Guy assists with hymen physical and reaming of virgin nympho

Guy assists with hymen physical and reaming of virgin nympho
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Part 1: I am in the middle of the living room waiting for my Master. I am nude and you can see the bumps ripple over my peach skin as the ceiling fan twirls around and around. My nipples are standing at attention while my knees are spread far apart. As I lay my palms face up and open on the top of my thighs, I can feel my arousal slowly creeping past my swollen lips.

I am staring down at the sea of blue carpet and I want to cry. Master said I was a bad girl and needed to learn that I can only come when he commands. Master left me 2 hours ago in this cold room, while the vibrator teased me minute after minute, second after second.

My Master told me to remove the vibrator from my pussy when the batteries are dead. I place the dead batteries and overworkd vibrator between my knees and I wait.

I inhale and exhale as I start to come down from my heightened state. I begin to slow my breathing; my stomach begins to knot. I tighten my muscles, though it does not help relieve the sensation to pee. As I squirm on my knees, waiting, my Master enters the room. His head is held high, his shoulders are broad and chest is hard.

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OH NO! Does he know I came? Does he know I pinched my nipples? I look at him with adoring eyes and a smile, but I know not to speak until he speaks first. There is a faint smile on his lips as if he is laughing at me. He asks me, "Has my little slut learned her lesson?" I frown as a tear rolls down my cheek.

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I look down at the carpet ashamed I could not do as my Master commanded. I say in a whispered voice, "Master I am sorry, but I could not do it. I tried to breath like you taught me. I tried to control my sensations, but as the batteries began to die, the vibrator began to pulse in and out of life.

I tried Master, really I did." I close my eyes, because I do not deserve to look at my Master. Master commands I look at him. I do not move, as I am afraid I have disappointed him.

Master tells me again to look at him only his voice is softer.


I slowly raise my eyes up his legs, over his chest, around his lips, finally locking in on his eyes. Master is looking at me, but does not say anything. I am staring into his gaze, hoping my next punishment is not the cane and suddenly he commands I stand. I know I cannot hesitate any more so I begin to stand. When I straighten I am overwhelmed with the reminder of my need to pee. I squint my eyes and bite my lips, trying to push the urge down. Master asks me what is wrong.


I say to him, "Nothing Master, I was just thinking how my love for you grows with every lesson you teach me." Master smiles again like he is laughing at me. He holds my chin between his fingers and places a faint kiss upon my lips. I squeal as the arousal is back and so is my need to pee. He laughs and gives me permission to go. I smile a thankful smile and run away. I laugh when I enter the bathroom, as I am thankful for Master. He like me naked so I am able to relieve the sensation quicker.

I know Master likes to keep an eye on me, so I keep the door open. As I wash my hands for the 2nd time, Master likes me clean, I think Master is feeling playful. Maybe he will not punish me today, but I did not do as he asked. I must suffer some consiquence.


I dry my hands and sneek into the bedroom. As I approach the dresser, my stomach begins to knot, from excitment and fear. Will this upset my Master or will he be pleased? I only wish to please my Master. I decide to take the chance and grab my favorite red nylon rope.

I open the first drawer, but it is not here. I search the second and third drawer. Nope, not here. HMM that is strange, Master always keeps it in the first draw next to the hand cuffs; Oh Well.

I grab the cuffs and spreader bar. I hold them behind my back as I enter the living room. Master has turned the fan off. With a smile on my face and fear in my eyes, I walk slowly towards Master and bow my head. Master lifts my face. He looks at me and says, "Does my little slut trust me?" Immediately without hesitation I responde with, "Of Course Master." He looks at me for a second and asks, "Then why do you hide from me?" I close my eyes and answer, "Master may I speak freely?" He lifts his eyebrow and nods his head.

"Master I tried to control my orgasim. I tried to please you. I am sorry I could not and I know your disappointment means punishment. I brought these out for you. I hoped for the Red Nylon Rope, but I could not find it. Please, Master I wish to please you and only you, but I beg you.not the cane." Master takes the cuffs and spreader and steps away with fire in his eyes. "Present yourself slut!" OH NO, Master is upset with me. I drop to my knees and present myself again.knees wide apart, palms face up and open on my thighs, back arched and my head is bowed towards the carpet.

Part 2: I must not cry. Tears will show weakness and a lack of trust. Why does Master think I do not trust him? Why is Master not talking? He must be disappointed in me. I hear Master moving, but I can not see his shoes anymore. I kneel and breath, I must not cry.

It is quiet again. "Little Slut", Master calls out. Master is sitting in the large, silver throne. It has a lion face on each arm. The back and seat is covered in black velvet. Everytime I look at his favorite chair I remember when he cuffed my wrists to the chair's legs and then bent me over the arms for a bare handed spanking. My butt was so red after that, but it was the best orgasim I ever had.

Suddenly hope rises inside me, maybe he's going to punish me again. I look up, but I do not speak or smile. I must remain calm and do exactly as he wishes. Master regards me quietly, looking me over. I see his eyes are looking at my knees digging into the floor. He looks at my nipple and shakes his head. HE KNOWS! Then he moves down to my pussy. I slants his head slightly and I realize I am excited. I single drop of arousal falls to the carpet.

If only I could thrust my hips. My knees are so far apart I could thrust my hips and grind the carpet. Anything to relieve the need. Oh Master, what are you thinking? Master looks into my eyes and says, "little slut, you did not do as I asked. I am not pleased. You must learn that all of your pleasure is for me and me alone. I want you to tease yourself until I say stop. If you come, it will mean the cane." I do not say a word, ask questions or make any faces.

I run my fingers through my hair and down to my breasts.

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I palm my right breast and slowly circle around to end with a pinch of the nipple. Oh that feels good.

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As I open my mouth, I insert two fingers and slowly suck. I pull my dripping fingers from my mouth and rub them around my nipples. I squeeze both tits while I bite my lower lip. I feel my pussy contract with need. The need to be touched, rubbed, licked, thrusted upon. I glide my hand down past my navel and slide my fingers over my lips. Oh, my lips are warm.

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I push and pull as I slip one finger in. I slide my finger up and down spreading my juices all over my lips. I rub circles over my clit and feel it getting harder and harder. I roll my eyes back and throw my head back. "Ooohhh!" With my pussy dripping wet, I slide two fingers inside.

"Mmmmm!" I hook my fingers to the my top wall and begin to rub in and out, in and out, in and out. "Aaahhhhh!" I am on the verge of exploding when I hear Master, "Shall I get the cane little slut?" I stop immeditaly and remember Master's command.

In my heated state, I decide to test Master's patience. It is a risk and could result in cane welts across my cheeks, but I really want to.

I look over Master and see he is excited by my teasing.

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Oh how I want his hard cock to ease my need, but I must please Master first. I lean over onto my hands and knees. I keep my eyes locked on his and begin to crawl slowly towards him. Master does not blink. When i reach Master's throne, I bow my head, lean down and kiss his feet. I lift my gaze to his and place my hands on his knees. I pause in permission. Master does not deny me. I lift myself up over his lap. I straddle his lap and sink down. I can feel his bulge pushing against my warmth.

Master grabs my hips and say, "No little slut." I move to straddle his thigh and he does not stop me. I begin to grind on his thigh, slowly back and forth. I run my hands over my tits, up and down. I slide my pussy drenched fingers in and out of his mouth. I begin to grind harder on his thigh. As the orgasim begins to reach the surface, I slow my grinding. I lift my swollen wet pussy from his now soaked jeans and lean on the arm of the throne. I move my knee gently over his hard cock.

I remove my fingers from his mouth and run them down my chest, over my navel and into my cunt. As I rock on and off my fingers, I continue to rub my knee over Master. "Ooohhh! Aaahhh! Master?" "Now little slut!" I rub my clit harder then I ever have and at his command."Thank you Maaaasssstttteeerrr!" I collapse on Master's chest breathing in deep.