Mollig fällt das Handtuch für Pizzabote

Mollig fällt das Handtuch für Pizzabote
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"OK Joe let's try this one again" Joe sighs "Baby isn't it obvious by now that I can't dance?" She smiles sweetly at him "Well then, you have four days to learn" Maryse takes his hand and he rests his hand under her shoulder blade as she rest her other hand on his arm "Now remember: Slow, slow quick-quick" He nods and they start again, Joe must admit that under Maryse's tutelage he has made quite some progress.

First she had to dodge him stepping on her toes, but at least by now they can dance a few steps before he loses the rhythm and not once did she lose her temper with him. A glance down at their feet earns him a pinch on his arm and he looks back up at Maryse and grins at her "You know you lose your rhythm when you look down, feel the music" "Yes ma'am" She flashes him one of her bright smiles and they continue to dance, Joe must admit that this is much more fun than he originally thought.

It's a way to be close to Maryse and just hold her in his arms without anybody thinking anything about it. Suddenly his foot brushes against Maryse's, he loses the step and they almost tumble to the ground. Maryse's arms lock around his neck and he grabs her around the waist as he stumbles to a stop. Maryse groans and let go of her hold, hanging in his arms with her arms outstretched on each side and her head thrown back, she begins to laugh softly. "And what is so funny?" "You" "Me?" She looks up at him "I swear if I stripped down and got you inside of me, you would fuck me to the rhythm of the music, but just one little miss step and you lose all concentration" "I'm just scared of stepping on your toes" "Hey we are past that part OK?

Just keep your mind on what you must do and let me worry about the rest" Grinning he pulls her closer and leans down to gently kiss her neck, sending shivers down her spine.

"Oe you naughty boy, now you got me all tingly" He softly nibbles on her ear and she wraps her arms around him, breathing softly through her parted lips "Why is it that you get me turned on so easily?" He looks at her "Hmmmm maybe it is because you love me so much" She chuckles "Let's hope so, or maybe you cast a spell on me" He grins at her "Abracadabra" She giggles and kisses him, he straightens up and kiss her back as he do so, she breaks away from the kiss and starts to slip his t-shirt off, he helps her and they kiss again as she pushes him down on the couch and straddles his lap, taking his face in her hands and continue to kiss him.

He slip his arms around her, pulling her closer, kissing her back, enjoying the taste of her mouth as their tongues slips into each other's mouth. She pushes herself up against him, moaning into his mouth as she grinds her crotch against his growing cock. He slips his hands under her top and firmly strokes the tips of his fingers over her naked skin, focusing on her lower back.

She kisses him even harder, digging her nails into his shoulders as she grinds her groin against his hard cock.

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Joe takes her thin tank top and pulls it off, enjoying the view of her firm breasts and their hard nipples. He leans in to kiss the soft flesh of her breast, making her moan loudly.

She slips off his lap, grasping his shorts and pulling them down to his ankles, she undoes the string on her board shorts and it drops down her body with a slight wiggle of her hips. Joe can't help but marvel at how sexy she looks all firm flesh and silky smooth skin curved like she was sculpted by a master. "No wonder I can't get you to dance, you have me naked and horny most of the time" He grins up at her "Do I hear somebody complain?" "Hmmmm not at all baby," She sinks to her knees, her lips locks around his cock, her fingers slowly fondling his balls.

Her highly skilled tongue teasing and rubbing his cock, drawing it out to its full length, he place his hands in her hair, watching as her mouth stretches out to envelope his cock. She winks up at him and start to suck, moving her mouth slowly over his engorged cock.

He keeps on watching as her lips, tongue and fingers tease and rub over his turgid cock, drawing a groan from him. He loved how she moved so slowly, teasing him, giving him pleasure as she worked herself up.

With a long slurping sound she pull off of his cock, standing up she straddle his lap, here soft breasts in his face. He lick one of her hard nipples as she start to lower herself onto his throbbing cock, he rests his hands on her lower back to help her keep her balance. He nibble on her nipple, making her groan softly as her pussy lips slowly envelope his cock, her saliva on his cock and her juices allowing him to slide into her without any resistance.

She use her muscles to squeeze his cock, making him groan as she go from tight to impossibly tight, to tight and each time allowing his cock to slide in deeper.

He slide one hand over her body to cup her breast, gently squeezing as he suck and nibble on her nipple, she suddenly sat downtaking in his entire cock, drawing a soft moan from him and a wicked grin spread over her face, "So that is what balls-deep mean." He chuckles and kiss her, she return the kiss, her hands resting on his shoulders as she start to grind her hips against him, the swirling of her hips moving his cock inside of her.

Joe knew it wouldn't be long before she starts to ride him in earnest; this was just her way of teasing them both. She breaks the kiss to let out a moan, she start to thrust her pelvis against him, riding the hard shaft poking into her with each thrust.

Joe nibbles on her neck, feeling her nails starting to dig into his shoulders as her thrusts start to increase in pace and power, he loved how her muscled rippled and squeezed his shaft as she glided over him again and again. Her moans starts to fill the room along with the sound of her groin slapping soundly against him, he keeps on nibbling her neck, down over her collarbone, the nibbles turning to sharp little bites as his mouth moves over the soft flesh of her bouncing breasts.

He suck a hard nipple into his mouth, sucking hard and biting gently on the flesh as she literally impale herself on his cock, trying to drive it right through her, her nails digging into his skin.

He takes hold of her other breast, squeezing the copious flesh and pinching the hard nipple, he can't help but think how good it would be to have Maryse moaning into the other girl's pussy, lapping up her juices while her own pussy clutched his hard cock, he got to admit that he like the idea…he like the idea a lot.

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As Maryse's body starts to convulse against him, her pussy clamping around his hard shaft, he pull from her breast, grabbing her hair and pull her down for a hard, breathless kiss. Mere seconds later she screams, the sound muffled by his mouth as she sits down heavily on his lap, the convulsions of her muscles drawing his orgasm out and he groan as his cum erupts deep inside her, their bodies convulsing together, their tongues finding each other and entwining as their orgasms wash over them.

Finally she pulls away from him and brush her hair out of her face, he looks up at her, his hands idly stroking over her ass and lower back. She crosses her arms on his chest and leans closer, her eyes inspecting him as their mixed fluids slowly seeped from her and dripped from his balls.

"You sir are one very kinky man," he chuckle, "Is that a complaint I hear?" She smile and kiss the tip of his nose, "Oh not at all, you might just wear a girl out or make her used to such royal treatment." He smile and continue with the exploration of her silky skin, "So have you thought about bringing the girl into our little party just once?" He nods, "Yes I have," her eyes betrays her curiosity, "I think it can work, only if you don't get all possessive grumpy about it." She chuckle and playfully bite his cheek, "Just for that you're not getting any tonight mister." He grins at her, "Then I'll just tie you down and take what I want," she grins back at him, "Promise?" He laughs and kisses her, "Maybe, depends if you can resist my charms or not." She returns the kiss and then slip from his lap, his half rigid cock finding itself bathed with her tongue and then sucked into her warm mouth, cleaning up the traces of their coupling.

She finally gets to her feet and lick her lips clean, "I'll go find and talk to her, taking you along might just make her nervous." He smile up at her and get to his feet, "What are you going to tell her then?" She gives him a wink and starts to get dressed, "Oh you will just have to see if it works or not, why don't you get something to eat while I'm gone? I'm getting kind of hungry" He watched her slip back into her clothes and blows him a kiss before grabbing her cellphone and sunglasses, before slipping out of the door.

He goes to the fridge, checks what there is and after some thought he decides to make steak with chips, oven baked chips of course.

While defrosting the steaks he whips up a sauce to use on the steak, shaking his head at the fact that even though his mother makes food most of the time, he can also make something edible.

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Cutting open the frozen chips, he dumps them in a pan and spread them out, popping the pan into the oven he leaves the oven off for now, it won't be good to have cold chips with warm steak. Finally the steak is defrosted and he turns on the stove, placing a frying pan on and pouring in some olive oil, moments later a steak is frying in the pan, the sauce adding to the great aroma.

He hears the door open and looks around to find the cute brunette walking in through the front door, wearing sandals, white shorts and a white t-shirt, he gives her a friendly smile. "Hey there," Wiping his hands he walks over and extends his hand, "I'm Joe," She smiles nervously and shakes his hand, "Hi I'm Tamryn." "Well Tamryn make yourself at home, I'm busy with our breakfast. Hey babe." Maryse gives him a grin and leads Tamryn to the living room, Joe can hear Tamryn's voice from inside, "You failed to mention that he's gorgeous." Maryse of course just chuckled and Joe turns his attention back to the food, when he is done, he sets out the plates, placing a steak in each plate and adding the chips.

He walks to the living room and stops in the doorway, finding the two girls talking like old friends.


"Well breakfast is served ladies," Maryse gave him a smile, "Handsome and useful, you got to like that in a man." Tamryn giggled and eyed Joe, what she was thinking Joe could only guess, but he was sure that it had nothing to do with his manners. He followed the two girls as they made their way to the living room, pointing out their seats.

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After saying grace they started to eat, Joe had placed out a can of cool drink for them and while they ate he got up every now and then to get a fresh one. After they have all finished he cleans up the dishes and dumps them in the washing basin, there would be time to worry about them later. During the meal he had found out that Tammy is a year older than Maryse, doing her first year in Graphic Designing. She had a boyfriend, but at the moment it was not going very well between the two of them and she took this vacation alone to give them both time apart to figure things out.

Why she was having problems he did not know, from the time they spent together she was friendly, funny, intelligent and just had a way to get a smile out of you. Shaking his head, he returned to the living room, the only seat available was next to Tammy, which he took.

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They continued to chat and he found that he liked Tammy more and more, her big brown eyes just had a way of lighting up when she laughed and the way her hands move around animatedly when she tells a story he finds endearing. "So how are we going to do this?" He grins slyly, "What do you mean? Do what?" Tammy seems a bit confused, "You don't know?" Maryse laughed softly, "He's teasing you Tammy, he know exactly what you are talking about." Joe grinned as it dawned on him, "Of course, got to keep the ladies on their toes you know" Tammy blushes under her tan and Joe just gives her a smile, reaching out to brush over her cheek.

Just the though of having his cock sliding into that trim body of hers was having some effect on him and he could feel his cock twitching. He glances over at Maryse who gives him a nod, taking Tammy's hand he pulls her onto his lap, instinctively she straddles him, he pulls her head down for a kiss.

She kisses him hungrily, her tongue tasting and teasing his own as she pushes her body up against him. He runs his fingers through her hair, feeling her hands trailing over his short hair, over his neck to rest on his shoulders.

A familiar weight comes to rest on his knees, pushing Tammy close against him, her groin grinding against his lower belly. Maryse's hands slips between the two of them, cupping Tammy's breasts, her fingers going to work on Tammy's nipples as her hands gently squeeze Tammy's breasts. Joe pulls Tammy's hair away from the left side of her neck and Maryse starts to kiss and nibble on Tammy's neck, leaving Tammy to moan into the kiss as she gets sandwiched between Joe and Maryse.

Joe runs his hands over Maryse's hips and up her sides, it feels really weird to have another woman kissing him as he slides his hands over Maryse's body.

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But in a way it was exciting as well, exciting enough to make his cock poke Tammy's ass through their clothing.

He feels movement and suddenly their embrace and kiss gets interupted by Tammy's top as it gets pulled off by Maryse. Tammy is not wearing a bra and Joe for a moment took in her round breasts before Maryse's hands cups them. He leans in and starts to kiss the skin not covered by Maryse's hands, which is enough as Maryse does not have the biggest hands.

Tammy moans in pleasure and Joe can swear that he feels the heat emitting from Tammy's groin grow warmer. Maryse moves one hand away and squeezes Tammy's breast, allowing Joe to lock on to Tammy's nipple, sucking firmly as he flicks his tongue over the warm, hard nub. It seems like the double teaming is getting their guest very excited, but judging from Maryse's breathing, Tammy and Joe is not the only ones getting excited. Maryse guides Joe's head from one nipple to the other, pulling and pinching the nipple he had just sucked on.

Tammy moans and squirm as Joe's cock digs into her, the only seperation their clothing, Joe knows that he is just wearing shorts, he wonders for a few seconds what she is wearing under her shorts. He feels Maryse slip from his lap and suddenly find himself seated alone with a raging hard-on. To his surprise Tammy and Maryse is kissing eachother hungrily as they start to strip each other, Tammy wears a thong under her shorts and Joe gets a few moments to look at the nice, firm globes of her ass, before Maryse strips Tammy completely naked.

Tammy have not been idle and it was two naked women groping each other in front of Joe, he had to say that he loved the view a lot. Tammy's fit and muscular form, pressed up against Maryse's fuller, but also firm body, both moan in pleasure as their hands prod and poke at each other and Joe realize that he is a bit over dressed. Slipping out of his clothes as fast as he can, he find his hard cock the centre of Tammy's attention in a matter of seconds.

She is on her knees, licking his cock as her one hand pumps the bottom of his shaft, Maryse is behind her, from the arching and moaning of her back, Maryse is doing a great job and licking Tammy's pussy. Joe leans back and watch as Tammy licks his shaft, she is doing a good job, but got nowhere near Maryse.

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Even as Tammy locks her lips over his head and seem to swallow his cock, he can not really find a way to compare her to Maryse. Of course the insistent sucking on his cock coupled with the moaning and her fingers fondling his balls did get the desired effect.

His cock slipped out of her mouth with a loud pop and in moments she stradled him again, only this time she slides his cock into her soaking wet pussy, moaning loudly as he enters her. He grips her hips, leaning in to suck on her nipples, her pussy walls grip and relax around his shaft as she slide slowly down his shaft, her head tilted backwards and her nails digging slightly into his shoulders. He feels Maryse sitting down next to him and glancing over he sees that she is watching as Tammy's pussy slowly engulfs his cock while she plays with her nipples.


Reaching out with one hand he slides his hand up her inner thigh, his fingers brushing over her wet lips and flick over her hard clit, this brings a moan from her as well. Maryse slides close against him, leaning in to suck on Tammy's other nipple, spreading her legs to give Joe better access to her pussy. Tammy places her hands on both their heads as they suck, nibble and lick her nipples, lowering and lifting herself on Joe's cock, swirling her hips as she slowly ride him.

Joe pushes Tammy firmly down with his hand on her hip as his other hand's fingers slowly tease Maryse's pussy, stroking her lips, twirling his fingertips just around her entrance, his thumb placing a constant pressure on her clit as he rubbed over it in circles. Soon Maryse grabs his hand, trying to force his teasing fingers into her, but he resist her and as she struggles to move his hand, she started to bite on Tammy's nipple, elicting a loud moan and Joe felt Tammy's pussy convulse around his cock, her juices forcing their way past his cock.

Pushing both their heads against her breasts, Tammy slumped down on his cock as her orgasm washed over her, Joe suddenly pushed his middle and ring fingers into Maryse, making her gasp past Tammy's breast. Joe slipped his hand from Tammy's hip to her ass, squeezing the firm flesh, this seemed to bring Tammy back from her blissful high as she started to rock her hips, faster this time, making Joe's cock move into her in different directions.

Joe slides his fingers in and out of Maryse's soaking pussy, her juices flowing freely over his fingers as he makes sure that his fingers is sliding over her g-spot with his thumb still firmly rubbing her clit as he nibbled on Tammy's nippls.

He had to admit that this was curiously delicious, having a pussy gripping and riding his cock as he fingered another, having two woman moan and groan in pleasure. He could feel his own orgasm starting to build up and tries to remove his head from Tammy's breast to warn her, but she just pushes him harder against her breast as she keep on riding his cock. She must have felt that Joe's orgasm was building up as she started to ride his cock, thrusting as fast and hard as she could with two mouths latched on her nipples.

Joe could feel the tell-tale tightning of Maryse's pussy as her orgasm closed on her, he groaned as his orgasm builds, he tries to hold out a bit longer, but the sensations is just too much. With a grunt he comes, his cum exploding hard into Tammy, she sinks down on his convulsing cock, her pussy gleefully accepting his cum as it pumps into her.

Maryse throws back her head, leaning against Joe's shoulder, moaning deeply as her pussy suddenly convulses, sending her juices rushing over Joe's fingers and hands. Joe keeps his fingers buried deep inside of Maryse as her orgasm washes over her, he wasn't sure he is able to do much else himself as his own orgasm is still muddling his brain.

The odd one out seems to be Tammy, but she did not seem to mind as she smiles down at Maryse and Joe, "Now that was fun." Joe just mutely nods, he is sure that after an eruption like that, he would take some time to recover. Tammy slips from his lap and Maryse suddenly leans forward, sucking his cock into her very talented mouth. Joe closes his eyes in pleasure as her tongue cleans his sensitive cock, he slips his fingers out of her pussy, slowly running his wet fingertips over her pussy.

Maryse sits up licking her lips, giving both of them a grin, "Tasty." Joe finds that his cock is still rock hard, which is very weird in his own experience, both with Maryse and by himself.

Maryse slips his hand from her clit and gets up, pulling Tammy into her arms and kissing her hungrily, sharing the taste of Tammy's and Joe's cum. Slowly the two of them start to sink to the ground, Maryse moving from Tammy's lips to her neck, to her breasts, down her tummy, Tammy spreads her legs and Maryse gleefully latch onto Tammy's pussy, lapping and sucking, making Tammy shudder and moan.

Joe have had erotic thoughts before, but this was beyond anything he had ever imagined.must be because it is happening right in front of him. Maryse's hands is on Tammy's breasts, rubbing and squeezing as her thumb and forefinger works Tammy's nipples. Joe could swear that Maryse is trying to get Tammy to cum, but then again, why not?

Looking at Maryse's lovely ass as she kneels down between Tammy's legs, Joe can't help but get down on his knees behind her and without warning slide his still-hard cock deep into Maryse, making her moan into Tammy's pussy. Joe leans over Maryse and grabs hold of her breasts, pulling on her nipples as he starts to thrust hard and fast into her pussy. Maryse eats Tammy's pussy with a vengeance, pinching her nipples hard, soon Tammy shudders through another orgasm, but Maryse doesn't let up, lapping at the juices, sucking Tammy's clit.

Tammy clutched at Maryse's head, pushing her against her pussy as she thrust her hips upwards, screaming in pleasure as another orgasm washes over her.

Joe could feel Maryse's pussy clutching his cock and soon she convulsed under him. He keeps pounding her pussy, her muscles cluthing hungrily at him as he pulls back, her juices coating his groin, dripping down his balls. With a grin he thinks that she is actually getting the better deal as he would last longer now after having cummed just shortly before.

Maryse lifts her head from Tammy's pussy, moaning in pleasure while what feels like a constant orgasm to Joe wash over her. Tammy starts to move, sliding herself under Maryse, her face under Maryse's pussy to watch how Joe's cock hammer into her. Maryse of course attaches herself back onto Tammy's pussy, making Tammy moan out. Tammy grips Maryse's hips and lift herself to lick over Maryse's clit and Joe's cock, Joe's balls slapping against her face in his thrusting.

Joe got to admit that having his shaft licked as he plunges in and out of Maryse's clutching pussy is way past erotic. Maryse licks Tammy's pussy and clit with a vengeance, her hands squeezing Tammy's inner thighs as she pushes Tammy's legs as wide as possible.

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Joe lets go of Maryse's breasts, grabbing her hips to help with the thrusting, grunting with the effort of pounding Maryse's pussy over and over again. The sound of her ass slapping against his groin mingling with the two girls' moans and groans, then Tammy comes again, screaming again as she does. Maryse follows almost imediately, her scream of pleasure muffled against Tammy's pussy and Joe crams his cock deep into Maryse's pussy as he cums again, grunting in pleasure as he empties himself inside of Maryse's clutching pussy.

The three stays locked together for a while and then Joe pulls his cock of Maryse, making Maryse sit down as the support suddenly disappears. Tammy gleefully latches onto Maryse's pussy, making Maryse moan out as Tammy licks and sucks the flowing juices out of Maryse's pussy. Joe sits next to the two, running a hand over Maryse's back and ass, grinning as Maryse gets licked to another orgasm, this time she screams her pleasure out to the world to hear and Joe just hope that nobody phones the police.

He leans against the couch as Maryse removes herself from Tammy's body and crawl to him, collapsing half against him, half against the couch. Tammy stays where she is, licking her lips with a smile on her face, Joe got to admit that this was one of the best experiences of his life so far. "So was that as good as a the fantasies I hear guys have so much?" Joe had to chuckle and hugged her closer with an arm, "Much better love, much better." Maryse snuggles as close as she can and soon she falls asleep, Joe starts to drift off as well when he feels another body close to his, he opens his eyes and find Tammy snuggling up to his other side.

She winks at him and pull his head to hers, kissing him deeply, their tongues entwining for a few seconds and then she snuggles close to him.