Heavenly pussies and schlongs are shared during fuckfest party

Heavenly pussies and schlongs are shared during fuckfest party
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'm alone in my hotel room in Singapore; I have nothing planned for the night and I'm looking for some action. I browse the local Craigslist postings and I'm immediately pleased to find a very intriguing post. The title of her posting is " Dominant Man" and it explains she wants to know what it is like to explore her submissive side. I replied, expecting a bogus post. Surprisingly I receive an immediate response and it includes her phone number. I call and within minutes we are talking. We discuss meeting up; with Singapore being small, Li is not far away agreeing to over.

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Our meeting in the shopping mall next to the hotel. We exchange texts and she tells me she has arrived. There she is, standing in front of the mall, a beautiful Chinese woman, 5' 7" hot curvy body wearing a t-shirt and shorts, the t-shirt clings to her breasts, and she is beautiful. I walked up to her and said, " Hello, and come with me." She said, " Hi, I am Li," and starts to follow me.As we walk I ask her how old she is.

"48," she replies as we stroll to the hotel, passing through the security and into the elevator, we are alone for the first time. " So what do you expect to happen when we get into my room?" I ask. Li is coy, responding that she did not know, I start to get excited about the opportunity that has presented it self to me. A beautiful woman that has turned up offering her body and mind to me and is open to anything that occurs.

It has happened quickly - from reading the post on Craigslist, to her arriving at my room in less than half an hour. As I let her into the room closing the door, she stops in the foyer, I decide that it needed to start now. I walk up to her grabbing her head in one hand and a tit in the other, kissing her forcefully and groping her tits, which are a nice size. I roughly pull off her t-shirt then I remove her bra. She stares at me dazed. I walk around behind her, she feels my hands take hold of her shoulders from behind, then she feels my hot breath upon her neck and in her ear.

" So the slut doesn't believe she is a whore eh? Then tell me why are your panties so soaked with your juices slut?" There is a long pause. " You want proof? Take your fingers and slide them into your panties and feel how wet you are. How much you truly are enjoying this." She hesitates slowly shaking her head." I said.Slide your fingers down your panties and feel how wet your pussy is. Or do you want me to DO IT!?" My voice finished louder.


" No! No! I will do it; I will do it!" she screams with a frightened voice. Slowly, she slides her hand down her belly digging her finger tips under the waist band of her white panties. As she feels the bare skin, her face cheeks deepen and tingle red with shame.

Her hand is shaking, and can not help touching her clitoris as she slides her fingers towards her pussy. Her stomach tightens as she feels something stir inside her that she has never felt before taking her breath away. Quickly she pulls her hand out covering her mouth appalled at the wave of pleasure that just washed over her. She can smell the fragrance of herself on the tips of her fingers and pauses.then she hears me laugh.

" Reach in again deep down, and feel the proof, Li." Again she slides her hand down her belly and into her panties, again sliding over her clitoris till two of her fingers slide between her folds inside. Her eyes closed at the sensation and she pulls her hand out again holding up her hand. When she opens her eyes, her fingers are glistening in the light covered in her juices.and all she can do is stare.

Her mind begins to race quickly with a thousand questions. How could this be? What is the matter with me? It can't be true? In that moment. time for her stood still. A door appeared in her mind, and behind the door she knew were the answers to the questions and the doubts filling her mind. She reached forward and opened the door.and then it happened.

She saw for the first time who she was, or what she was, every part of her body begins to tingle and burn with feverish heat. Years of desires pent up inside her begin to wash over her as water from a broken dam.

Some how she seems to instinctively crave my touch. To feel my hands grip her and to be used by me for my pleasure. She wants to feel my hard cock to be inside her, to take her and own her. A hot flash of shame passes across her face anew at such a thought. The fire begins to spread from her womb, outwards.slowly.building.

Maybe she can't fight any longer, or maybe she didn't want to. It didn't matter, the only thing that matter is the consuming fire taking over every part of her being. " Admit it.'I am a slut'.say it" "I.I am a slut" Admit it.say it. She didn't notice her hand is again back rubbing slowly on herself through her panties, her scent now filling the air all around her, her body beginning to absorb the heat of the light from above and beaded sweat begins to appear all over her soft smooth skin.

Admit you want a cock inside you.say it! Her voice rose in passion as she feels the fire from her fingers again beginning to spread and her breath beginning to shorten, " Oh God, I need a cock inside me!" she pleads. She closes her eyes for a moment of pleasure and when she opens them, there before her is my monster cock.

Strength emanated from each vein rippling along its shaft to a thick rounded head. She has never seen a cock before like this, so close to her face, in the full light to see. She rubs her face against it letting its heat sear her cheeks, first one then the other.

It is so beautiful, so amazing. She forgot herself reaching for it with both hands not caring that she coated it with her own juices from her fingertips. Her mouth opens and she tastes a man for the first time in her life, knowing how wrong it is but not caring. She only had the need to taste it and want it inside her. To feel it's power. Her cheeks no longer burned red with shame but with raw passion at the feel of my hardness in her mouth.

I watch as she sucks eagerly on my cock.but I'm not done with her. There is still more things she must learn before this night will be through.grabbing a fistful of her hair I yank her head back off my cock.

Tell me you want my cock.say it! " I want your cock" she whimpers. I shook her head hard as she screams in pain. Say it louder Li! " I WANT YOUR COCK!" She screams, as I force her mouth back on my cock pushing it deep down her throat making her gag and fight for air till her eyes burn and tears run down her face.

Her mascara runs down her face. She feels the beginning of a fire washing over her body.this time hotter than before. She begins to lose herself with drunk passion and nothing else exists other than me.

She begins to shake as she sucks tasting my pre-cum juices now flowing steadily from the tip of my cock. She senses the urgency of release approaching, she is completely in tune with every part of my body.

All she can do is imagine the sweet taste as she sucks wildly taking me in and out of her mouth faster whimpering and begging for my release.As my legs begin to tighten.I pull her head back and release my hot cum on her face. She is mesmerized as she watches my white cum erupt again and again laying hot seething lines upon her tingling cheeks. Immediately she grabs between her legs in desperation at the emptiness and need. Not knowing how to stop what is coming, her body begins to shake uncontrollably, She tries furiously to shut the door, but she can't; she won't; it is too late.

She feels some of my juices drip down upon her lips as she tastes my salty goodness. Like an animal in lust she furiously works her fingertips over and over her clit and in and out of her pussy.Her eyes widen as she screams and her body arches outwards.

The door in her mind busted open, as floods of ecstasy tore at her purity, and innocence with no mercy. On her knees, her back bent violently as she is rocked with waves of pure light, energy and pleasure, again and again.She feels herself falling.and took a last glimpse of me.then taking one last breath she vainly reaches out to me, mouthing silently these words." Fuck me".then silence. I watch her spent body fall to the floor unconscious. Her panties drenched with her juices that they are now transparent and the bare mound is seen perfectly.

I walk forward, lifting her gently into my my arms walking to the bed. Li emerged from the shower looking stunned about what she has done. I light my cigar as she pours us each a whiskey. The low light shimmers off the silk of her robe. It's tight at the waist, flares around her hips and pulls in again with a little swish at her knees.

In this light, the shadows reveal her curves perfectly and by the time I exhale the first puff of my cigar, my balls are waking up. Li turns and brings the drinks over, she hands me one and takes a sip of her own, standing in front of me.

I put the glass down, clamp the cigar between my teeth grabbing her with both hands behind her knees. I stroke her, the plump curvy perfection of her calfs nestling inside my palms. She lets out a sigh teetering closer on her heels, until one of her knees is between my legs, which are straining against the cinching hem of the robe.

Li downs the rest of her drink in one swallow placing the glass next to mine. I push the robe up her thighs, it feels like satin feathers, and as the seams start to strain the closer it gets to her hips, she can feel wetness pulse out of her cunt. She is breathing heavier now, the smoke from my cigar adding to her lightheadedness.

The odor of tobacco is strong, but I can smell the salty sweetness of her pussy anyway. Reaching up, I grab the lace of her panties yanking them down. All the air is released from her lungs in a whimper. Her panties drop and she lifts a foot to kick them aside. I take the cigar in one hand and the other goes for her pussy. My thumb finds her clit in seconds and I press and release, stroking up and down.

I slide my middle finger inside her, thrusting roughly. Li moans with a throatiness. Her knees are trembling as each curl of my finger brings her closer.

I look up at her, puffing on my cigar, immensely pleased with myself. Li looks down through her lashes smiling at the picture me before her, letting out a small indulgent giggle.

I decide to fuck her with another finger as her clit rises like a raspberry in it's hardness, I inhale, putting the cigar down grabbing the front of the robe. I clutch the fabric against her belly blowing smoke across her thighs and plump pink pussy.

I press my lips into the softness just above her pelvis, kissing where the fingers inside tell me to. Li's back arches as the cascade of warmth runs down her legs and up into her tits, her thighs shake as she collapses, moaning, into my lap.

She lies panting for a few seconds, sweat starting to bead on her forehead. I caress her head, running the odor of her cunt through the satin waves, waiting for her, a pile of pulsing, kitten softness, to find the stamina to take my cock in her mouth. My cock is hard against her breasts, and her ear, pressing against my abdomen hears my heart pounding faster; she feels a gentle insistence as I fondle her hair regaining her focus.

Li leans back teasingly stroking my thighs, giving me a long glance of her flushed and swollen breasts; I reach out running my knuckles over her tits then pushing my fingertips into the neckline tweaking her nipples. Li unbuckles my belt, unbuttoning my pants and pulling down my zipper. Li is gentle and careful when she pulls my cock into the light, holding the base encircled in her tiny fist. Her mouth opens slightly sliding her pink tongue out while she pauses a moment and contemplates my monster cock.

Li is fond of it, is intimidated by it's length and thickness and feels that is responsible for properly manage its happiness. In that moment her mouth becomes as wet as her pussy and then she leans down to take a long lick up the divine line, trails of silky, saliva from her mouth begins to coat me.

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The wetter it gets the faster her hands and tongue move, she licks, kisses and then takes me into her mouth and down, deep into her throat. Li makes tiny noises of delight that radiate down my shaft as she feels the full throbbing essences of me. Breathing hard, I put the cigar between my lips then run both hands through her hair, I do not grab her head, but my strokes guide her. The cigar between my lips is silky smooth, her hair and robe rustling against my body are the same impossible slippery softness.

Her mouth and tongue are softer still; it feels like the entire universe is caressing me. As she leverages up and down my cock, arching her back and raising her pussy in the air, more out of primal instinct than any necessity, I see the beautiful silk-encased voluptuousness of her ass, silhouetted in the table-light against the dark room.

I think of all the men who glanced longingly at her body, every glance inspired a possessive gesture, my arm at her waist proudly claiming her body as my property and mine alone.

" Show me your ass" I say. Li obeys, holding my cock in her mouth and using her hands to pull the robe up higher. The fabric stretches in an attempt to surmount the voluptuousness of her hips. More stitches pop and then, all of a sudden the silk is bunched around her tiny waist and her ass is free and jiggling slightly in the warm glowing light. God it's beautiful, I think. I slide a hand down her back running it across each spectacular mound. I slap her playfully cupping her cunt, pulling wetness towards me.

Li moans and sucks as I take my now lubricated finger gently insert it in her tight virgin ass it flares and tightens. She pauses stroking my cock, moans, and I murmur " later" a moment before I cum in her mouth. Li swallows me down then rises and, without adjusting her robe, turns and leaves the room. I watch her go. Li reaches the bathroom, takes off her shoes, robe and panties. Li washes the smoke and sweat off her body, a little sad to feel the tangible impress of my caresses disappear.

It is a long, hot shower when she gets out, she hears the TV. Li towels off, wrapping herself in the robe and comes back into the bedroom. I'm watching sports highlights and slowly finishing my drink.

Li pulls the covers back, mounting the bed on all fours, stretching my naked body out like a cat. She brushes her tits against the fabric and presses her nose into the sheets.

Li can smell my smell as she rolls around in it.


Li settles on her back pulling a pillow down, lifting her hips sliding the pillow up under her ass. Li spreads her legs wide grasping the sheets with her toes as she starts stroking myself. Her fingers do not feel as good as my fingers did, but they bring back the memory, and the flow of warm wet juice.

She plays with herself, waiting for me. Minutes later, when she hear the TV click off, a pulse of anticipation makes her pussy quiver and when I appear at the bed, my eyes lock on her body, she is writhing and breathing shallowly, her skin a dusky pink.

I stand at the end of the bed, grab my cock stroking it as I ask, in a command: " Do you want me to fuck you?" Li swings her knees in and out answering impertinently "I think maybe I do." I climb on the bed between her spread legs, " You sure you can handle it?" My eyes wander all over her petite body in pure ecstasy. Li blushes. " I can handle it, I promise." With that, I grab her hips shoving my long hard thick cock into her. Li cries out in pain and pleasure as the tip of my cock hits her cervix.

I begin thrusting in and out as she wraps her legs around my waist. " Fuck, you're so tight!" I grunt loudly. My hands squeeze her small tits as she feels her pussy squeeze my cock in response. Her tits are very sensitive.

I bite them pulling on them with my teeth. Li begins to buck her hips against me as her juices flow. The squishing sound our bodies make as they come together is beginning to send her over the edge.

I realize she is near her first orgasm and I slow down. " No!" " Don't worry, Li," I say, grinning at her. I see she is disappointed as I pull her in for a passionate kiss. My wet tongue twists and twirls around hers. Then I pull away pulling my slick cock out of her. " I want to see that sexy ass shake as I fuck your pussy." Li lets out a sigh, but does as I want flipping over on her stomach.

I chuckle. I grab her ass lifting her up so both of her holes are fully exposed.

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She feels my tongue slide over her wetness, making her moan, then I wiggle my tongue into her anus. " W-What are you doing?" Li groans, looking back at me. " Have you ever been fucked in the ass, Li?" Li replies " NO! I have never allowed anyone one to touch me there." I shove my tongue deeper into her asshole.

It feels weird, but the slurping sounds I'm making, and the movement she feels inside of her feels too good to tell me to stop. Li reaches back spreading her ass cheeks for me. I'm shoving my tongue in and out. As soon as it starts, the pleasure I'm giving her stops. I take my tongue out, placing my hands on her ass telling her to brace herself while I position my cock up against her dripping cunt.

" Is it going to hurt?" Li whimpers softly, feeling dazed. " Yes because I'm going to thrust in hard and you'll feel me go deep," I say. " Don't hurt me too much." I don't pay her any attention. I take my cock slamming into hard, fast and deep all the way up to her cervix.

" Oohhh God John yes," She moans loudly.


My cock head slamming against her cervix hurts, but it also excites her even more. " Deeper," She moans. I thrust again. There's a loud popping sound and she cries out as she feels my cock head slide through her cervix and into her womb. At this point her pussy is twitching and convulsing as she screams and cums all over my 9 inch cock.

I explode and she feels me spray my hot seed into her. Li collapses in a tired heap on my bed. I yank my spent cock out of her, making her cry once again in pain.

I lay beside her gathering her up in my arms. I kiss her lips, her nose and her eyes. " Did you enjoy it?" Li looks into my eyes smiling sheepishly.

" Yes." " Good, I'm just getting started, Li." Li knew what I'm building up to, but somehow she didn't really think it would happen until she hears me reaching towards a bottle of oil on the night stand.

I pour it into my hands warming it and slowly smoothing it into the skin of her buttocks, my powerful fingers massaging the muscles deeply.

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Then she feels me part her cheeks with one hand as I slowly trickle more oil down her crack and onto the base of my cock. I circle her hole with a greasy finger, slipping inside her tight virgin asshole. Then I withdraw as she hears me groaning to myself as I oiled my cock. Suddenly the game is real and Li begins to panic. She had led me on, letting me reach this point, but she is afraid -- afraid that I will hurt her, despite my care, afraid that this will somehow change my opinion of her, because 'she is a virgin,' but mostly afraid that she will like it too much.

Her safety net is gone and now she feels my slick, blunt cock head pressing against her small asshole and she starts to tremble. Immediately, I notice, and again I ask if she wants me to carry on. Li considers asking me to stop, and she knows that if she had, I would have, but despite her fears, part of her is open to this experience.

Li nods, and I pressed on. There is a little more pain than before, but I'd taken good care of her, and as I begin to open her tight muscles, she tries to relax. The line is blurring again with my whispered reassurances, and as I slip past her inner ring the pain dissipates, leaving pleasure in its wake. I rest a moment, letting her become accustom to this unusual feeling of fullness edged with sharpness, and then I begin slowly moving deeper into her.

Finally, Li feels my balls coming to rest against her slit and a jolt of energy shoots through her. I'm barely fully in her and she is close to coming again. Again, I rest, and this time she relaxes completely, knowing that the hardest part is over. Slowly at first, I begin to pull out and gently thrust back into her, trickling a little more oil to ease the way, as she grows more use to the new sensations, she also becomes more aroused and soon begins meeting each thrust until she is begging me to fuck her ass hard.

I slam into her tight passage with a passion, grasping her hips to allow me to plunge my full length into her again and again. Involuntarily, her hand wanders down and her fingers desperately seeking out her clit and begins rubbing in time with my thrusting. We are both crying out now and she thinks she may have blacked out for a moment as her orgasm hits, so great is the intensity of the sensations.

Her muscles clamping and squeezing me deep inside her and she hears me groan as this takes me to my own climax and feeling me emptying myself hotly into her. I lay on top of her as we recover our composure.

What we had done has challenged her, but Li knows now that her trust in me is absolute and her fears unfounded. This stolen moment has been ours alone, and although we will never revisit it, it will never be forgotten. I feel like God. The ring of tightness surrounds me and all of her is entirely at my command.

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I pull her hips higher in the air as she bucks until I mount her to tame her with my hard thrusts. Finally, my shallow breathing and controlled moans turn into outright gasping and grunting. Li whimpering as I press her body into the bed, running my hands down her arms clasping my fingers through hers if she feels pain, I will know it through her hands. Her body is covered by mine and in the heat of passion, I'm certain Li is taken.

This is the moment of the greatest power, but it will not last. Release requires me to give in to the feeling completely and loose control. Only in this position, can I do that without fear. I will never let her see me vulnerable, face-to-face. Lis only a one night stand half my age, one in a long line of women that have pleased or tormented me.

Li seen pleasure cross my face when she had my cock in her mouth and delight when I fucked her missionary, but I hide any hint of desperate desire from my eyes. The visceral, guttural grunting she hears over her shoulder now, in this position, the straining muscles in my arms, and my cheek rubbing the nape of her neck with a moan, are all the hints she has that I know a moment of real eroticism -- that there is a time when I need to be inside her more than I need to be my own man.

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I had spread my semen in her mouth, pussy and shortly, in her ass, but I will not seed her womb. I'm gushing inside her and for a moment awaken her instincts to be bonded to me. Her cunt is empty but the weight of me as I collapse on her, trembling and holding her breasts in one last moment of heated connection overwhelms any sense of loss.

I pull out, rolling to the side, but keeping my cock against her thighs. We lie in the darkness, and she is encased in my body, protected. I ask Li " Would you like to join my Asian Circle living in the United States on my estate with six other Asian women? Being available to me 24/7 to satisfy both our sexual appetites." Li replied " Yes."