Euro nurse rides doctor during pay rise chat

Euro nurse rides doctor during pay rise chat
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My Love Life 2 Carrie and Gal Pals Chapter 2 Carrie Carrie and I met when she hung around with our group. She was in Junior High, and I was in High school. Her in 9th grade, and I was in the 10th grade. Her reputation was she would "put out". Let me describe Carrie. She was about 5 foot 5 inches tall. She was a top-heavy gal. She had curves in all the right places.

In Bob Segar's song Night Moves.

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"She was a black-haired beauty with points of her own, sitting way up high." She had at least a 34DD titties and light black hair that went down halfway between her shoulders and her ass. Carrie was a little thick. Not fat, just all proportioned, and very curvy. Our group of friends hung out at my house because we had a family room downstairs (built in basement), and a living room upstairs. My family stayed downstairs except to come upstairs to go to bed. My bedroom was downstairs, and the rest of the family had bedroom's upstairs.

That is why everyone came to my house.


I had the upstairs (living room, Dining Room, and Kitchen) to myself and guests. I had a great audio system for its day. Reel to Reel Tape deck, Record player, FM Radio, Television Set (Black & White).

One evening Carrie starting to flirt with me. Since I had broken up with Dottie around 3 months earlier, I was quite available. I played a guessing game with her. I asked if she was longer from her chin to the top of her forehead, or from ear to ear. I then proceeded to measure it with my bandanna. I first measured from her forehead to her chin.

I marked the spot on the bandanna. When I measured from ear to ear, the bandanna blinded her. That was when I reached in for a kiss. She started to kiss me back. Our tongues had a swordfight. She started moaning into my mouth. I almost came right then and there. Her nipples were hard as diamonds and it showed right through her bra and top.

She reached down and rubbed my cock through my jeans. I figured this girl is ready. I took her to the closest bedroom, my brother's room. I pulled up her skirt and peeled off her panty hose. I noticed the crotch was very damp. I quickly took off my pants and put on a rubber (condom) and pushed my way into her moist wet cunt. I inserted my cock in slowly at first, then increased my speed pushing in and out.

Just when she started to enjoy it, I came prematurely. I kept grinding my rod into her until she let out a little squeak and shook like she was having a seizure.

I withdrew my dick with a pop sound. I was already going soft. We got dressed and went back to the living room and joined in the party. A few of our friends all quietly whooped and jeered.

Teddy said, "Looks like they got some nookie." Peg asked Carrie "Well how good was he?" Carrie just said, "A gal never FUCKS and tells".

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Then she whispered to Peg, "I guess I'll have to tell you later " Let me describe Pam and Peg: PAM was a little older than the rest of the "Gal pals".

She was in her early to mid-20's. She had a car, and I guess that is why she was in the Gal Pal group. She lived close to our High School. Just down the ways from Carrie's place and a few blocks from Janice's place. She was slender and well-toned. She was quite pretty. She had Golden Blonde hair, about a little short hitting her shoulders. She was quite schooled in sex. PEG was a little tall and slender with a great body. She has darker brown hair that went down to the middle of her back.

Her face was not very pretty. She reminded me of a cave man head, with a jaw that hung out. What she lacked in beauty was made up in her personality. She was always bubbly and always had a smile on her face. Later, in the week, Teddy and I picked up Carrie to go for a drive. Carrie and I were kissing and making out in the back seat of Teddy's car when I reached under her dress only to find she wasn't wearing any underwear.

My heart went up to my throat. I thought "She doesn't waste any time, she just wants to get laid" I finger fucked her when she reached up and undid my belt and zipper. She was now jacking me off with my pants still on but open.

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It felt great except every now and again my zipper would pinch my dick. I hurried and pulled out my wallet and took out the rubber.

Carrie grabbed it out of my hand and ripped open the foil wrapper and rolled it over my very hard shaft. At that time Teddy pulled into a playground parking lot across from the fire station. It was late in the evening and quite dark in that parking lot. I fucked the shit out of Carrie. She only had a small orgasm. I thought to myself "I got to try to fix this problem. I am coming too soon" Almost a 2 months later Carrie's mother (along with Carrie, and her sister) moved out of the house around the block from my house to an apartment within half a mile from the high school.

Carrie's mother filed for a divorce. Carrie's mom worked during the day and her sister stayed in a college dorm about 70 miles away. Her sister came home on every other weekend. This meant that no one was at home during the school days. After and before (or if we skipped class) school we would hang out at Carrie's pad. We would hang out in her living room/kitchen. We called the one and only bedroom as "The Happy Fucking Ground" As Carrie named it.

The bedroom had 3 double sized beds crammed in it with just a small walkway between them. One spring day my parents wanted to take a vacation to my dad's parents down south. I was working nights and could not get any time off. I stayed at home by myself.

It was an amazing week. Carrie and a couple of her "Gal Pals" came over to my house the next evening. We had some beer, and a few fifths of whiskey, along with an assortment of other drinks. Around 10 PM, after quite a few rounds were consumed. Pam being the oldest of them, started to tell the gals how to masturbate correctly. Don't ask me how they got on that subject. Pam looked at me and asked "Do you want to see this? You might learn something". Everybody started to get a buzz, except Peg.

She was out of it. Peg could barely walk, that's how drunk she was. Pam obviously was quite horny. She was rubbing her pussy through her pants.

Peg was laid out on the couch almost unconscious. Pam now pulled the jeans and panties off Peg with one big pull. Carrie took off Peg's top and bra. All Peg could get out were a few mumbles.

Pam pulled Peg's legs onto the couch and laid her down with one of her legs over the back of the couch. She declared to the group, "This is how to please a woman". She then pushed her hand into Peg's wet twat. She showed us the best way to pleasure a girl.

She almost lectured. As she pulled open Peg's pussy lips, she showed us the Clit, or Button as she called it. Pam continued, "This is the most sensuous area. If you rub that you will make a girl CUM". As she was playfully rubbing Peg's clit in a little circular pattern. Peg let out a moan and a growl.

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Peg let out a little squirt of girl cum. Pam then told us if you really want to get a woman off, try using your tongue to lick that pleasure button. She then pulled Peg's leg off the edge of the couch. Pam started to lick at Peg's clit. That woke Peg up and made her aware of what was going on. Pam then looked at me and Carrie and said, "Now how about you guys try this".

Carrie started to kiss me as our tongues twirled each other's mouths. At that time, she started to undo my belt and my zipper to get my pants off. She took off her shorts and panties, then removed her top and bra. We laid down on the living room carpeted floor.

Pam started to get undressed. Now Pam instructed me to reach out and place my fingers on Carrie's pussy. It was all damp and slick for my fingers to finger fuck Carrie. Pam stopped me and showed me where to place my fingers and thumb. About this time Peg got off the couch to see what was happening on the floor. Peg laid on the floor on her belly and crawled up to my pecker. She was drooling over my cock.

Pam noticed this and asked, "Carrie, would you mind if we raped your boyfriend"? Carrie's response was' "Go ahead, as long as I get my share". With that Pam tried to show Peg how to give a blowjob, using me as the dummy.

Peg was very inebriated. Pam grabbed me by my dick and pulled me closer to Peg's mouth. She told Peg to "Open Wide". With that Pam pushed Peg onto my stiff shaft using Peg's hair. Pam said, "now close your lips and make sure you don't close your teeth on his dick" "Now push your mouth further down onto his cock", Pam told Peg.


"See how much you can get in your mouth". "Start with a little suction and twirl your tongue around his dickhead in little circles".


Peg started to push my dick in a little further and it hit the back of her throat and she gagged. Pam said," Now put your hand around his thingy and try to jack him off as you pull your head up and down".

In just a matter of less than a minute I said," I'm going to cum". With that Peg took my cock out of her mouth and was still jerking me off. I dribbled my cum on the carpet. Pam told me I needed to work on that problem.

Pam instructed me to get in front of Carrie, who was sitting on the couch, watching the show. Pam pulled Carrie's leg towards her which opened her honey pot. Pam told me to get in there and lick Carrie's pussy. When I came close to her twat, I could smell piss. I told everyone I smelled piss.

With that Pam went to the bathroom and came back with 2 washcloths. Pam used one to wash off Carrie's pussy. With that Carrie said," I can do that". Carrie then used a soapy rag to wash off her cunt, then used the other to rinse off the soap. After they cleaned Carrie's pussy, it smelled alright with a small hint of mint (most likely the soap smell).

After being instructed on how to "eat a girl out" Pam whispered in my ear, "If you do this before fucking it will please a girl to no end and will keep you from leaving a girl unfulfilled by coming too quick. A little before midnight the girls told me they had to get home then they got dressed. Pam whispered in my ear, "I will be back after I drop these 2 off". She came back about 20 minutes later.

She had another beer from the refrigerator. She sat next to me on the couch. She put her hand on my thigh and asked, "Can I sleep with you tonight"? My dick went to full mast and took over my brain. I replied, "Of course". "But Carrie should never know about you staying with me" I then asked, "Are you on birth control or do I have to go get my rubbers"? She then stood up and pulled off her top then her pants and said, "Neither" "I am 2 to 3 months pregnant and I am not going to marry that jerk" "And I won't marry you either".

Tonight, is just about having fun and fucking". Then she asked, "Where should we sleep tonight"? I led her to my parent's bedroom because it was close, and it had a double bed. I shucked my clothes off in the bedroom and both of us got under the covers and we kissed for a while.

I pushed Pam onto her back then I started to insert my cock into her waiting pussy. I was close to Cumming and I told her so. She said, "Stop just before you cum and that way you can last longer".

At that point I pulled out of her cunt then I pulled the bed sheets and blanket down.

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I started kissing Pam's neck and I began to move downward, kissing her collar then I worked my way down. I paused to lick and suck on her tits one at a time. I then worked down to her belly button and gave that a little lick. My tongue was covered in lint from her belly button.

I spit that out. Working my way down until I reached her twat. I placed my fingers on her pussy lips and pulled them aside, just like she demonstrated on Peg earlier in the evening.

I found her very enlarged "Button" as she called it, I now know it as her CLIT. I licked up and down across her pussy lips. A few minutes into my assault Pam told me to hold up. She got off the bed and said, "stay just like that and don't move. In a few seconds she came back with a can of whipping cream from the refrigerator. She laid back down on the bed in front of me like we were. She squirted some of the whipped cream across the slit of her cunt.

She giggled, "that's cold and it tickles" She then told me to enjoy the taste. To this day every time I have whipped cream on anything, I remember that night.

I lapped up the whipped cream and sucked Pam's clit into my mouth and assaulted it with my tongue. Later that night in the next early hours of the morning I pulled Pam on top of me. I inserted my stiff dick into her pussy. Pam started to wiggle her fingers between us on her button (Clit). She came fast and hard as she squirmed on top of me and that caused my dick to pop out of her.

She leaked a lot of cum on my dick and balls, and even on the sheets. When Pam was finished, she got up on all fours, and told me, "This is doggie style". "Do you know what to do?" she asked. I have seen other animals have sex especially down on my grandparents farm. As I moved closer to Pam she took a hold of my stiff shaft and pointed to her wanting pussy. I shoved it in hard as there was plenty of lubrication with her girl cum. Carrie never knew of that night with Pam.

Pam and I got together one more time about 5 months later. She was starting to show. After about 3 months after that night Carrie's and my relationship had worn thin. We couldn't even find anything to discuss or talk about with each other.

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We were bored with each other. The only thing we had going was the sex. She was good in that department. We decided to stop going out and just be good friends (with benefits as they call it today). Carrie found a new boyfriend Tim. Later, that year Carrie married Tim.

Shortly thereafter she had a son. They named him Cain after a story in the bible, Cain and Able. Almost a year later the divorced, and Carrie moved back into her mothers house. Her mom was now living in a house she bought. Carrie called me and asked if I could come over and she gave me the address.

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We talked for almost an hour. She told me the entire story about Tim, Cain, and how they could not get along. After about an hour of talking, Carrie got up to get some more soda. When she returned, she dropped down on my lap.

She ground her ass into my now erect boner. She told me that it has been a long time since she had sex and that she was horny. She checked on her sleeping son then held out her hand and led me to the basement, that was nice and was used for storage. She had a mattress on the floor and the rest of the bed posts and frame leaning against the wall.

She even had a blanket on it. As she pulled me onto the make shift bed, she was on the bottom. I kissed her with passion. I started to kiss her neck and nibbled on her ear. Carrie then whispered in my ear, "Are you going to start fucking me"? "Do I need to get this started"? With that she opened my belt. I helped her to remove my pants, then I pulled my shirt over my head. During that time, she removed her shirt and shorts. She did not wear a bra or underwear.

I guess she wanted me badly. As I lay beside her, she pulled me by my arm over and on top of her. We kissed for only a second or two. She reached for my cock and aimed it to her pussy. I asked, "Do I need a rubber"? Carrie responded, "No I am on the pill and have been since Cain was born". I pressed my dick past her pussy lips and slammed into her honey hole. I went wild with the excitement.

As I pushed in, she would push upward and moaned in my ear. She said, "FUCK ME HARD. I WANT ALL OF YOU IN ME". I obliged her command. I slammed in and pulled out with a passion. She said, "I'M CUMMMMING". With that she started shaking under me. I thought she was hurt. I asked, "Are you alright?" She answered, "OOOHH YEA". I had never seen her get an orgasm like that before.

I must have done something right. With that I pushed in hard against her cervix and came hard. I grunted. I was accustomed to being quiet when cumming because we often had sex in a hidden places, or back seats of a car where everyone could hear us.