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Big teen latina ass
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When I was a student I lived in a really nice students home with five girls. A girl club like that was quite fun, much cosier than big mixed dorms. For that reason, most girls who entered our house left only when they graduated. During my third year Ingrid came into our house.

She was just starting college and was a bit of an outsider from the start. Most of the girls in our house were experienced party animals that enjoyed college life to the full. Ingrid was a classical case of a naive hick. With wide eyed surprise she looked around at her new life in the big city. At first she was very shy, but she had a charming naivety that won everyone's heart.

Quite often she'd react quite shocked by the free acting of the inhabitants, running thru the house half naked out of the shower.


Also, the other girls loved seeing Ingrid turn beet red when they made sexual remarks. There'd be an tasty hunk on TV and someone says: "Oh wow, I'm getting wet just looking at him. I'm spreading my legs for that!" Of course everybody would chime in on that, and Ingrid would sit silently blushing in a corner.

One night all other girls were off to parties and boyfriends and it was just Ingrid and me in the house.

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I entered the common room in my bathrobe, coming from the shower, and found Ingrid reading a book in her baby doll. She looked a bit worried so I asked if something was bothering her. She looked at me a bit shy, gathered her courage and asked: "Maxine, do you think I'm a country hick?" "Why would I think that? Don't get upset by that stuff the girls do, you know," I said.

"Well, you girls are always talking about sex and guys and stuff, and I don't really know about that sort of thing." "Oh well.

You'll get to sex when you want to, not just to fit in. There's nothing wrong with just satisfying yourself when you get horny." "Uhm, yeah, you mean, like, fingering?" she asked, still shy. "Of course, dear. We all masturbate, don't we?" "Well, I don't," she stammered, redder than ever, "that's why I feel like such a stupid twit.

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At my home, it was considered a sin, you know, so I never really dared to." I looked at her surprised. This was unexpected. "Do you want me to learn you how to finger your pussy, perhaps?" I blabbered, uttering a fantasy I already had. She looked at me full of joy. "Oh, would you do that for me? That is so great, just great!" "Hmm, well, I do have one condition. That is for you to have no shame and work with me.

I want you to come with me, so that we experience it together, not just me doing it for you. You know, I find it exciting to have you watch me, and me watch you." I gushed my excitement.

Ingrid agreed avidly, so now I was stuck with it. It's a promise after all. Also a very exciting one of course. Without further ado, I slumped down and untied the ribbon of my bathrobe. I opened the robe and let it slide down my shoulders. Completely naked I sat opposite the blushing girl, legs spread so that my pussy was visible. "Lesson one: make sure you're nude, so that you can caress your entire body," I said, as I moved my hands from my hips to my breasts.

Ingrid looked at me attentively, but didn't move. "Come on Ingrid, pay attention," I admonished her, "you have to show yourself to me too." "Ooh, haha," she laughed, "I totally forgot." Quickly she removed her baby doll's top, lifted her ass from the chair and pushed the panties down to her ankles. She looked at me smiling, leaning back and spreading her legs just like me.

She was caressing her belly tentatively, waiting for my further actions. I looked at her gorgeous tits, firm D cups really, wandering down to the blonde fur of her pussy, the lips of it still closed. I grabbed my own tits with two hands and clipped my nipples between thumb and index finger. The sensitive buttons emerged proudly. "Lesson two: your breasts are very sensitive. It's great to caress them," I continued. Ingrid followed my example. Carefully, her fingers slided to her nipples and she started fondling them a bit clumsy.

I saw her nipples instantly erecting themselves. Unimaginable this gorgeous girl had never ever played with herself before. "OK, now close your eyes as you touch your breasts and concentrate on what it feels like," I told her.

"Yeah, it feels really nice, Maxine, such a sweet tickle," she said, avidly moving her fingers over her nipples. We sat there for a bit, looking at each other caressing our own bodies. Slowly my hands moved towards my pussy, watched intently by Ingrid still kneading her nipples. "Look closely, Ingrid. Look at me and what I'm doing with my pussy," I said, as I lifted my legs and spread them wide. My pussy opened to her eager looks. "See how my pussy opens like a flower?

This is your best spot, the centre of joy. Your pussy is all sensitive spots," I explained, as I slowly slit two fingers over my cunt lips. "These are my labia, they open when I get excited, like now. You see it shining? These are the juices that flow when you're horny." I let my fingers slide into my hole and slowly started to finger fuck myself. "Look, I'm putting my fingers in my cunt, like a man's dick." Ingrid watched breathless, I could see her excitement.

Myself, I was starting to lose my teacher's control. I was making squishing sounds with my fingers in my pussy, as I looked at Ingrid panting. I saw her concentration, fully focused on my fingering hand. It turned me on enormously to show myself to this innocent girl and excite her. "Yeah, Ingrid, this is how you finger your pussy, how you find the hot spots inside yourself. But the best spot is still to come." I continued my lecture. I saw how she had also moved her hand to her crotch.

Carefully and a bit clumsy her fingers probed her pussy. I could see the juices flow between her labia. She was totally focused on my fingers and pussy. With two fingers of my left hand I spread my pussy wide open for her, making my red clit jump out.

"See this dot, Ingrid? That's my clitoris, my little clit. The most sensitive and best spot of your pussy. You have to finger your pussy to make yourself come to an orgasm.

But careful!" I explained, as I demonstrated my lecture. Softly my fingers caressed my clit. My body tensed as a wave of pleasure flowed from my pussy thru my body. I sighed deep.

"Are you having an orgasm?" Ingrid asked eagerly. "Not yet dear," I sighed, "but I'll show you one soon, because this has made me so horny. I really want to come now." I wanted to show this innocent girl my orgasm, show her what a horny bitch I was.

My fingers quickly went over my swollen clit, and in and out of my wet pussy. I started moaning loud, making Ingrid look at my face. She could see my excitement, how I lost control of myself. I looked her in the eyes with joy. I felt the excitement in my pussy rise, I was going to show her how I came. I looked at her intently. "Oooh, yes, that how I do that honey, that's how I finger to orgasm. Look at me Ingrid, look at me coming." I threw my head back and convulsed as the orgasm raged thru my body.

I slowed down my finger movements as the orgasm slowly subsided. Slowly I returned to the world and opened my eyes. Ingrid was looking at me wide eyed. "Wow, that was unbelievable, you were so wild! Is it always like that?" she yelled.

"Well, that depends," I moaned, "but you can try for yourself now." "Oh right, that's true," she said, "can you check if I'm doing it right? If went do fast!" "Of course, dear, I'm your teacher after all." I sat on my knees between her legs, so that I could observer her pussy up close. "Is that OK with you Ingrid, caressing your forbidden spot while another girl is watching you from one foot away?" "Well, yeah, it's about time I learn, and I think I'm really horny right now." She rubbed her hand on her labia.

"Is that the right way?" she asked. "If it feels god, it is," I said, "but your clit is at the top of your pussy." "Oh yeah, right," her fingers rubbed the spot where her clit was slowly coming out. "Ooooh, that's nice," she moaned, eyes closed. She had found her clit. I saw how she fingered her little button intensely with two fingers. "Come on, dear," I encouraged her, "finger your sweet pussy. Show me how you come." She looked at me, breathing heavily, her fingers dancing over her pussy.

She was clearly not shy about fingering herself anymore, shaking as her fingers rubbed faster and faster, until she was going over the edge. "Ooooooh, yes. Oh, this is . aaaaah!!" I looked as her first orgasm raged thru her body. She convulsed in her chair and closed her legs around her fingering hand and against my arms. I watched her motions slow down, as she lay down panting, enjoying the orgasm in her body dying down.

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It was so exciting. Seeing this prudish girl turn into a lusciously moaning slut, fingering herself to orgasm in front of her house mate. I could feel my pussy start to tingle again. Ingrid opened her eyes and looked at me: "That was great! I wish I had found that sooner." "There's nothing lost, honey, you can enjoy sex and your own body often enough. You have an exciting learning period ahead." I looked at her from between her legs, seeing how she was beaming at me with joy, her hand softly caressing her wide open pussy.

"Ooh," she moaned, "how can I thank you for this?" I got up and reached my hand to hers.

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"Come to my room, Ingrid, and you can thank me all you want." She looked at me smiling, reaching out her hand. I pulled her up so that we stood close against each other. I felt her breasts against mine and put my hand on her hips. She took my face and kissed me on the mouth. My hands caressed her hips and back, as we looked each other in the eye. I felt her hands slide to my breasts, softly touching my erect nipples. Our lips united and we kissed softly.

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"Are we lesbian, Maxine?" she whispered. "No dear, but we are bisexual, is that a sin?" I answered. "I don't care", she said, "I feel it is good." "Hmm, you are gorgeous.

Spontaneous, pretty and horny," I whispered as we kissed and caressed.

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"Yes, I'm really a horny slut, right?" she laughed. We giggled as we picked up our clothes and ran to my room.

I slapped her ass as she walked in front of me and she squealed. I had really controlled myself by not touching her as she was fingering her pussy right in front of me and now I couldn't keep my hands off her anymore. All I wanted was to introduce this naive, but oh so horny girl to lesbian love, feel her tits, caress her butt, taste her juices. I pushed her into my room, jumped after her, still fondling her gorgeous butt. She turned around and caught me, took my head and kissed me passionately.

Eagerly I let my hands slide over her back and butt. Then my hand slid between her legs. Her pussy felt very wet as I slid my finger in. She pressed her pussy up against my hand and started moving.


"Oh Maxine, I want to come again," she moaned, "it's such a great feeling." Slowly I fingered her wet pussy. With my other hand I grabbed her hand and put it on my itching pussy. She got the hint and let her fingers slide over my pussy lips. Her clumsy fondling made me horny as hell. With closed eyes I enjoyed her fingering and let her ride my fingers.

Judging by her moans and motions she was rapidly making her way to another orgasm. I pushed her back onto the bed and looked at her. She spread her legs wide, her pussy invitingly opened and glistening. I lay down on top of her and started sucking her delicious tits until her nipples were proudly erect. Ingrid enjoyed it with closed eyes. My mouth descended over her belly to her blond haired love hill. "What are you doing", she asked, "You're kissing me on my spot." "I'm going to learn you to eat pussy, Ingrid.

I'm gonna lick your lovely pussy." I looked up at her body, seeing her surprised look as my tongue slid over her open pussy. I sucked my mouth on her wet slid and her expression change from surprise to joy.

My tongue and lips went over her erect clitoris with short, sharp moves. I felt her shake, her back arching, loud moans escaping from her mouth.

Crying hard, she came again, shaking fiercely as her orgasm slowly subsided. I crawled up over her body, sliding my erect nipples over her body. The shameless lust that had changed this little prude into a screaming sex machine made me horny as hell. I wanted to teach this little darling all I knew about sex.

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She looked at me ecstatic as I pushed my tits into her face. Without saying a word, she started sucking and biting my nipples.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her mouth sucking my nipples, her hands caressing my back and my butt. My body tingled with excitement. I got up and straddled her face, giving her a good look at my dripping wet cunt. She looked at me with desire, as I slowly fingered my pussy. "See how horny you made me again, Ingrid", I panted, "please lick my pussy." She teased me by sticking out her tongue. "Oh great, I'll do anything for you." I cautiously put me cunt on her mouth and felt her tongue entering my slit.

A bit clumsy but enthusiastically she licked my labia. Her tongue moved along the edges, as she pulled my pussy closed to her mouth, sucking it hard.

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Very soon she found my clit, sending a jolt thru my body as she licked it. "Oh yes, lick my clit, yes, make me come." I encouraged her. She was a natural at licking, reacting to my movements. I felt my excitement rise, and lost all remaining control. I grabbed her head and started to fuck her face. "Oooh, yeah, lick my pussy, so great, make me come, come on, come on." I screamed, rubbing my cunt on her mouth.

She turned her tongue into a small point that I could ride my clit on. As the orgasm rage thru my body, I kept on moving to prolong it as long as I could.

Breathing heavily I fell beside her on the bed. She kept caressing my tits and tummy, her face shining with my pussy juices.

"That is so great, seeing you come like that, I can't get enough of it" she said softly as I came back to my senses.