Hd pov olivia wilder rides your cock

Hd pov olivia wilder rides your cock
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I went in earlier, about 8:15, my ride broke down on me early and I had to ride with my boy goin to class. As soon as I walked in I wanted to go home. I didn't think a game store was so busy unless a holiday was around the corner but damn I was fuckin wrong.

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Apparantly a new Final Fantasy game was out and everyone had to have one. Plus a Poke'mon was comin out and everyone wanted to pre register it, fucking poket monsters. Anyways I did like I always do, clocked in, checked the selves and got ready for the dumb questions, and trust me there were many.

The What do you think., have you ever played., and my favorite, I have a sum odd year old child what do you think of bluh bluh bluh, my answer to everyones' question, Grand Theft Auto : San Audreas. But then my day got right, Claire walked her thick fine ass in and all the males got quiet, just staring at her fine firm tits and thick ass, damn talkin bout it now is makin my mouth water.

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Claire was a nice 20 year old women, deidcated as shit which is why she was management, me, 21 and all I do is game, ball, and train. back at work, being me I did what I normally do, called her out by her nick name, Thunder T, (short for thunder thighs), and got her pissed, shit's fun, she's one of them sistas that think she's too fat and got thunder thighs and shit.

If you asked me she looked like a Melyssa Ford, with glasses, darker skin and a complex. But as the day went on we ended up arguing and fussing cause I wasn't being serious and was avoiding people, which was true but I always did that, I figured no one want a 6 foot 190 pound Brotha in there face talkin bout how bad I want to shove an X Box up their ass, so that was a little strange.

About 1:30 I went for lunch and brought back everyone some Micky D's, that dolla menu is a life saver and I went in to give Claire her burger when I caught her sobbin.

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Normally you try to be supportive and try to listen to their problems but I ain't normal, so I snuck up on her, turned her chair around, looked her in the face and said that's why you exploded on me, here eat your burger and suck that mess up, you too fine to be cryin. She got quiet took the burger and said thanks.

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She stayed in the back for the rest of the day, then at about 7:50 she asked me to stay late for inventory, I said damn and only if I get to rub on her booty, normally she just walks away but this time she blushed. I let it go, I had a ball game I was gonna miss for work and was kinda pissed. 9 hit and everyone was leavin and I was takin off my shirt gettin to the business when Claire came out and said she was goin for some food, we were gonna be here for a minute.

I dropped my head and lost count of how many times I said Damn. I kept myself busy doin what I can, finished in the front and started handelin the office when I heard to door open, a second later she was in the office.

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She stood there waitin for me to say somethin so I said, I'm doin some paper work not watchin some porn. She giggled and said good cause I would have felt jealous. Looking up I saw her with her hair down covering one side of her face in curls. In my head I thanked who ever hooked her head up, then slowly started to scan her from head to toe.

Her blouse was buttoned low, low enough for me to make put ample clevage and smooth skin, then I went lower and notices her tight khankis were open in the front showin me just enough panty to make me hard like I ain't never been for a minute. Her finger guide my attention back to her face with her eye starin back into mine and her lips motioning me to them, I was froze, I coudln't do nuthin but stare and breathe slow.

She slowly walked over to me like in a dream and pushed the clutter on the desk to the side and kissed me like I've never been kissed before, I mean deep and hot, like she was tryin to taste my enitre mouth, then she pushed me back and pulled my pants loose, the whole time never once breakin eye contact with me.

Then she freed my dick, the solider and smiled at me and slowly start to glide her hands up and down, strokin me like a toy, I wanted to nut on her soft sliky hand right then but when her head started to slowly move down I perpared myself for somethin I haven't had in a minute. She slowly placed me in her mouth and started toyin with me, tryin to make me moan out loud but I stayed cool, focused, I wanted this to last, then she brought out the bag of tricks, bobbin her head, deep throatin me, usin her teeth, everythang you could think of.

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I began to feel that tightening in my balls so I got control and just enjoyed the sight, sounds and feeling, I kicked back in that chair and let her work her frustrations out, it felt like I was gonna cave in, like everything I had in me was gonna be gone, and I almost nutted in her mouth when she came up for air.

She smile and sat up on the desk with her legs on both side offeet on the arm rests. She started to take off her blouse and play with her nipples and rub on her breast, moan out loud, I Pulled her pants off her from around her waist and began massagin her clit through her panties, makin her moan louder.

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Then I stood up dropped my pant and pulled off my tank and start kissin her not partin from her clit, her moan excaped her mouth in to mines, then I traces a path from her lips to her breast with my tongue, bring her to a deeper moan.

Then after giving both her breast quality time I move just a slowly as she did to between her thighs, she began grindin her hips in anticipation, and when I got there I played with her, kissing and licking her inner thigh and lickin only alittle at a time of her clit. Then I began ficking my tongue on her clit, lapping on it, swirling on it wih my tongue and me index and middle finger invaded her pussy, goin slow, tickin my finger tryin to make her scream.


And as I began to move qicker both on her and in her, she began to breathe fast and deeper, unable to control herself she pulled me up and kissed me deep tasting her juices and gettin high off pleasure she grabbed my solider and told me to take her now, she wants to come with me in her, and with that I slammed into her, giving her as she wanted.

Holding her up with one arm and the other to keep us upright I fucked her with a passion. Slammin into her like a piston, I let go and got lost in her gasps and moans. I felt nuthin and moved as she needed me to.

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Then she got tight, dug her nails deep into my back, tightened her clutch around me with her legs and arm, bit down on my shoulder and let out a deep, buzz of an orgasm, shakin and shiverin, breathin irregular and just oozin with cum, runnin down my legs and on the desk, eventually she relaxed and eased up allowing me to sit back with her still attached to me, then after 2 minutes she began to move and pulled me out of her. Then she giggled and said she still had some unfinished business, she hadn't made me cum yet and she got between my legs and told me to chill and enjoy.

She picked up right where she lefted off, giving expert head, a professional Head Doctor for real.


Then she used her tongue to massage me all around at once like, I can't explain it, then went back to the bobbin and started massagin my balls, I lost it and cummed all in her mouth and she was reall cool with it, skeetin all down her thoat, holdin me in her mouth until I was done and ready to take a nap. We got dressed cleaned up the office some and left, it was 1 am and we had to be back at 8, so I stayed and her place and we started round 2 and 3 and 4 until we got some sleep.