Captivating amazing babe captivates with her pussy

Captivating amazing babe captivates with her pussy
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This all came about because Nguyet had come to visit Mina for two weeks, Nhu is beautiful vietnamese singer and actress. She is tall with a beautiful slender curvy body. After Nguyet was settled into her room, I explained that Mina was still in Hati doing charity work. I went to my home office. Later in the afternoon I went to the kitchen for a drink as I entered I noticed Nhu's long slender bare legs as she sat on the island.

Nguyet was wearing one of my shirts, pulled loosly across her chest revealing a bit of her cleavage. The shirt barely covered her lacy panties.

I could feel my cock hardening as she crossed her legs. I had to admit that she looked very sexy. As I approached her Nguyet shifted her position spreading her legs slightly revealing more of her lacy panties. That did it for me; I began to form a mental image of her naked on her back with a hard cock ramming into her. " Can I get you anything?" I barely hear her say though by the inflection in her voice I recognise that it's a question directed at me. " Hmm. oh, um, a club soda?" I answer.

Nguyet slides off the island then heads to the refridgerator. I was staring at her swaying ass and the back of her thighs, which did nothing to ease my raging arousal. She turned around, leaning against the counter, with an empty glass in her right hand. " Well, I must be out of club soda, you know, water will be fine," I said to her. " No, it's not that," Nguyet said slowly, and I detected a note of hesitation in her voice as she placed the empty glass on the counter.

" I wanted to find a way to thank you for letting me visit." She explained as she reached down to pull the shirt up. " Do you like my panties?" She asked. My raging hard-on pressing aganist my pants as I stared at her long bare legs and the small, black panties that barely covered her pussy and left her nice, round buttocks fully exposed. I didn't hesitate as I walked over to her in the corner and got down onto my knees and begin to run my hands up and down her legs, across her thighs, gently caressing her bare, smooth skin.

Nguyet begins moaning immediately at the touch of my hands on her thighs. " ooooh.ooooh.ooooh.mmmmmmmm.aaaah.aaaah." Her pussy was at eye level, mere inches away from my face.

She was breathing very deeply as I ran my hands slowly up and down her inner thighs, gradually working my fingers to the back of her legs and then up to her bare ass. I then lean my head forward and opening my lips. Nguyet let out a sharp gasp as I stuck out my tongue and lick softly against the fabric of her thin panties. " Oohhh yes." she moans, " but, this was supposed to be something that I was going to give to you.


I wanted to give you a blowjob. ohhh." she continues to moan as she tries to get the words out, her mind distracted by the soft touch of my tongue, alternately licking across the fabric of her panties, and down along the inside of her thighs.

" Do you want to see my cock?" I asked her, smiling. " It's rock hard right now." " Oh God, yes." she panted; I could see her breasts rising and falling and I was anxious for her to get entirely naked. " So, is this the reason that you came to visit. because you wanted to have sex?" I ask her with a smile as I continue to fondle her thighs while licking light strokes across her bare skin, edging close to her panties. " Yes." she said softly, moaning as I lick a firm stroke across her thigh and up across the fabric of her panties.

" How long have you had these fantasies?" I ask. " Oh.months, maybe a year. since that time we went out for coffee last year.mmmhhh." Her eyes were closed and she had an almost pained expression on her face as my fingers fondled her bare ass.

" So, do you masturbate at night and think about me?" I was really turned on by her confession. " Yes. oh yes. I've wanted to fuck you for so long. almost every night, I pull a pillow tightly between my thighs and I imagine us together, your cock dangling in front of my face and then I suck you off until you come in my mouth and then, you're so overcome that you drive your cock deep inside me and I have intense orgasms. oh God, I can't believe that I'm telling you this that we're doing this." Nguyet said, as her body was trembling with excitement from revealing her erotic desires.

" Well, I've had fantasies, too, Nguyet. I want to fuck you.

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I want to lick your hot, wet cunt; I want you to come like you've never come before. I want to feel your tongue on my cock." I then got up from off my knees and stood facing her. " We have a long afternoon ahead of us. Let's go to the bedroom, get naked together and. fuck," I said to her as I pressed my lips against hers and kissed her, slowly. and I feel her lips moving with mine, parting slightly as I push my tongue into her mouth and kiss her deeply.

As our tongues touch, Nguyet begins moaning as my hard cock presses aganist her. " I didn't know that you felt this way," Nguyet said when our lips finally parted; she was breathing heavily, surprised that her ploy was leading down a path of erotic pleasure. " Horny?" I replied with a smile. She didn't how to reply to this and she was a bit flustered and so I continued in a more serious tone.

" Nhu, I'm not in love with you but it's not the first time that I've had sexual thoughts about you. When Mina and you had talked about you visiting while she was away, well, a lot of ideas then surfaced into my head. Seeing you in my shirt didn't take me by surprise, it confirmed my suspicions about the possibility of you and I getting intimate together. " Right now, I just want to have hot, rough sex with you," I said as I kissed her again. " What do you want?" " I want to fuck.

I want you to fuck me." she said breathlessly as she pressed her crotch against the visible outline of my hard cock. I reach down, lifting her shirt and grabbing the cheeks of her ass and squeezing them. Her fleshy ass feels so good in my hands. " Oh, you're a horny girl, aren't you?" I said to her with a smile as she reached down and begins to unbuckle my belt. " I want your cock," she whispers to me as she looks down and unzips my pants, pushing the zipper down, smiling in anticipation.

I take her chin with my right hand and angle her face up to meet mine and stare into her eyes. " Open your lips like this," I said as my mouth opens into a large oval. She laughs a bit and then opens her lips wide; I could see her tongue as she continues to feel down between my legs, her fingers gliding across my underwear, up and down across the shaft of my cock.

I slip the fingers of my left hand under the elastic of her panties and caress her clean shaved pussy. " I want your cunt and your ass," I said to her. " I want your cock," she replies, dropping her fingers into my underwear as she caresses the head of my hard penis. I extend my tongue forward and touch the tip of hers and with our mouths open, our tongues dance slowly together, the tips touching and twisting together slowly as our fingers slid deeper and deeper, our breathing becoming more rapid, more jagged until Nhu finally manages with both hands to slide my pants and my underwear down to mid-thigh and I was now slowly rubbing her clit with my middle finger, my entire fist contained in the small pocket in front of her pussy.

Her moans " ooooh.oo ooh.ooooh.AAAAH," were interrupted by a sharp gasp as she feels my hard thick, hot cock pressing against the skin of her belly. Nguyet then reachs down and with her right hand pulling the thin strand of material of her panties to one side, exposing her pussy and with her left hand grabs onto my ass and pulls me towards her. " Fuck me rough and hard," she whispers again and there is resistances as my cock tries to slide inside her wet cunt just as Nguyet closes her lips tightly around mine.

As my long thick hard cock slids up her wet cunt, Nguyet lets out a loud gasp, followed by a series of soft cries as her lips delicately kiss mine, her body shivering with pleasure.

" Your pussy is so hot and tight, Nguyet," I told her as I slowly slid my cock deeper inside her. " Oh fuck me.please fuck me." she whispers, crying out in response to my forward thrust as I drive my cock in slowly deeper inside of her. " I will fuck you, Nguyet. but not here. In your bedroom. I want you on your back, with your legs spread wide, and I'm going to fuck you until you cry." " Oh yes. god, that's what I want." she said, moaning softly.

I thrust my cock hard and deep inside of her, causing her to cry out, her fingers gripping tightly onto my shoulders. " Oh, oh yes." she moans, her body weakening from pleasure. " You like having my cock inside of you, don't you?" I asked her.

" Oh yes." she moans. " Then lead me to your bedroom so that I can fuck you hard," I said to her as I give one last hard thrust and then pull my hard cock from her, leaving her wanting. Nguyet then got down onto her knees and takes my cock into her hands, gently caressing my cock between the palms of her hands.

" I am so turned on by you right now," she confesses as she directs the head of my cock to her open mouth, resting it upon her lips. Slowly, she sticks her tongue out at flicking it across the head, her lips closing around it as she sucks it into her mouth. " Oh God, I love tasting myself on your cock," she said breathlessly as she quickly brought her mouth to my cock again, sucking hard on the head, her tongue swirling round it inside of her mouth.

Slowly, she presses forward with her lips, sliding them along the shaft, taking more of my cock into her mouth. " Oh yes, Nguyet, take it all the way in," I moan as I watch my cock disappear between her lips. " I really want it," she said, momentarily releasing my cock from her lips and then quickly pressing her tongue up against the underside of my cock, allowing my cock to rest upon it for an instant. It was so hot to see my cock resting upon her tongue like that.

Nguyet then draws her tongue back into her mouth, taking my cock in as well as her lips close in around it and she resumes sucking on my cock, her cheeks suctioning it deep into her mouth. She then places her hands on my ass, gently squeezing and then her eyes look up to meet mine. Slowly, she pushes forward while pulling me towards her, swallowing my cock into her mouth a fraction of an inch at a time. My cock is so aching hard in her mouth, the head full and round, and I watch as her lips sliding forward across the shaft until I could feel my cock touch the back of her mouth, at the opening of her throat.

She breaths in deeply and relaxes her neck before thrusting forward with her mouth and pressing her lips all the way, touching the base of my cock. My fully erect cock was all the way inside of her mouth, I reach down and placing my hands behind her head and hold her head in place, thrusting slowly.

For a long while, she holds still like that, her tongue vibrating slightly beneath the shaft of my cock, her throat muscles constricting around the head and staring down and seeing her lips pressing at the base of my cock, knowing that my cock was completely inside her mouth was so arousing.

Then an idea occurred to me: to come straight down her throat. I then begin thrusting faster, holding her head tight and I feel her throat contracting sharply as Nguyet pulls her mouth away and she begins to cough and gag. " I'm sorry," she said in between coughs, " I'd never done that before." " You never gagged?" I replied with a smile. " No, I'd never deep-throated." " It was wonderful," I said, taking her hands and helping her to her feet.

" I'll do it for you again. I'll do anything, I just want you to fuck me," she said, and then added with a whisper, " to want you to love me." I pull her close to me, feeling my cock pressing against her belly, holding her in my arms as our lips touch, open, then feel the softness of her tongue, her mouth, where my cock had been a moment ago and now she was thrusting her tongue into my mouth.

We kissed for a minute or two as she reaches down and grips my cock between her fingers gently stroking it and I sense that she was content for us to continue to kiss like this for a long while. I was so horny and needed to undress her completely and move to the bedroom. There was a look of discontent on her face when I pull my lips away and knew that she wanted more. " Come on," I said, " let's go to your bedroom, close the door behind us and finish what we've started." " Okay," she said as she turns and heads out the kitchen.

I quickly pull my pants back up as I watch her walk away. I just stare at her long bare legs and her exposed ass as she heads up the stairs. I soon follow her, as I needed to tear her panties off.

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I caught up with her on the landing, midway to the top of the stairs and she feels my hands reach out for her and she stops. " You have an amazing ass, Nguyet," I whisper to her.

While standing directly behind her, I lower my hands down to her cheeks and begin to fondle her ass. She lets out a soft moan of contentment " ooooh.aaaah " and I took this as a sign to continue. I got down on my knees, crouching onto the floor and proceed to gently run my hands up and down the back of her thighs and up to her ass.

She continues to moan softly, not daring to raise her voice. " ooooh.ooooh.aaaah.aaaah.mmmmmm." Then she lets out a louder deeper moan " OMG.OOOOH.OOOOH.AAAAH.AAAAH," as I reach up and begin pulling her panties down from her waist over her thighs and to the floor. I pick up the panties after she carefully steps out from them and smell them. " You won't be needing panties for the remainder of this afternoon," I told her, loving the sight of her nakedness from the waist down before me.

Staying on my knees behind her, I again begin fondling and caressing her bare legs, tracing soft lines with my fingertips up and down along the back of her thighs, smiling as she moans her appreciation as my fingers ascend again to follow the curves of her ass.

" aaah.mmmmmmmmmmmm." She then lets out a soft gasp as she feels my hands curve around the front of her thighs, holding on tightly to the front of her legs as she then feels a warm, wet line along the back of her thighs.

My tongue ascends slowly and methodically, tracing long, soft, feather-like touches in a series of meandering lines up and down the back of her legs, pausing for a moment at the top to blow coolly onto her buttocks before descending down her leg, placing soft kisses along the way, first on one leg and then the other. " Oh my god, Oh my god that feels so good," she moans. " I'm enjoying it, too," I reply to her, pressing my tongue against her bare skin with a bit more force, wetting her skin.

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" I like having you naked like this," I then add as I grip her thighs more tightly and begin to lick the back of her thighs like a dish of rapidly melting ice cream with long, quick, firm strokes; this merely incites further longer and louder moans.

" AAAAAH.AAAAAH.OOO OOH.OOOOOH.MMMMMMMMM. Nguyet, have you ever had your ass licked and fucked?" I then ask her. " No," she replies, her voice quivering. " I don't mean just licking the curves on the surface of your hot buttocks, either," I continue and then to demonstrate, I swirl my tongue across the skin of her ass, eliciting even more soft moans from Nguyet.

" mmmmmmm.aaaaaaah.aaaaaah.mmmmmm." " I mean tonguing your ass, sliding it deep between the crack, licking. licking your anus," I finish and then bring my hands to her buttocks and spread the cheeks apart and quickly press my lips in between them, my tongue thrusting out and making contact with her anus, swirling the tip against it.

Nguyet heaves her body forward as a result, her hands gripping the banister for support as she lets out a loud cry of surprise pleasure at feeling the initial wet touch of my tongue against her anus. " OH GOD.OH GOD." Her thighs then begin to shake uncontrollably as she realises that it was not simply a quick touch but a prolonged, wet probe of her ass by my mouth. I wasn't content to stop with a long wet touch though as I begin to stroke my tongue up and down, slowly, between her cheeks.

" Oh God, that feels so good." she moans as I continue to lovingly lick long strokes between her cheeks, my fingers squeezing her ass as I lean forward, pressing hard with my tongue, swirling it across her anus.

My cock is so hard within my pants now The natural impulse is to drive my long thick hard cock all the way up her tight virgin ass. I also love the feeling of her mouth on my cock so the idea of coming all over her lips and watching her swallow holds appeal as well.

There was also my original thought: getting Nguyet flat on her back with her legs spread wide and slamming my cock repeatedly into her wet cunt and having her beg for more. Instead, Nguyet continues to moan " aaaah.aaaah.mmmmmm " and I continue to swirl my tongue across her anus, dropping the tip deep down and dragging it back up.

Nguyet suddenly jerks forward and lets out a sharp cry " OMG.OH GOD," as I tasted her pussy, inadvertently licking too far down as the tip of my tongue brushes against the lips of her cunt to her great delight. Though she may have liked for me to start licking her cunt, I was consumed with her ass and continue to swirl my tongue gently across her anus, licking and kissing between her cheeks, pausing at times to push forward with the tip of my tongue. There would be plenty of time for licking her cunt later.

Nguyet was leaning forward completely now, her arms resting on the banister, trying hard to remain standing, I sense her legs weakening from pleasure.

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She presses her head onto her arms and there is a desperate quality to her moaning now. Her thighs shaking, I feel her anus relaxing as my tongue passes across it.

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She senses the slight penetration of the tip of my tongue and responds with a sharp gasp followed by a low moan expressing her desire to feel more.

" ooooh.yes.yes.yes.mmmmm." I was set on giving her more as I pull my tongue away and then lap quickly across her anus and Nguyet continues to moan " OOOOH.OOOOH. YYYYES.YYYYES, louder now, as I squeeze on her ass cheeks and hold them wide apart as I again thrust the tip of my tongue and push inside. Nguyet had never felt anything like this before as the tip of my tongue slids a little bit further in than before.

I then pull my mouth away again. " Oh God, more. I want more." she moans as she instinctively brings her left hand down between her legs to fondle her pussy.

I reach up with my right hand and begin to finger her anus with my middle finger, swirling it in slow circles around and over it, delighting in hearing Nguyet's resulting moans of pleasure. Her muscles were much more relaxed now and I lean forward to give another quick lick and then brought my hand back and thrust forward with my middle finger, pushing successfully all the way in to the second joint.

Her eyes widen and she has to stifle a scream as I slowly begin to push and pull with my finger in and out of her ass. I fuck her with my finger for a short time, delighting in watching her squirm, her thighs shaking as I thrust it in as deeply as possible. I pull my hand away and brought my mouth back up between her cheeks and resume licking her anus with quick strokes of my tongue as I hold her cheeks apart.

" Nguyet, you have such a sweet tight ass," I moan as I continue to lick at her anus. She is panting heavily now as the tip of my tongue slids easily into her ass.

I begin to freely tongue-fuck her ass, pushing back and forth with my tongue just slightly inside, impelling by her deep moans of pleasure. " mmmmmmmmm.aaaaaah.aaaaaaah.mmmmmmmm." By now, the bulge in my pants was on the verge of bursting and I needed to satisfy my desires.

I pull my mouth away from Nguyet's buttocks and stand up while staying behind her. She continues to grasp her hands tightly onto the banister, still panting heavily. I stare down at her naked ass and her naked legs and I knew that it was time for me to shed my pants as well. My pants were still open, with the zipper down and the buckle of my belt hanging from the belt holes, and I reach down to my hips and shuck my pants down to my knees.

I then lean my body forward and pressing myself against Nguyet as I slip one hand down from her waist along her bare thigh. Soon, my hand met her hand between her legs and she was moaning deeply. " oooooh.oooooooh.aaaaaaaah.aaaaaaah.mmmmmmmm." She jumps at the feel of my hard thick cock pressing against her buttocks, through the fabric of my underwear and she feels thickness of my hard cock. I whisper into her ear: " You know my cock is big like a horse's cock.

You know what I want to do, don't you?" She didn't answer immediately, just moaned again. " oooooh." Eventually, she replied, " Fuck me up the ass?" Her questioning tone was one of feared anticipation. " Absolutely," I said and a high-pitched moan of ascent escaps from her lips.

She didn't know if she was ready for it but she was so aroused at this point that the mere idea that her arousal could reach an even higher level got her excited, and even the fear of pain wasn't great enough to dissuade her. It wasn't as though I was giving her any options. She loved the feel of my tongue on her ass; now she wants my cock. "Oh do it, please do it," she moans as I push my underwear down and lean against her again and she jumps at the touch of the head of my cock against her thighs.

I reach down and quickly grip her cheeks and spread them apart, exposing her anus as Nguyet submitts herself to me and leans forward, gripping the banister tightly.

I inch myself forward until the full, hard head of my cock ma contact with her virgin anal hole. I know that she will be tense and tight. I couldn't expect a soft, smooth entry; only a quick, hard thrust would get me in. " Oh Nguyet, you have such a sweet, round ass," I said to her softly as I press my chest against her back while fondling her cheeks within the palms of my hands. She lets out a soft moan as she feels the intensity of my hardcock pressing against her anus.

Then I kick Nguyet's legs wide apart and aim the tip of my shaft for her asshole. " I've waited too long for my turn to fuck your small tight virgin ass. I'm not gonna be nice." I shoved the tip of my cock into Nguyet's virgin asshole as hard as I could. " AHHHHHH, "OMG! STOP! AAAAAAHHHH!" " AAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAHHHHH! OOOOOHHHH!." Nguyet screamed. Her ass feels like it had been stabbed with a machete.

She couldn't believe this was what she wanted. With what little she knew of sex she at least knew this wasn't it…at least that's what she thought." OMG! STOP! AAAAAAHHHH!" " STOP! TAKE IT OUT! YOUR TO BIG" screamed Nguyet, " You're going to kill me!" I laughed aloud, " How do you like getting fucked in the ass?" I asked. I pushed inch-by-inch, harder and harder until my entire cock filled her anal canal and my balls slapped against her cunt with each thrust, WAP!

WAP! WAP! " Stop! Please, oh God, please stop!" pleaded Nguyet through the tears. Waves of burning pain kept coming with every thrust. Her sphincter was being torn and battered. Now, I took my entire cock out of her ass only to brutally shove the full length back in with every thrust. She screams " AAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAHHHHH! OOOOOHHHH!." and groans " ooooohhhhh!

aaaaahhhhh! "Her hole was raw and exposed. Blood covered my penis and her ass, providing an evil lubricant for my pleasure.

Suddenly, I grab Nguyet around the waist and pull her towards me. The full length of my shaft disappears deep into her and I let out a groan " aaaaaahhhh! aaaaaahhhhhh! " of intense pleasure. Nguyet shuts her eyes tight and holds her breath in an attempt to relax. Her muscles inside her ass involuntarily loosened against my thrust to accommodate the size of my enormous member in her tight canal.

Nguyet feels my saliva dripping down from my gaping mouth onto her backside. She could feel my legs shake slightly as I fill her asshole with my cum. When the final drop of my hot load had been deposited, I let go and let her fall forward aganist the banister. I pulled my cock out of her ass and stepped back. I watched her for a moment, as she held on tight to the banister, steadying herself as she turned her head to regard with a look of complete disbelief." Nguyet turns around to face me as she reachs to grip my cock within her fist.

" Your cock is still so hard, so beautifully hard," she said " My cock is hard because of you, Nguyet. The sight of you naked from the waist down, watching you lick my balls and suck on my cock .Fucking your tight virgin ass was great. I'm so aroused by you," I said. " I'm very aroused by you, too," Nguyet says.

She leans towards me and presses her lips against mine and our tongues touch and we kiss as my cock slids between her thighs and finds the opening to her wet pussy and tries to slip inside. For a short time, we stood there, with my cock head barely in her cunt, as our tongues played, swirling gently in each other's mouths. I finally pull myself away and reluctantly slip my cock out from inside of her. " Nguyet, let's go to your bedroom, lock the door and fuck and make love for the rest of the day," I said to her.

She smiles brightly at my suggestion and once again got down on her knees and proceeded to remove my shoes, after which I stepped out of my jeans and my underwear and was only wearing a t-shirt as Nguyet was only wearing my shirt.


She got up and we stood side by side, my cock still raging hard from fucking her tight virgin ass. " I like you naked from the waist down, too," she said as she turned and made her way up the rest of the stairs and then down to the end of the hall to her bedroom and I followed closely behind. We entered the room together and closed the door behind us; Nguyet engaged the lock. We were now in her bedroom together, both naked from the waist down; my arousal was most evident as my hard cock pointed directly at her.

She regarded my erection with obvious lust. She goes into the bathroom then returns with a wet wash cloth. She reachs down with her right hand to gently stroke my cock with the wet wash cloth. She smiles as she caresses my cock. " What do we do now?" she asks, delighting in touching my penis. " We go to the bed and get completely undressed and then make love." t hearing me speak those words, I could see their effect on her; her face brightened and a tingle of excitement courses through her body.

I share the same feelings now. I was so horny and anxious to get naked with Nguyet, to feel her body pressing against me, to feel the heat of her cunt envelop my cock, to taste her tongue probing my mouth, to empty myself inside of her. Nguyet walks towards the bed and again I stand there transfixed, staring at her bare legs and her bare ass, such sweet, beautiful curves; I want to bury my face between her legs.

She turns and smiles as she notes where I had directed my gaze and then she lowered her eyes, too, taking in the sight of my long thick, hard cock, pointing directly at her. I approach her, staring at her cunt and she watchs, staring at my cock.

" Oh God, I want you inside me," she moans as I stand now directly in front of her. I reach up and pull the shirt open, Nguyet holds her breath as the material opens, revealing the flesh of her cleavage the soft, smooth, copper-toned skin of her belly, until finally my hands were positioned directly above her bare cunt. It was tempting to touch her there, I stared at her in complete, nude splendour. I expressed it with a soft touch as I raised my hands to her shoulders and delicately remove the shirt drawing it over her shoulders, and watching it fall to the bed.

With just the tips of my fingers, I then trace soft lines down the sides of her arms, and up from her waist to just beneath her breasts. Staring at her breasts, Nguyet was now completely naked and I was very horny. " Your cock is so hard," Nguyet said softly as she delicately stroked it with just the tips of her fingers. " That's because you look so fantastic to me right now," I replie, whispering to her as I brought the palms of my hands to touch her breasts, to gently spin them across her nipples.

As soon as I touch her breasts, Nguyet begins to moan. As I bend my head forward, to her left breast, Nguyet begins to stroke her fingers through my hair. I then lick her nipple, slowly swirling my tongue around it, sucking it into my mouth as I cup her breast with my right hand, gently squeezing it.

" Your breasts are so beautiful, so sexy." I moan to her as I alternately lick and suck on one breast and then the other, caressing and squeezing them.

Nguyet's body weakens I feel her slipping down to the bed as I run my hands slowly up and down from her waist to her breasts and down to her ass; oh, her beautiful tight ass that I had so enjoyed licking and fucking. I had my cock pressing tight against the bare skin of her thighs and that feels so good but my main focus was her small tits and how I enjoy having them in my mouth, twirling my tongue round and around them. Nguyet soon succumbs to the mattress as her knees bend and she falls onto her back; I followed her falling motion, running my hands all over her naked body as I continue to lavish oral affection onto her breasts, kissing and flicking my tongue across her hard nipples.

She stares in awe, in gratitude, as I squeeze and fondle her tits, moaning and gasping as I suck on them. " Oh yes.oh God, yeah, that feels so good," she moans as I suck her nipple into my mouth and flick my tongue across it. My hands then begin to wander as I smooth the fingers of my right hand down from her breasts along the skin of her tummy, all the way down until the tips touch her clean shaved pussy; my fingers then slowly slid towards the hot, wet heat beyond.

Readying to touch her pussy for a second time, I venture more slowly, allowing myself to concentrate on every curve as my fingers descend further and I could discern the splitting between her engorged lips. Nguyet moans deeply and loud as I touch her, spreading her legs as to facilitate my further exploration of her vagina, and in doing so she presse her thigh up against my raging erection, and that feels so good, for both of us.

" Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh." I work her cunt over slowly, softly caressing the folds of her vagina, feeling the heat in the palm of my hand and the way she squirms under my touch, all the while continuing to lick her nipples and gently rub my hard cock up and her leg. I pull my mouth away from her tits and stretch my body out beside hers, still pressing my cock against her, still fondling her pussy with the fingers of my right hand, delicately fondling up and down.

I press my lips to her ear. " You have a really hot tight cunt, Nguyet," I whisper to her. She lets out a soft moan, indicating her arousal at my dirty words, or the touching of her pussy or both in combination. " Your cunt is so hot and wet right now," I continue and her response was another deep moan. " I love touching your cunt. Touching your cunt and being naked with you like this makes my cock so very hard," I told her and I then run my cock up against her thigh to emphasise my point. " I really want to fuck you, Nguyet." Her lower lip quivered as I spread her vaginal lips apart and slid my middle finger down the edge of her hole.

She whimpered softly in anticipation as I gently circled her hole. Slowly, I then pushed my finger into her cunt and she gasped out in pleasure as I slid it all the way in.

" Do you like that?" I whisper to her, smiling widely as I gently begin to finger her cunt. " Mmmmmm!" she moans as I slid my finger in and out, masturbating her cunt as she responds by gently heaving her mid-section forward, grinding her clit against my knuckles.

I then bring my thumb up to her clit and press down directly upon it before then circling around it, sliding up and down across it which only serves to increase her arousal as she slips and slids beneath my grasp, whimpering and crying out for release.

" It's fun watching you squirm. does that feel good?" I ask her as I pull my middle finger out from her pussy and begin to draw a series of quick circles around her clit. "Oh my God! Oh yes, oh yes." she moans, heaving more aggressively now as I masturbate her clit more rapidly before sliding my hand quickly down across her vaginal lips and thrust my middle finger deep into her pussy once again.

All of a sudden, her eyes pop wide open and she jumps forward and lets out a sharp cry, part surprise and part pleasure; I then slid my index finger into her pussy and begin to vigorously finger-fuck her pussy.

She was writing with pleasure now as I propell my fingers in and out of her pussy. "God, Nguyet, your cunt is so hot and wet," I said as I rammed my fingers into her.

I could tell that she was on the verge of an orgasm and so it was time to stop. I pull my hand away from between Nguyet's legs and then roll my body up on top of hers and slid down just enough so that we were face to face with my penis dangling between her thighs, a mere inch away from penetrating her tight pussy.

Nguyet was breathing heavily now, her chest visibly rising and falling and only the weight of my body on top of hers kept her still. " Is this the way that you had imagined it?" I ask her. She nods feebly as I brought the fingers of my right hand up to her hair.

I gently rub my 9 inch long thick rock hard cock aganist her clit and pussy. Nguyet moans " Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh," and shivers. I pull away sitting back on my knees, taking Nguyet's hand, I place her hand on my hard cock. She feels the hard cock under her hand pulsing as she holds it softly. She slowly begins to rub it up and down in her hand. " Oh, baby, that's it," Nguyet hears me whisper.

I let my right arm slide under her neck and I urge her to rest her head on my chest. She gazes down at the throbbing long thick snake, she has in her hand. I begin caressing her hair, placing light downward pressure on the back of her head. Nguyet knows what I want her to do. Slowly she starts kissing my chest and then my stomach, She lets her head slowly slide down towards my cock. When she reachs what she considers to be an adequate distance from it, she lays her head back down on my lower stomach and continues to caress my cock with her hand and lightly blow a cool stream of air across the head of my cock.

" Oh baby, yeah. That's it, that's it," I half said and half moan. " Yeah, that's it." She slowly moves her head forward and lightly kisses the tip of my cock.

As she moves back away from it, she licks her lips and tastes salty pre-cum on them. I now was pushing on the back of her head and she again moved forward, again kissing the head of it, all the while stroking it with her hand. "God, baby, yes. Oh, God," escaped my lips. After several minutes, Nguyet feels me gently pull her head back towards me, carefully easing her onto her back.

I climb between her thighs again, leaning down kissing her lips and nicely developed tits. Nguyet was very quiet at this point, she blushes and says my cock was so big and thick that it will not fit. I gently rub my 9 inch long thick rock hard cock aganist her clit and pussy. I slowly begin to push the bulbous head inside her, her slit is so small and so tight.

The walls of her pussy are so small and tight that I literally could not push further. The lips of her pussy were wet, but her pussy was so small and tight, the more pressure I apply causes pain, she screams " OMG!

OMG! AAAAAHHH!" As I pull back some, she places her hands on my chest trying to push me away. I try again, but she was sooo small and tight, I tell her that, Ngu blushs. The more I try to penetrate her the harder my cock grows. I decide to lubricate my cock with gel to help open the tight walls of her pussy.

I lubricate her pussy and my cock, then thrust the bulbous head aganist her pussy, the shaft sinks four inches into her. " STOP!", you're hurting me. Stop!" I pull out of her, then she feels the bulbous head of my hard cock poking aganist the tender lips of her cunt again. As my mouth covers hers my hand slips between our bodies and I position the tip of my cock at the opening of her pussy. I groan into her mouth as I push into her, I feel her pussy is now well lubricated.

I c feel a part of her likes it. I thurst hard into her driving the head of my cock into her stopping with six inches of my shaft embedded in her, " OMG STOP! STOP! OH PLEASE STOP!" Nguyet again screams. " Oh! Baby, your so tight. My God, ssssoooo tight!' I pull completely out of her. We kissed again, with our tongues fucking each other's mouth, and the aroma of her pussy got stronger making me even hotter. I grabbed her ass with both hands causing her to spread her legs further apart. Then with the head barely touching her lips again, I drove my hips forward using all of my might.

For a brief moment, like a hundredth of a second, her lips resisted, and then split to allow the instrument enter her, slamming through her tight vaginal canal tearing her hyman and driving itself at least 6 inches in on the second thrust.

so I wasn't surprised at all when her whole body jerked in response to the white hot pain of the instrument slicing into her small tight young pussy as she emitted a screech " OMG! OMG! AAAAAHHH! ". She screeched " AAAAHHH! TAKE IT OUT! AAAAAHHHH! " Pulling back several inches, I saw lots of blood covering my cock, and dribbling down on to the bed. Then I drive forward again, slamming the head right up against her cervix.

I draw back and start ramming the tight young woman as she howls pitifully " OMG! AAAAAHHHH! AAAAAYYYY! AAAAHHHH! " The feel of her unprepared and small tight pussy milking my cock sent shivers of excitement through me as I slam her with my cock. The pain took her by surprise then in a moment she feels my large balls resting against her pussy flesh and she knows, she has taken all of me.

The feeling of fullness was incredible! She is proud of herself, she has taken all 9" of me. I begin to pull out then quickly thrust deep back home. I'm building a rhythm taking longer and deeper strokes until I feel sheathing and unsheathing of my full 9" shaft on each stroke.

Her pussy resisting each thrust clamping down in an attempt at stopping each subsequent penile impalement. Tears pouring down her face as her tight canal is stretching and tearing by the sustained ramming I was inflicting on her. The continued ramming of my cockhead is giving to the back of her pussy causes it to give, allowing the last few inches in. It feels great, having her tight young pussy grasping the entire shaft including the base of my cock, convulsing from the trauma, continuely spasming as her whole body heaves from the sobs and screams she was emitting " AAAAAHHHH!

AAAAHHHH! OOOOOHHHH! PLEASE STOP! Pleeesssse Sttttttoooopppp! " I gently wipe away the tears on her cheeks, I place my left arm under Nguyet's shoulders, holding her close as my right hand softly strokes her hair. My lips touching hers in a long, soft kiss. Slowly, Nguyet's arms move up and around my back, pulling her close as she lifts her legs and wraps them around my hips.

I continue kissing Nguyet and softly massaging her soft supple body with my free hand. Nguyet starts returning my kisses as she caresses and rubs the back of my neck. I whisper in her ear, " You just became my woman." Slowly her hips begin moving in time with me as I slowly move deeper inside of her. " Ooooohhhh." Nguyet moans as she nuzzles into my shoulder. " Oooohhhh." The moans of escatsy was music to my ears. They are moans of one body responding to another. Moans of acceptance. " Ohhh. Ohhh.

Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh." Nguyet continues responding to my gentleness. Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ooohhhhhhh." Nguyet is moving in time with my hips and thrusts now, her pace increasing as I did, her pelvic area grinding against mine. She feels the stirrings deep inside her. Slowly, she is becoming very aroused. " Ohhh. Ohhh.

Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH! MMMMMMM!" She clamps her mouth onto mine, darting her tongue in and out of my mouth as I did the same.

Our tongues intertwined as the pace of our thrusting increases. " OHHH! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH!" She moans as she pulls me tighter against her. She feels the feeling of arousal raging inside her, feels her body responding more to my attentions. " OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Nguyet groans as her body is wracked by multiple orgasms.

Her entire body shaking and heaving, pushing me over the edge as well. " Oh God!!" I moan as I begin shooting my load into her. She was in the throes of her own orgasm as she feels the heat of my sperm filling her. The throbbing and jerking of my cock inside her causes her to groan as her orgasms begin abating.

" Mmmmmm." She sighs, holding me close, her legs still wrapped around my hips, as the trembling of her body slowly ceases. I collapse on her with a sigh of contentment. She opens her eyes seeing my face above her, feeling my softening cock still inside her. I rolled off her, smiling at her. Nguyet rolls onto her stomach, she feels me parting her legs and sliding between them. Nguyet feels my hairy thighs rubbing aganist her inner thighs.

I part the cheeks of her ass, licking my finger then I slide my finger up and down the crack. Stopping at the pink bud of her rectum, I lightly rub it causing her to jerk and moan " nnnnnnnooooo! please don't!" Relax baby, I then slide my finger in her tight asshole in and out slowly, and while it did hurt at first, I knew exactly how to distract her by slamming my hard cock back into her cunt hard and deep.

She begins to love the idea of me filling her tight ass and pussy at the same time, and she soon learns to love feeling my finger inside her that way.

" I love that you came inside of me, that every drop of your two orgasms is inside of me," Nguyet replies.