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Kristina web amater pozega croatia
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"Whats going on in here?" The voice echoed around the room, and at once she knew who it was, her brother. Emyd calmly swivelled on the bed and spoke calmly. "Hey Josh, umm Aria fell" He said as he stood up.

Aria tried to hide herself under the covers. "mmhmm" Josh turned to Emyd" The games on downstairs, you coming?" He asked. "yeah"" He said as he took a few steps over to the door, but then turned to Aria" You shoudl stay in bed for a while, you know, just in case." As he walked out and left Aria, she could still feel his lips on hers.

Aria quickly got dressed into a blue summer dress, that went down to her knees. As she walked out of the room and to the top of the stairs, the boys cried out. "Goal!!!!!!!" She heard her brother yell, followed by the sounds of high fives.

They had only just calmed down as Aria walked into the loung room. Emyd looked at her, but then went back to the game. "Hey Ari, can you get me a beer?" Her brother asked her. "Umm, do i look like a waitress to you?" She scoffed. There was a silence untill. "Ummm, was that a rhetorical question?" He joked, as all his mates laughed. Aria rolled her eyes, there was no use argueing, it would only start a fight, that her brother was sure to win by tickling her. As Aria passed the beer to her brother, she fell asleep on the couch beside him.

When she woke up, she was alone in the lounge room. She went upstairs, only to see that Emyd was in the spare room reading something. "hey" she said as he looked up and gave her one of his crinkly smiles. "hey, your head better?" "It didnt hurt to start with" Aria said. "Come here, let me check" Aria didn't resist. She heard her brothers drunken snores in the next room.

Emyd checked the spot where she had hit herself. "Looks ok" He said, but instead of letting go he put his arms around her waist. He buried his face in her hair.

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"Your hair smells nice." Emyd said, and then Aria laughed. "No really it does" Aria turned around laughing.


"Your so weird" She teased. "Yup, thats me Mr. Crazy" They both laughed but then went dead silent. He put his hand on her cheek, and she closed her eyes. She put her hand on the back of his head and pulled him to her, they were just about to kiss when Emyd pulled away. "Im sorry, i can't do this, your like a sister to me, and.and your my best friends sister" He babbled.

"So?" She gave him a confused look. "I shouldn't even be." He waas cut off by Aria putting her fingers over his mouth. "I want you Emyd." Her voice was low, and seductive. "I've always been afraid to." She cut him off again, this time by pressing her lips to his. She pulled him onto the bed and he went willingly. He kissed her back hungrily and she grabbed for the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off, their kiss broke for 2 seconds to take it off, but then they returned to their passionate kiss.

She roamed his body with her hands, feeling his strong chest. Emyd sat her up, so he could pull off her dress. When he did he stared at her almost naked body. At this, Aria was embarrases.

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She covered herself with her arms. "No stop" Emyd said as he moved her arms. "Your beautiful" He murmured as he kissed her collar bone. She twisted her fingers into his hair as he moved down her chest, he looked up at her and she groaned, which he took as an 'ok'. He sucked on her nipple, making it erect and went to the other one.

Aria groaned, but then clamped her mouth shut. "I want to hear you" Emyd said as he looked up at her. "I want to hear everything" He said as he returned to her breasts. "But, but Josh" She whined. "He's in a drunken sleep, he won't wake up untill tomorrow." He moved down to her stomache, kissing her flat stomache.

As he got to her underwear he slid them off and threw them to the floor. "wow" he said and he licked her most sensetive place.

Aria almost screamed at this intense feeling, she had never felt anything like this before! "You taste so good" he said. Arias groans her louder and Emyd continued to drive her almost to climax. "Em. I'mm gonna.!" Aria screamed, she was so close!

Finally her climax came like a wave rippling all through her body. When it was over her body was covered in sweat and she breathed heavily. "That was amazing Em" Aria breathed, and Emyd smiled at her. Aria could clearly see the buldge in his jeans. She sat up and undid his jeans, she wanted him to be as naked as she was.

When she got down to his underwear, she hesitated.


"It's ok if you don't want." "SHH!" Aria comanded and Emyd shut up. As Aria removed his underwear, his erectioin sprang up. She put her hand on it and rubbed it and Emyd hung his head back. Aria began to pump her hand faster and began to lick the head of his penis. It was salty, by Aria liked the way tasted. Emyd's loiud groans echoed in the room. In an instant he had Aria on her back.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" He questioned. "Yes im positive" She answered, trying to force his head down to hers.

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"ok." He said as he teased himself on her pussy lips. Aria groaned as he pushed himself in just a little bit, she gasped as she tried to force back tears. She was a virgin, but not after tonight. As Emyd slowly eased himself in, he was breathing hard.

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When he got himself fully in he pulled himself out a little bit and then pushed himself back in, which make Aria groan. She had a handfull of his hair, and in the other hand, the sheets on the bed. As Emyd started going wiht more speed, Aria didn't breath, she didn't want to miss a ny single thing that he did to her.

It was amazing, by this time he was going fast, faster than Aria had expected, she was screaming his name, she didn't care who heard! "Ari look at me" He said into her ear. Aria forced her eyes open to look at him. His face was flushed, and his breathing hard "Ari.

im" He managed to get out before she felt his penis twitch inside of her and shoot his seed into her.

This made Aria have her orgasm. Her whole body shook, this was a mind blowing orgasm, far better than anything she had ever done. Their pants where as loud and hard as eachothers, and Emyd fell ona heap onto Aria. "I love you Em" She breathed heavily. "I love you to Ari" he said as he kissed her, and they fell asleep in each others arms :). IF YOU WANTY A PART 3 COMMENT!! :D

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