Mollig in der Dusche trans

Mollig in der Dusche trans
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Humiliation confessions On a Friday night I was called to a Mistress that I just had met on the net.

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She received me totally naked and ordered me to strip. Then she lay down and told me to shoot my cum over her when she was on her back on the narrow bed. Her hands were behind her neck I could enjoy her beautiful figure with the full tits raised in the way always making me so horny.

As I was going to Mistress Iona the next Saturday morning I had saved my cum the whole week to be sure to come to her with a strong erection and full balls so I knew that I should face big problems if I was unloading now but what to do . As a good slave I had to obey any order and so I started to work my penis that already was throbbing of delight by looking at this sexy woman.

She looked me straight in the eyes and I could see the lust in her when she could see how my own horniness built up and I worked harder and harder until I came with an enormous load of cum all over her face, breasts, stomach, pussy and thighs.

"Get on your knees and lick it all up!" She said. Immediately I was down on my all four and started the licking up on her face. It was such a nice intimacy to lick her on the eyes, the nose and on her lips where I had to go deep to get all cum off her soft lips. I got aroused again so I felt my cock stiffen and drip some precum. She was totally still and did not show anything of her horniness.

Licking the breasts was a feast as well as all the way down to the pussy. As she was shaved I had a fantastic contact with her whole pussy and she did not protest when I went unnecessarily deep into her cunt and even spread her legs wide for me to be able to reach her whole pussy. When I had finished she just turned around and said: "Now shot on my back!" I stood up and worked my cock again and soon I did a quite big shooting all over her shoulders, waist and ass where I looked after to get a lot of the cum flowing down between her buttocks.

Then, as I expected, she told me to lick her clean. Down on my knees again and starting with her shoulders and then the waist and then. the buttocks and between. She parted her legs wide open so I could get the last drops from her asshole and the cunt. During the whole seance I had not seen any reaction in her but now it came: "Slave, stand up and put your cock in my mouth!". Surprised I stood up and she, sitting on the bed, took the whole little thing in her mouth and started sucking it.

She was a formidable cocksucker and it didn't take too long before my hard on filled her mouth completely and soon I had to shoot my load deep into her throat. Afterwards she only ordered me to dress and go. The next morning I came to Mistress Iona and she noticed immediately that my erection was not up to standard so she said that I needed some fresh air to get into shape.

I feared the worst and surely enough. She put me in the car naked as I was and drove me to a park that has a lot of trees and bushes but also has a lot of visitors on a Saturday morning like this with good weather. "I pick you up at six o'clock" she said and left me. I was creeping into a bush and from there I advanced from bush to bush down to a less frequented area of the park to spend the next nine hours.

The worst thing was all the dogs who came and showed too much interest in my ass and cock which was easily available to them as Iona had ordered me to be on my all four for the whole day. What could I do when they sniffed and licked my ass and the balls and even the cock that I couldn't help getting hard and producing some precum that they loved to lick up. Other intruders were young lovers who liked this secluded part of the park for enjoying themselves and each other.

One couple came in the late afternoon when I had planned to move back to the meeting point with Iona. They were just besides the bush where I was pressing myself down in the grass not to be seen of them. After three big orgasms, that I could hear but not see, they slowly dressed and smoked before they left. I knew that I was late now and rushed as fast as I could, as I still had to hide myself.

When I arrived at the meeting point my cock was only half-erect and I was half-hour late. Iona just looked furiously at me and said: "You bastard, coming too late and not fully erect!!. Now you have to stay here tonight, I will pick you up tomorrow morning at eight o'clock sharp". With these words she left me again naked in the park. I sneaked back deep into the park and was hiding until 8 o'clock in the evening when I managed to sneak into the gent's toilet.

I was creeping up into one corner of a cubicle and was so happy when I heard the warden lock the door from the outside.

Pooh, at least indoors tonight with a possibility to sleep on the floor. I thought but. soon I heard voices outside and in came two guys who had managed to open the door. They seemed to be quite rough types what I could hear from their way of talking so I decided to sneak out as soon as they seemed to be settled in.

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However, the guys started to undress and teasing each other and I had to listen to a male 69 that should have been an interesting show under other circumstances. Finally they came and told each other which a fantastic fuck it had been.

Just then I took the opportunity to rush towards the door to get out but. they had locked the door again.

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One of the big fellows, very tall and hairy, walked up to me and said: "Hey, little creep stay with us and have some fun". He grabbed my dick and put a finger up in my ass.


As a genuine sub this humiliation made me very horny which he could feel in my cock. "Good that you are horny so you will enjoy me fucking you". Saying this he put me on my all four and rammed his big cock straight into me and started to fuck hard. This was the first time I was fucked by a man but besides the pain I was nearly ashamed by starting to like it. Just when he was to burst he withdraws his cock and sprayed his big load over my back and ass.

"You like it you little creep"; he said and smeared his cum into my ass, balls and cock. Now the other guy ordered me to fuck him and went down on hands and knees and put his hairy ass up in my face. The first guy at the same time said: "I am sure you little sub creep would like to be whipped as well so I will help you with your fucking". Saying this he took the belt out of his jeans and told me to mount the other guy.

Feeling the cum smeared into my bottom and awaiting the whipping gave me an extraordinary hard on. This was good because the asshole I was fucking was quite small. The hard whipping helped me to penetrate the ass and after 20-30 lashes I was shooting inside the guy. "Now we need to sleep a little but tomorrow we will enjoy this little slave again.

You sleep there ", he said and showed me a corner.

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"Of course, this corner also happens to be our toilet". With these words he started to pee all over me making me very wet as well as the floor I was to sleep on. The other guy ordered me to lie on my back whereafter he also urinated all over my head and body, not at least on my genitals. There was a clock on the wall and it approached 8 before the warden unlocked the door. It was the time I should meet Iona.

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With the two guys still sleeping I rushed out and towards the meeting point. Luckily enough there were only some joggers out at this time in the morning and they didn't care too much about me.

Probably thinking I was part of a streaking group of students.


10 minutes late I arrived to Iona's car with less than a half erect penis. I fell on my knees and kissed her toes to apologise but she only said: "Late again and no erection!. You show no respect for your Mistress and will be punished the whole day, you worthless slave! And you are smelling of urine and cum and I see whip-marks on your ass.

Looks like you had a very good time". She opened the door and let me in as the wet dog I were. At her house she just let me out to be on all four in her garden. After a while she opened the door and whistled for me to come. As fast as possible on all four I reached the door just as she slammed it close. Outside the door were two bowls, one with water and one with some food.

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Hungry as I was I ate it before her dogs should get the smell of it. Soon Jack came out naked. Jack is one of Iona's lovers, very tall and strong with some sadistic instincts.


He put a collar around my neck and a leash on it. Then he took me to a place outside Iona's bedroom, which has full size windows along the whole wall to the garden so you can see everything going on inside.

He tied me with a very short leash at a tree forcing me to look into the windows. He then me a big pee all over me and even grabbed my hair and turned up my face so he could pee into my mouth. The rest of the morning I had to watch how he and Iona made love in all thinkable ways, probably enjoying knowing that my hungry and horny eyes followed every detail of what they were doing.

At lunchtime he came out and ordered me to lick his cock clean of his own cum mixed with Iona's juices. He carried a leather-whip in his hand and told me that Iona asked him to give me 25 lashes because of my bad behaviour.

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Jack is so strong and he enjoys so much to inflict pain on other people so I really got it. Worst was when he ordered me to part my legs so the end of the whip hit my balls and sometimes even my poor dick.

In the afternoon Jack came out with the biggest erection and walked up to me telling me to get down with my face towards the ground and my ass up so it should be easier for him to penetrate me. Fucked again by a man. He did it very hard and again, after getting used to the pain, I must admit that I loved it and was disappointed when he took out his cock and blew the load over my ass and back.

He then whistled for the big dog to come and lick it all up which it did with big intensity. When it licked my balls and the shaft of my cock I couldn't help but getting a big hard on. When Jack saw this he lay down besides me on his back and ordered me to fuck his ass and at the same time jerk his cock. When I saw Iona naked in the window and playing with her tits and pussy I got a real horny kick and did a fantastic fucking of Jack's ass and he and I came at the same time.

Afterwards he told me to lick him clean and then I got 12 farewell lashes with the whip before I was led to the gate and let out on the street to my car as a dog on all four, smelly and dirty after the most humiliating weekend in my life.