Fake cop fucks girl suspect was jumpy and fidgeting over the alleged backpack she

Fake cop fucks girl suspect was jumpy and fidgeting over the alleged backpack she
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Extreme Evangelion - Evangelion lemon by MISTER BIG T Warning, this is a story that has extreme transformation, muscles, dick girls, giant endowments, water sports, sweat, farts, scat, few WTF moments, and much more.

Having seen the series is not required to enjoy this. Chapter 1: Corruption of the innocent Misato Katsuragi laughed, as she would drive back to her apartment. She had just seen in the store limited edition beer that she had yet to try. Being the lovable drunkard that she was, she had noticed it was extra cheap and had bought every single bottle and can, completely emptying the entire store from it, as she would drag two crates back into her apartment.

She would look around as she noticed Rei and Asuka sitting in the couch while watching some anime. Asuka wore little other than a pair of panties and a short top that covered her breasts and not much else, only looking up at the door when Misato brought in a truly insane amount of beer.

Rei on the other hand, wore a little more than Asuka, and rather than just sitting around in her underwear, she was wearing her usual school uniform that covered everything from her tummy to her upper arms. "Hey, since Shinji's having a nights out with his friends I was thinking would you girls want us all to have some fun?`" Misato would coo while opening one of the crates and offering a can of beer to both of them.

Unbeknownst to her, there had been a disaster in process of creating these drinks and they would have effects, unlike any other beer ever made. The beer had an extra ingredient that had come in form of an angel falling down into the brewery and dissolving with the beer, ironically the dead angel had been the very same these girls had helped defeat just few weeks ago.

".Isn't that a little much.?" Rei would finally ask, while pointing at the mass of beer, as Asuka just grinned and got up, taking the offered cans and handing one over to Rei. "Nah! It's not like we have to drink it all in one go, right?" the redhead churred, while quickly opening her own can and lifting it up to her mouth, as she took a big swig, while Rei simply shrugged her shoulders and did the same.

Misato smirked as she would take one of the beer cans and just before opening it, she would stop and look at the girls. "It's not too much, I mean, we don't have to drink it all at once but it'd be a shame to run out if we start having fun.

And Rei, you should really loosen up, we're at home, you can relax and nothing will come of it." she would speak as she would take a seat next to the girls. "Oh and don't tell Ritsuko I've let you drink.

She'd give me a talking that would see no end," she would continue to speak. "I suppose you're right." Rei admitted, while nodding her head and taking a larger sip, before leaning back a little to look at the ceiling. She could have sworn she felt something going on in her crotch.

An odd, tingling sensation, which made her shiver a little, as she would raise the beer to her mouth to take another sip, while Asuka just nodded her head. "Don't worry, we won't!" the more enthusiastic girl promised, chugging her own beer rather fast, before shivering, just like Rei was doing.

However, unlike Rei, who had only drunk a little, Asuka was definitely feeling the effects already. The tingling was overwhelming in her crotch and in addition, her pussy was starting to feel distinctly strange, kind of, as if it was closing over itself, while at the same time something felt like it was dropping out of it.

She thought she was imagining it. However, as she would look down at herself, she noticed a small but nevertheless a visible bulge in her underwear. Misato was just about to drink when her eyes went wide from the shock, as she'd look at Asuka's panties while she'd blink and place her beer can back on the table and she'd move closer to Asuka, poking at the cock. "What's that?" she would ask, knowing that it had not been there before.

After all, the women had baths together in the past. Asuka shivered as Misato poked her cock, making her squirm away from the woman's fingers. "Ah!

Girl takes a hard old rod

Not sure, but do not poke it like that! It's. Really sensitive," she admitted, while taking another sip of beer, which made it tingle again and the bulge began to grow once more. Meanwhile Rei felt a similar sensation in her own crotch, her pussy turning into a scrotum with rather large, heavy balls hanging inside as her clit turned into a cock.

However, unlike Asuka's, it was hard to see as it was covered by her dress, and she remained quiet about it for now, flushing rather badly. However soon there was no way to tip toe around it as her panties stretched down while her balls hung lower beneath her skirt.

Misato gasped as she'd notice the growing in the panties of Asuka before she'd look over to Rei "Rei do you unde." she'd start to speak when she'd look at the heavy balls starting to be more and more visible in the girl's panties while Misato would move closer to rub the balls, as she'd blush heavily. "You too Rei? I think you girls should take off your undergarments and pants, I think there's something very weird going on here." Asuka nodded her head at the suggestion.

"Yeah, you are probably right." she agreed, pulling her panties off and gasping at what she saw. Her pussy was completely gone and in its place, a heavy, nine-inch cock hung between her legs, and large, heavy-looking balls.

Both the dick and the sac holding the balls were really, dark. They looked completely out of place on Asuka's body, really, seeing as her comparatively pale skin completely ended around the base of the shaft, giving way to the huge black cock.

The head of it being covered in a long, thick layer of foreskin that extended a little way past the head. However, possibly the scariest thing was that, despite being a good nine inches, it was completely flaccid. Rei flushed even worse at seeing that, as she bit her lip. Before just sighing resignedly and reaching to her own panties, as she would slowly tug them down, revealing that her own crotch had gone through the same change though her dick was a bit smaller than Asuka's admittedly.

Misato's eyes went wide as she would see the dark dicks now completely out in the open, both being so massive. While Rei's dick was smaller, her balls were much bigger than Asuka's, so Misato was in between huge balls and huge dick as she'd lick her lips a bit before suddenly clapping her hands together. "I got it! There's something wrong with the beer." she would speak, as she would point to Rei. "Is it just me or have you girls gotten.

I don't know, bigger?" she would ask, as the usually very lithe girls seemed to have gotten a bit more athletic as well, not as skinny any more. Asuka blinked a bit at Misato's words, as she would look down and flexing her right arm. She certainly looked rather athletic now, as did the normally somewhat skinny Rei and it made her grin rather impishly.

"I think you're right, about everything except one thing!" she giggled before continuing "There's nothing wrong with this beer, it's just right," she'd say before grabbing the can a bit tighter and tilting her head back, chugging it down, as she could feel her muscles shivering a bit under her skin, while her dick grew another inch, still completely flaccid.

Rei was still a little sheepish to be naked around Asuka and Misato, especially given that she currently had a cock, and a huge pair of balls hanging between her legs.

But nevertheless, she couldn't help but feel like she needed a drink, so she raised the can to her mouth, while starting to drink a little faster herself, as she could feel her balls swelling up rather nicely, along with her muscles, and her cock too, of course. The older female gasped as the size of the two young girls was growing up at a fast pace, soon they were just as athletically build as she was while she'd look at the heavy dicks growing near her.

She felt her pussy starting to get moist slowly through the shorts, as she would blush a bit. "Asuka, you have the biggest dick I have ever seen, it's bigger than I've ever even imagined." she'd speak as she'd look at Rei."Moreover, Rei, your balls. Oh my god, I could just hug them. They are so huge. And so full." Asuka smirked at Misato when she spoke, while starting to stroke her dick, already both she and Rei were finding their inhibitions lowered somewhat by the beer or maybe it was just having such huge dicks that was having an aphrodisiac effect on them?

"We're not even sure if these things work want to try playing with mine.?" Asuka offered, while Rei stood back, flushing even more but also touching her own cock, as she'd be unable to resist stroking the shaft and her huge, swollen balls. Misato smirked as she'd take hold of Asuka's thick black dick, giving the head a kiss before taking hold of Rei's starting to kiss her cock as well, while she'd help the girls stroke the massive flaccid lengths.

"Mmmm how do you girls like this?" she would coo, as she would get back to licking one after another. Their brand new dicks were, as Asuka had said when hers' was first poked, surprisingly sensitive and neither could help but moan when Misato started stroking and licking them, while Asuka seemed to get more into it, as she already began thrusting forwards with her hips, while Rei kept as still as she could.

Both cocks, however, were already starting to rapidly stiffen up, the foreskin peeling back from their cockheads a little, as the dicks just seemed to grow and grow, by the time they were both erect, they were easily at least twice as big as when they had been flaccid.

Misato tried stroking their dicks though she would soon find it impossible as even Rei's was so huge she could not roll her hand around it, not to mention Asuka's monstrous dick, as she would gasp at their sizes. "Oh my god.

What are you going to do with those giant dicks?" she would whimper, as she would cross her legs a bit while she would notice both of them reaching for more beer. "N-No, I think you've had enough for now." "I'm sure we'll think of something," Asuka said, as she grinned at Misato as she and Rei both reached for the beer with their inhibitions lowered, this was starting to seem like more and more fun.

Soon they both cracked open their new cans, starting to chug, while closing their eyes and grinning as they felt their cocks, balls, and muscles all starting to grow once again. Seemingly, they began to grow faster now making Asuka smirk, as she would down half the can and then looking down at her dick that was already, more than twice what it was before.

It had to be a couple of feet long now, but at least now, it was hard. Her nuts were the size of basketballs, hanging heavy in her sack, and while her muscles were not insanely huge, she looked like she could enter a strongman contest if she wanted to. The older woman gasped as the young girl was actually now more muscular than she was, as she tried to turn away, she'd plant her face straight into the now grown balls of Rei, that had just as big size spurt as Asuka's cock, making Misato whimper as she'd look at Rei's muscular legs.

"Y-You girls are just drunk, we'll get some sleep and you'll feel better in the morning right?" she would ask as shocked as she may have been that they did not listen, she did only notice the girls dragging the beer crates closer to themselves. "Hmm. I don't know," Asuka said, while smirking and getting another can, as she would start to chug it down, having already finished with hers.

"I mean it'd suck to not use these things now that we've got them, right?" she asked to which Rei just nodded, as she would push herself forwards a bit so that her massive balls were right in Misato's face rubbing into it, as she started to drink beer as fast as she could. "Surely you can't say no to helping us get off, right?" Misato gasped as the giant balls were placed against her face, as she would whimper a bit, as she would shake her head.

"T-This has gone on for far too long, I am stopping it here. Don't drink anymore and go to bed right now." she would speak trying to sound as stern as she could, while she would tremble a bit looking at the girls drinking down at so fast rate. Asuka just groaned, shaking her head before grabbing her panties off the floor, rolling them up into a ball and stuffing them into Misato's mouth. "Quit complaining! Last warning or I'm shoving something else in there," she threatened with a wide grin, starting to heft up a couple of cans of beer at once, now, eagerly drinking them, while Rei did the same.

In mere minutes, Asuka's cock was massive, as now there was no longer another word for it, and Rei's balls were so big that she had just pushed them between her legs and would have to walk in front of them, as they would drag behind her ass. They would not even fit between said legs, now, as each one was bigger than a beach ball and so full of cum that was just sloshing around audibly, waiting to find its home in someone. Meanwhile Misato gagged as her mouth was filled by the panties as she'd look in between the girls chugging the beer down so fast as their muscles started to grow once again, even faster than earlier as her eyes would widen in a shock as she'd just shake her head as a weak no while crossing her legs even more.

"Always complaining, even when you can't talk! Jeez!" Asuka exclaimed, moving over, lowering her now gargantuan cock and smacking Misato right in the face with it on one cheek. The force of it would be enough to spin her around, so she would face Rei who was holding her cock ready to give her another smack.

Which in return would cause her to spin right back to Asuka, who with a wicked smirk, tilted her head back before leaning forwards and spitting right into Misato's face, which left a giant goop of her saliva on the female's face.

"What's the matter? Can't handle being around girls bigger than you.? Well you'd best get used to it, 'cause you're going to be our bitch from now on!" she declared, smirking, smacking her in the face with her cock again. This time, when she turned around, she would come face-to-face with Rei's cock right as the girl finished jacking herself off. Her huge balls were not just for show as when she came, she came like from a fire hose, splattering a thick, gooey load of cum all over Misato's face, hair, chest, coating just about every inch of her.

Meanwhile Asuka grabbed her pants and underwear, literally tearing them off and using her huge muscles to make the task trivial before positioning her cock right up against the entrance to her asshole, "Any last words before I make your asshole a gaping tunnel?" she taunted, while Rei continued cumming all over her. Misato gasped as she was slapped around before she was cummed on, some of the cum hitting her in the eyes as she'd scream a bit only it to be muffled by the panties as she'd look behind her in a shock, trying to shake her head roughly.

Despite her age, the female had never done anal in her life before and now the giant dick was rubbing against her virgin rear. And yet, her eyes would slowly redden and sting from the semen as her vision blurred slightly. "No? Nothing to say? Fine then," Asuka laughed, deliberately misinterpreting Misato's headshaking before just thrusting in with her enormous cock, smirking as Misato's virgin asshole stretched out around it obscenely. The massive thing was even stretching her tummy, and Asuka was nowhere nearly fully inside of her.

Now that she was stuck in this position, Rei smirked, starting to cockslap her face again and again, despite cum still spewing from her dick, splattering it all over her, probably even giving the poor woman a few nasty bruises, too.

"How's this feel? We're dickgirls, now, and it's all your fault so it's only right that we get to totally fuck your body up, too, right?" Asuka asked, smirking, while Rei nodded emphatically before giving Misato a cockslap hard enough to make her teeth rattle.

The woman finally was slapped with force enough to make the panties be spat out from her mouth, as she would look at Asuka. "Y-You. I hope you'll enjoy that because once you're don." she would speak as she would scream as her ass was being pounded harder and her stomach stretched, outline of the dick appearing on her belly. "I-Impossible. "she would whimper. "Mmmn. I'd thought it was impossible to feel this good, shows what we know, I guess," Asuka said, while lazily leaning back and smirking as she'd hoist Misato up into the air, while Rei shoved her dick in underneath her, pressing that up against her asshole too with now two giant dicks teasing the female's ass.

Soon Asuka began to force her back down, making her once-virgin rear passage get stretched out by a pair of insanely huge dicks, only stopping when the girl had taken as much of their dicks as they could force into her which was enough to make her belly bulge obscenely. All of a sudden though, both girls began to find themselves feeling lethargic and they leaned back while getting comfortable, "Why should we do all the work.?

Bounce on our dicks for us!" Asuka declared, as she would smirk wickedly. Misato groaned as her ass was spread wider apart as she would grunt a bit before looking at the muscular girls leaning back to easily fill the entire couch, as she would grunt a bit.

"W-Why should I want to help you rape me?" she would grunt, as she would look down at the heavy dicks poking into her stomach and stirring her up from the inside. Asuka smirked, raising one fist to the other girl threateningly "'Cause if you don't, then we'll knock your teeth out is that what you want?" she asked, threateningly, glaring at Misato. Misato whimpered a bit but she would shake her head. "N-No, I don't," she would speak, as she would slowly begin to move up and down along the cock while whimpering a bit from their huge size.

"Faster, bitch!" Asuka yelled, suddenly lashing out and punching Misato hard in the stomach, almost certainly knocking the wind out of her at the very least, while Rei gave her a rather hard smack in the face. It was much harder than her cockslaps had been and would leave her head ringing. It was also painfully obvious that the two were holding back. Nevertheless, the woman was punched so hard she was nearly knocked out, but she would manage to remain conscious while she would begin to move up and down along the dicks faster and harder while groaning heavily.

"You're going to ruin me. What would Kaji say?" "Who cares?" Asuka bluntly asked, while smirking a little as Rei pulled out while pressing her dick up against Misato's cunt instead, "It's not like he's going to be able to satisfy you when we're done with you.

Your gaping tunnels will only be good for servicing our massive cocks from now on" she taunted right as Rei thrust into Misato's cunt, stretching it wide, while Asuka grabbed the last can of beer, cracking it open before handing it to Misato. "Chug it. If you don't." she spoke while raising a fist, clearly preparing to punch Misato unless she drank it within the next few seconds Misato groaned hard as Rei began to pound into her pussy and spreading her wide as the two dicks touched each other inside of her while she'd be presented the beer which she'd quickly drink down with one large gulp, as she always did while groaning a bit.

"Oh god unhh. Please stop." "Mnn. Not. 'til we cum." Asuka declared, moaning, starting to get nearer and nearer to orgasm "How does it feel, though.? Taking dicks like ours, knowing you'll never be satisfied by Kaji again 'cause of us?" she asked even as Misato would feel an odd sensation in her bowels, a grumbling, kind of like she'd eaten too much spicy food and was getting gas from it. Misato groaned, as she would hold on to her stretched out stomach while looking at the two muscular dick girls.

"Aaah. I hate you. For claiming me for yourselves," she would speak while her stomach grumbled louder. "Please let me go, I really need to use the bathroom." she would whimper. "Stop whining!" Asuka yelled, being clearly annoyed, "We're never going to get off if you just keep moaning and complaining about every little thing!" and with that said she pulled her fist back before punching her hard in the stomach again.

Misato groaned as the two kept impaling her down their massive lengths as she could feel some sort of a tingle in her pussy, as if it was getting tighter around Rei's dick, as she would groan even more. "Ungghh. F-Fuck!" she would finally blurt out. "Mm. Woah! Our little fucktoy is tightening up!" Rei said, seeming to have become a good deal meaner now that she had the alcohol in her system but something felt off about Misato's cunt.

It felt rather like she was fucking her ass again, rather than her pussy. Either way, she was not able to hold on much longer. She closed her eyes, leaning back a little before letting out a groan and thrusting up into Misato's pussy, while Asuka did the same in her asshole, each of them shooting cum into her with enough force to send it right through her body and stomach, flooding her insides with the semen.

Soon Misato's eyes widened, as the huge amount of cum began to shoot out from her nose and her mouth as she'd gurgle with the stream of the cum rushing out of both of their giant dicks as the girls were coating each other and her in their thick cum at a fast rate. The two dickgirls just came and came into Misato's holes, leaving her bloated and oozing cum from just about every hole before they'd pull back and sigh, finally relaxing on the couch.

"Whew! That was exhausting." Asuka moaned, before smirking over at Misato. "Hey, bitch, go get us some more beers. You'd best not dawdle, though if you're not still oozing cum by the time you get back, we're going to have to punish you." Misato grunted as she'd finally be let go, as she struggled just to get to her feet before falling on her stomach, making a huge spray of cum shoot out before she'd begin to get up to her feet, moving out and to her car before bringing back several more crates of the beer.

However, because she had been weakened from the fucking, even such a short distance taken almost half hour and she was certainly not dripping. The moment she was through the door, Asuka simply walked over and then jammed her fist, and most of her arm, up into Misato's cunt, as she would feel around the female's insides with her fingers.

"You call this dripping!?" she shouted, clearly pissed off, "I can barely feel any cum in your womb! You know what this means, don't you?!" And as she said that, she pulled her fist out before punching Misato hard enough to knock her unconscious.

Chapter 2: Nightmare begins When she woke up, she'd find herself tied up and lying down in her own bath, her cunt, asshole, and even her womb being held open with what felt like duct tape or something, keeping them gaping, while there was a funnel jammed in her mouth. Both Asuka and Rei were towering above her while smirking wickedly.

"You finally woke up! Jeez, you took your time, we can't hold on any longer!" Asuka said, as she walked over to the bath while Rei began to piss into the funnel in Misato's mouth, and Asuka just started to piss into the bath, smirking, as it would begin to flow into Misato's holes thanks to how they were held open. Misato tried to struggle weakly as the piss began to flood her from her mouth, ass, and her pussy as her belly began to once again be distanced by the amount urine the girls were giving out, as she'd gurgle, trying to fight against the restrains that kept her still.


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It looks like all that beer is really getting to us! I'm not even half done!" Asuka cooed smirking as the bath was filled up completely to the top before moving over to join Rei, with the two of them flooding Misato's mouth with piss, the flow of the recycled beer pouring down her throat with no end in sight. This of course made the woman whimper as she'd be forced to drink more and more of the filthy urine as she'd grunt while her stomach was bulged even further and soon, rising up from the surface of bath, making her look like she was carrying quadruplets.

"Awww, look at your stomach all fat and swollen from our piss. Sort of makes me want to see what'd happen if I punched it," Asuka remarked before sighing as her flow of piss finally finished. She soon pulled back, pulling the funnel out from Misato's mouth, as Rei finished up as well. They soon undid Misato's restraints, grabbing the bloated woman and effortlessly carrying her through into the living room, where the two of them had prepared couple of giant containers full of beer.

They both grabbed some empty plastic 2-gallon containers, as they would cut off one end of them before just filling them with beer. Now that they had Misato watching, they both smirked as they forced her onto the couch between them and starting to chug from the container halves.

Rei paused for a moment to say, "You'd best be ready to worship our growing bodies. Or you're going to find out what a punching bag feels like", before smacking Misato's bloated stomach hard enough to leave a bright red handprint, then getting back to drinking. Misato gasped as her stomach was slapped hard, making it heave as some of the pee leaked out from her ass while she'd groan as she'd move her other hand to caress Rei's giant growing balls as well as Asuka's mammoth sized growing dick as the girls began to get more muscular, their muscles swelling at fast rate.

"I. I love your muscular bodies.


They are so big and strong." she would finally whimper while few tears would fall off her eyes. While smirking wickedly, Rei suddenly lifted her right arm "If you like them so much, why not take a closer look?" she suggested, before wrapping said arm around Misato's head, pulling it right in and mashing her face up against her rather sweaty armpit.

"And words are one thing you've got to kiss and lick it before I'm satisfied. Go on!" Misato coughed at the strong smelling musk before she'd give it a slow lick, as she'd gag at the horrid taste but kept on licking along the sweaty armpit, knowing they'd hurt her if she wouldn't as she'd groan a bit "T-Tastes so good." she'd blurt out while kissing the armpit again.

Smirking wickedly, Rei stood up, while pulling her ass cheeks apart "Glad you like it so much, slut here's your next taste," Asuka announced, grabbing her head and jamming it between Rei's well-muscled ass cheeks, sweat dripping onto her face. Soon the anus in front of Misato opened a little as Rei let out a loud, stinking fart right into the female's face, the horrid flatulence hitting the woman in her face.

Misato whimpered as she was forced against the ass, licking the sweat off it before suddenly the fart came directly against her nose, making her cough a bit. "Oh god, that stench. " she'd groan as the combined smell of the fart and the heavily sweaty ass was more than enough to make her head spin.

"What's that?" Rei asked, while turning around and looking annoyed "You do not like it?

Are my farts not good enough for you?" she asked before nodding at Asuka, who smirked and moved away as if to get something.

The woman groaned a bit, as she would try to push the ass away from her face. "E-Enough go ahead and punch me all you want. There's no power in the world strong enough to make me lick that ass ever again, it's the worst." she would grunt before realizing Asuka had moved away from herself, as she would try to stumble up to her feet thinking that now was her chance to escape.

"Oh no you don't," Rei said, as she would soon punch the girl again, once again more than hard enough to knock her out. By the time she came to, Misato would find herself in another rather bad position.

This time, Rei was squatting over her face and there was a tube from Rei's ass going straight to her mouth while Asuka held her head in place. Rei's belly was bulging out obscenely, even more so than Misato's and both Rei and Asuka grinned when Misato's eyes flickered open. "Awesome! She's awake again!" Rei announced, before smirking and leaning forward. "While you were out, we basically managed to get a whole crate of beer up Rei's ass, through some of those enema kits we found laying around.

It's been sitting there, waiting for you to wake up, so we could do just this!" Asuka revealed, while Rei smirked before pushing with her bowels, starting to 'shit' the beer into the tube, forcing it down Misato's throat, tasting of beer, sweat, and Rei's ass with the strong taste and smell of her farts mixed in with it.

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Misato's eyes shot wide as she would realize the beer enema was shot into her mouth, groaning, as she would try to move her mouth only to realize that Asuka held her head in a sweet spot where she was forced to drink down the filthy beer slowly. Misato was forced see the filth slowly come down along the tube before finally reaching her mouth. The taste was horrible, much more worse than when she had licked Rei's ass, certainly beer did not go well with ass sweat. "Chug, bitch!

Chug it and let's see what kind of features you get!" Asuka said, smirking, as Rei's ass continued to make lewd yet disgusting farting sounds as she forced the beer into the tube, while Asuka turned around.

Still holding Misato's head in place, before pressing her ass right up over the woman's eyes and nose and covering them with her muscular rear, before starting to force out fart after fart of her own.

Misato groaned as she slowly began to feel the effects of the beer starting to affect her as well, the pussy continuing to get tighter as soon however, it began to change in appearance as Misato gasped realizing her clit was disappearing and her pussy began to become more wrinkled. "Let's see if you're getting a dick yet, shall we?" Asuka asked, smirking as she pulled away, moving to check between Misato's legs only to frown.

"Huh no signs of a dick here." she admitted, reaching forwards only to grin."Looks like you're getting a second asshole!" she laughed while touching Misato's cunt as it changed into a second ass hole before ramming her fist in for good measure, wanting to see just how Misato would react to having her new asshole fisted even as it changed shape. Meanwhile, the weight on her chest would steadily be increasing it felt like a good portion of that beer was going straight to her chest, making her breasts start to swell.

Misato's eyes began to water, as she would feel her back begin to hurt with her already impressive sized bust becoming heavier with the nipples starting to lengthen and grow larger as well while her pussy ass was fisted hard, spreading it like the original ass. "Such a stretchy asshole you have!" Asuka teased, forcing one fist in up to the elbow before forcing a second hand inside, smirking as more beer poured into Misato's mouth.

and when Asuka looked up, she whistled, smirking. "Hey! Looks like you ARE getting a dick after all! Two of them, even!" The reason she'd said that was obvious from the ends of each of her nipples, a large, black cockhead had burst out, and the skin of the rest of her nipples was darkening to match foreskin was just rolling up the length of the girl's new pair of black dicks, too, which jutted forwards off her chest.


Misato gurgled as more of the beer was forced into her mouth as her dick nipples kept on growing, quickly becoming over 9 inches long and still growing, as they would slowly harden while suddenly Misato realized the room was growing. Or was she shrinking? It was soon evident that it definitely was Misato who was shrinking, her body getting smaller and smaller while her tits and cock stayed the same size. Before long, she was about the same size as a 12-year-old girl and then the flow of beer finally stopped.

Rei grunted and then all of a sudden, a thick mass of brown sludge filled the tube instead. It seemed that even after all that beer, Rei's bowels were extremely full of shit, shit that was now about to be forced into Misato's mouth. Misato whimpered as she would have no choice but to eat the shit pushed in from the tube to her mouth, while she would close her eyes as if it had all been just a bad dream and she was waking up.

However when she re opened her eyes, and she saw the muscular ass of Rei above her head, she knew she truly had become a girl, even younger than the ones she had to look after. However, Misato's transformation was not done, soon from behind both of her assholes would poke out tongues, as she would have no choice but to lap at her own asses while gagging even further. Meanwhile Rei stood, removing the tube from Misato's mouth. before laughing, looking down at her. "Wow, and we thought we were freaks.

look at you, you're tiny! In addition, you have dicks coming out of your chest. And look at those asses. Now whenever you take a dump, you will shit all over your tongues.

But look on the bright side, you'll make killer savings in toilet paper," she taunted while grabbing one of the now 12-inch black dicks sticking forth from Misato's chest, as she would start stroking it.

"Oh god no. I can taste them. I can taste my own asses," Misato whimpered as Asuka grabbed another tube though this one was different, one tube that diverged into two different ones. The girl slipped each of the two diverging tubes into one of Misato's assholes, before putting the third one into her own ass, smirking before she began to shit, her scat pouring out and flooding down the tubes before pouring into Misato's assholes and the ass tongues which no doubt felt pretty damn weird, to say the very least.

Misato cried out as her stretched out, already completely filled ass holes were once again forced with more thing pushed into it as the belly of Misato began to grow again as she'd gurgle before suddenly her nipple dick that was stroked opened a bit and let out a loose fart making her gasp.

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"Whoa, what was that?" Rei asked while reaching up to the cock that had just farted before she unceremoniously jammed her finger in the urethra of the dick nipple, doing the same to Misato's other cock as she started to finger bang them both, smirking wickedly down at her.

"Looks like you're even more of a freak than we first thought. Not only do you have dicks on your chest, but they also fart.

How disgusting, you pig," she taunted, while putting her own massive cock between Misato's breasts, as she took advantage of how much they had grown before starting to thrust between them.

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Misato cried out as her dicks were penetrated before the dick began to slap against her face once again in between the thrusts, while shit flowing in her asses would cause her stomach to swell even further, finally touching against the muscular legs of Rei.

"Oh god, please, please you have to stop." "Why should we stop?" Rei asked, smirking as Asuka finished shitting into Misato before pulling the tubes out, "After all haven't I just gotten myself a nice seat?" she asked, smirking, sitting down heavily on the huge belly, that practically looked pregnant from all the shit and piss that was stuffed into it, while Rei fucked the girl's tits all the harder now.

Misato groaned as Asuka sat her heavy frame on her belly as she would grunt before both her original and the pussy ass began to blast heavy, massive farts as some of the shit spewed out to drop down on the floor and her tongues, stinking horrid and tasting even more horrible, as the feces bubbled over the butt tongues.

"Oh god, I'm going to die. S-Stop." "Ugh, don't be such a drama-queen!" Asuka pouted while rolling her eyes as Rei groaned and began to cum, shooting another of her truly insane loads of cum all over Misato's face, totally covering it in thick white seed in a matter of seconds before pulling her fingers out of Misato's dick nipples and starting to jack them off instead.

Misato groaned as the dick nipples were stroked off, as they were just as sensitive as the girls' dicks. Soon she would reach an orgasm but what shot out from the heavy dicks was not delicious cum that the girls were probably hoping it was nasty, filthy smelling shit that began to shoot from both the dick nipples against both Asuka and Rei and covering their muscular frames.

The girls both recoiled, as they would try to cover themselves when Misato came shit all over them before she would feel a pair of heavy punches descending on her stomach.

A rain of blows followed, never quite hard enough to knock her unconscious, but certain to hurt like hell as Misato lost control, both her asses shooting more of the shit 'n' piss mixture out from the heavy blows.

"Just what the hell was that supposed to be?! You fucking shit goblin!" Asuka screamed while their punches left her stomach bruised badly but still incredibly swollen and probably with internal bleeding as well.

Soon Asuka picked Misato up, forcing her to stand before jamming her face into her own shit that was all over Asuka's chest. "You'd better clean this mess up with your first tongue right now!" Misato cried as she was forced to lick her own filth that had come from her nipple dicks, no less, as she would slowly lick the shit off.

To her shock, it tasted even more horrible than Rei's shit as she was just plain un able to do it, coughing and gasping for breath. "Oh god it smells so horrible.

I can't, I just can't!" "You can, and you will shit goblin!" Asuka exclaimed prying the girl's mouth open and then actually grabbing her tongue, forcibly pulling it out of her mouth and starting to use it almost like a toilet paper. She would drag the tongue across the shit, forcing her to scoop up the shit using her tongue, whether Misato wanted to or not, while Rei eagerly waited for her turn before finally grabbing the poor Misato and using her just as Asuka had.

Misato gagged again as she would be forced to clean the horrible nipple shit off both of their muscular, sweaty bodies as the taste was so strong, she'd most likely not be able to taste anything else in weeks as she'd gag again.

Few tears came down her eyes as the females tossed her in between each other, dragging her tongue across their sweaty, muscular asses, legs, and cocks, cleaning every inch of their body from the musk and filth. Finally, after almost an hour of nonstop licking, the girls were somewhat cleaner "Whew. I am beat. Actually I'm going to head to bed." Rei murmured, while heading over to the couch and just lying down on it as Asuka smirked wickedly, before dragging Misato through to the bathroom and tying her back up in the bath once again as she'd leave her there for a moment as she'd herself exit the bathroom.

Only to soon return with some more tubes, similar that she had used to force her shit into the girl. Along with the tubes, though, there was a powerful milking machine, which made her smirk.

"Hope you liked the taste of your own shit. I'm going to use this to make sure your new dicks keep cumming it all night long, and the way these tubes are set up, it's ALL going straight down your mouth along with anything else you shit out in the night," she said, smirking wickedly then grabbing one last can of beer, that was already open.

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Forcing the funnel into Misato's mouth again for a moment, she poured the beer in. "We added a few. Well, all the laxatives you had into this can. I hope you have a pleasant sleep," she taunted, as it made its way into Misato's system. That done, Asuka set up the tubes to go from both the asses and dicks to the machine and the other end to the funnel in Misato's mouth. Soon Asuka turned on the milking machines, which began sucking mechanically on Misato's dick nipples, going at them so hard she'd probably cum within minutes before just leaving the room and turning the lights off, leaving the girl to shit and cum herself silly all night long.

Misato whimpered as she came almost immediately the machine was turned on as her dick nipples began to grow from the beer as her asses began to give runny diarrhea from the laxatives, as they would filter them back to her mouth as she was left in the complete darkness of the recycling process.

To be continued?