

When Tony let go of his fear, he realized that kinda liked the feeling. But he struggled with these new feelings. Simms pace quickened and he said he was going to cum and let go of Tony's head. "On you or in you, your choice" Simms grunted. But before Tony had time to really contemplate what this meant, Simms' cock exploded in Tony's mouth. Shocked and caught off guard Tony tried to hold the cum in his mouth, but there was too much. It spewed out the corners of his mouth as he choked on the sheer volume of cum.

When he thought Simms was done he got up with the intent to find something to spit into. Simms grabbed him by the wrist. " Oh no, you caught it, you swallow it. It doesn't get wasted." reluctantly Tony swallowed the thick cum. Anger rushed up inside Tony "FUCK YOU!! I will never ever trust you again." Simms smiled. " Whatever you want to tell yourself Tony.

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But I know you enjoyed it and you will come back for me. I guarantee it." Tony didn't speak. He left the room and dressed.


Finding the guest room he went to sleep and called to be picked up early the next morning. He was never going to see Coach Simms again. He was sure of that To be continued…&hellip.