Asian hottie takes hard shaft in hairy cunt

Asian hottie takes hard shaft in hairy cunt
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It's a pain in the ass being a servant to the prissy Princess Missy. She has this attitude that because her father owns- gee, I don't know -the ENTIRE kingdom that she has the right to treat me like, well, a servant. How rude!!! The worse part is being the Keeper of her key.

As soon as she reached 13, Missy's father made sure the princess was properly fitted with a chastity belt. He doesn't extend such a luxury to his servants, oh no. He wouldn't dare do that because then how would he fuck them!

Anyway, because I'm her servant, I am the trusted key bearer, the only one besides her father himself. I am allowed to release her to perform her natural human duties, but never to allow the princess to engage in sexual actions. Obviously, Missy does not listen to me, her 'lowly' servant. This time is no different.

After coercing me to release her, she flops onto her ornate bed and pulls her skirts up to her waist. "Get at the end of the bed." I do as I'm told, holding the belt and the key, while the princess proceeds to fuck herself with her fingers. She pulls her top down, revealing her small breasts, much smaller than mine to my chagrin, using her left hand to pull and twist her nipples.

I sign, holding the heavy belt, wishing I could at least alleviate my own lustful tendencies, considering she was doing so. "Come here." The princess's voice breaks my own fantasy in my head. She is staring at me, waiting for a response, with her fingers deep inside her juicy pussy.


I move to the side of the bed. "On the bed, stupid." I raise my eyebrows, in obvious surprise. She's never asked me to do anything other than watch her lurid display. "Get on the damn bed, and lick my damn pussy, NOW!" I drop the belt and reply, "I'm not doing this!

You can do yourself all you want, but I'm not about to help you more than I already have." "If you don't, I'll tell Daddy you released me and tried to touch me." She would, and she knows I know it. My punishment would be time in his bed, which doesn't seem so bad, if you didn't know he is a fat, smelly, disgusting prick, literally and figuratively. So I climb onto the bed between her legs, sitting reluctantly. She pulls down my top, revealing my breasts and begins to touch them.


"Oh yours are so much bigger than mine," she coos as she begins to lick my nipples. I'm trying hard not to feel pleasure at her ministrations, but the wetness is building between my thighs, my clit begging for some long deserved attention.

She grabs my right hand, pulling it towards her pussy. "Touch me! Make a sceptor with your fingers!" I do so, and she inserts my fingers into her wet, warm pussy, pumping my hand in and out of her cunt like a cheap toy.

Her other hand finds its way beneath my skirts, and begins to tease my clit. I jump at her touch, and she giggles, enjoying seeing my discomfort.

She stops playing with me and grabs the back of my head. pulling it towards her pussy. "Lick!" she commands. I tentatively stick out my tongue, barely touching her lips. She groans and bucks her hips, coating my face with her juice. Wrapping her legs around me neck, she pulls me closer, forcing me to tongue her pussy. I struggle, trying to unwrap her legs from my neck.

In response, she pushes me onto my back and straddles my face. She begins to rub her pussy on my face, moaning, "Oh eat me, yes eat it, lick it, oh oh OH!" Missy's rubbing her lips on my lips, humping my face with her clit.

A few seconds later, she screams, releasing her juices onto my face. She shudders and then pushes me from the bed.

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She grabs her belt, and refastens it, then pushes me from the room with my face adorned with the evidence of my shame. The heavy wooden door closes behind me, and I find myself face to face with Sir Ronald, a knight betrothed to Missy.

He had heard everything, judging from the bulge in his breaches, and the fact that his hard sceptor is in his hand, being pleasured by his motions.

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When Missy pushed me from the room, she had pushed me right into a brilliant opportunity, and his hard dick. The tip of his dick hits my clit perfect as our bodies collide, and he smells the princess's juices on my reddening face. Licking my face, he begins to caress my breasts, knowing that I'm turned on and unsatisfied. I stop him, "I'll give you the key to Missy's belt if you fuck me, right here, right now." I couldn't have offered a man a better deal.

A fuck now and a fuck later?! He pushes me to my knees, and I take his dick into my mouth, sucking the head into my throat and tasting his pre cum. He groans and begins to buck into my mouth, already ready to cum. "Give it to me," I order. He picks me up and puts my back against the stone wall. He thrusts his hard dick into my cunt, moaning at the feeling of my soaking wet flesh.

My ass smacks into the stones as he fucks me harder and harder. We both moan and whimper as we get closer to our peaks.

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Then Sir Ronald tosses me to all fours on the floor, throwing my skirts above my ass. Taking his tongue, he gives a long, obscene lick to my sopping wet pussy, before thrusting his dick back in. I begin to cum, soaking his dick with my pussy juice as he releases his spunk into my cunt, pulling my hair and head back with his hands. He humps me like a dog a few more times before collapsing to the floor. "So when can I fuck the princess?" he breathlessly says.

Men. barely done one fuck and they already are looking for another one. "Tomorrow," I reply. Tomorrow comes, and like clockwork, Princess Missy wants me to release her so she can fuck herself. This time, instead of threatening me to open her snatch belt, she simply pulls my top down and suckles my breasts, while rubbing my pussy through my skirts.

Sir Ronald is witnessing this all from the princess's dressing room, adjacent to her bedroom. I unlock her belt, and she lies on the bed and pats her pussy, the sign she wants me to begin licking. I begin my duties as she closes her eyes, tonguing her clit while fingering myself with the naughtiness of what is about to happen. Sir Ronald comes into the room and takes my place, while I place my own pussy on the face of the prissy nympho princess.

Needless to say, she is surprised when a wet pussy is on her lips, while her wet pussy is on someone else's lips. She tries to push me off, but she cannot move me from her lips.

Her quivering lips are teasing mine, making the revenge all the sweeter. She cannot see who is licking her own pussy, her eyes hidden by my skirts. Not revealing her eyes, I turn myself to face Sir Ronald, motioning him to allow me to suck his cock. He gladly presents his sceptor, which I begin to suck hard while he fingers the princess's pussy.

She's still struggling beneath me, but it's more to see who's giving her such pleasure rather than to stop it.

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Her tongue has found my clit, and she's sucking my juicy pussy. If only she'd known that only a couple hours before, I had fucked Sir Ronald again, leaving a juicy load of jizz in my pussy and a long hard fuck for her. I lift her knees with my hands, and whisper to Sir Ronald, "Give her your sceptor." He wastes no time clamoring between her legs, and sliding his dick into her pussy.

Despite claiming to be a virgin, Princess Missy was barely qualified. Many times I had seen her shove phallic objects into her pussy, moaning and begging about wanting a sceptor to fill her royal snatch. He begins to hump the princess, and she struggles against my pussy.

I tighten my pussy muscles, trapping her tongue in my snatch, and begin to ride it like a cock. Her breath is ragged and hard, warming my pussy juices further. I can't take it anymore, and I cum, spilling my juice onto her royal prissy face.

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Sir Ronald is in awe at the display, alternating between sucking my nipples and staring at the lurid display in front of him. I flip the princess over, revealing her silky buttocks to the knight, but holding the princess's head captive between my dripping thighs. Sir Ronald gets the idea, and begins to hump the princess like a dog. The princess's moans get higher pitched as she cums on his dick. Before he cums, Sir Ronald takes his dick out and I turn the princess over, her face finally free to see her fucker.

She blinks in the sudden light, just in time to see Sir Ronald's load land on her face, and into her mouth as he pushes his dick between her lips, humping her face a few times in order to completely empty his load.

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The princess is in shock, trying to realize what's happened as we all enjoy the after effects of pleasure. She sputters, trying to speak, as Sir Ronald gently fingers her snatch and I play with her breasts. I put my hand over her mouth, and say sweetly, "Don't speak, princess, you're ours now." Her eyes read shock and enjoyment, barely able to wait for the next adventure.