Mi ex cojiendo con ventana avierta

Mi ex cojiendo con ventana avierta
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I met my wife while we were juniors in high school. She is a cute little blond with a very nice body. She was still a virgin then but all the guys tried hard to date her as she was a very cute little girl. I met her after a basketball game.

I was the captain of the team and the first time I saw her I knew I had to have her. I set it up thru a friend that I would like to take her out. She then stopped at my locker one day and said hi. This started things off and by the weekend I had a date to take her to the movies.

I put on my best show that Saturday and took her to dinner, movies, dancing, etc. She loved it and was very happy to be seen with the captain of the basketball team. I dated her for about 4 weeks before I tried to make a move on Her.

It was at a drive-in and we were making out like crazy. I had my hand down her blouse and was feeling her up like crazy. I moved my hand down to under her skirt and she stopped my at once. She said she couldn 't let me do that. I moved to my side of the car and she knew I was mad.

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After The movie I took her home and didn't call or talk to her for Over a week. She would call my house and leave notes for me with friends but I refused to call her back.


Then one day she saw me talking very closely to one of the cheerleaders in the hallway. After the cheerleader walked away susan came up to me and asked me why I was avoiding her.

I told her she knew why and if that was the attitude she was going to have then she could find someone else. I told her think about it, and if she wanted me back, she knew what came with the territory.

That night I got a phone call from her, this time I picked the phone up and susan said she wanted me back.


I told her I would not play games and if she wanted me back, she couldn't be the little baby she was. She agreed and said she knew what It took to get me back. I set up a date for the weekend and took her to dinner than the drive-in again.

This time things went differently and to put it bluntly, I popped her cherry that night. From then on sex with susan was great. Whenever and Where ever I wanted it susan gave it to me. After high school Graduation we decided to get married. I was very happy and susan always made sure I got what I wanted.

We lived on the sunny coast of florida and it was not unusual for us to go to the beach on the weekends. Susan had the best looking little thong a guy could ask for. The string on the back disappeared up her butt and from the back it would look like she wasn't wearing a bottom. I always loved it. When we werent sunning suzan would put on this short little shirt dress that would come down to the botton of her butt checks. This is what she wore when walking to and from the beach to our car.

From behind you could see her butt cheeks perfectly. In fact, a lot of people would stare because with her string bikini, it looked like she had nothing on at all.

I never told her this as I liked the look but a lot of people would stare. I couldn't blame them cause I stared myself. We had been married about a year when my wife wanted to buy a new mustang convertible for herself. I wasn't happy with the ideal because the payments would be so high and we could use the money better. She stayed after me every week telling me how we could afford it and that it wouldn't be that hard to make the payments. Finally, I had enough.

I told her, what would she give me if I bought the car for her. She didn't know what to say. So I said, if you become my slave for 30 days and never say no to any requests I make, then I will buy the convertible for you. She didn't hesitate, yes, yes, yes. That night we went down and I bought her the car. Saturday, we decided to go to the beach. This would be my first day of slave training for the month. I told her that Saturday would start my 30 days of her not being aloud to say no to anything I asked for.

She cheerfully said ok, I don't think she knew what was in store for her. We got dressed to go to the beach and my wife dressed in her normal beach outfit. It was her cute thong bikini and her shirt dress. She always looked hot. As we drove into the beach parking lot, I went around to open the door for my wife.

As she got out I told her to turn around and face the car. She did and I then reached under her shirt and pulled her thong undies down to her ankles. She turned around quickly and was about to say something when I stopped her cold and said its my 30 days, I can still return this car to the dealer if you break any of your deal.

She gave me that woeful look and said she couldn't walk around like that. The shirt didn 't even cover all her ass and the wind might blow it up. I said fine, lets get in the car and go home.

She knew I meant it, she said ok, I'll do it. I got the towels from the truck and we headed for the beach. I walked behind her and you could tell she was holding the sides of her shirt down. Her was my wife, with a shirt dress on so short she Could never wear it as a dress out anywhere, and I had her walking towards the public beach, with not a think on under it except her bikini top. From behind it looked just like it always did. Her ass cheeks would show some but with her string bikini it had the same look anyway.

When we got to the beach it was packed with people. She got her usual amount of stares but I think everybody thought she had on a thong swim suit. This was the beach we always went to so we did know a lot of people. My wife didn't know how she would sit down without showing everything under her shirt. I suggested we go for a walk. She liked this ideal. I started off walking beside her then fell back a little to walk behind her.

I looked around and everyone was watching her as she went by. It was amazing that my wife could walk just about naked like this on the beach and everyone just assumed she had something on. As she walked you could see the bottom of each ass check very easily.

As we were walking I noticed two of our close friends sitting on the beach. They got up and came over and said hi. My wife nervously said hi and continued to walk. As she got a few steps ahead I whispered to my friends to walk with me.

They did and their eyes immediately glued to my wifes ass as she walked. I said out loud, my wife looks good in her string bikini doesn't she. Both my friends agreed. They werent taking their eyes off her ass.

My wife got a litte further ahead when I whispered to both of them that my wife lost a bet and now she is walking the beach with nothing on under her shirt. They couldn't believe it. My wife made sure to walk as close to the water as she could so nobody laying down could see up her short shirt.

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She walked for about 5 minutes and turned around. We turned with her and started walking back to where our towels were. The two buddies of mine didn't leave my side for a second. When we passed where their towels were they didn't go sit down.

They continued to follow my wife walking beside me the whole way. When we got to our towels my wife had that look on her face of what should I do now. I told her it was time to go, so I folded up the towels and gathered up our stuff. We were only at the beach for 1/2 hour but what a great half hour.

Our friends left us right after we headed for the car. When we got to the car, I put up the towels then unlocked the car for my wife to get in. She looked at me and asked me why she had to do that. I told her I just paid over $25,000.00 for her car and she promised to be my slave for 30 days.

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Slave meant slave. Anything, anywhere, anytime. I told her on the way home to make sure she wanted to continue with the rest of the 30 days. If not, it was her one time to back out. But, I would take her car back if she backed out. She didn't speak the rest of the way home. When we got home I asked her, car or no car.

She said with a frown, car, but its not fair. I agreed and said go shower cause were going to the mall in an hour.

After the wife got out of the shower, she saw her clothes laid out for her on her bed. She went over and examined what I had laid it. It wasn't all that bad. It had one of her cute short mini skirts, thigh high stockings, a nice blouse, some 2" heels and a bra.

She noticed right away no undies. She didn't say a word, she just started dressing. I told her not to get dressed yet, to lay on the bed and I would be right out. I went in, go my razor, soap, and some water and came back out. I could tell she was fuming inside but she didn't speak a word. I lathered up her cunt and proceeded to shave her totally clean.

She looked like a 12 year old girl with her cunt shaved clean.

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I then decided I wanted to fuck her so I turned her over, had her get on her knees, and started fucking her from behind. Then I thought, she's my slave so she should be fucking me. I stopped moving and told her to fuck me till I was done with her. She started moving forward and backwards driving my dick deep inside her. She continued fucking me for about 5 minutes till I finally shot my load deep inside her cunt. She is not on the pill but it was the safe time of the month if there is such a thing.

I then had her get up, get dressed, and we headed to the mall. She still was not talking but I was getting my $25,000 worth.

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This was only day one and I was having a great time. Little did she know what was going to happen at the mall and tonight. I wanted day one to be a full day of her submitting to my every wish. I figured if she was going to back out, I wanted it to be right away so I could return the car. If she didn't back out, then it would be a wild month ahead.


End of part one Part two to include: Day at mall, night at dance club. And a lot of exhibition and humiliation.