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Blonde in pink striped stockings caged gets pussy fucked with dildo
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. Abbie went over and licked mikes balls and spit in his ass hole. Her tounge circled his ass hole. Mike returned the favor and licked abbies tight little bud as she sat on his face.

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He licked her pussy as well. Meg took mikes cock into her hand and slowly stroked it up and down while she continued to pound his ass hole. She then sucked megs cock and placed it at her ass hole " fuck me you dirty little slut" abbie screamed as meghans 7 inch dick drove into abbies ass hole.

Juices flowed fron abbies pussy ass meghans cock slid in and out of her ass hole. She kept fucking her and began to moan as abbies ass took her whole cock. " im gunna cum. I wanna cum in your ass she said as she looked to mike.

She shoved her cock down mikes ass pumped a few times and then with a loud moan shot her cum down his ass. She continued to fuckhim as her cum began to flow out of his ass. Her cock plopped out and her seed flowed out his ass abbie licked it all and swallowed it. As soon as meghan pulled her cock out of mike he flipped her over onto her back And slowly shoved his cock into her tight ass hole.

" ohh fuck yeah ram my ass mike ughhh!" meg yelled as his cock slowly slid into her shaved ass. " your huge dick is so deep in my ass hole uuughhh" meg moaned. Megs ass gripped his cock so hard.

Mike grabed megs huge dick and began to stroke it up and down. At the same time he grabbed her small tit and twisted the nipple and pulled it she screamed in pain and pleasure as his cock continued to fill her hole.

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Mike continued to stroke her cock moving his hand up and down slowly on her shaft. Abbie got up and sucked megs cock down her tight wet throat.

Mike grabbed the back of her head and began to slam her face onto her cock. Abbie face fucks megs cock the huge cock slid in an out of abbies throat. Mike shoves her head down and holds it she starts to gag and the cock slides out of her throat. Abbie eventually turned her ass a round and placed megs cock into her pussy. Abbie slowly sits on megs cock. The cock slide into abbies wet pussy with ease and juices began to flow out of abbie. She started to move up and down up and down.

" ohhh fuck yes! Fuck my ass mike! And fuck my cock you dirty little slut" meg yells as mike shoves his cock all the way into meghan.


His cock slides in and out of megs ass. He pulls it out and shoves it up abbies ass hole. Mike starts pumping megs ass really hard his throbbing cock is sliding in and out of megs wet ass hole he drives his dick deeper and deeper and starts to cum in her ass hole.

Mikes cum drives deep into meghan and as he slowly begins to remove his huge cock abbie explodes and squirts all over meg. Her juices fly out of her swollen cunt and her womb contracts around megs huge penis. " thats right slut squirt all over me dont u dare stop im gunna cum and fill your horny little cunt with my seed " meg screams as she begins to cum inside abbie.

Megs seed fills up abbies teen womb. Abbie stands up and megs seed flows out of her cunt meg amd mike lick it as in flows down the small teens legs. They all went on the bed abbie layed on her side mike got be hind her and meghan with jher cock got in front of her.

Mike took his cock and slowwly slid his cock intoher ass hole and meghan slid her hard on into her tight pussy. "aahhh fuck! Yes fuck me with your cocks" abbie yelled as both their cocks slid into her tight dripping wet holes They began to fuck her hard having her ass and pussy penetrated made her scream in pleasure.

"ahh yeah fuck me fill both my holes!" Juices flowed from her pussy as mike reached over and rubbed her clit. Abbie and meghan started to make out. They kept their lips together and both moaned in pleasure. Mikes cock continued to penetrate her ass hole. Meg and mike got in rythem and shoved their cocks back and fourth in abbie at the same time.

Megs and mikes balls were slapping together. Mike came in abbies ass he pumped her ass full of his jizz and pulled out and covered her ass with his sticky load. Some of his cum covered megs balls and cock and penetrated abbies pussy. His cum flowed out of her ass.

Meghan continues to fuck abbie until she reached her climax and sprayed her cum all over her. Abbies juice drenched meg all over and got in megs hair. Meghan kept fucking her until meg pumped her cunt full of her seed.


"take it bitch take it you easy little whore. You like my cum dont you bitch. You like the way it feels deep inside you? " meg screamed as her cum flowed out of abbies cunt. Mike ate her cum off abbies round ass checks and sucked megs huge cock sucking her cum of her cock Meg bent over now to show off her tight ass hole and her hanging balls. Abbie got under megs hanging cock and meg begins to face fuck abbie.

Her drool flowed down her face.

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Mike now takes his cock and places it at the tip of abbies pussy. He slammed it in and abbie moaned as megs cock continued to slam down her toat Abbie stuck up her ass and meghan got on top of her and both their ass's were sticking up he shoved his cock up abbies pussy pumped a few times then shoved it in her ass then into meghans pussy got his cock allwet and then took meghans ass.

He fucked her ass hard and then worked his way back down and then back up. He fucked meghans ass hard and she screamed his name. He kept fucking them like this meghans juices flowed out and down over abbies ass. His cock continued to fuck meghans pussy.

He went deeper and faster into her tight wet pussy. He made her cum and she squirted every where. Her juicesflowed down and into abbies ass as mike shoved his cock in it.

Her juice made good lube for abbies tight round ass hole. Mike continued fucking her ass and then plunged his cock into her pussy and fucked her until she came and squirted everywhere.

Mike shoved his hard cock into meghans ass and filled it with his hot cum, pulled out and shot his load at both their asses.

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His cum covered their cheaks and dripping wet cunts. Cum flowed from her ass. Now mike lays down meghan slides her cock into mikes ass hole.

Sam gets on top of him and slides his cock into her pussy.

Abbie stradles mikes face and opens up her pussy for him to lick. Meg and sam start riding mike. Megs cock slides in and out of his ass as her balls slap against him. Sam and abbie make out and feel their tits as sam continues to bounce up and down on his cock.

Mike continues to eat abbies pussy and she squirts all over her face and lowers her self even more into his mouth. Her pussy was throbbing and mike continues to flick her clit with his tounge.

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Sam continued to pound her pussy on his cock. His rod slid in and out of her dripping wet cunt. She stopped and went up letting the cock slide out. She got down and started sucking his cock. Meg was still pounding his ass hef hips driving deeper and deeper. "ohhh fuck mike. Yeahhh ughhh". She moaned as she started cumming in mikes ass. She squirted 2 loads in his ass and then pulled out and shot 3 more loeads all over sams face and mikes cock.

Sam sucks up meghans cum of mikes dick and then sucks megs dick. Abbie gets of his face and bends over. Mike shoves his dick down abbies tight ass hole.

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Meg then gets behind mike and shoves her cock up his ass. It took a while to get rythem going but eventually all the cocks were fucking smoothly. Sam got under abbie and shoved a huge dildo into her pussy and licked her clit and drank her juices. Abbie was screaming in pleasure. Both her holes were getting pounded. Juices flowed from her pussy into sams mouth. Megs cock continues to slide in and out of mikes ass at the same time mike cock slid in and out of abbies ass hole.

Sam continued to slide the toy in and out of abbies wet cunt. And lick abbies juices. Meghan said "ohhh fuck yes mike your ass is tight. Im gunna cum deep in your ass hole!" as her cum started to fill mikes ass.


Her warm creamy cum filled up his ass. Sam cam over rubbing her pussy with the vibrator and squirted into mikes gaping as hole. Meg slid her cock out of mike and he started fucking abbie harder and harder. He came in her ass. Pumping it full of his seed. Sam ate as it poured out of her ass hole.