Ebony shemale chick riding a swagger on couch

Ebony shemale chick riding a swagger on couch
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Incest Cruise Jack Blake had just celebrated his 16th birthday yesterday. Although a tall and athletic boy, he was shy and somewhat awkward. So here he sat in his room on a Friday night jerking off to pictures of naked or near naked women. He saved his favorite for last. It was a picture of his 32 year old mom Sara in a thong bikini on a beach in Mexico.

Jack and his mom had always been close. He was the product of a one night stand that his mom had at the age of 16 with a sailor who was on leave.

She was so drunk that night she didn't even remember his name. Fortunately, Sara's parents helped their daughter financially and she was able to finish high school and college and obtain a financially secure job. Jack knew that his mom had always wanted get married and she thought had met the man of her dreams.

Jack thought the guy was Ok but something seemed wrong about him but he kept his mouth shut. Their relationship progressed and they decided to get married.

Jack thought it was a bit strange that his mom had actually proposed to him. She then decided to book a cruise and they would get married by the ship's captain.

In fact, the two were driving from Orlando to Cape Canaveral in the morning to board the ship. His mom's bags were already packed. Mom and her fiancé had gone out to dinner to make final plans and pick up their wedding rings. Again, he thought it strange that she had paid for the rings but it was none of his business. Since she would be home within an hour, he decided to dump one more load while admiring the picture of his gorgeous mom.

He wondered if people would think that this was some kind of act of incest. In reality, he didn't care. His mom was beautiful, desirable and he wished he could switch places with her fiancé.

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Jack headed for the showers and let the warm water rinse off the cum. After toweling dry, he put on some silk boxers and headed for bed. He took a look at himself in the mirror. He worked out every day and his muscles were getting toned. He had no acne and very little body hair. Overall, he decided he was a pretty good looking guy and that he should try harder to find a girlfriend. He decided that he would lose his virginity before he turned 17.

Just as he was drifting to sleep he heard his mom's bedroom door and he thought he heard her crying. He got up and stepped across the hall. She was definitely crying. He knocked and asked mom, "Mom are you Ok?" No response.

He knocked again and asked, "Is everything all right?" " No, everything's not alright," she said in a sobbing voice. Jack was concerned so he opened the door and saw his mom sitting on her bed with a box of tissues. Standing only in his boxers he asked, "What happened, mom?" "What happened is that my so called fiancé is a married man with two young kids! He led me on till tonight. He told me he still loves his wife and kids and then ran off. Oh Jack, I just don't know how to pick the right man." Jack's knew his instincts had been right; there was something wrong with this guy.

Now he wished he would have said something to his mom. He sat down next to his mom on her bed and put an arm around her. She embraced him and said, "You are the only descent man in my life. I love you so much." Jack enjoyed the hugging and hearing her use the word "love". The only problem was that his cock was beginning to stir. So he decided to break off the embrace and told his mom, "You are beautiful and you have a hot body. Any man would want you." Sara had stopped crying, " You really mean that?" "Yes, mom, I really mean that." She moved her lips to his and gave him a quick kiss.

"I'm so lucky to have a son as handsome and kind as you." Sara's face all of a sudden had a deep look of sadness. "We were supposed to leave on the cruise. I have always dreamed of a romantic cruise and getting married by a ship's captain. And besides, the tickets I bought are nonrefundable." Jack responded, "I don't know about the romantic part and the getting married part, but I could be your companion for the cruise." Sara's face lit up and she gave him another big hug.

"Jack that would make me so happy. And I would at least be with the one man that I know truly loves me." Jack could feel his cock get harder. His mom noticed too, smiled at Jack and said, "Looks like your getting a little excited for this cruise." " Sorry, mom, I can't help myself when I'm holding a beautiful woman in my arms." Sara responded, " It's Ok Jack.

A woman likes to know they are desirable. We can talk more about this on the cruise. Now it's time for you to pack your bags and get some sleep." Pack the bags -yes. But getting to sleep would be difficult. All sorts of incestuous thoughts raced through his mind. The next morning Sara called the cruise line and explained the situation. The cruise line understood and were willing to change the names on the reservation but since the ship was full, she and Jack would have to keep the honeymoon package which included the "lovers" suite with a hot tub, a bottle of champagne, a tux rental for Jack and the wedding ceremony.

The drive to port took just an hour. Sara parked the car and they unloaded their luggage. The boarding process was a breeze and they were soon met by a porter who would escort them to their suite.

He looked at the room number which he knew was the lover's suite and then looked at Sara and Jack. Attractive couple he thought but the guy looks a little young. Since he depended on tips he simply smiled and said, "This way Mr. and Mrs. Blake." Sara and Jack simply smiled at each other.

Those thoughts were running though his head again. When they entered the suite they were impressed. Fresh flowers and a chilled bottle of champagne were on a small table. The porter offered to pop the cork on the champagne. Meanwhile mother and son took a quick tour of the suite. In the main room there was a small couch, desk and a wet bar. When they entered the bedroom, Jack's eyes popped open.

There was just one bed and there were mirrors on the ceiling. She laughed at Jack's reaction and in a soft voice reminded him " Sweetie this is the 'lovers suite' and we are supposed to be getting married in two day." "Seriously ,mom, where am I supposed to sleep.

The couch out there is way too small." "Don't worry, Jack. That bed is big enough for both of us. I just hope you don't snore. You're my handsome son and I don't mind sleeping in the same bed if you don't mind.

You said you would help me fulfill my dream as much as you could. " Jack looked into his mom's beautiful green eyes that were pleading for him to say yes. Jack couldn't refuse his mom and said "Well I guess you have a sleeping companion for this cruise." When they returned, the porter had poured two glasses of champagne. Sara gave him a generous tip and mother and son were left alone together in the lovers suite.

Sara gulped down her glass and urged Jack to try a few sips. He really didn't care much for the drink but his mom obviously did and she poured herself a second and then a third drink. Sara was feeling good by now and suggested that they check out the hot tub in the bedroom.

"I'll change in the bathroom and you can slip into your trucks right here. She dashed into the bathroom while he dug out his trunks and slipped them on. In a few minutes Sara emerged wearing the thong bikini she wore in the picture taken in Mexico. That image had provided him with hours of masturbation pleasure. Now the real woman, his mom, was in front of him. He couldn't stop staring at the perfect c cup breasts approaching him. "Hey, sweetie, do you like what you see?" asked Sara.

" Mom, you are so beautiful and you have such a perfect body." A tent was quickly emerging under his trunks. " Jack it's nice to know that I can still arouse a handsome man even if he is my son." Sara grabbed his hand and they stepped together into the bubbling hot tub.

After they sat down she leaned over and gave Jack a kiss that lasted for more than a few seconds. "Jack thanks for helping me carry out my dream by playing the role of fiancé.

But I think for the rest of the cruise you should call me Sara. It will help me think I am really about to be married and people may wonder why a mom and son are sharing the 'lovers suite'. She leaned over again for a kiss and at the same time stroked his cock a few times through his trunks. " This is just a small thank you from a very happy mom." Jack didn't know what to think or say.

He finally managed to say, "Thank you Sara." They spent the next hour talking about the cruise and the ports they would be visiting.

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Finally, Sara noticed the time on the clock with a look of panic. "Oh my God, we are going to be late for our dinner sitting and we still haven't shower. No time to waste.

We'll shower together." She grabbed his hand and led him into the bathroom. "But mom… I mean Sara. Moms and sons don't take showers together." "Well, when you were a little boy, we took showers together all the time.

There is nothing to see I haven't seen before. And if you could rememberyou used to see me naked all the time." Jack complied and stripped off his trunks while Sara popped out of her thong bikini.

Sara's breasts were amazing and she had obviously shaved her pussy clean in anticipation of her honeymoon. "Come on, sweetie we have to make this fast if we are going to eat dinner." She pulled him into the warm water of the shower. Jack was in an incestuous haze. Once again his cock went hard.

" Jack, I don't know what were going to do about your cock. Do you think you could jerk off now in the shower so we can enjoy dinner?" " Ok Sara if you don't mind." So he started stroking his cock. He knew Sara was in a hurry so he increased his stroke rate. "Sara, this a pretty small shower. I might get some cum on you." "That's all right Jack.

I am very used to cum on my body." Those words were enough for him to ejaculate stream after stream of cum onto Sara's breasts. "Good job sweetie. You have some real potential." Relieved Jack was able to lather, rinse and join Sara who was drying off in the bedroom.

They quickly dressed and headed to the dining room holding hands. When the maître de asked for their room number, Jack assumed the role of husband and replied, "We are in the 'lovers' suite.

" He was a bit surprised that this rather young looking man could actually be married to this gorgeous woman. But his role was not to question and he seated them at a table for two. "Well played Jack.


You are really getting into the role of husband to be." He reached out for her hand held it softly and said "It's easy Sara. You are a beautiful and sexy woman and I have always loved you." " Oh Jack that is the most romantic thing any man has ever said to me.

And you know that I loved you from the moment you were born." They stared into each other's eyes. Jack didn't know if he was talking to his loving mother, the pretend bride to be or a future incestuous lover.

He was hoping for the last option.


They enjoyed a delicious meal and then explored the various decks of the ship. At ten, they headed back to the "lovers" suite. They decided it was time for bed. "Jack, I'm going to change into my negligee. Why don't you put on something comfortable." Sara disappeared into the bathroom he took out one of his silk boxers. He also took out his lube and placed it under his bed just in case. Sara came out of the bathroom smiling at her young son's stunned reaction.

Jack knew that this ultra sheer negligee that left nothing to the imagination had been purchased for the honeymoon. She slid into bed and invited him to join me. " Jack, you have been so great helping me live out my honeymoon fantasy, I want to do something special for you tonight. I know you like to masturbate and I know my body turns you on so tonight I want to give you a hand job." "But mom isn't that considered incest?" " No sweetie you would have to put your penis in my vagina before it would be considered incest." His cock was already for action.

She helped him slip off his boxer and then she stripped off her negligee explaining she did not want any cum on it.

Then she asked if he had any lube. A little embarrassed he reached under the pillow and handed her the tube. She squeezed some in her hands and rubbed them together. She wanted to make sure the lube went on warm. Sara wrapped her hand around his respectable six inch cock and started stroking.

It would be a struggle not to come too soon. This was incredible. His own sexy 32 year old mother was giving him his first hand job for helping her fulfill her fantasy. In turn, she was helping him live out his fantasy. After 15 minutes of stroking, Sara complemented her son. " Jack, I'm impressed with your stamina. Most men can't go this long. You are going to be a great lover." And with those encouraging words, Jack ejaculated.

Streams of cum hit Sara's face and breasts. His chest was covered with globs of cum. Sara smiled knowing how much pleasure she had given her son.

Jack was in a state of ecstasy. He looked over and saw his mom take her finger and scoop up some of his cum and lick it off her finger. " Not bad tasting, Jack!" "Thank you Sara.

That hand job was incredible. " Jack was really into helping make his mom's dreams come true so he continued, "I have read stories on the internet about how a man can use his tongue to stimulate a woman's clitoris. Would you like me to use my tongue on you?" "Oh honey I would love that.

My fantasy is getting better and better." Sara laid on her back and spread her legs wide. Jack moved into position and his tongue was quickly stimulating her clit. "Oh, Jack that feels so great. Stick your tongue into my vagina." He couldn't believe he was sticking his tongue into the same hole he came out of 16 years ago.

After a half hour and three orgasms, the couple decided they needed to sleep. They held each other for a long time and shared a very long kiss. Then his mom said, "Jack you are the best thing that ever happened in my life.

Without you, I would never be fulfilling this dream. Good night my love." When Jack and Sara woke up the next morningthe ship was in port, a private island in the Caribbean. They got up and headed for the shower. Once again Jack had a hard on. "Don't worry honey, I'll take care of it. She lathered his cock and as they enjoyed a long kiss under the warm water, she stroked him till he ejaculated. Since they would be spending the whole day on the beach, they just had to wear swim suits and bring along the tanning lotion.

Sara of course wore her skimpy thong bikini. Jack spent the day admiring his mom's body. No fat, no cellulite. Her skin was so smooth she could easily pass for a woman in her early twenties.

Jack had had a growth spurt in the last six months and now was several inches taller than his mom even when she wore heels. Although they were a beautiful couple, other passengers still wondered about the very young looking husband in the 'love suite". After, a day on the beach, they were ready to go back to the suite and sit in the hot tub.

Sara brought up the fact that tomorrow was the day she had planned to be married by the ship's captain. She explained that the Captain could not really marry them, it was just a reminder of the old days when ship captains had that authority. The real marriage ceremony was performed by a minister in one of the ports. She asked Jack, "Would you be willing to go through the marriage ceremony with me tomorrow?

" Jack replied with a smile, "If you are asking me to marry you, the answer is yes." Sara was so excited she started to cry, but they were tears of joy. " Jack that would make my fantasy almost come true." That night after they had explored a few comedy clubs and bars on the ship, they returned to their room. After a half hour in the hot tub, they were relaxed. They got up and toweled off. There was no talk of boxers or negligee. Jack and Sara, mother and son were perfectly comfortable in the nude.

"Jack you have been so good to me, I want to give you your first blow job." "Sara, are you sure that isn't incest?" "No, Jack, until your cock goes into my cuntthere is no incest" Jack laid back with an erection already in place and prepared for Sara's mouth and tongue.

He propped his head up with a pillow so he had a good view. She teased the tip of his cock with her tongue. Then she put her lips over his cock and started sucking. Not many 16 year old boys had a sexy 32 year old mother willing to give them a blow job. Jack had learned some self control and he was able to go twenty minutes before he was ready to explode.

" Sara, I'm ready to come. I'm afraid I 'm going to dump a pretty big load in your mouth." He moaned with pleasure when he ejaculated. Thankfully, his mom had no problems swallowing the bursts of cum.

When she was done licking the last of the cum from Jack's cock, she lifted her head up to kiss him. This kiss was different. It included his mom's tongue and a slightly salty taste that must have be a remnant of his cum. Sara looked at her son with a sly smile and said, " You know honey there is a way we can give each other pleasure at the same time. It's called the 69 position.

I would suck your cock while you use your fantastic tongue on my clit. To tell you the truth. I have never tried this position before. Jack, you would be my first." Jack was overwhelmed. His mom wanted him, her own son, to be the first to try a sexy form of mutual masturbation. They quickly worked out the body mechanics and soon Jack and Sara were licking and sucking each other to three rounds of mutual orgasms. Jack thought he better enjoy tonight. This was probably the closest he would ever come to fucking his mother for real.

All that was left was cock into vagina, and that would cross the line into incest. Mutually exhausted they collapsed on the bed. They needed to sleep. Sara reminded him that tomorrow was a big day.

Tomorrow they were getting married by the ship's captain. After a very long and passionate kiss they fell asleep. When they woke up they were in another Caribbean beach. They decided they would pamper themselves and spend the day in the spa. Since they were staying in the 'loves suite' the staff assumed they were married or about to be married on the cruise.

So there was no question when they asked for a couples changing room. After they had stripped naked, Sara said, " Sweetie, I want to give you a little prenuptial gift." And with that she dropped to her knees and started sucking his hardening cock. Once more Jack was in ecstasy. If only, he could fuck his mother for real. But he knew that if they crossed that line they would be committing incest. After sucking her son dry, they put on their robes and began a day of massages, tanning and manicures.

Late in the afternoon, Sara grabbed her son and after a long kiss said," Honey, I'm going to stay a while longer and have my hair and makeup done. Go have some fun for awhile and then pick up your tuxedo in about an hour. But I am going to ask you to leave the room for awhile so I can change for the ceremony." Jack followed his mom's instructions.

After wondering around the arcade for a while, he picked up the tuxedo and went back to the suite. It was perfect fit. As requested, he left the room and wondered the decks for a while. Every women he saw gave him an admiring, if not alluring smile. After an hour, he decided it was safe to go back to the suite. To be sure, he knocked on the door and he could hear his mom say, Come on in, Jack." He opened the door and could not believe the vision before him. His mom looked like a model from a bride's magazine.

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She was wearing a very low cut, lacey dress that accentuated her already fantastic boobs. Her face simply glowed. Her hair and makeup were perfect. "Sara, you look incredible. Beyond incredible. You look like a twenty year old bride." "Well, honey you look pretty sharp in that tuxedo. You could easily pass for 18. So don't think we'll shock the captain too much. I'd give you a kiss, but I don't want to mess up my make up." It was time to head to the wedding chapel.

As they walk the interior decks, heads turned to look at the handsome groom and the beautiful bride who were about to be married. When the Captain entered the chapel he explained to the couple again that this was not an official ceremony, but they still were given a fancy certificate that commemorated this wedding day and declared that Jack Blake and Sara Blake had been married by the ship's captain. Then the captain began the ceremony, "Dearly beloved …" Jack didn't pay attention much to the captain's words.

All he thought about was his gorgeous mom next to him and all of the sexual pleasures they had shared over last two days. He wished that this was a real marriage ceremony and that he could be with Sara for the rest of his life.

He mind came back to reality when the captain asked, "Jack do you take Sara to be your wife, to hold and to love, till death do you part?" He looked into Sara's eyes, smiled and said a resounding, "I do." The captain turned to Sara and asked"Sarado you take Jack to be your husband, to hold and to love, till death do you part?" With a warm and loving voice, she answered, "I do." At that moment both Jack and Jack realized that their relationship had changed for ever.

But neither knew at that moment how far it would go. The captain continued and informed Jack that his bride had dropped of their wedding rings this afternoon. "I would now asked you to place the rings on each other's finger as a token of your love and commitment." In silence they took the rings and placed them on each other's ring finger. They stared into each other's eyes trying to decide what the other was thinking. This was no longer a son trying to help his mom fulfill a dream fantasy.

This was a couple who would have to decide if they would consummate a loving but still incestuous relationship. Then the captain looked at them and said, "I now declare you man and wife.

Jack you may kiss your bride." Jack took his mom into his arms and they shared a long and passionate kiss. They had entered the chapel as mother and son but the captain had just declared them man and wife. They then enjoyed a romantic dinner in a small room reserved for special occasions. Although only nine o'clock both wanted to return to the suite and satisfy each other.

When they got to their door, Sara said, "Honey, will you carry me across the threshold?" Jack had no problems lifting his 115 pound bride into his arms and carrying her into the "lovers" suite. Once inside they discovered that the captain had sent ahead a bottle of champagne with two glasses. Jack poured two glasses. For one night, he was willing to fulfill all of the wedding traditions and toast his new bride.

After the last sip, Jack picked up his mother again and carried her into the bedroom. They took turns undressing each other.

Then Sara took the bobby pins out of her hair and let it flow down to her shoulders. Then she said, "Jack you don't have to worry about the makeup anymore. And with another passionate kiss they fell into bed." Both looked at each other not knowing what was going to happen next. Sara broke the silence and said, "Jack the last few days have been the best of my life. I thought this was going to be just a few days at sea with a loving son helping me live out a honeymoon dream.

But, I found the man I love and want to be with for the rest of my love… my own son. But the only way we can do this is too make love, incestuous love. Are you willing to cross the line tonight and make love to me?" Jacks heart skipped a few beats. His mom, the women he loved beyond belief, was asking him to cross the line and make incestuous love with her.

"Sara, I have dreamed of making love to you this entire cruise. I really want you to be my wife and share our lives together." "Jack I want to make love with you tonight, but I have to tell you something before we begin.

Last Friday, I went to my doctor and had my IUD removed. You see Jack I always wanted to have another baby and a secret part of my fantasy was trying to get pregnant on my wedding night. Once we get back home, I will see my doctor and have the IUD put back in.

Until then, you are going to have to wear a condom." "But Sara I don't have any condoms. I never expected to be making love to you on this cruise." Sara hesitated for just a second but then said, " I'm willing to take a chance if you are it's only one night." Jack smiled and said, " You bet I'm willing to take a chance.

I want to lose my virginity to the sexiest woman on this ship." And the lovemaking began. They started out with a little sucking and licking but both wanted to move right to intercourse. Jack got on top of his mom and she guided his cock to the entrance of her vagina. In a sexy voice she told Jack, " Honey I am not a virgin and I am very well lubricated. Stick your penis in me and thrust as hard as you want." Jack couldn't believe what was about to happen.

He stuck his cock in her love hole which was immediately surrounded by the warmth and moisture of her vagina.

The same vagina that had received his father's sperm and fertilized an egg that developed into a baby named jack. The very same vagina he passed through sixteen years ago on his way to being born. Jack started pumping his cock slowly at first. His mom's vagina was firm but not tight. At Sara's urging he picked up his pace and was thrusting as hard as he could. Sara was obviously enjoying the sex based on her moaning and the repeated requests for more.

After ten minutes he felt a new sensation. It felt like his mom's vagina was rippling and clamping down on his cock. Sara literally screamed " Jack, I am having an orgasm.

" After it passed Jack kept on thrusting until he was ready to burst. He yelled, " Sara, I am about to come." His mom pleaded for him to hold on a few more seconds. Jack was able to hold on till he felt her orgasm and then he released his load. He thought about all of his incestuous sperm swimming to his mother's womb searching for an egg to fertilize. He secretly hoped that one would succeed. If Sara got pregnant with his baby, he knew they would be together forever.

After a little rest, Jack was ready for another round of lovemaking. Sara suggested that she be on top this time and Jack readily agreed.


She eased herself down on him till his cock completed disappeared. Sara said to Jack, "Just lay back sweetie. I'll do all the work." Jack liked this position. He was able to reach up and fondle her breasts while she moved her cunt up and down his pole.

They managed to go for another half hour until they reached another mutual climax. After another break Jack was ready again. Sara looked at her son and said, " I have a secret I've never told anyone. Honey, I have never had anal sex. In a way, I guess I'm still a virgin. I promised not use that hole for sex until I found the right lover.

Obviously, now that you're my husband you should be my first. Will you take my virgin ass." Jack thought this night could not get any sexier. Now she was asking for him to insert his cock up her ass. "Of course I want to be the first to fuck your ass." " Jack, if you still have the lube it might be helpful to put some on your cock. I am probably pretty tight down there." Jack found the tube in the nightstand and generously lubed his cock.

In the meantime, Sara flipped over on to her stomach. She put a pillow under her hips so Jack had ready access to Sara's last virgin hole. Jack's cock was rock hard in anticipation of this new sexual experience. He moved it to her hole and asked, "Are you ready, Sara." She nodded and said, "Just be gentle at first Jack till I get used to your cock up my butt." Jack pushed his cock in.

He slowly pumped in and out. His mom was trying to relax her muscles so that Jack could enter her. Progress was slow but finally his cock was allowed in and he pumped a little harder.

Sara finally said, "Go ahead and go all the way. I 'm used your cock now and my muscles are relaxed. Go ahead and thrust you cock in me. His lubricated cock was easily going in and out and he was enjoying a new hole in his mother. After ten minutes, he ejaculated his last load of the night. They were both tired and needed sleep. Before he fell asleep Jack reflected on all that had happened between him and his mother the last few days.

Most importantly he had married the woman he loved and that same woman, his beautiful mother, had taken his virginity on their wedding night. The next morning, the couple had to rush to shower, dress, pack and leave the ship by 11:00 am.

The same porter who had helped them with their luggage at the beginning of the cruise was there again to help again. He complemented the couple on their weddings rings and asked if they had enjoyed their honeymoon. Jack responded with a smile, "It was way more than we expected." Jack and Sara had a full day ahead before they could enjoy another night of more incestuous sex.

First stop and first priority was to purchase a bigger bed for Sara's … now their bedroom. They picked out a queen bed and the salesman assured them that it would be delivered at 6 o'clock and the deliveryman would haul away both of the old beds.

They found a store next store and picked up queen sized linen. Next, they headed to the DMV so Jack could take the road and obtain his driver's license.

After that Jack took over the wheel and drove them to a drug store so Jack could purchase some condoms. Jack was resigned to the fact that he would have to use them until his mom had her IUD back in place. They arrived back home just as the furniture truck arrived.

The two delivery men quickly removed the old beds and assembled the new bed. They were gone in less than a half hour. Sara then put on the new bedding in anticipation of a marathon session of lovemaking tonight. For dinner, they had a pizza delivered which they quickly devoured. Both were anxious to break in the new bed with a night of sex. They decided to take a quick shower together and then head straight for their bedroom.

When they reached the bedroom door, Jack picked up his mom, carried her over the threshold and then gently laid here on their bed. " Sara, I love you and now we can begin our lives as husband and wife in the bed that we share." Jack's cock was hard and ready for action. But Sara reminded him of the need for a condom." " But I 've never put on a condom.

Will you help me?" Sara, opened the box of condoms, ripped one offtore open the package, and told Jack to lay on his back. "Good choice, sweetie. Ribbed and lubricated for my pleasure." She showed him the right way to put in down and the unrolled it down his cock.

Jack frowned a little looking at his cock covered in rubber.

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She understood and told him," Honey, it's just for three weeks until I get my IUD back in. And for two of my three holes, you don't need a condom. Jack's face lit up with a smile.

By morning, the floor by the bed was littered with a pile of used condoms. Jack and his mom were enjoying the incestuous life. For the next four days, the lovers seldom left the bed except to eat and take quick showers. But Monday finally came and they had to face reality. Sara had to go back to school and Jack was starting the first day of his sophomore year in high school. During first hour, he looked around the classroom and thought, "I bet I am the only boy in the school who married his own mother this summer and was able to have sex with her any time he wanted to." Over the next three weeks, the incest couple fell into a routine of work, school, dinner, TV followed by a night of incestuous sex.

It was a life they both wanted and enjoyed. The day finally arrived for his mom to go to her clinic and have her IUD inserted. That morning he made love to his mother with a condom for the last time. In fact on his way to the bus he threw the rest of his supply into the garbage can.

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When he got home after school, Jack wanted to surprise his mom with a romantic welcome and hopefully a couple of hours of condom less sex. Last night, he borrowed the car and picked up a few surprises to make this lovemaking special. He went into their bedroom, pulled the shades down and closed the venetian blinds.

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He took out two dozen scented candles, placed them around the room and then he lit them. Next, he took out two bottles' of warming personal lubrication.

Finally, he stripped and put on a pair of silk super low briefs. Jack looked into the mirror. His package looked pretty good and soon his mom would soon be enjoying its contents. Jack's timing was perfect; He heard his mom pull into the car port. He rushed to the back door to greet his lover.

Jack was shocked that his mother was crying. She sobbed, "Oh Jack, I am so sorry", and then wrapped her arms around her almost naked son. "What wrong mom?" This was the first time since the cruise that he slipped up and called her mom instead of Sara.

" That's the problem Jack. I am your mother." Jack could not imagine what the problem was. But then he said," Let's go into the bedroom and talk." "Okay, Jack we do need to have a long talk. I'll explain everything." Jack led his mom to the bedroom and opened the door. Sara was surprised andsaid, "Oh, Jack you did this all for me?" " Yes, mom.

I wanted this to be a special night. The night you are protected with your IUD and I no longer have to use condoms." "Oh Jack, " she cried, "the doctor couldn't put it in." A very disappointed Jack asked"Why?" "Well sweetie the doctor asked me if I had had unprotected sex after he had removed the IUD. I was honest and said only one night. The doctor said I would have to take a pregnancy test before he would insert it. I peed on the pregnancy test and a few minutes later he came back and told me I was pregnant.

Jack, you are going to be a father. Are you upset?" Sara looked deeply into his mother's eyes and said, "Upset? Sara I was hoping on our wedding night that our first act of incest would make you pregnant. Not only am I your husband, I am going to be the father of your baby." " Jack, you've made me the happiest woman in the world!" They decided to celebrate the good news with a few hours of passionate sex.

Jack stipped his mother naked and Sara took off his briefs. After a quick rinse in the shower, the happy couple crawled into bed. Sara was impressed when Jack took out the bottles of personal lubrication. Sara poured some on his cock and gave it a few strokes. In turn, Jack dipped his finger into the other bottle and lubricated her vagina. And Jack was happy that his cock could completely enjoy his mom's warm and wet cunt. Jack needed no encouragement from Sara. He simply entered his mom with one stroke and started pumping.

Within minutes, they were in ecstasy. As soon as Sara started her first orgasm Jack dumped his first load. He thought about all those little sperm swimming upstream, only to be met by a pregnant womb.

The incest lovers fucked the night away. Eight months later, Jack was awaked by a very pregnant Sara, " Jack we need to go to the hospital. I think the baby is ready to come out." They dressed the best they could, grabbed a pre-packed bag and drove to the hospital. In the back, a car seat was ready to bring their baby home. "Jack, can you drive a little faster, my water just broke." Sara was timing her contractions and she knew this baby was coming fast.

As soon as they arrived at the hospital, they took Jack and Sara to a delivery room. A half hour later, the midwife on duty announced that the baby's head was crowning. Jack watched intently. He wanted to remember every detail of his baby's birth. Then the miracle happened. A little boy slipped out of Sara's vagina. His baby had made the same trip he had made 16 years and 9 months ago. They were both father and son and brother and brother.

Jack and Sara smiled at their son who had been created by an act of love and incest.

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Jack's only wish was that their next baby would be a girl so that his son might someday enjoy an incestuous relationship with a little sister.