Artsy bathtub solo session with Jezebelle Bond

Artsy bathtub solo session with Jezebelle Bond
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Hailey sat in the plane half watching her husband sitting between their two daughters wondering what would happen if she was exposed as a dog fucker. Closing her eyes Hailey winced a bit as she shifted in her seat, her pussy still sore from the savage fucking Sam, their golden retriever, had given her just on 24 hours before. Hailey ran her tongue across her teeth and imagined she could still taste the man who had raped her mouth, despite having cleaned her teeth time after time.

Shivering slightly at the thought she decided that she would put it out of her head until she got home and would deal with it then, in the meantime she would make dam sure she enjoyed this family holiday. ***** The heat hit Hailey as they collected their luggage and the large Mercedes van that was waiting for them offered cool sanctuary as they all sank into the plush leather seats. Hailey stared out of the window looking through the darkened glass as the high-rise hotels and apartments of the Costa del sol went past with the very occasional glimpse of the shimmering blue Mediterranean Sea beyond.

Hailey wondered to herself about this villa that Craig was going on about as the Mercedes turned away from the sea and headed towards the mountains. The houses and villas giving way to the dusty fields with the odd tiny white Spanish village or pink stone apartment complex breaking up the journey. Passing the last village of the very upmarket Benahavis until passing a reservoir the road became a track. "I hope Julie has a 4 x 4," laughed Craig jerking Hailey from her day dream.

When they finally arrived, Hailey stepped into the heat and her mouth fell open as she took in the villa before her. This wasn't the small two bedroomed apartment she had envisaged, this was a veritable mansion, tucked away in an isolated position in some of the most stunning views you could imagine.

As Craig and the girls started jumping and playing in the Olympic sized pool Hailey wandered round taking in the full extent of the property. The fridge had been stocked with beer and even prosecco, Hailey's favourite, as well as juice for the kids, and what seemed to be enough food to feed them for a month.

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Unpacking the clothes for all of them Hailey grabbed her swimming costume and wriggled into it before joining in the family fun. ***** For Hailey the holiday was pretty much perfect as she just lay on the sunbed relaxing in the sun though the girls were starting to get a little bored with the isolation and the lack of stimulation. The local village didn't really offer much in the way of entertainment for children, though her and Craig enjoyed the bars, even if she did have to stay sober to drive them back the car wasn't a little runabout it was a Porche something or another that Craig enthused about, though it looked nothing like any of the Porche sports cars Hailey had ever seen, more like a 4 x 4.

That morning at breakfast Craig said to Hailey, "Listen the girls are getting a little bored, how about we spend the day at the seaside aits not that far and as far as I can see from the map a straight road down and back, 30 minutes tops I recon." "Why don't you take the girls and let me have a bit of a rest, not feeling that well," Hailey said raising her eyebrows with the unwritten code that it was woman's troubles as Craig called it.

It wasn't actually her time of the month but Hailey just fancied a bit of time to herself bearing in mind she had been chief cook and bottle washer for the last five days and was genuinely tired. "Have lunch out, take them to the big water park we passed on the way here, will be nice for you." "If you are sure love," said Craig half out of his seat as he hollered, "come on girls get your stuff we are going to the water park." ***** Half an hour later the villa fell into a wonderful silence and Hailey wandered round the villa wondering just how an office temp could afford this luxury.

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Picking up her swimming costume in their bedroom Hailey decided to throw caution to the wind and discarding wrapped a beach sarong round her and headed for the pool with her tablet to take advantage of the wifi. Hailey discarded the sarong and stretched naked in the sun enjoying the sheer thrill of the sun hitting every inch on her naked body.

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Then stepping over to the pool dived in, gasping as the cool water hit her skin in a refreshing wave. After a few lengths Hailey climbed the wide steps at one end of the pool, and laying a towel over the sun bed, settled down to catch up some of her guiltier pleasures. Hailey read story after story about dogs and even dropped into a chat room she knew and took a wicked delight in telling people about her times with Sam.


She left out the incident with Harry as she had shut that part out of her mind and just wanted to concentrate on the good parts. As she got more into the stories and chat Hailey found herself getting wetter and wetter and despite the sex her and Craig had been having she needed relief. Spotting the prosecco bottle, they had finished the night before, Hailey quickly stripped the foil and label off it running her hands lovingly over the neck before setting it down on the towel next to the pool.

Squatting over it Hailey guided the neck in and lowered herself as low as she could and then slowly started to bounce. Once she reached the point she couldn't comfortably bend enough she switched to kneeling and continued lowering herself, all the time little whimpers of pain and pleasure issuing from her lips. As the bottle slid deeper and deeper Hailey rubbed her clit with her free hand increasing the amount of lubrication flowing down the neck of the bottle.


Just as she was about to orgasm Hailey saw a pair of long pointed ears appear round the gate that led from the pool into the gardens and mountains beyond. This was followed by the rest of the dog, its lean tan short haired body rippling with lithe muscles, a prime example of a large Andalusian hound and a fully intact hound at that. The dog sniffed the air, turning his pointed nose to follow the scent he had detected and silently he padded towards Hailey studying her with his black eyes.

Hailey was still impaled on the bottle and watched him approach trying to stop herself orgasm but two things happened at once that caused her to give in. The first was the hound was joined by his just as big brother who also studied the scene from the other side of the pool and the other was the first hound started to show his red cock, clearly excited.

Hailey threw back her head and moaned loudly causing the two dogs to tense as she orgasmed onto the bottle deep inside. Pulling it free, Hailey knelt by the sunbed feeling the tiles warm on her knees and leant over presenting her ass to the first dog. The longue rough tongue rasped across Hailey's already sensitive pussy lips sending waves of pleasure rushing through her. Glancing round she could see that dog was now quite well extended and the second dog had moved round to the front of Hailey.

Hailey gasped as suddenly the first dog rose up and more by luck than judgement found her pussy with his first jab. The feeling for the dog was clearly pleasurable as he drove into Hailey willing body with high speed forcing the breath from her body.

Hailey was squealing with pure pleasure as the dog hammered away until finally forcing his knot inside ready to breed. Because of her time with Sam and the work the bottle had done opening her, the whole process was a little easier and also the dog was a little smaller than Sam.

As the dog locked and began to spurt Hailey cried out as her climax hit and the first spurts of dog seed splashed deep inside. Opening her eyes as the dog pumped Hailey reached out to the other dog and grasped his cock that was half out of his furry sheath. Gently pulling him closer Hailey started to suck and lick the dog cock as the first dog filled her full of his seed.

As Hailey felt waves of pleasure running through her as the knot throbbed inside she eagerly sucked on the other dog, relishing the taste of dog cum. Both dogs pulled away almost simultaneously and Hailey thought for a moment her pleasure was over, but far from it.

The second dog moved round to replace the first dog and with a swift movement mounted Hailey, and with his soft fur caressing her back she reached behind with eager hands and guided him home.

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The second dog was certainly bigger as even after the fucking she had just received the thrust took her breath away. His cock drove in touching her cervix causing a yelp of pain, but the dog didn't care as he had got into his stride. Almost like he wanted to hammer his brother's seed from this bitch he fucked faster and deeper until finally he managed to ram his knot home ready to breed. Hailey was in seventh heaven as she trashed her head, howling like a bitch as she came over and over.

As the second dog lay panting on her back Hailey rested her head on the sun lounger and tried to catch her breath when the silence was broken by the sound of applause followed by a brief whistle.

Looking round Hailey spotted the man standing by the gate and by the way the two dogs responded he was clearly their owner. The first dog ran to him and the second dog tried to join him but was still tied to Hailey causing her to groan loudly with pain.

The man was over quickly and held the dog in place uttering soothing words in Spanish until finally the dog shrank enough to slip out with causing too much pain. The man looked at Hailey and smiled as he reeled off high speed sentences in Spanish which meant nothing to Hailey and she shrugged her shoulders from her position over the sun bed. Not sure what to do next Hailey went to stand and the firm hand in the middle of her back told her to that he wanted her to remain in position.


Hailey was too far gone to worry and catching a quick glimpse of a hard and decent sized cock in the man's hand decided to let him have his fill and leave. She felt him crouch a little and rub the head over the gooey mess that was oozing from her pussy before taking a large dollop with his fingers and smearing it over Hailey's anal star. Hailey could feel the large rough fingers probing deeply opening her quickly and within a few minutes the man decided she was ready. His fingers withdrawn he smeared a final dollop in his bulbous cock head and pushed hard into Hailey's anal star.

Hailey yelped with pain as the man drove home but it wasn't unpleasant and he when he was fully home he paused to allow her to adjust to his size.

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His thrusts got faster and deeper as he wound his hand into Hailey's hair and started to fuck her ass hard yelling in Spanish over and over, then with a curse and grunt the man shot his seed deep into Hailey's bowels.

When the man had caught his breath, he stood and again speaking in Spanish gestured for Hailey to stand and bending kissed her hand in thanks. Hailey felt a little surreal standing their naked with two lots of dog cum dripping from her pussy and a load dripping from her ass having her kissed like she was a medieval princess.

Deciding to play along Hailey smiled and curtsied causing a large dollop of something to splatter on the tiles. The man laughed happily and whistling to his two dogs left by the same gate they had all entered. ***** By the time Craig got home with the girls Hailey had washed down all evidence of her debauchery and showered and dressed in a light cotton dress. Later that evening, after the kids had gone to bed, Craig and Hailey sat looking at the stars, him sipping a coffee with brandy and her a coffee with baileys for her.

"Home tomorrow," Craig sighed, "Back to the grindstone and will be able to Julie that there is nothing to report." "Nothing to report?" Asked Hailey questioningly, "what do you mean?" "Oh, it's nothing really," Craig said, "Julie mentioned that she had some troubles with wild foxes sneaking around, well she thought it was either foxes or kids. That's why she had that state of the art surveillance equipment installed." It was all Hailey could do not to scream as she tried to calmly respond, "So are the tapes in the villa somewhere?" Trying to plan how she could destroy them, well certainly the ones from today.

"Nope," smiled Craig, "Julie is such a techno wiz she hooked them up to the wifi and has them beamed back to her wherever she is in the world, even has a movement triggered alarm so she can respond real time if needs be." The rest of Craig's words became white noise as Hailey wanted to weep but tried to keep smiling as she wondered what would happen when she got back to the UK, would she have two blackmailers to contend with?