Sex in einer Kabine ein älteres gal tun einige Lebens

Sex in einer Kabine  ein älteres gal tun einige Lebens
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Chapter 12 With cum still dripping from my cock I opened the next email to find Amber shoving the dildo into Emily, getting deeper with the next few pictures ending with the last one showing Emily laying on the bed holding her ankles the dildo deep in her slick hole. Still stroking my cum covered dick I wanted to go knock on Amber's door so bad, just to see what they would do. Knowing what was happening on the other side of the house was killing me, I had to get closer. With cum dripping from everywhere I made my way to her room, the door pulled shut I eased up against the door.

As soon as I got close I could hear them talking about what to do next, I heard Emily tell Amber if she didn't hurry up and stick it in her ass she was going to do it herself. "Take pictures of me licking your ass." I heard Amber say. I could hear the bed squeak as they got into place. I started hearing the camera shutter, I knew my little girl was only feet from me licking her best friend's ass getting it ready to fuck with their new toy.

All of a sudden I heard Emily "Oh, there you go. Fuck my ass! Oh, there you go stretch it out." the camera shuttering the entire time.


I would give anything to be on the other side of that door, instead I stood next to it stroking my cock as my daughter fucks a girl in the ass with a dildo. "Oh Amber, put it all in!" Emily kept moaning. Emily's moans were getting louder and louder, Amber must have been doing a good job.

All of a sudden the moans quit only to be replaced by several high pitched squeals, I knew she was cumming. "Damn that was awesome! Are you still filming?" asked Emily. Before Amber had time to answer Emily interrupted "Let me have it, I want to taste it." I could tell by the moans she had the dildo in her mouth.

"Oh my god, I never knew my ass tasted this good. No wonder the guys always like to lick it." "I am so glad we got that on tape, you going to let me put it on the forum?" asked Amber. "Hell yeah, I want that man to stroke his big dick to it, tell him I am getting ready for him." Emily replied followed by some laughing. "I'll be right back." said Amber. I had to hurry, Amber was getting ready to open her door and find me standing there with a cum soaked hardon.

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I quickly made my way into the closest room the kitchen, grabbed a glass to pour me something to drink. I was standing in the dark kitchen with the refrigerator door open reaching for a bottle of soda when Amber came in still naked from fun, the light from the refrigerator barely lighting the room enough for me to see her but doing a great job of showing her my sloppy stiff cock.

"Hey baby, I figured you two were asleep I haven't heard anything from you." I said shutting the door. "We were just getting ready to lay down, wanted something to drink first. What are you doing up, or do I need to ask." she replied looking down at my still stiff cock.

"No, I don't guess you do." I answered. She sat her glass down and I poured her and me some soda, wanting to give her a decent look at my cock I opened the refrigerator door and stood in front of it letting the light shine on me. "What are you girls going to do tomorrow?" I asked while taking in the sight of her standing facing me in the dim light.

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Her eyes still on my cock she answered "I think we are going to hang around here and be lazy most of the day, maybe go to the mall." "Sounds good. You had better get going before Emily comes hunting for you and finds us both in here naked, that might be hard to explain.

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While on that subject why are you running around naked in front of her anyhow." I asked. With a big smile on her face she told me that they both slept that way and she didn't think it was fair that I could walk around naked and she couldn't.

"She knows our opinion on clothes so its up to you if you want to wear them while she is here or not, but don't expect her to wear hers if you don't wear yours." said Amber. "Lord, I guess I had better wear mine, I don't think I could handle having the both of you running around here naked. Well I had better get to bed, don't you girls stay up all night." I replied as I shut the door making the room dark again. I made my way to my room stopping to give Amber a quick kiss on her forehead and tell her good night leaving her standing in the kitchen.

Back in my room I quickly minimized the pages I had left open thinking what if she would have came in here instead of the kitchen, man that would be hard to explain. With the screens closed I went into the bathroom to clean the dried cum from my now limping cock.

I was so anxious to get my email open to see if she had sent pictures of what I had just stood outside her door and listened to and see what they were doing now. When I brought me email up she had sent four emails, I was hard just thinking about what I was about to see. The first one I opened was more from the last one I opened before I got nosey. They started with one of Emily taking the dildo a little deeper than the last barely able to see Ambers hand on it pushing it in, the next Amber's tongue had joined the dildo licking her clit you could see Emily's nicely tanned firm stomach.

That set ended with two more of Amber pushing the dildo as far as she could into the tight virgin pussy. "Hope you don't mind more of my friend but we flipped a quarter to see who got the dildo first and she won. I promise I will take some when its my turn I CANT WAIT!" Emily was on her knees with a hand on each cheeck spreading her brown bud as far as she could getting ready for Amber to polish it for her.

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The next Amber's hand had replaced Emily's giving her the camera, Amber's tongue pressing against the sweet brown hole only to get deeper in the next. My little girl was eating ass like a pro, pushing her tongue as deep as she could in Emily's sweet hole. The last showed Amber's thumb pushed knuckle deep in the wet hole, clearly taken by Amber from behind her.

"I hope you like me eating her ass I cant wait till its my turn she is better at it than me. I only too a few pics of me fucking her ass but I filmed the best part I will send it to you when I figure out how.

Let me know if your still here." The two pictures she sent were one of just the head of the dildo in her ass, the other she was taking the most of it. "I guess your not there. I want you to see me get my turn." "Yes I'm here, I got busy enjoying those pictures.


I cant wait to see the movie I bet its awesome. You are some lucky girls, I would love to be able to lick either one of your asses like that. I bet her young ass tastes so sweet, so is she going to return the favor?" I was looking in amazement through the pictures of my girl eating that fine ass and stroking my cock when it hit me, I had to go listen to my sweetheart get her turn.

I remembered to turn off my monitor before I left this time, quickly making my way to her room. Before I got to her room I could hear them talking, as I got closer I could see the light from her room shining in the hall. Oh shit was I lucky enough for her door to be open, as I slowly got closer I could see her door standing wide open but I could only see the very bottom of her bed and her computer I couldn't see them on her bed.

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"Ok your gonna have to take the pics, don't film it I cant figure out how to get them off my camera." I heard Amber say as I heard the familiar squeak of her bed, I knew they were ready.

I remembered from the other pictures Emily was always on the bed sideways facing away from the door, if they were in the same position I should be able to sneak into her bathroom and be able to see them. I heard Amber start to moan, I knew I had to try to see them. I stood nervous as hell rubbing my cock waiting to cross the hall into her bathroom, Amber's moans getting louder. As slow as I could I walked backward looking through her door on my way acrossfirst able to see Emily's feet so I knew they were in a different position.

As I slowly walked I was able to see Emily on her knees, man that ass was awesome. They were on her bed longways with Amber facing the headboard, Amber's feet slowly came into sight with Emily between them.

As I made it through the bathroom door I could see Emily between Amber's legs pulling her cheeks apart licking her sweet ass with the dildo and camera laying beside her leg, I couldn't believe how much these girls like eating ass.

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Slowly moving across the bathroom I was able to see all of Amber with her back arched, her face against the bed I knew she couldn't see me but I had to watch Emily. Amber raised her head "Take a picture of my ass while I spread my cheeks." as she reached behind her and pulled her thick cheeks apart Emily grabbed the camera and took a few pictures.

"Push like you peeing." said Emily.


I watched her stomach as she pushed quickly focusing on her asshole starting to open up. "There you go push, that's what all the guys want to see." said Emily as the camera shuttered. Dropping the camera to her side Emily quickly darted her tongue in her open ass "Oh that's tastes so good, keep pushing." Emily moaned between licks.

Before I knew it Emily had her two thumbs shoved in Ambers ass sinking her tongue between them. I couldn't believe what was happening, I was jacking off watching two very sexy teen girls in my house and my daughter was on her knees with her best friend shoving two thumbs up her ass while she eat it out. It was better than anything I had ever seen. I started hearing a little bit of pain in Amber's moans as Emily stretched her tight asshole with her thumbs.

"Oh please fuck my ass! Now!" Amber moaned. "Do you want the blue one or the pink one?" asked Emily. Amber quickly answered "Give me the pink one, give me all of it." Emily slid off the bed leaving Amber's wet ass spread for me to see, her thick ass cheeks covered in spit.