Mature Lady Sonia gets off

Mature Lady Sonia gets off
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She knelt, waiting for Master to step through the door.

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She'd heard the car pull into the yard, and hurried to the small pad she was kneeling on. Her heart was pounding as she knelt waiting, wearing only her collar and leash, as he had instructed when he'd called and let her know he was coming.

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She kept her eyes focused on the floor as she heard the knob turn and the door open and then close and the locks turn. Three steps brought him to stand directly in front of her, she could see his boots as he stood and looked down at her. She felt his hands on either side of her head, urging her to stand. She rose gracefully to her feet; head still bowed until he placed a finger under her chin and raised her face to his, his lips coming down on hers in a fiery demanding kiss.

She locked her arms behind his neck to steady herself as his arms crushed her body to his; she could feel him already getting hard as their tongues dueled and explored. His hands stroked her body, one going to a breast, pinching the nipple to instant hardness, the other sliding down her back to the crease between her buttocks, probing and exploring around her tight little asshole.


She was hot and wet, ready for him. Without warning, he pushed her away and spun her around. A shove sent her flying onto the couch, face down, her ass in the air. She heard the zipper of his jeans, and the rustle of cloth, and then his hands were on her hips, holding her down as he thrust his rock hard cock into her dripping pussy to wet it, and then pulled it out and fitted it into her ass in one long smooth push, his balls hitting her pussy with a wet slapping sound.

He gave her a moment to get used to the invasion of her ass, working in and out slowly and gently several times, but soon he was fucking her hard and fast. He slammed in and out of her ass, one hand on her hip to hold her steady, the other playing with a nipple.

She whined like a cat in heat as she felt herself getting close to orgasm, his cock driving her higher and higher with each penetration. She screamed out her release as he ordered her to cum for him and she did repeatedly, her master's cock mercilessly dragging each spasm from her.

He felt the telltale tightening in his balls which meant he was also going to cum, and pulled out of her ass. Using her dangling leash, he pulled her around so that he could shoot his cum into her waiting mouth. She swallowed every drop, as always loving the taste of him. He ordered her to dress, they would go out for a while, and she slipped into an outfit she knew he liked, a short black leather skirt with a black peasant blouse.

As she reached to remove her collar, his hand caught hers and he told her to leave it, reaching himself to unsnap the leash which he then coiled up and put in his pocket. As she drove them to the bar, he reached under her skirt, playing with her already wet pussy.

She felt him slide something inside her, and then it started vibrating almost silently. She squirmed as it made her pussy hotter and wetter.

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When they got to the bar and parked, he caught her and gave her a kiss, backing her up against the car, one hand sliding down and under the skirt to her ass. She felt something pushing at the tiny opening and thought it was his finger at first, but quickly realized that he was inserting a butt plug into her ass.

Again she squirmed, feeling the fullness of the plug and the vibrations of the toy in her pussy. He laughed and took her by the arm, guiding her into the bar, which was a fairly dimly lighted place, frequented by bikers and truckers. They got drinks and went to the single empty booth in the place. She slid in and he followed her, sliding close as they settled in and wrapping an arm around her shoulders, the fingers of his dangling hand resting lightly on her breast.

She was having trouble sitting still, her body quivering from the hidden stimulation he was making her endure, and she found her hand straying under the table to his lap, stroking his cock through the jeans. She glanced up at him and saw the smile on his face, knew she could continue. His fingers slipped inside her blouse to find her nipple and tweak it, roll it around and pinch it until it was so hard and sensitive that every touch made her want to scream.

Her hand undid his pants and slid inside to wrap lovingly around his cock, pumping up and down slowly at first. He whispered in her ear for her to use her mouth on him, and she quietly disappeared under the table. Her lips found him and teased the head of his cock with soft sucking kisses before sliding over and around him, slowly pulling him further into her mouth until she had his whole length buried in her throat.


She moved her head up and down on him, sucking constantly as she felt him sliding in and out, fucking her face under the table. He let her continue for several minutes, and then she felt his hands on the sides of her head, urging her back up beside him, her hand still massaging his cock.

He again pulled her close and slid a hand into the blouse, this time going straight to her achingly hard nipple and twisting it firmly as he told her to cum quietly for master now. She couldn't stop the tiny moan that escaped her lips as waves of orgasms washed over her, one after the other until she thought she would faint with the pleasure. He pushed her head back down to his cock, and as her lips once again closed over the head, he shot his load of hot cum straight into her mouth.

She swallowed frantically for a minute, making sure she got every drop as he slowly pulled his cock from her mouth. She sat back up, and noticed a biker standing at the end of the bar watching them. Glancing at her master and seeing him nod slightly, she shot the biker an inviting smile, and then at her masters quiet orders, went into the ladies room and removed both the vibrator and plug, cleaning both and placing them in her purse.

When she stepped out of the ladies room, she saw that the biker was now sitting with her master.

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She walked back to the table, the biker's eyes following the sway of her hips. Her master let her slide back into the booth so that she now sat between the two men as they talked about her, discussing his want and what her master would allow him to do. They reached an agreement, and master pulled her to himself, telling her that she would be a good girl and do as the biker told her, or master would make sure to punish her soundly.

She nodded her understanding as he pushed her towards the grinning biker, who caught her arms and pulled her the rest of the way onto his lap. She could feel his cock growing and pushing against his pants as his hands reached under her blouse and found her breasts, kneading the flesh and pinching her already hard and sensitive nipples. His mouth closed on hers in a demanding kiss, his tongue fucking in and out like a miniature cock and she responded the only way allowed to her, as a very aroused slave.

She pressed against his body as his hand traveled down and under her skirt, sinking two fingers into her pussy. He told her to stay still as the waitress came with another round of drinks, giving her an unfathomable look, at which both men smirked.

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As the waitress walked away, the biker guided her hand down to his hard cock; she stroked it through his pants as it grew to full length and strained against the cloth.

His fingers were fucking her pussy, making her squirm against him as she felt the burn of rising desire. He told her in a low voice to open his pants and get down and suck him. Once again she disappeared under the table, her mouth enclosing his cock in its wet warmth, her tongue flicking the head as it slid past her lips and teeth.

She sucked him further in and down her throat, and felt him shiver as she worked her mouth on him. One of his hands found her head and held her in place as he enjoyed the feel of his entire length being buried in her mouth and throat.

She felt her master's hand on her ass, again sliding under the skirt to find her wet and ready, and he laughed as he suggested that they go someplace slightly more private before his slave got them all arrested, as he had noticed that people were starting to look their way.

Her master slapped her ass as the biker released her head and she sat back up, leaning against master to catch her breath as they prepared to leave. She was hot and ready and he made it worse by sliding the vibrator back into her pussy and flipping the switch to high. She jerked as the vibrations hit her pussy again, biting her lip to stop the moans from escaping and letting everyone in the place know she was on the verge of Cumming, the only thing stopping her being the quietly spoken order from master not to cum until he told her to.

She didn't know if she would be able to obey, she was so close and the vibrations pulsing in her pussy were making it hard to think beyond the sensations. Master kept an arm around her as they made their way out of the bar and to the motel next door. She was quivering with the need for release as they stepped into the room, her pussy dripping wet and hotter than she could remember it ever being, and a push from master sent her sprawling face first on the nearest bed.

The biker was on top of her immediately, his pants dropping to his ankles as he pulled the vibrator from her pussy and filled her instead with his hard cock; in one thrust burying his whole length to the hilt. He used no finesse at all, driving in and out fast and hard, slamming against her ass as he fucked her viciously for his own pleasure.

She whined and writhed, fighting her own body to obey her masters command not to cum, but the biker's pounding cock in her voracious pussy sent her over the top and she screamed out her orgasm, knowing master would punish her disobedience at his leisure.

She lifted her head as she felt weight on the bed in front of her to see her master's cock waving in her face and opened her mouth for him. He pushed in and in until he was completely buried in her throat, his throbbing cock began to fuck in and out so that she was pushed back and forth between the two men.

They used her relentlessly, fucking her mouth and pussy, driving her to orgasm again and again. The biker and her master changed places, and she tasted her own juices as the biker face fucked her. Master drove into her soaked pussy, covering his cock with her slick cum, then pulled out and pressed the head of his rock hard cock to her puckered asshole. Hands holding her firmly in place, he drove himself into her to the hilt with a single long hard thrust. She screamed around the cock in her mouth as he drove into her, her hips already trying to push back to meet him.

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He began to spank her between each inward stroke, and her ass cheeks quickly turned red and tender as each blow landed. She knew he was starting her punishment and thrilled to the sharp sting of each slap as he pounded in and out in time to the face fucking the biker was giving her. The cock in her mouth was swelling even larger, and she knew that the biker was nearly ready to cum.

His strokes grew yet faster and suddenly she felt him explode, his hot cum filling her mouth repeatedly as she swallowed frantically to be sure she got every drop. Her master's cock was ramming her ass hard and fast, he had stopped the spanking for the moment as he concentrated on fucking her ass with the full length of his hardness.

The biker moved away from her as he finished Cumming, sitting in a chair to watch her master ream her ass. She was moaning and whimpering, as always enjoying the fucking her master gave her, almost ready to cum again herself as he continued to pound her ass. She could feel him getting harder and bigger as his own release approached and heard him quietly order her to cum for him.

She felt the tide rise and overwhelm her as she began to shake with one orgasm after another at his command. A few more strokes and he pulled out of her, a hand in her hair guiding her around so he could shoot his hot cum in her open mouth and over her face. Once again she swallowed every drop, using her fingers to scoop up the cum on her breasts and face.

Her master flopped back on the bed and motioned her to the bathroom to clean up while the men rested, and she obediently went to the shower, knowing that they weren't done yet.