Classy real whore gets a cumshot

Classy real whore gets a cumshot
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Vengeance 36 Halfway into the flight, I carefully removed my suit jacket and placed it over the sleeping Ellie. The plane was quite chilly and I didn't want her to wake up shivering. A few moment's later, she yawned and rolled slightly, just enough to smile at me, before she pulled the jacket over her head.

"ZZZZZT," the zipper seemed impossibly loud in the muted cabin. "Can't you wait?" I teased her. "I just want to touch it, I'll put it back." We both knew that was an outright crock of shit. Sure enough her hand slid deftly through pants and boxers to wrap around my dick. She stroked it up and down a few times before sliding it towards the opening and her waiting mouth.

I let her slide the head into her mouth for a few seconds, enjoying the warm sensation, before pulling her away and zipping myself back up. "Be patient," I told her as she pouted slightly. She sat up and leaned her head on my shoulder, deciding that resting a hand on my hard cock and rubbing it every so often was a fair compromise. The plane landed a half hour later. She corralled our luggage while I picked up the keys to our rental car, a small but efficient Corolla.

I threw our bags in the trunk and hopped in to drive. "So where are we, and where are we going?" "We are in Beaufort, North Carolina. We will be traveling through the aptly named Morehead City, and will be arriving at our destination of Atlantic Beach in under a half hour." She smiled when I mentioned the City, and the word beach. "Furthermore, you were stripping naked." She couldn't get her clothes off quick enough as I shifted the car into drive and pulled out of the airport parking lot.

When she finished, she grabbed the headrest on the seat and arched her back, knowingly making her perky breasts a target for an idle hand. I slid my free right hand up her stomach, enjoying her curves, groping one, then the other before settling it on her thigh and between her legs, just close enough to things to make her take notice. "Can I suck your cock?" she asked as the sign welcoming us to Morehead city loomed into view.

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"Sure." She practically dove down my pants, frantically undoing my belt and zipper. I was out and in her mouth soon after as she hungrily bobbed up and down. I rested my free hand on her head, enjoying the control over her.

"But you can't make me cum. Not yet." "Mmm," she let out a disappointed moan without pulling off my cock or even stopping for air. After a few minutes, I forcefully pushed her all the way down. Her throat contracted in surprise (and at my pleasure), but she didn't resist. "When I let go, you gotta come all the way up." While I kept her down for a minute or so, her tongue wound its way around my cock.

Any longer and I'd blow my load for sure. Finally, I let go, and she came up panting. Her look turned to one of awe as the bridge came into view. The bridge into Atlantic Beach is impressive, over a mile long, extending far into the sky so it's shaped like a giant hill. Even having seen it in my trips here as a child, it still took my breath away. The Carteret Sound shimmered on both sides of the bridge as we passed over.

Soon after we reached the land of the Outer Banks isle, I pulled into the parking of a house with a small reality sign on the front door. Puzzled, Ellie stayed in the car as I picked up another set of keys. "You're going to love this place," I told her. She smiled faintly, more confused than anything. It was a short drive to the rows of cottages along the beach. There was a cris-crossing network of roads a few miles wide, and six or so cottages deep inland.

I didn't remember any of the street names, but could navigate by sight having spent many summer weeks here as a child. Finally I pulled into the parking lot of our destination. Ellie dressed and looked up, still curious, and unimpressed. The cottage with peeling garish green pain didn't look like much from the outside.

It didn't help that the no longer used bottom level and garage were chained off giving a distinctly urban look. I grabbed the bags and led her up the stairs to the deck that faced the street. The cottage used to be two separate "apartments" of sorts that you could rent. The first level, which was ground level by the street had its own bedrooms and working kitchen, while the second (ground level on the beach side) and third levels made up the second unit.

After the deck, a sliding glass door opened directly into a large kitchen. About ten feet to the immediate right there was a bathroom connected to the first floor bedroom. The kitchen, though big, hadn't been renovated since the mid eighties, and while in great shape, gave off an aged feel. I could tell Ellie was starting to wonder about this place. I led Ellie through the kitchen into the living room.

To the immediate right after the kitchen was the doorway to the first floor bedroom, with stairs to the left. "Oh my God," she said looking around. The cottages aged exterior and entryway belied how beautiful it was inside. After the stairs was a table, large enough to seat eight.

Across from the stairs was the living room, complete with an L-shaped sectional couch and TV. Beyond the table was another couch, chair and coffee table, facing out the enormous back window.

From floor to ceiling, and the entire 25 feet of the back wall.

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It looked out onto the back porch which extended another twenty feet past the house. Down about eight steps, out 100 feet and up and over a sand dune and you were on your own stretch of beach. From the window you could see out onto the water. It was stunning. "Oh my God, I Love You." She kissed me wetly on the lips and smiled, tears running from her eyes.

"How did you afford this?" "A philanthropic relative giving me a piece of my childhood on my honeymoon." "My god, it's gorgeous." "You haven't even seen the bedroom yet." I set the bags down and led her by the hand up the stairs.

They wound around a landing to a hallway on the second floor. To the right at the end was a bedroom facing the street side, as well as the second floor bathroom. Directly ahead was a room with two bunk beds that I stayed in as a child. To the left was the bedroom I'd planned for us, though in all likelihood no bed would go unused. I opened the door and let her in. It was one of the smaller rooms, though that was largely in part to the king size bed plopped in the center of it.

There was a dresser at the foot, against the wall and a small TV. It was the sliding glass door and large balcony that made the room, giving an even better view of the ocean. Ellie kissed me again, deeper and pushed me onto the massive bed, or rather she rolled and pulled, bringing me down on top of her. My hands found there way to her wrists, holding them beside her. I kissed her hard, pushing her head down into the bed with my lips, exploring her mouth at will with my tongue.

She moaned as I ran it up and down the roof of her mouth, then slowly drew it out of her. I continued to kiss her, slowly moving away so she had to raise her head further and further to meet me. Finally, she couldn't reach. Her head fell impatiently back to the bed and she looked up, pouting at me. I grinned and moved closer once more. She stayed put, waiting for me to come to her.

I lightly licked her lips before giving her a quick peck and moving away. Longing for more, her mouth raced after mind, but she was too slow, and I held her too tight. She writhed around beneath me, trying to free herself. She nearly succeeded a few times, Ellie was no weakling, but I knew her weaknesses.

She turned to one side, hoping to squeeze out from beneath me. She was almost free when I leaned over and ran my tongue lightly up her neck. "Uunhh," she moaned, as her back arched and the rest of her muscles ceased to function.

I took advantage of her lapse in concentration to push her arms to her sides and straddle her. My legs held her arms tight to her body. Helpless, she stared up at me, waiting for my next move. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it off to the side.

Then I slipped my T-shirt over my head. She had a lecherous, dirty look on her face as she looked at me. She licked her lips as I ran my hands down my chest to my belt and began to undo it. Now the conundrum. In order to strip completely, I had to let her up and relinquish my control over the situation. Weighing my options for a few moments, I moved off her. Her hands immediately flew to the bottom hem of her tank top, peeling it upwards. I caught her and pushed her onto her stomach.

Her hands flailed behind her at me. I slid my left arm between both her arms and her back, raising it high on her back, restraining her effectively with one hand. I pulled her up into a sitting position, and finished stripping with my right hand. I tossed my pants boxers and socks in a bundle onto the floor and turned my attention to her. "Mmm," she moaned as my cock pressed into her back. "Now it's your turn," I said, pulling at her shirt. "Uh hu," she disagreed with a giggle, struggling a bit.

I pulled her tank top over her breasts and head. She tried to pull away, so I let go, sending her in one direction and pulling her tank top along with me. She grasped at it as it slid off her body, coming up empty. I tossed it aside and started back towards her.

She grinned, covering her breasts and scooting across the bed. I scrambled after her, catching up just as she jumped to the floor and tried to flee. I wrapped my arms around her, and in one motion lifted, twisted and tossed her back on the bed. Before she could bounce twice I was on her, preventing her from escaping again.

I pulled her shorts down, knocking her hands away. She tried to spread her legs to stop me, but by then I'd already gotten them past her knees. They slid easily off her ankles and were also cast aside. I jumped on her, landing in between her legs. My cock was squeezed in between our bodies and this time she offered no resistance. Instead she rested her hands on my biceps, her favorite…well, one of her favorite parts of my body and looked up at me.

"I love you," she told me sincerely. I grinned, moving closer, wrapping my arms around behind her, pulling her up to kiss me. "I love you too Babe." I shifted slightly so that the top of my cock prodded at her pussy.

She let out a surprised gasp and gave me the best "fuck me" eyes she could muster. Not one to keep either of us waiting, I slid it deep within her.

"Where did you come from?" she asked me with a sigh. "That's not the question you should be asking." She raised an eyebrow. "You should be asking, "will he let me cum?" Her heart leapt, "you wouldn't," she pleaded. I smiled and kissed her, slowly thrusting in and out. She started to moan with each deep penetration.

"No, I wouldn't," I whispered in her ear. We laid there for several minutes, kissing, wrapped up in each other's arms enjoying the moment. I took it nice and slow, not wanting to bring either of us to climax too quickly. It was a different kind of sex than we normally had.

No one was too caught up in pleasure, it was all about enjoying each other's company. We talked for a while, we laughed, we enjoyed the touch of the other's skin. Slowly the words turned to kisses and moans, even though the pace never picked up. We were both breathing deeply with every thrust, every minute movement brought waves of pleasure down on both of us.

"I'm so close," she finally breathed. "Me too," I whispered. "Harder," she moaned. "Faster." "No." "No," she looked at me incredulously. I kissed her. "I want it to last." "Oh god," she moaned as I slowly slid in deep again. Her hands writhed above her head, grabbing handfuls of the sheets, the pillows, anything within reach.

"I'm so close…I'm so close," she kept moaning, her head rolling from side to side trying to process the pleasure. I moved my hands to her hips, ever so slightly increasing the pace. "Oh yeah," she moaned. My own breaths became more ragged as I struggled to maintain my pace.

I had to agree with her, the pleasure was almost too much to handle. I bit my lip as my dick swelled. She felt it immensely, her eyes shooting open, going wide. The first spurt of cum was all it took. "Jesus fucking Christ," she screamed as her pussy gripped me hard. She only needed a tiny little push to go over the edge and my cum had provided it.

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Her screams, her contortions beneath me, and her impossibly tight pussy served only to heighten my own orgasm. I gripped her tightly, still fucking her slowly. I kissed her, hard, as we both fought to keep from screaming in ecstasy. We rolled around on the bed together, each minute sensations being magnified. The harder she came, the harder I came as we pushed each other to knew heights. I swore it took a good thirty seconds for her to milk every last drop from me, and twice as long before she regained control of her faculties.

After several moments, I opened my eyes and pulled back slightly, still inside her.

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Our gaze met and we both smiled. Her face was overrun with tears, from the pleasure, or the sheer happiness of the moment I couldn't tell.

I kissed her again, and slid out, spooning her on the bed. I don't know how much time had passed when I raised my head. The sun was beginning its descent on the sound side of the island. I looked around at her, she was staring out the window as well. "Want me to show you around the "city?" She nodded emphatically and started to reach for her clothes.

"Oh no," I told her.


"I am definitely dressing you." She grinned mischievously and headed out the door. I piched her ass hard, prompting a squeek and making her run to the stairs. I followed her down to our bags, and threw on boxers, shorts and a t-shirt for myself.

I turned and looked at her in mock thought. Opening her bag, I tossed her a flimsy article of clothing. She pulled the minute black thong up over her legs and waited for the next piece.

Rooting around in my bag, I found what I was looking for. She pulled my hoodie over her bare breasts and straightened it out. It was big on her, about as revealing as a somewhat, but not too slutty skirt.

I walked over to her, running my hand up her legs, and beneath the loose sweatshirt to fondle her breasts. "Mmmm, but it's missing something." I reached into another bag and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. I ran them through the large front pocket of the hoodie and secured both wrists.

"Keep your hands in that pocket, and no one will know," I told her with a smile. I linked my arm through hers and led her out the front door onto the road, walking her up the rows of cottages, pointing out the ones I'd stayed in with my family when I was younger.

Eventually we'd settled on the one Ellie and I had for a few years, and it had always been my favorite. As we walked, the conversation slowly dwindled, leaving us to enjoy the silence. "You never noticed me in high school. Why?" She shrugged, causing a muffled jingle in her pocket. Clearly the question surprised and embarrassed her. I let her think for a few minutes, then, when it became obvious she wasn't going to answer, I pressed on.

"I'm still waiting," I said softly. "I don't know," she barely got out. She paused for a long while. "I was too caught up in myself, I didn't know what I wanted, I don't know." "Until it was forced upon you?" She looked at me starkly. "I'll never forget that first night." I smiled. "Neither will I…or Ramona I'm sure." She giggled and sighed, "Ramona…can you believe those people used to be my friends?" "I'm surprised now," she told me, turning to look me in the eye, "that I never noticed you.

You seem so…apparent." I laughed at the bluntness. "That's because I make it a point to be." I turned and steered her down one of the many common entrances to the beach about a mile down from our cottage. "I'm sorry, that the old me never noticed you.

I'm glad that you made me notice you…risky though it may have been. Any other girl…" she looked at me, thinking, then looked deeper, "but you knew…you saw something there…how?" It was my turn to shrug and be evasive. "I don't know. I just did. I saw you, saw what you were…and I looked deeper. And saw what I thought you could be." "Your slave?" I kissed her, full on the lips. "Oh, but you're so much more than that to me," I whispered.

I pulled away, but she kissed me back, beckoning with her lips. "I know," she whispered back. "But I still love being your slave." Her face was contorted into a salacious smile. "Take your panties off," I whispered in her ear, "and give them to me." She looked around. The sky had gotten considerably darker and most had departed the beach. The only thing left were other walkers and a few odd seashell hunters.

No one within 100 yards. She slid one hand all the way through the pocket giving the other one enough slack to reach beneath the hoodie and pull her thong down. She got it to her knees then used gravity to send it the rest of the way.

She brought it from her foot, to her hands, then bent over and held it in her mouth, offering it to me. I took it and put it in my pocket, drawing her close.

I kissed her, hoping we'd look like just another couple sharing a romantic moment and reached a hand under, lightly fingering her clit. "And I love having you completely at my mercy," I whispered, rubbing her.

She spread her legs slightly and moaned, the worry of drawing stares fading, and the desire for pleasure rising. I walked with her for a few minutes. She was cute, giving each person we passed nervous stares, knowing she was on display. "No one can see that you're naked under there," I reassured her. "At least until I do this," I said, lifting the hoodie just high enough in the back to expose her ass. She tried quickly to cover herself, but was rendered helpless by the cuffs.

Soon we were back behind our cottage, on a relatively lonely stretch of beach. Most of the windows were darkened as people tended to rent later in the year. "The sex on the beach can wait until later, but a blowjob on the beach would be nice." She looked about nervously, there were still people about, but several hundred yards off. Whether or not they'd be able to see clearly through the darkened skies was a tantalizing mystery.

Ellie dropped to her knees, waiting for me to give her access. "Ah, ah, ah, I want to see all of you." She turned a slight shade of red before raising her arms behind her head, bringing the hoodie with it.

I helped her get it out of the way. Instead of exposing myself, I took a moment to enjoy her situation, reaching down and giving her breasts a firm squeeze. She was nervous, put off, and incredibly horny all at once. Finally, I slid my shorts down and pushed my cock through the slit in my boxers. She enveloped it all at once, driving herself deep, pushing her nose into my stomach. She'd never had much of a gag reflex and I guessed the feeling of it sliding down her throat turned her on immensely.

I put both hands behind my head and let her work, enjoying the luscious sight of my cock between her lips. She stared up at me the entire time, with nothing but adulation in her eyes. Her head bobbed up and down. It wasn't a sensual blowjob at all, it was I'm-going-to-use-my-mouth-to-give-you-as-much-pleasure-as-I-can. "Oh Baby, that feels fucking amazing," I moaned. "I'm your little whore," she said, sliding off for a split second. I looked at her in a combination of surprise and extreme horniness.

Where did THAT come from? She grinned at me with her eyes and kept right on sucking. "Better hurry up," I lied. "Some walkers are wandering closer. She didn't speed up, didn't change pace and didn't turn to look.

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The message was clear. 'All I care about is your cock.' Truth is, she didn't need to. I was there already. I rolled my head back in pleasure. She sped up and concentrated her efforts near my head, wanting to taste every last drop. In spite of the marathon sex session of earlier, she was not disappointed as I shot stream after stream of thick cum into her mouth.


She moaned as the first drops hit her tongue, and kept right on going until the end. When she'd gotten a satisfying mouthful, she pulled off, and opened her mouth, showing what I'd just given her before swallowing. I helped her to her feet and started to cover her, but she resisted. "I want to be exposed for you," she said, giving me a look that told me she was putty in my hands.

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I led her nude body inside, and released her of the cuffs. She immediately drew me closed and kissed me on the cheek. I wrapped her arms around my neck and lifted her up, carrying her up the stairs to the bed.