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Maman qros seins son flis sex
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This is Chapter 3 of the "Yes, Detective" series. I hope you all like it! Chapter 4 should be out soon after this one posts! ***Please remember that this story (in fact, all of my stories) are FICTION. Please don't comment about how unrealistic the story is nor vote negatively with that opinion.*** ///// Chapter 3 Abby hauls her mother's bag into the house with a groan of effort.

"Jesus mom, what did you bring with you?" Abby groans and Dana smiles as she brings in one of the lighter bags. Abby's mother hits her lightly on the arm. "How am I supposed to know how long we're staying here? Everything you told me about that horrendous family makes me think we'll be here a while." Abby's mother says then walks back out to grab more bags. Dana sets down the bags she has and tries not to think about the words Abby's mother said.

Abby sets down the bag she is holding and walks closer to the other woman. "I'm sorry about my-" Dana stops Abby with a small sad smile. "Don't apologize. She doesn't know and even if she did.she wouldn't be wrong." Dana whispers and walks past Abby to close the trunk of the car. Abby sighs and bites her lip. Her mother walks into the house with Dana following behind her. "I hope you two don't mind sharing a bed.

Abby only thought about me and herself when she bought the house." Her mother says. Abby groans and palms her face. "I totally forgot about that. I can sleep on the couch." Dana starts to say she will sleep on the couch but Abby's mother steps in with a mischievous smirk only her daughter recognizes. "You girls are FRIENDS, are you not? The bed is the perfect size for the two of you. It shouldn't be a problem, right?" Without waiting for an answer, Abby's mother grabs her bags and walks down the hallway and into her bedroom.

Abby narrows her eyes after her mother. "She's being suspicious." Abby says and looks back at the brunette. Dana raises her eyebrow. "She's the sweetest woman I've ever met." Dana grabs her bag and goes into the second bedroom.

Abby rolls her eyes and follows her inside. They silently unpack their things and Dana hides the guns in the closet on the shelf. They come back out and see that Abby's mother has started cooking already.

Dinner is filled with talking about her mother's life in Maine and laughing at Abby's funny childhood embarrassments. Every time something about the Morgan family came up Abby would change the subject. Her mother was becoming suspicious but never asked her anything on the subject. Abby and Dana volunteer to wash the dishes and let Abby's mother go to bed and make it an early night for her.

Abby washes the last dish and leans against the sink, looking at Dana. "Does your family know you like women?" Abby asks curiously. It has been in the back of her head ever since they met her mother at the station.

She had realized then that she was out to her family but she didn't know if it was the same for Dana. Dana shakes her head. "Only my father knew. He caught me in bed with a woman. Afterward, he said he'd never love me any less. I told him I wasn't ready to tell Mother and he took it to the grave like he said he would." Dana gives Abby a small smile before drying the last dish. She's adored the memory for quite some time.

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"Your mother-" Abby starts but Dana cuts her off. "My mother would die before she accepted her only daughter as a lesbian." Dana says softly and looks at Abby. The blonde bites her lip. "This whole time I've been upset about my situation and what my family is doing about the situation I've put them in.

Now I've thought about you and how hard you've had it all your life. I feel bad that-" Abby tries to explain but again Dana shuts her down again. "I don't need your pity." Dana snarls and turns to leave but Abby grabs her wrist to stop her. "Wait- it's not pity." Abby insists.

Dana tries to move away again but Abby traps her against the island in the middle of the kitchen with a hand planted on either side of the brunette's waist. "It's not Dana. I.I just want you to know that I'm thankful for all that you've done for me and my family." Abby says softly and absent-mindedly brushes a few dark locks away from her eyes. Dana closes her eyes and swallows the emotion in her throat yet again.

"My father was the only person who I connected with in my family. Brandon is Mother's favorite like he said, as I was my father's. I.I miss him." Dana opens up to Abby. Abby smiles before pushing back more hair and tucking it behind Dana's ear. Dana opens her eyes and looks at the detective with sad eyes. "When I take down the company I'm going to the FBI." Dana admits.

She had thought it about it the whole train ride here. It is the right thing to do. The company will be taken down either by her or the police. But the police would take too long and show up empty because she had already told Brandon to move his businesses elsewhere.

Abby's eyes widen in surprise. "You-You're going to take down your family's company? How can you do that? It's just you." Abby asks incredulously. Dana smirks and cups Abby's cheek.

"I have more friends then Brandon knows about." Dana husks and Abby looks at her in confusion. "What about you? Th-The FBI will-" Dana silences her with a kiss. Abby's eyes flutter closed and she wraps her arms around Dana.

Dana threads her fingers into blonde hair and moans deeply. Abby presses her harder into the island's counter with a groan. Someone, other than themselves, clears their throat and Abby and Dana pull away from the kiss to find Abby's mother smirking.

"Are you still going to say you're just friends?" Abby's mother asks and Dana looks at the ground, wiping the moisture from her lips shyly.

Abby sighs and tries to hide her smile. "Mom." Abby raises an eyebrow and her mother chuckles. It was just like when she was a teenager and her mother had walked in on her and her best friend kissing in the kitchen after sneaking down to eat ice cream during their sleepover.

Abby's mother walks into the kitchen and grabs a water bottle from the fridge. "Just getting a water." Abby's mother says as she leaves the kitchen with a smug smile.

Abby groans and looks at Dana. "I'm sorry about her." Abby says softly and reluctantly pulls away from the other woman. Dana feels the cold void when Abby steps away and shrugs. "It's okay." Dana says and gives Abby a smile before walking down the hallway to their room. Abby closes her eyes and wishes her mother hadn't interrupted them. Wait.She shouldn't want Dana at all.

She can't. Dana touches her lips as she looks in the mirror. She closes her eyes and feels Abby's lips against hers, soft, gentle, and warm. The door to the room opens and Dana snaps her eyes open to look at the detective in the mirror. Abby sees Dana's hand jerk away from her lips and her own lips tingle from the memory. Dana clears her throat and slides underneath the covers of the bed.

Abby dress into her pajamas and gets into bed next to the brunette. Abby reaches underneath the lamp shade and turns off the light. Dana takes a deep breath before turning her body to the blonde.

"I'm leaving in the morning." Dana states firmly. Abby's eyes widen and she quickly turns on her lamp again. "No- wait, why?- Dana, stay a little longer." Abby asks in confusion. Dana has no real reason to leave right now, does she? Abby asks herself. Dana sighs and smiles softly at he detective.


"I just need to take down the company before I lose my nerve or before they find you and your family." Dana says and stops herself from reaching her hand out and stroking Abby's cheek. Abby frowns and shakes her head. "You can stay here a while longer- get everything together." Abby offers and Dana shakes her head.

"I can't. I have to do this Abby. I'll have my friends to help me. I have over 6 people on my side." Dana insists and the blonde looks at her pleadingly. "Let me help. I'm a really good shot and-" Dana stops her. She can't let Abby get hurt, not because of her.

Her family has already done enough to the Warren family. Dana doesn't meet Abby's eyes and silently vows not to for the rest of her stay at the safe house. "And it's too dangerous. You're not going. You have a family to protect. How would your mother feel without a daughter?

Or your father? Your brothers don't need to lose another sibling, do they? And you're probably going to be an aunt, Abby. You. Are. Not. Coming." Dana makes her case and lays on her back. Abby opens her mouth to argue but Dana is right.

Abby has too many things to lose and Dana has nothing. Her family turned on her as she turned on them. Her brother is willing to kill her.

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Her mother couldn't care less and might be willing to do the same. She doesn't have anyone to fight for. Dana would die and no one would know because she doesn't even exist except to her family, personal friends, and the family's house staff.

Abby lays back down and closes her eyes. "Thank you." Abby whispers before reaching up to turn off the light. Right now, Abby is a robot. She can't have feelings for Dana leaving.

Her family means too much to her. Dana rolls away from Abby onto her side and falls into a restless sleep. Abby does the same. //// Abby wakes slowly when she feels the press of a palm to her stomach. Her eyes blink open and all she sees is dark hair cascading over her chest and shoulder. Abby smiles softly when she realizes Dana is curled against her. The brunette's head is on Abby's shoulder, her hand on Abby's stomach, and her legs wrapped around Abby's.

Abby runs her fingers through Dana's unruly hair and closes her eyes again. It's a few minutes later that Abby hears Dana's groan and her fingers stop. Dana lifts her head and sleepily gazes at Abby. The blonde simply stares at her. Dana's eyes scan her face, her eyes shining brightly even in the morning and her blonde hair tousled slightly. She leans forward and presses a light kiss to Abby's surprise stricken lips.

It's sweet and gentle. Nothing like last night.or anytime before then either. "You look really beautiful." She explains in a whisper when she pulls away. Abby continues to stare at Dana as the brunette gets out of bed and steps into the bathroom. Abby sits up and swings her legs out of bed, hearing several satisfying pops of her spine. Dana steps under the warm water and closes her eyes. Abby moves out of her bedroom to hear rustling in the kitchen with the smell of bacon wafting through the house.

Of course, her mother is up. She walks into the kitchen with a small smile when she sees her mother cooking eggs and bacon over the oven range. "Good morning sweetheart. Your plate is on the counter." Her mother says. Abby smiles and kisses her mother on the cheek. "Good morning. Thank you for cooking." Abby mumbles and takes a seat at the breakfast bar. Her mother turns with the skillet in hand and drops another piece of bacon on her plate.

"How did it go with Dana?" Her mother asks and Abby grunts with a large spoonful of eggs in her mouth. Her mother frowns and tilts her head to the side. "It didn't go well?" Abby looks up at her mother with sad eyes, swallowing the food in her mouth. "I can't tell you why but she's leaving. This morning. Probably when she gets out of the shower." Abby says and looks back to her food. Her mother sets the skillet down and turns off the burners. "She doesn't like you?

Is that why it was so awkward when I caught you two last night?" Her mother asks. Abby doesn't say anything. Letting her mother believe that Dana doesn't like her is easier than having to explain that she let the sister of the person who runs the Morgan company into their safe house.

Her mother sighs and starts washing the dishes and pans. "I'm sorry honey." Her mother comforts and Abby shrugs. Dana gets dressed and packs her bags, leaving one gun for Abby. Dana hesitates when she sees a pad of paper and pen but grabs for it and leaves Abby a note on her pillow. She walks out of the room to the smell of food and she smiles. She walks into the kitchen to see Abby nursing a plate of food and glass of orange juice at the breakfast bar.

The blonde doesn't look up at her and Dana isn't surprised that she doesn't. Abby's mother walks up to Dana with a warm smile but she could tell she was slightly angry. Abby must have told her mother about Dana leaving.hopefully nothing else. Abby's mother brings Dana into a hug. "It was very nice to meet you, Dana." Abby's mother whispers.

Dana smiles softly and pats the older woman's back. "You too Ms. Warren." Dana whispers back. Dana pulls away from the hug and takes the paper plate Abby's mother hands her. "Food for the road." Abby's mother says and Dana smiles. "Thank you, for everything." Dana says then walks to the front door. Dana hesitates when she grabs the door knob. She looks back to Abby. "Abby." Dana gets her attention.

Abby looks up at Dana and can't help but frown at the hurt she feels in her chest as she sees Dana prepared to leave. "I am so sorry for everything I have done." Dana says and looks straight into Abby's eyes. Abby hears Dana's genuine apology and bites her lip then nods in acceptance. Dana turns and walks out of the door. She sighs and walks to the bus station near the safe house. She swallows the emotions she didn't even know she had until they were trying to bubble up inside her.

Dana grabs her phone, calling those 6 people on her side and telling them the plan. Abby pushes her food away and pushes back her hair that had fallen loosely into her eyes. Neither Abby nor her mother says anything.

They simply watch tv, read books, and bake cookies all day the way they used to do. It's comforting to Abby. As is calling and talking to her father and brothers, making sure they are safe and comfortable in the safe houses.

Only when she walks in her room and sees the note on her pillow does her breath catch. Abby grabs the note and reads. Dear Abby, If I don't take down the company I want you to know that our time together was real and I am sorry I failed you and your family. Stay safe. -Dana Abby swallows and sits on the bed with the note in her hand. "Darling?" Abby looks up to see her mother.

"I don't know what Dana apologized for. I don't know why she left. I don't know who she is to you.but I do know that she cares about you and you care about her. Don't let her go. I did that once already for this family, we don't need a repeat. Alright?" Her mother says with a warm smile. Her mother had been served divorce papers by her father because their marriage had gone stale, according to her father. Her mother was devastated and wanted to continue trying. After a few more months of couples therapy, her father had ended the marriage for good.

They still spoke and continued to be a part of family activities. They still loved each other but it wasn't enough for their marriage to last. Her mother still regrets not trying hard enough. Abby closes her eyes and rubs them in frustration. "It.It's more difficult than that mom." Abby mumbled and her mother comes to sit beside her. "You're a smart young woman Abby. Make it un-difficult and go get her." Her mother insists and gently rubs her back.

Abby looks up at her mother. "If I leave you might loose me, mom. I can't put you through the hurt that you felt after Bailey.not again." Abby says softly and holds her mother's hand. Her mother smiles warmly, tears present in her eyes and she cups her daughter's cheek gently. "They way you look at her Abby makes me think we'll lose you if you lose her. I want you to be happy. You can't think of everyone else's life before yours anymore baby girl." Her mother says then kisses Abby's forehead.

"Leave for her Abby or I will kick you out of my safe house." Her mother jokes with a soft smile as she leaves the room. "This is my house." Abby joked back and smiles when she hears her mother's laugh. Abby stands up and grabs her bag from the closet. She packs her clothes and grabs the burner phone she had. She dials Jake's number.

"Detective Stevens." Jake answers and Abby smiles at his voice. "Glad to know you had better luck than me." Abby says and she hears his gasp over the phone. "Are you fucking kidding me, Abby? Are you okay? Where are you? What happened?" Jake asks frantically. Abby sighs and tells him everything. About Dana, being kidnapped, being rescued by Dana, protecting her family, Dana leaving. She doesn't tell him about her plan yet.

"That bitch." Jake growls and Abby chuckles. "She's okay Jake. She's taking down her own family. She'll probably go down for it too." Abby defends and Jake scoffs. "Then maybe I should sleep with her damn brother so we can all forgive each other." Jake's says and Abby rolls her eyes. "It's not about that Jake. She.She just." Abby tries to explain how Dana is different than her family.

"She's just a criminal Abby." Jake says and Abby sits down on the bed. "I need your help, Jake. She's going up against her brother with only 6 people on her side. He has over 20 men at their location. It'll be a massacre." Abby changes the subject promptly. "What do you want me to do?" Jake asks curiously.

"I need the whole damn precinct at 7998 Highland drive at 1 o'clock to help her take down the family." Abby says confidently. "What? No way! That's less than 5 hours Abby and you're in Maine. You won't get here in time." Jake yells in frustration. "I'll be there and I'll go in alone if I have to so make it happen, Jake. Thank you." Abby hangs up just as Jake starts yelling again.

Abby takes a deep breath and walks out to meet her mother. Her mother smiles at the bag on her shoulder and pulls her into a hug. "I love you so much and I am so proud of you." Her mother whispers in her ear. Abby feels her heart clench in emotion and hugs her mother tighter. "I love you too mom." Abby whispers back and forces herself not to cry. Her mother pulls back and wipes the tears from her cheeks.

"Now get on out of here, baby girl." Her mother says and kisses her forehead again. Abby smiles and walks out of the door. She takes the bus to the nearest helipad station and gets a ride to New York.

//// Dana pulls the bulletproof vest over her chest and straps it in. "Are you sure about this Dana?" Her friend, Georgia asks and Dana nods her head. Georgia straps in her vest along with her other five friends and grabs their weapons and as much ammo they can take. Dana takes a deep breath and stands in front of everyone.

"I know you all have families. I know it's hard to leave them to come do this for a mere friend.I'm sorry I'm asking you to do this for me. You are free to leave if you want, nothing will come between our friendship. I hate myself for asking you to do this." Dana promises and looks around the room at her friends. Georiga clears her throat after looking around the room herself. "I think I speak for everyone when I say you're not a friend, Dana. You're family.

We wouldn't be here if we didn't mean it." None of them move an inch. Dana smiles. "Thank you, all of you." Dana says and her friends smile. Georiga quickly drives them to the address Dana gives her with Dana in the front seat biting nervously at her fingernails. When they reach the house Dana leads them out of the van and over the wall of the compound.

She pulls out her handgun and watches the area as her friends jump over as well. Dana instructs Georgia and her group to go to the South entrance and motions for her group to follow her to the North entrance.

Two men stand guard at the front door. Dana looks at James and he gets into position. Within seconds, two bullets fly through the air and make both men crumple to the ground. Dana and her group move forward, bursting through the door and shooting at the threats. It's loud but Dana can faintly hear shouts of orders from Brandon's men and the other gun fire from Georgia's group.

"Kelsey, with me. James, Sof, cover us." Dana yells over the gunfire. Dana and Kelsey go up the stairs quickly as James and Sophia let bullets fly at Brandon's men, forcing them to take cover. Dana breathes through her nose to calm her heart. Her father had taught her the trick when allowing her to go through the fake shootout simulation the company had set up. Dana hears a gunshot behind them then Kelsey's scream. Dana whips around to send two bullets into a man's chest.

He crumples to the ground and Dana grabs Kelsey by her vest, dragging her into the closest room. Kelsey pants for air as her hands fail to keep the blood in her chest. The mix of blood and gunfire make Dana gag but she presses both hands to the wound in Kelsey's chest. Kelsey struggles to breathe as blood rises in her throat. "No! Stay with me Kelsey! Come on!" Dana yells and tries to keep Kelsey's eyes on hers.

She had met the redhead when her Father had saved Kelsey from her abusive husband. She's been with the family ever since. Kelsey stops breathing, her eyes still wide in fear. Dana growls and slams her fist against the wall, leaving behind a bloody hand-print.

"What a shame." Brandon says from behind her. Dana spins around and points her gun at Brandon with slippery hands. Brandon stands up and leans against the front of his desk. "She's beautiful." Brandon says and looks away from Kelsey to Dana. Dana brushes the tears away with her arm and holds the gun tighter.

Brandon chuckles and reaches onto his desk for something out of Dana's sight. "Don't." Dana growls and Brandon raises an eyebrow. "You won't shoot me, Dana, I'm your brother." Brandon continues to reach for the object. Dana takes aim and pulls the trigger. Brandon jerks his hand away with a gasp as the bullet grazes his forearm. "Hands. Up. Now." Dana demands. Brandon clenched his jaw and his eyes flare with anger. Rage. Brandon reluctantly raises his hands above his head.

Abby was already walking through the house. Jake had told her the team was 10 minutes away but the gunfire prompted her to go in alone. A few bodies were lying on the ground with blood surrounding them and their guns in their hands.

Two men round the corner and Abby shoots them down. She creeps up the stairs and checks the first door. Nothing. Abby backs up and walks down the hallway until she meets another door. Nothing. Abby backs up again but this time something cold and hard presses between her shoulder blades. "Abby Warren.

Finally, we meet." A female voice says behind her. "Gun." She says and Abby raises her hands and allows the person to take the gun from her hand.

"Turn around, come on." Abby turns around and immediately recognizes Heather Morgan, the mother of Dana and Brandon. Heather smiles. "Let's go meet the rest of the family, shall we? Turn around and walk." Abby does as she is instructed and the barrel of the gun presses against her back again, pushing her to move forward. "There is a police squad on their way Ms. Morgan." Abby says, trying to keep her heart rate down.

Heather chuckles as they stop at a door. "They won't be a problem if we have one of their detective's, now will they?" Heather asks but as soon as Abby is about to respond Heather pushes the door open to reveal Dana, blood covering her hands holding a gun at Brandon. Abby looks to the dead redhead on the floor with a bullet wound to her chest.

Dana must have tried to save her. Dana looks at the door and her eyes widen when she sees Abby being held at gunpoint by her mother. "Abby!" Dana yells through clenched teeth. Abby gulps at the death glare from the brunette.

Without Dana's knowledge, Brandon had grabbed the gun from his desk and pointed it at her. "Drop your gun darling. We don't want to hurt you." Her mother says with a kind smile. Dana looks from her brother to her mother. One gun at her, one at Abby. "No. Hurt me, let her go." Dana says and keeps her gun firmly pointed on Brandon. Abby's eyes widen in panic. Her mother clicks her tongue. "Oh, sweetheart that isn't how we do business anymore." Her mother admonishes and slams the butt of her gun against the back of Abby's skull.

Abby winces and falls to her knees. Dana tenses and starts to move to Abby but her mother presses the gun into the side of Abby's temple. "She's your weakness. Your father was mine. I had to get rid of him." Her mother says coldly. Dana falters and drops her gun to her side.

"You." Dana starts and tears prick the back of her eyes. Abby closes her eyes as she feels something warm trickling down her neck. Dana's mother killed their father. Heather sighs and rolls her eyes. "This is why I didn't let your father pick you to be his successor. You're far too emotional." Heather says in disinterest.

Dana clenches her jaw. "You killed our father? Your husband?" Dana spits in rage. Her mother doesn't say anything. Dana looks at Brandon. "Did you know about this? Did you know our mother killed our father?" Dana asks furiously. Brandon nods his head. "She promised me the rule of the company. Father was always too weak Dana." Brandon says just as coldly as their mother.

Dana shakes her head. "You both make me sick." Dana says venomously. Heather chuckles and jerks Abby's head back by her hair.

Abby lets out a yelp of pain and Dana steps towards her. Her mother presses the gun hard against Abby's jaw. "You make me sick, Dana. Sleeping with this woman. You are a Morgan and you will ruin our reputation with your nonsense. No daughter of mine will be a lesbian." Heather snarls and Dana narrows her eyes at her mother.

"You both have already destroyed our reputation! I am not your daughter, not anymore!" Heather narrows her eyes at her daughter then looks to Brandon. "Grab her gun, Brandon. Then come over here and keep Abby company- and take off that ridiculous vest, Dana.

I would've shot you already if I wanted to." Heather says sickly sweet. Dana hesitates but gives in after Brandon takes her gun, pulling off the vest. Brandon stands next to Abby with the barrel of his gun pressed against her forehead. Abby looks up at Brandon with a glare.

Heather walks to Dana and cups her chin. Dana tries to pull away but her mother's grip only tightens. "You listen to me, my dear." Heather growls and looks straight into Dana's eyes. "I'm going to kill this woman. Then we're going to leave. You don't have a choice in this family anymore. If you want to live? Do. As. I. Say." Heather finishes with a hard glare. Dana rips her chin from her mother's grip.

Abby sees this going badly. She knows Heather is willing to kill her daughter. "You think-" Dana starts angrily but Abby cuts her off. "Go, Dana. Please, just leave." Abby pleads, tears stinging her eyes as she looks at Dana. Dana gawks at the blonde and shakes her head. "Are you crazy?

No! They'll kill you! I can't just let that happen, I can't. I won't, Abby." Dana says firmly. Heather chuckles and turns to Abby, pointing the gun at her as well Brandon. "You can't stop us, though, can you dear?" Heather smirks and starts to pull her trigger.

Abby clenches her eyes tightly. Dana feels like she's moving in slow motion when she jumps out and knocks her mother's gun upward, the bullet hits the plaster of the ceiling. Another shot rings out and Dana feels searing hot pain slice through her side. Heather's guns clatter to the floor from the impact. Dana cries out and falls to the floor. Abby opens her eyes at Dana's cry. Brandon smirks proudly at shooting his sister. Abby grabs both of his guns and stands up quickly, aiming one at Heather and the other at Brandon.

"Don't!" Abby yells when Heather reaches for her guns. Heather raises her hands as does Brandon. Dana sucks air into her lungs and blinks rapidly, trying to get a sense of how bad the damage is. Dana raises her head slightly and looks down at the blood seeping into her shirt. "Dana? Talk to me." Abby asks and tries to look at Dana.

Dana swallows hard and closes her eyes. "I-It hurts Ab-Abby." Dana gasps out. Abby clenches her jaw and glares at Brandon and Heather. The door behind Abby opens and two men in SWAT vests step into the room with Jake following. "Jake. Paramedics, now!" Abby orders and Jake doesn't hesitate for a second before turning to get paramedics. She runs to Dana as the SWAT team puts Heather and Brandon in handcuffs. She holds the wound as she looks at Dana. "You're okay. Look at me." Dana opens her eyes and looks at the blonde.

Abby smiles at Dana. "You'll be okay. I promise.

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Keep your eyes open, Dana." Abby says as the paramedics rush into the room. Dana smiles slightly but it is pained. "We need you to move ma'am. Her name's Dana?" One of the paramedics asks and Abby nods her head. She feels Jake's hands pull her away from Dana and the paramedics take over. "Abby, come downstairs.

We'll get you checked out." She pushes Jake away. "I'm fine. She needs me." Abby mutters and crosses her arms, trying to catch what the paramedics are saying.

Dana blinks her eyes open and the paramedic shines a light into them. She looks at Abby briefly before she groans and has to close her eyes at the pain. "Alright, let's get her out of here." One of the paramedics says and they carefully pull Dana onto the stretcher. Dana groans in pain at the move. "Open your eyes, Dana.

Stay with us okay?" One of the paramedics says as they stroll her downstairs. Dana groans and whimpers in pain at every bump of the stretcher.

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Abby follows them until they get into the ambulance, then Jake grabs her arms to stop her from getting on. "Abby, you can't go with her. Come on. Let someone check you out." Jake insists and leads her away from Dana's ambulance. Abby lets him because making a scene in front of her whole precinct was not in her best interest at the moment. Abby sits down inside another ambulance as Dana's drives off. Dana opens her eyes and looks around the ambulance.

"Abby? Wh.Where's Ab-Abby?" Dana stumbles as she asks the paramedic for the blonde. The paramedic gives her hand a reassuring squeeze. "Detective Warren had her own injuries to be treated. I'm sure you'll see her soon." The paramedic assures her and Dana groans in pain again.

"It hurts." Dana grumbles and grips the railing of the stretcher with white knuckles. The paramedic feels her head and curses under his breath. "Andrea, drive faster." The paramedic whispers harshly to the woman in the front named Andrea.

She feels her eyes slipping closed even as the paramedic urges her to keep them open. Black. Abby winced as the paramedic makes the final stitch to the back of her head from where Heather had slammed the butt of her gun to get her on her knees.

"You're all done detective. You have no sign of a concussion but take it easy. Go to the hospital if you feel dizzy, nauseous-" Abby cuts him off. "Thank you. I get the gist." Abby says and stands up. She walks over to her Captain. "Warren, it was a ballsy move going in there alone. There's a body count of 20 with 10 injured. You should have waited for the squad." Abby sighs and looks at her Captain tiredly.

"Captain, I just took down the family I've been fighting against for three years. You could suspend me and I wouldn't be upset.

I got justice for a 22-year-old boy. Fire me, I don't care. If you want to make me really upset tell me I am a shitty detective and I handled the whole situation completely wrong." Abby says confidently and holds her hands behind her back as a sign of respect. Her Captain smiles proudly. "You didn't handle it in the best way but.Good work, Detective." Her Captain appraises and walks away with a smile.

Abby walks to her car and unlocks the door. "Hey! Where do you think you're going?" Jake calls out as he runs up to her. Abby turns to her partner. "To the hospital." Abby says and Jake snatches her keys before she can jerk them away. "Well, you have a head injury so no driving for you. Get in." Abby frowns but allows Jake to drive her to the hospital. Jake glances at Abby as she stares out the window.

"She's still a criminal Abby. You need to keep that in mind." Jake says softly, knowing Abby was worrying about Dana. Abby looks at Jake and shakes her head. "I don't care, Jake. Not after she saved my life and my family. She took the bullet that was meant for me." Abby says back and Jake nods his head in his resignation of the conversation.

Abby watches out the window until they reach the hospital. She asks the nurse station about Dana and they tell her she's still in surgery. Abby sighs and sits down in the waiting room. "You don't have to stay, you know. I'll be fine here. You can take my car, I'll grab a cab." Abby says to Jake.

Jake is hesitant.

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"I mean it Jake. I'll be okay." Jake sighs and nods his head. "Okay but you're not coming to work tomorrow. Get some rest instead, deal?" He asks as he narrows his eyes at Abby. Abby smiles and pushes him away playfully. "Deal. Get out of here." Abby smiles and Jake smiles back. Abby grabs a magazine and tries to interest herself as much as she can about actors and musicians but it's difficult. Abby looks at the clock and only 30 minutes have passed by.

//// Dana's head feels fuzzy and her eyes feel droopy. Her brain fights to tell her eyes to open and they do eventually. Dana looks around the room she is in.

She's in a hospital. Why? Everything comes rushing back to her. Trying to save Kelsey, seeing Abby held at gunpoint by her mother, saving Abby, being shot by her brother, Abby telling her everything is okay, ambulance, then darkness. Dana looks around the room until her eyes land on Abby sleeping on the couch in her room. Dana tries to speak but her throat feels too dry and raw. Her body aches. Especially her stomach. She looks around for the nurse button, pressing it once. A nurse quietly opens her door and smiles at Dana.

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"Hi, sweetheart. I'm Helen. How are you feeling?" Helen asks quietly so not to wake Abby. Dana swallows roughly. "S-Sore." Dana manages and Helen gives her an ice chip. Dana smiles as the cool liquid slides down her rough throat. Helen smiles warmly and checks Dana's vitals. "Do you remember what happened, Dana?" Helen asks and fixes the position of the IV in her arm.

Dana nods and Helen smiles gently. "Then you know that the detective outside will have to speak to you soon, now that you're awake?" Helen asks carefully. Dana sadly nods her head and looks to Abby, who groans in her sleep. Helen looks to Abby also. "She's been here ever since you went into surgery. Do you care that she stays?" Helen asks. Dana shakes her head. Helen smiles and checks the monitors again before writing something down.

Dana reaches for another ice chip but her hand is stopped by cold metal around her wrist. Dana frowns at the handcuff linked from her wrist to her bed rail.

"That is just a precaution for now. The detective insisted." Helen says softly and watches Dana closely. Dana nods her head. "I understand." Dana mumbles and drops her hand back to the bed.

Helen finishes whatever she is writing and leaves Dana with a smile. Abby groans and moves around on the uncomfortable couch. She flinches when pain shoots through the back of her head.

Abby sits up and tries to ignore the stitches. "Abby." Dana gets out softly. Abby sits up and smiles. "You're awake." Dan nods her head and Abby walks over to her bed.

"How do you feel? Does it hurt?" Abby asks in concern. "I want you to leave." Dana says softly. She knew that if Abby stayed here with her that Abby would be questioned on their relationship.

Abby's eyebrows furrow in confusion. "Why? What's wrong?" Abby asks and reaches for Dana's hand but The brunette pulls away. "You'll get in trouble with your precinct if you stay here with a criminal. People will doubt your loyalty. Leave. Live your life. You're free from me and my family now." Dana says firmly.

Abby shakes her head. "I don't care. You saved my life, Dana-" Abby tries to make Dana understand that no matter what she would be there for her now but Dana was having none of it. "Don't make me get security, Abby." Dana threatens and the look of disappointment on Abby's face is almost enough to let her stay.

Almost. "Get out." Dana snarls as much as she can at the detective. Abby clenched her jaw and walks out of the room, tears of pain and rage stinging her eyes. She doesn't know why Dana is pushing her away but it is making her angry. Dana sighs and rests her head back against the bed.

A knock on her door brings her attention to a tall guy in his 40's with a badge. "Ms. Morgan, I need to get your statement about what happened earlier today and then I need to know everything you know about your family's business.

The FBI is willing to work out a deal for your cooperation and information." Dana motions him in. "I'll talk about earlier today but for everything else, I will need my lawyer and I want this recorded." The FBI agent nods his head and takes a seat next to her bed. Dana takes a deep breath and starts from the beginning when she fought with her brother.

//// It takes two years of testifying against her mother and brother in court, while she was serving her own sentence, for Dana to finally escape them. They're both sent to prisons far away from hers for 30 years. She hadn't seen Abby since the day in the hospital. Though, Dana had made sure of that. Making the deal with the FBI agent had been easy. They got their information and cooperation from her and, working with her lawyer, she only got 8 years in jail and a deal for the FBI to keep Abby Warren away from her for those 8 years, even while she was testifying.

Dana needed Abby to move on from the Morgan family and enjoy her own. Abby had. Not for the first year but she eventually visited her family more often and started dating again. Her family, especially her mother, was furious when she told them about what happened. It took her mother 2 weeks to forgive her daughter for not only bringing Dana into the house but also leaving to walk into a massacre.

Dana smiles when she checks the calendar. December 21, 2024. The day she is released. Multiple prison friends cheer for her as she walks out of the building. Dana looks up, expecting to see her lawyer but she stops dead in her tracks when she sees Abby instead, her jaw drops. Dana moves her eyes down Abby's body. Her hair was cut shorter, she has on tight jeans and boots with a warm winter coat.

Dana was dressed in some old jeans, gym shoes, and a thin leather jacket. Abby smiles smugly. "Dana." Abby greets and pushes off the hood of her car, the famous old-fashioned ride that she picked Dana up in for their date.

Dana closes her mouth and clears her throat. "Abby.what are you doing here?" Dana asks, trying to sound confident but her voice is shaky. Abby sighs and her breath can be seen clearly in the winter weather. "If I'm being honest? I don't know." Abby says and starts walking towards Dana as she talks. "I mean, here I am, standing outside a prison in the middle of winter waiting for the woman who saved my life and my family then used the FBI to ban me from seeing her." Abby says casually and stops a foot away from Dana.

Dana swallows and looks away at the guilt she feels. "I can't give her anything in return for saving my family, my life, or for taking the bullet that was meant for me." Abby says then uses one finger to lead Dana's eyes back to hers. The simple touch is electric, something both women realized they had missed all these years.

Abby smiles softly, warmly, and confidently. "But I can get her into my warm amazing car, drive her to the best little diner I can find, and buy her some damn breakfast." Abby's smile turns into a smirk and Dana smiles back. "Does that sound good to you?" Abby asks and Dana nods her head. She opens the door for Dana before getting in the driver's seat.

Dana moans softly and rubs her hands on her thighs. This winter was one of New York's worst by far. Abby smiles at Dana's reactions to the heat before driving off in silence on the hunt for a diner. They find one in a small little county not far away from the prison and walk inside to seat themselves. The dinner looks like it's set in the 1950's with crimson booths and metal bar stools.

"Hello, ladies.


What can I get you? Maybe some hot chocolates, huh?" The older waitress asks as she looks at Dana's shivering body. Abby smiles. "I will have a coffee and pancakes with bacon please." Abby orders and looks to Dana. Dana smiles at the waitress. "I will have a hot chocolate and pancakes with bacon also, please." The waitress smiles and takes their menus before turning to place their orders. Abby looks at Dana and bites her lip. " was the prison?" Abby asks casually.

Dana smiles and chuckles. Abby chuckles also but waits for the brunette's answer. "Um, scary at first. Not many people liked me because of my family but a lot of other people liked me because I brought them down." Dana starts and sighs softly. "I made some friends and it was a blessing that I did because there was a prison riot between two gangs the first year I was there. My friends and I managed to hide and ride it out in the library." Dana says with a smile.

The waitress sets their mugs on the table and she takes a sip, moaning at the chocolate hotness running down her throat. Oh, how she misses the real world. Abby smiles at Dana's moan. "That hot chocolate is good, huh?" Abby says all too smugly before sipping her coffee.

Dana opens her eyes from her blissful moment and narrows her eyes at the blonde with a smirk. "You have no idea how great it is to have real hot chocolate after having to drink hot milk with melted chocolate bars in it just so you can have hot chocolate during Christmas- if you're lucky enough to let the cook give you milk." Dana glares slightly but the smile on her face lets the blonde know she is joking. Abby bites her lip. "How were Christmas' and everything?" Abby asks gently, knowing without having to ask that it was bad for Dana.

Dana rests her head in one hand with her elbow on the table as she looks into her mug. "Rough. Because they're not dead, they're just in prison. Where they belong but still, I put them there. It's a horrible thing to do to your family." Dana says softly and takes another drink of her hot chocolate. Abby reaches across the table and holds Dana's hand. "It was the right thing for you to do." Abby whispers softly but knows Dana won't take it to heart.

Dana looks up at her and nods her head with a small smile. "Pancakes with bacon for you two ladies. Is there anything else I can get you?" The waitress asks as she sets down their plates. Dana's stomach grumbles hungrily at the smell of pancakes and bacon.

"No, thank you." Abby answers and the waitress walks away. Dana moans deeply at the first bite of pancakes doused in syrup. Abby smiles and takes her own bite. They eat quietly with the occasional moan from Dana at the food or simple small talk. Which was considerably awkward since they've never had a lot of small talks throughout the time they've known each other. Abby pays for their food and they relax against the worn out padded leather benches.

"Does your family hate me?" Dana asks the blonde. Abby finishes off her coffee. "No. They were more upset with me about traveling with you. And also going into 'a massacre,' as my mom likes to put it. My mom actually wanted to thank you for tackling your own mother to knock the gun away from shooting me. She was outraged that you got 8 years for your sentence." Abby says with a smile. Dana smiles back then looks at Abby's lips when she bites her bottom lip. She looks away when Abby clears her throat, not noticing Dana's staring because she was doing her own at Dana's cleavage.

"You didn't let me stay that day in the hospital.then you wouldn't let me see you. Why?" Abby asks the one thing she's been upset about with Dana for 8 years. Dana looks at Abby and tilts her head to the side. "Would you have come to see me at the prison? Tried to help me? Made sure I was okay?" Dana asks without answering Abby's question. Abby knows she would have done all of those things. "Yes, I think I would've." Abby answers and Dana sighs. "That is why I didn't let you stay or see me.

You wouldn't live your life if I was still in it. I was hoping you would forget me." Dana says softly and looks Abby in the eyes. Abby smiles and shakes her head. "Forgetting you is impossible Dana." Dana's lips twitch up at the start of a smile.

"What a shame." She husks and a smirk spreads across her lips. Abby licks her lips and heat flares between her legs.

All these years and Dana still manages to turn Abby on with her voice alone. "Shall we go?" Dana asks and it jerks Abby back into reality. She blinks and stands up with Dana. Dana walks out of the diner first with Abby behind her.

"Where to?" Abby asks. Dana gasps when her foot slips on ice covering the sidewalk and she falls back into Abby. Abby catches her quickly with her arms around Dana's waist. Abby chuckles and Dana joins in after her heart rate settles back to normal. When the laughing is over Abby realizes how hard Dana is pressed up against her. Dana does too and looks at Abby to apologize. Abby curls her hand tighter around Dana's coat clad back. Dana licks her lips and looks at Abby's.

The detective leans forwards and presses her cold lips to Dana's. Dana moans quietly and wraps her arms fully around Abby's neck. Abby moves the brunette back against her car and presses against her. Dana moans deeply and tangles her fingers in Abby's blonde hair. Abby brushes her's lips for entrance. Dana parts her lips and deepens the kiss, making Abby groan in lust. Dana pulls back for breath eventually and both women pant to get oxygen back into their lungs.

She licks her lips. "Your place?" She asks quietly and Abby smiles softly, nodding in confirmation. Abby helps Dana get safely into the car before getting into the driver's seat. Dana shivers and puts her hands in front of the vents when Abby turns up the heat.

The blonde drives in the direction of her apartment. 10 minutes later Dana is still shivering. Abby grabs one of Dana's hands. "Here. Trust me." Abby says and Dana lets Abby put her hand between her thighs. Dana throws her head back as she laughs. Abby chuckles and glances at Dana smugly. "It's helping, isn't it?" Abby asks and Dana nods her head.

"Oh yeah. You got a lot of heat between these thighs Detective Warren." She purrs with a smirk, squeezing the blonde's thigh. Abby smiles and shakes her head. "You haven't changed a bit." Abby says and licks her lips, wanting to kiss the shivers right out of the brunette's body.

Dana smiles and rests back against the seat. "I tried my best not to." Dana winks and Abby chuckles. They're quiet for the rest of the drive.

Dana keeps her hand between Abby's thighs even though her hand was warm a while ago. Abby finally parks next to her apartment building and Dana reluctantly takes her hand back. Abby leads her up to her apartment which is on the third floor. She stares at Abby the whole time in the elevator with sex eyes and Abby gives it right back, though they keep to their respectful sides of the metal box.

Deciding to only tease each other. Abby leads them down the hall to apartment 35 and lets them inside. "So you got a new apartment?" Dana asks as she walks around, looking at pictures of Abby's family.

Abby takes off her coat. "Yeah." Abby says and walks to Dana, taking her coat for her. "I like it." Dana compliments then let out a gasp as Abby spins her around. "Thanks." Abby says then pulls Dana into a heated kiss. Dana moans in surprise and tangles her fingers in blonde hair.

Abby moves quickly, reaching down and starting to pull up the other woman's top. Dana breaks the kiss and jerks her shirt off then grabs for Abby's shirt, tossing it to the side.

The brunette crushes their lips together and Abby leads them towards the bedroom with a moan. Dana struggles to unbutton Abby's unbearable tight jeans with a frustrated groan. The detective chuckles against Dana's lips before smacking the brunette's hands away and unfastening them herself. Dana smiles and slides her hands down Abby's back to then grab her ass. "How do you even get in these jeans?" Dana teases and tugs down the jeans.

Abby smiles as Dana kisses down her neck then her chest, making a trail all the way down to the top of her panties while she pulls down Abby's jeans.

Abby steadies herself on her shoulders as she pulls off the blonde's jeans. Dana moans as she kisses up Abby's thigh and smells her arousal through her panties.

Abby gasps and closes her eyes as her kisses grow closer to her cunt. Dana licks Abby's thigh then pulls down the panties. "Dana." Abby groans and slides her fingers into the thick brown hair resting between her thighs at the moment.

Dana slides her hands up the back of Abby's thighs and then cups her ass roughly. Abby gasps and tightens her grip in Dana's hair.

"Please, Dana.

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I need you so bad." Abby begs and her hips jerk in anticipation. Dana moans at her begging, most definitely having missed it, and stands up. "I can see that." She husks as her fingers drag through Abby's abundant wetness.

Abby moans and wraps her arms around her neck, pressing harder into her and grinding her hips against her fingers. Dana uses her other hand to grabs Abby's ass. "Do you remember this position?" She husks with a smile, thrusting into Abby with two fingers. Abby gasps then let her head roll back on her shoulders with a moan. "H-How could I f-forget?" She stumbled out then moans again.

Dana kisses Abby's neck, nipping the creamy skin every so often to make the other woman moan louder. Dana thrusts deeper into Abby and guides the blonde's leg to come up to her hip but instead of resting on the bed like her own foot did so many years ago, Abby's foot rests on her nightstand.

Dana moves her lips up to brush against the detective's ear. "You made me cum so unbelievably hard- twice even, if I remember correctly." Dana breathes out and adds her hips into her thrusts, making them deeper and harder.

Abby cries out in pleasure and tangles her fingers in Dana's hair. "Oh God! Yes! Dana, don't stop!" Abby groans and gyrates her hips desperate to cum on Dana's fingers. Dana moans and crushes their lips together. She keeps her rhythm going but breaks the kiss and moves her free hand up to unfasten Abby's bra. "Hands up." Dana mumbles and Abby complies, trusting Dana to keep her steady.

Dana does and she flings Abby's bra to the side. The blonde moans and grabs Dana's shoulders, feeling her orgasm coming fast. Dana switches her wrist's position and presses her thumb hard against Abby's clit while her other hand teases the blonde's nipple.

Abby's nails dig into Dana's strong shoulders and her hips hump her hand. "FUCK! Right there! Fuck me so good Dana! Yes, yes, yes!" Abby screams and cums hard on the brunette's fingers. Dana moves her hand that is holding Abby's breast down for her arm to wrap around the blonde's waist. Abby feels her leg push out so it doesn't buckle then something crashes to the floor. Dana holds Abby to her as the lamp shatters to the floor.

Abby rides out her orgasm with her face buried in a strong shoulder. She gasps for air as Dana pulls her fingers out of her. "Are you okay? The lamp broke." Dana mumbles in concern and gently strokes Abby's back. Abby pulls back to looks at Dana. "Lay down on the fucking bed." Abby whispers back. Dana smiles and sits down on the bed. Abby, with Dana's help, carefully moves to straddle her. Abby immediately pushes Dana onto her back and holds her hands down. "How does it feel to make a woman cum so hard that she breaks a lamp?" Abby teases and kisses down Dana's neck.

"It feels like I want to do it again." Dana moans and suddenly rolls them over with Abby on the bottom. Abby glares and reaches down to grab Dana's ass, that is still clothed. "I'm going to fuck take off your damn clothes." Abby says fiercely and unfastens Dana's jeans. Dana immediately leans back and takes off all her clothing, not as graceful as she likes but. When she leans back over Abby the blonde pulls her into a deep kiss and moves her hand down to cup her sex.

Dana moans and grinds against Abby's hand. "Grab the headboard." Abby demands and the brunette moans but doesn't grab the headboard. Abby moves down until Dana's pussy is above her lips.

"Grab the damn headboard." Abby demands again and Dana does with a grunt. "I don't think you were ever this bossy-ah! Oh god!" Dana moans when Abby starts eating her out. Dana grips the headboard with white knuckles and jerks against the detective's mouth. The blonde works her up fast, alternating between sucking Dana's clit or flicking it.

Her head sways with lust and her wanton moans don't stop even for a second. Abby moans and grabs Dana's ass, pulling her tighter against her. Dana gasps and throws her head back. "Fuck! Right there Abby- God! YES!" She cries out, digging her nails into the wood. Abby moans and sucks Dana's clit hard. The brunette leans into the headboard and moans, her forehead pressing into the wall. "Abby, you fuck me so good.

Just like that, oh yes." She moans out softly and her hips grind faster. Abby moves her hands up Dana's back and presses her down farther. Dana complies and rests fully against the wall. She moans in utter lust, feeling her orgasm coming fast with Abby's alternating technique.

Abby's hand moves down between Dana's legs until her hand is above her chin. The brunette gasps and arches her back with a groan when Abby's fingers circle her entrance then push in slowly. The blonde moans at the way Dana's muscles grab her fingers and pull them in deeper. "Oh god- oh god.I'm going to cum so fucking hard, Abby- YES!

Faster! FUCK!" Dana pants out then screams in her orgasm when Abby fucks her fast and hard, then sucks her clit harder and flutters her tongue over the bud. Abby grabs Dana's ass and holds the brunette's bucking hips against her mouth.

Dana lifts one hand as the hardest wave of her orgasm hits her and rakes her nails down the wall. Abby gently pulls her mouth away and stills her fingers inside of the woman above her. Dana swallows hard and drops both of her hands back to the bed.

Abby gently slides her fingers out of Dana and leads her down to the bed. "Wow.your mouth.and-and fingers, your tongue." Dana mumbles and lays back on the bed with her head at Abby's feet and her own feet on the pillows. Abby smiles and rolls onto her side, stroking Dana's calf with the tips of her fingers.

"What about my mouth," Abby draws and kisses Dana's calf. "My fingers," Abby says and runs her fingers up Dana's thighs, making the brunette bite her lip sexily. "And my tongue?" Abby asks and licks a languid path to Dana's ankle.

Dana closes her eyes and groans before sitting up and gripping Abby's chin, pulling her up to sit with her.

Dana kisses the blonde hard and Abby moans against her lips, cupping Dana's cheek softly. Dana pulls away but just slightly. "I've really missed them." Dana whispers. Abby smiles softly and bites her lip. "I've missed yours too." Abby admits and Dana smiles also. The blonde lays back and Dana silently lays next to her, her head on Abby's shoulder and her arm across her stomach. Dana pulls Abby's white sheets around them but only just above their waists.

Dana runs her fingers over the smooth skin of the detective's stomach, noticing how Abby's abs had become more defined over the years. Dana's head wonders to the years that Abby has been alone. Then she wonders if Abby had actually been alone.

"Have you been with someone else? Obviously, you aren't with someone now." Dana asks and nuzzles her nose into Abby's skin. Abby swallows hard at the question. "I have. Most were just one night stands or a few dates." Abby responds and wraps her arms around Dana's shoulder. Dana bites her lip and pulls her closer. "Nothing serious?" Dana asks softly. Abby licks her lips and Dana can hear Abby's heartbeat pick up.

"One. It lasted for a year before she left me for someone else. She never told me why. She kind of just.left, I guess. My family took it harder than me. They really liked her. I didn't stop hearing about it until half a year later." Abby says kind of sadly and pauses in stroking Dana's back.

Dana looks up at the blonde, her chin resting on her hand on the detective's chest. "Does your family still talk about me?" Dana asks curiously, ignoring the jealousy flaring in her chest. She shouldn't be jealous, though. Abby has a life, the life she should have.

Dana is just a blip, she shouldn't be anything more. Abby smiles at Dana. "For a long time, you were all they talked about after you went to prison. But eventually, it turned into only a few times a year." Abby says and carefully pushes back dark locks.

Dana nods her head and doesn't say anything. Abby sighs and tilts her head to the side. "You seem.distant now- or sad maybe, I don't know. Tell me what you're thinking?" Abby asks nervously. She can't lose Dana again and she feels like she will like her whole plan was crumbling beneath her.

Maybe showing up at the prison on Dana's release date was not the best idea. Abby just needed Dana to stay for a little while. She feels like she owes Dana something for everything she's done. Dana, on the other hand, dosesn't know how she feels. Dana furrows her brow.

"It's weird, isn't it? Being here with you like my very own mother and brother didn't hold you at gun point. I've had 8 years to wrap my head around it and I thought I had but being here with makes everything feel so surreal." Dana says softly and avoids Abby's eyes. "Because we're still here, right?" Abby asks and it only takes a glance into Dana's eyes to see that she's right. Abby takes a deep breath and leans her head back to look at the ceiling.

"I felt that for the whole year after it happened." Abby says softly. Dana lays her head back down on her shoulder. "My friends thought my scar from the surgery and the bullet wound was cool so they asked about it a's hard to forget." Dana mumbles and Abby chuckles.

"Are they 12?" Dana looks up at Abby again with a smirk and a glare. "Hey, don't belittle my prison friends." Dana admonishes playfully. Abby smiles and pushes back more dark hair.

Dana lays her head back down and moves her leg to rest between Abby's. Her knee accidentally presses against the blonde's thigh to feel the sticky wetness from Abby's arousal. Dana smirks and purposely rubs her calf against her pussy. Abby gasps and involuntarily grinds against Dana's leg. The brunette smiles and presses a kiss to Abby's chest then flexes her calf, pressing harder into Abby's wet cunt. Abby moans and closes her eyes. "How is your leg so soft but-mmm.s-so firm?" Abby asks around a moan.

Dana chuckles melodically into her ear. "I worked out a lot in prison." Dana husks and rolls on top of the other woman. Abby groans when the brunette presses her thigh against Abby's cunt. Dana moans as her own pussy presses against her hip. "Along with my hips." Dana whispers into the blonde's ear and Abby growls.

Dana can't make it out if the growl is from jealousy or lust. Abby points out which for her. "Why's that?" Abby asks, trying to sound firm but her voice is breathless. Dana smiles and rolls her hips, creating more friction for herself and the blonde.

Definitely jealousy. "Because I fucked myself." Abby's breath catches and her hands run down Dana's back to grab the brunette's ass. Dana moans and presses her palms into the pillow underneath Abby's head, pushing herself up to look down at her. "While I thought of you." She admits softly, meeting every grind of Abby's hips with her own. Abby opens her eyes and they were completely filled with lust.

"Y-You did?" She asks with a moan, surprised that Dana is telling her this. Abby's grip on Dana's ass grows stronger and her hips jerk faster, feeling her orgasm coming on strong from the simple prospect of Dana fucking herself to fantasies of her. Dana moans loudly and makes her thrusts faster. "Yes." She growls lustfully staring into Abby's dark eyes that probably mirror her own lust. Abby licks her lips and closes her eyes, then arches her back while biting her lip.

Dana moans and grinds as fast and as hard as she can, desperately trying to cum. Abby's jaw drops in a silent scream as her orgasm sneaks up on her. Dana quickly follows, her elbows giving out and she falls to the bed. They pant for air, taking their time to catch their breath.

Eventually, Dana pulls back and lays against the bed again. Abby licks her dry lips. "That was really hot." Abby says and looks at Dana. Dana smiles and rolls onto her side facing the blonde.

Abby runs her hand over the other woman's side, entranced by her soft skin. Dana closes her eyes. Abby leans forward and presses a light kiss to her cheek. "I'm going to go get us some water." Abby says and Dana nods her head. Abby carefully steps around the shattered glass from the lamp and walks into the kitchen.

Dana pulls Abby's pillow closer and buries her nose in her scent, feeling sleep start to take over her body. Abby gets them both a bottle of water and walks back into her room. She stops with a smile when she sees Dana fast asleep with her pillow in her arms. Abby walks carefully back to her side and sets down the water bottles. She gets into bed behind Dana and wraps her arm around the brunette's stomach.

Abby closes her eyes and feels herself slip away into sleep. //// Abby is pulled out of her sleep when Dana moves out of her arms. Dana stands up and carefully walks to the bathroom, her bladder had been ready to burst once she woke up. Abby stretches and looks at the clock. 4:56 pm. Dana comes back out of the bathroom and smiles at Abby.

Abby smiles back and pats the bed. "Come back. The bed is cold without you." Abby says with a hoarse voice from sleep. Dana chuckles and slides into bed, curling up around the blonde.

Abby closes her eyes and enjoys how close Dana is to her. Dana drifts off into a sleep/awake state where her mind wanders. Of course, she thinks about Abby and everything she knows about her.which she realizes isn't a lot.

"When's your birthday?" Dana asks curiously and Abby smiles. "December 23rd." Abby answers and Dana raises her head in surprise. "That's two days away." Abby chuckles at her reaction and nods her head. "Yeah. My family is coming over later that night to celebrate then they're staying for a week because of Christmas." Abby says and pushes back some of Dana's hair away from her face.

Dana smiles. "That sounds nice." Dana says with a hint of sadness and trails her finger down Abby's jaw. Abby bites her lip. "If you want, you can come over before they get here?" Abby asks and looks at Dana nervously.

Dana smiles and kisses Abby lightly. "I would love to." Dana husks and kisses the blonde again. Abby smiles when she pulls away and lays her head back down on Abby's shoulder. Abby traces invisible patterns on the brunette's side when she suddenly comes across a different texture of skin. The brunette tenses and bites her lip.

Abby pulls her hand away then leads Dana's eyes up to hers. "You're beautiful Dana." Abby says and rolls Dana onto her back. Dana sighs and closes her eyes. "I tell myself it's just an ugly scar but the memories that come with it- the fact that my brother did this to me, I just.It's so hard not to feel down about it." Dana admits and opens her eyes to see Abby smiling warmly at her.

Abby runs her fingers through dark hair. "I'm sorry." Abby whispers, not knowing what else to say. She can't make Brandon take back the shot he made at Dana, even though she wants to. Dana smiles and wraps her arms around Abby's waist. "Don't be. It's not your fault. I wouldn't have let them get away with anything even if you weren't there. I think they would've hurt me anyways." Dana says and kisses Abby's nose.

Abby smiles at the gesture and kisses Dana's chest. Her kisses slowly move down Dana's stomach. Abby stops at Dana's scar and looks up into her eyes. Dana watches in fascination as the blonde reverently kisses her scar. Dana runs her fingers through her hair to make the detective look up at her. "You're amazing." Dana whispers and pulls Abby up her body, pressing her lips firmly against the other woman's.

The blonde moans softly and parts her lips to deepen the kiss. For a long time, all they do is kiss, relax, and talk. When the clock reaches 6:00 Dana dresses to leave. Abby sighs as she watches her. "Do you really have to leave?" Abby asks and rests her head in her hand. Dana smiles at the blonde and walks into the bathroom. "Yes. I have to get everything in my apartment situated before the landlord turns in for the night.

He is very strict about not being woken up while he's sleeping." Dana tells Abby while she pulls her hair back into a ponytail. Abby frowns slightly and Dana walks over to her. "And I have to finish moving my things in tomorrow so I will see you Friday morning for your birthday." Dana says and kisses her forehead.

Dana starts to move away but Abby sits up and pulls Dana into a kiss. She moans in surprise but moves her hand up to cup Abby's cheek. The blonde smiles and moans before pulling back. "I'm looking forward to it." Abby says and kisses Dana softly one last time. Dana smiles and stands up. "So am I." Dana says and walks out of Abby's apartment with a smile. Abby lays back on her bed and closes her eyes, smiling happily.

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