Katholische Nonnen Und Priester

Katholische Nonnen Und Priester
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My name is Johnny, I'm 19 years old, i stand 5'6, with a slender body but with enough muscle that it shows. I've never thought of me being hot or even a guy that a girl would be attracted too. My sister is Sara she is 18 years old with blond hair, 5'2 with a curvy but slender body, she has a nice pair of 36C breasts.

Now I never though about my Sister in sexual way. But that all changed one day when. Well lets back up about 3 days before this to set up a backstory. It started one day when I was think of what it would be like to be a webcam model, one of the people who do live solo shows.

I heard about a site called chatterbate so i checked out the website and watched some of women pleasure themselves. Then check out the guys that preformed on the website. I noticed that the guys weren't very attractive and I deiced that I would preform on the site. I created an account and named it Captaincap.

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I waited till my parents were asleep. Then preformed my first show. When I first started the show I was really shy and fully clothed, and some people started to join the chat room.

People called my cute and sweet. One person tipped me and I took off my shirt, and the chat started to comment on my body. Saying it was hot and looked delicious, that they wanted to play with my nipples.

Another tip came in and it was a lot more than the first one and I had to show my cock for the first time on cam. I pulled my thick 5.6 inch long cock and started to stroke it slowly. then i noticed the chat increased to around thirty people watching. The tips kept flowing in, so I just kept stroking my hard cock up and down putting in a twist of the wrist every now and again.


This went on for thirty min. I started to feel myself coming close to climax. With that I started to pump faster my rock hard cock and shot five or six hot ropes of cum. I nearly passed out from it. It was the best organism I had. And it was with fifty people watching. The next day I didn't want to do another show. But the following day I did preform a show. And it was just like the first time.

Now back to we were before. It started on a Friday night when our parents went out of town for the weekend.


Now me and my sister don't get along much. It's not that we fight is that we don't spend time together. She is normally in her room and I'm normally in my study playing video games. When our parents aren't around we spend some time to tether like watch a movie. Sara suggested we orders some pizza and watch a movie tonight. I agreed. Later in the day I order pizza for us. When the pizza guy arrived I answered the door and paid for them. I turned around to go to the kitchen with the pizzas and I noticed Sara coming down the stairs, her hair was wet from just getting out of the shower.

She was wearing a black blouse that fit her body just right that it should off her features well.

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She also had on some nice whit shorts. I said to her "Pizza is here. And also you look nice with your hair wet." She just smiled, and followed me into the kitchen. After we ate I asked her what movie she wanted to watch.

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She said she had on something in mined but I would have to wait and see. We walked into the family room, an I sat down on the couch and Sara walked over to the DVD player and she bent over to place the DVD in the player. She fumbled around with it for a bit more than I would think needed.

But I was distracted by her butt. During this time I thought I noticed a wet spot I between her legs. But before I could really tell she got up and walked over to me and sat down in my lap. She rested her head on my chest. She then took my arm and put it on her stomach just under her breasts. The movie started to play and I instantly recognized the movie it stared my favorite female actor mainly because she is hot.

But I also like this movie because it had a sexy nude scene. When the scene came up. I closed my eyes to fight my hard on. But as I was doing this Sara started to cuddle my arm. I it went between her breast and she was not wearing a bra. This caught me off guard and my hard on came alive.

Sara sitting in my lap now was sitting on my hard cock.

She tried to adjust her self but only basically grinding on my cock made me hornier. Sara let out a soft moan. I though I imagined it. But I tried my luck and moan a little too. She replied with a moan, and turned around an kissed me.

She started to grind my cock even more I new that there was no turning back but I didn't care I was so horny. I started to grope her breasts. She stopped me and removed her blouse. She then belt in front of me and unbuttoned my pants, she then pulled them down and my cock was in full view for her.


She silently said "it's even better in person." I looked at her and said "what?" She said with a smirk "nothing captain." Then started to lick my shaft from the base to the tip then licking the head before inserting it into her awaiting mouth. This was the first blow job I had, and it felt amazing, she was taking it all in with just using the right amount of teeth.

She took her hand and moved it up an down the shaft as she lifted her to the tip of my cock and then took it all back in. I noticed her other hand had made its way down to her pants and she was fingering herself.

Seeing this almost sent me over the edge I knew I was close so I said I was getting close. She responded by increasing her speed.

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I grunted and shot 5 ropes of cum into her mouth I heard her swallowing but she couldn't handle it and some slipped out of her mouth. She scooped up the cum that escaped and licked it off her fingers. I asked her were she learned to give head like that she said she has a couple friends whose given head before. I decided to return the favor to her and pulled her hand out of her pants and replaced it with my own hand. I then licked her juices of her fingers, the taste was very sweet.

I then proceeded to insert my middle finger in to her pussy. I leaned toward her and made out with her. When she started to climax I just kept fingering her through the climax and just kept my lips locked with hers. She started to moan into my mouth. After she came off her orgasim. She removed her pants and positioned her self over my cock.

She started to lower her self but stopped when the head met her pussy and she looked at me. I nodded with approval.

She then proceeded to lower herself on my hard member till it was fully inside her. She than began to move up and down. Slow at first than she picked up speed. It was the best feeling I ever had, it felt so right but so wrong at the smart time.


I moaned her name and felt her orgasim. She had another five orgasim before I felt my balls getting ready to cum. I told I was getting close. She just kept fucking me.

I told I can't hold on much longer. And she replied by kissing me and slamming my cock as deep and she could get it into her pussy and I unloaded six or seven ropes of cum into her.

I almost backed out from it. When I came back to reality I panicked and was scared because I just cammed into Sara. But she reassured me that she was on the pill. I responded to her that this was a one time thing. She replied that no it is not. Unless you want mom and dad to find out about your web shows. Then I just confirmed what I thought that she saw one of my shows.

Sara then said "unless you want that to happen you have to be my personal sex slave." Please let me know what you think. If you want me to continue the story or if it was terrible and I should never right one again.