Big black cock gets me soaking wet

Big black cock gets me soaking wet
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It has been 4 days since my romantic encounter with my mother and since then we've worked out a routine, Dad leaves for work at 8.00 mom waves him goodbye then comes to wake me up, we have some playtime then she makes breakfast, we watch TV, have sex then shower, we do chores and run errands, get back have sex, get in the shower, which usually leads to more sex, mom then cooks dinner, dad comes home and i just hang around until i go to bed.

I liked this routine, it was simple and both of us were having fun, thats when dad dropped the bombshell. I had just finished up giving my mother a good fucking and she went to make dinner, i checked a few things on my computer and i was called down for dinner.

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"Been up to much recently?" Dad asked as i sat at the table "Not really, usual stuff. Figured since im not in school for another few weeks i can relax before i go back" I replied, careful about my use in words, incase he picked up on something.

"Perfect!" He shouted "Ive talked it over with your mother, and we've decided to go cross country to Wyoming" "Wyoming? What's there?" I asked "Yellowstone national park" Mom said as she began setting the plates and pouring water "Exactly, dear!

Ive got some time off work and i figured since i havnt seen much of you, and we havnt had any father-son time we could go" "What about mom?" I asked, subtiley checking out her amazing figure. "Well, this may be a guy's time out, but she'll be coming with us" "Uhh okay, but when do we go?" I asked, still admiring my mom "Well we leave in 3 days, i finish up my last day tomorrow, i have a day off to pack and we'll be on the road at the crack of dawn" My dad said enthusiasticly "Are we flying there?" I asked "No, we're driving, nothing like the open road.


Shouldnt take us more than 3 days to get there, we'll spend a few days at the park, and we'll make our way back. And if im feeling nice ill book us into some hotels so we can sleep in some luxury. How does that sound?" Dad ask, his eyes beaming with delight "Sounds fun!" I said, trying to sound happy about the idea "Great, although it's 12 hours in the car a day, im sure we'll get through it, now lets eat" He said, digging his fork into his meatloaf.

"Wake up, sleepy head" My mom's angelic voice rang out. I stirred and checked my clock, it was 8.45. Right on time, as usual. I opened my eyes, and saw mom standing there.

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Clearly ready for her morning exercises, wearing a green buttoned shirt and a half knee length black skirt, her hair was tied up in a pony tail, but first. "Mom, before we do anything i wanna ask something" I said, half asleep trying to compose myself "Sure, honey. Whats wrong?" Mom sat down on the bed "This trip.should be about a week, right? about 11 days total?" She nodded " how do you expect me to go 11 days without fucking you? I can barely go an hour with you" Mom blushed "Well, you know i wont be by your father's side the whole time, plus ive got a little suprise worked out for you" She winked.

"Trust me, you'll get your fill, now." She said unbuttoning her shirt No more needed to be said, i trusted her. She was quite well organised, and i enjoyed her suprises.

I kicked off the covers revealing my usual morning wood, i took off my pajama bottoms and unleashed the beast, i began stroking the long shaft, mom hiked up her skirt, revealing she was indeed going commando, as i stroked my hard shaft up and down, mom began to rub her pussy, i purposly slowed down, partly to give mom more of a show, and partly so i dont cum before i have my way with her.

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She threw off her green shirt, but left her skirt on, i guess she knows what i like, unhooked her bra and unleashed my favorite parts. I stopped stroking and sat up, leaned in and kissed her, pushing my hard dick into her right tit, after a moment of kissing i know what i wanted to do, and knew what she wanted.

Normally id indulge myself first, but today i think id be a gentleman and have the lady come first. I reached around and grabbed her pony tail and pulled it down, forcing her head up, she looked up at me with longing and lust, i was going to enjoy every second of this. She opened her mouth, that was all i needed, i moved my dick from her chest and pushed the first couple of inches into her mouth, she welcomed it with her tounge. Keeping her head in place for a moment i began thrusting slowing in and out of her mouth.

By this point i knew she liked being teased. Then i started slowly moving her head and lessening my trusts, i think ive teased her enough, i gripped the pony tail as hard as i could pulled her head back, as she caught a breath, then i pulled her head towards me at the same time i trust. The end of my dick hit the back of her throat like a piston, she gagged for a second, but by this point i knew she wouldnt throw up.

I held her head in place for a few seconds and pulled out, allowing her to catch her breath.

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"" She gasped, but she liked rough, and she was going to enjoy this, i twisted my hips to the side and back into position slapping her in the side of her face was my precum coated dick.

"Shuddup, you'll need your breath for this next part" I said, with a sinister smile. I thrusted into her mouth like a jackhammer, occasionally pulling her head back and forth, every time my dick touched her throat she gagged, the feeling was amazing, i had never full on skull fucked her like this before, but as my dick was leaving her sopping wet noise hole, she would utter a little "Mmm" i was close to cumming by this point, but i wanted to wait a little bit.


So i thought id have some fun with her. I pulled her pony tail as far back as i could, lent down and began suckling her nipples, still trying to catch her breath, she wasnt objecting, with my other free hand i went lower to observe my progress, sure enough she was wetter than niagra falls, i started rubbing her fully erect clit, slowly and in long circles at first, as i switched breasts i began to speed up and make the circles slower, she was groaning with pleasure by this point, i pulled her pony tail back more and she started to lean back, just when she was at the right level i said "You take over now" i grabbed one of her hands and put it on her clit, she immediatly began to work, rubbing fast and hard, i felt like assist with my now sopping hand i touched her breast and began flicking her nipple which she replied with an "AHHHH!" of approval, i flicked it again, and again, then i pinched her nipple, gently at first, her eyes were closed, and her hand was going a million miles an hour, then i dug my nail completly into her nipple, squeezing it as hard as i could, she let out a cry of pain and pleasure, i began twisting her nipples and she stopped rubbed her clit and placed her hand over mine.

"Okay, thats enough, they're getting sore" She moaned. I took her hand and placed it on my penis, she began stroking it, as i started rubbing the other nipple, then skipping a few steps, i pinched her nipple again, once again came the pain and pleasure cry, which she was becoming infamous for.

"I said stop that, it hurts" "Well, you're not the one calling the shots are you?" I said, as i loosened my grip on her hair, she looked at me and opened her mouth to reply. Before she could utter a word i push my dick back into her mouth.

"Come on, hum. Havnt heard you hum in a while" She did as commanded and hummed, sending amazing vibrations through my dick, i moaned with pleasure until i felt that old feeling of a job well done.

I gripped her hair again and pulled back and began jerking infront of mom's face. She knew what this meant, and she closed her eyes, smart move a second later and she would of gotten a gallon of cum in her eyes. She reached for her green shirt and began babbing the cum out of her eyes, when she could she stood up and said "Time for a shower, thanks hun" But i knew mom hadnt cum, i was teasing her but i wanted her to cum, as she turned to leave i got onto the floor on allfours and grabbed her leg, pulling her closer to me, she let out a sharp "AgH!" Before landing on the floor, her head would of hurt if it wasnt for her massive airbags.

I pulled her closer to me, her pussy still dripping with anticipation, i was ready to make that happy. "Ohhh what have you got planned for me, you naughty basta-" Before she could finish her bout of dirty talk, i pushed my dick into her wet hole as hard and as far as i could.

She screamed out once again, egging me on to make her happy, i continued to pound her as hard as i could, her face buried deep within the carpet, her ass in the air. The sloppy wet sound of her pussy getting pounded.

Then i felt a rushing water come over my dick, i pulled out and her love juice spilled all over the carpet. Mom was breathing heavy, when she caught her breath she leaped up and pushed her toungue down my throat.

"Thanks, baby. How about a shower?" The rest of the day passed, and i began planning what to do about our vacation. 11 days without fucking my toy? I dont think so, even if i could sneak away once or twice that would be enough. The next day was dad's day off, he packed and slumped around the house, me and mom had no time for our usual together time so we had no choice but to fight our primal urges.

Later that night i had just finished on my computer, jotting down my plans, and i decided i should go to the bathroom before going to sleep.

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As i walked towards the bathroom, i heard the familiar sound of mom's moaning, i snuck up to my parent's room and slowly pushed the door open. There she was, mom ontop on dad, riding him like a jocket rides a horse, she was facing away from me, but that didnt mean i wasnt enjoying the show, i looked in the sqaure mirror mom was facing to get a good look at her, she was amazing, id taught her well, her eyes began to open and she looked in the mirror, her eyes widened when she saw me standing in the door, she paused for a second, lifted up removing dad's dick from her pussy and turned around, facing me and began to ride again.

"Oh this is a new one" I heard dad say. But mom's eyes were fixed on me, as she bounced her majestic breasts jumped up and down, making my dick rock hard. I knew what i wanted, but dad was there, so ill do the next best thing, i pulled my pants down to my knees revealing my hard member, mom licked her lips at the sight of it.

"Fuck him harder" i silently mouthed to her, as commanded she increased her speed and was riding the full length of my father's dick, which ill admit, turned me on a little. I heard my dad's cries of pleasure and i began to pump my dick, slowly at first, if only to tease my mom, then soon enough id found my own rhythm, mom's eyes were fixated on my dick, i wished i could just cum right there.

But dad had other plans. "Oh, im going to cum, honey" mom's face went from one of happiness to one of sadness in a second. She stopped riding, and maintained her position for a moment then i saw white fluid ooze from her pussy. What a jackass, only im allowed to cum in her pussy.

Mom climbed off, and layed next to my dad, i knew i was done with the show so i started to make my way to the bathroom, i finished my before bed pee and went to flush the toilet, when a hand reached from behind me and grabbed my shaft. "Im sorry, honey. I didnt know you were watching" Mom's soft voice said from behind me. "How was it?" I asked, trying to sound as upset and cold as possible "It was okay, not as good as yours, you're about the same size, but you can use it so much better" she said, as she began to stroke my shaft.

"Well, dad came, but i didnt. You'll need to fix that" I replied, wrenching her hand away from my dick, i turned around as mom got onto her knees. "Show me your passion" I said letting my hard dick hang in front of her face, she opened wide and took my entire dick in 1 clean motion, her throat was like a vaccum, doing her best to suck me dry, after seeing her begin fucked by another man and now having a top notch blowjob, i couldnt hold my stamina for very long.

I soon was squirting my juice into momma's mouth, like a good girl she took every drop. "Wakey, wakey, boy!" dad shouted. I snapped open my eyes, and checked my clock. 5am, seriously? "What?" I said, in a dreery, sleepy tone.

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"Trip today, you got all your stuff packed, right? So, 10 minutes, then downstairs from breakfast, if we hurry we can be out of the city before the sun comes up" Dad then left the room, i cursed this time of morning, i got up and went downstairs for breakfast, just eggs and bacon.

I returned to my room to get ready, before i knew it i was in the back seat of the car listening to music. It got to 8am when we passed a stop on the highway, nothing special, just a little diner, gas pumps and a shopping store.

We stopped and figured my dad could get some gas, i would help dad, and mom would get some food for the road.

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"But do you really need help with gas? He's a picky eater, i think he should pick his own food." Mom said, unclipping her safety belt. "You're probably right, why dont we get some coffee while we're here?" Dad suggested "Okay, sounds like a plan, get some gas, then order some coffee at the diner, by the time the coffee arrives we'll have some shopping and we'll dump it in the car" Mom replied, dad got out of the car and walked to the gas pump, i got out and followed mom round the side to the stores, she was walking faster than usual, she walked past the enterance and went around the otherside near the dumpsters.

She got in the middle between two of them, and stopped as did i. She put her hands on the wall and pushed her ass out "Better make it fast, dont want dad thinking something is up" Thats all i needed to hear, i leaped forwards, unbuttoning my pants, and whipped out my limp member, i reached under mom's shirt and began feeling her breasts, and as a perfect team, she began to unbutton her pants then reached for my dick. As i was squeezing her soft, subtile breasts i felt my dick spring to life, i pushed my dick into mom's hole, she tried to let out a cry but i knew she wouldnt.

I forced her against the tough, brick wall and went to work, this time it wasnt about a great orgasm or even making mom feel good, it was about me shooting my load into her as fast as i could. I leaned into her and whispered "We need to hurry, get dirty" and started violently squeezing her tits under her bra.


Every second was important, what if dad wanted to check on us? What if someone heard us? That was kind of hot, but not worth the risk this early in the game.

"Oh yes, fuck me" Mom growled through gritted teeth, trying not to scream. "Fuck your mother, cum in my pussy, make me your cumdumpster" with those words i somehow picked up speed, i started moving faster and faster, and as i did mom's talk began more dirty "Yeah, right in there, fuck your bitch, im all yours, spray me with your fucking juice, deep in me, destroy my fucking pussy" After that i couldnt make any of it out, but it wasnt important.

I started to cum, i pull her hair back, pushed her against the wall, gave her mounds one last grip and shot my load into her, every blast was great, i pulled out and pulled my pants back up. Mom turned around, ajusted her bra, and pulled a tampon from her pocket, popped it in her hole, pulled her pants back up and started to leave, giving me a nice kiss as she did. Hey, maybe this trip wont suck so much afterall. To be continued.