Orgie pt 2 5 asiatische Schlampen vs 5 BBCs

Orgie  pt  2 5 asiatische Schlampen vs  5 BBCs
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I turned on the Bose stereo in my apartment. I made a sexy playlist with songs that he loved. My boyfriend was coming over for dinner and I wanted to make it very special.

I lit some candles, closed the blinds, you know, made the room romantic. But after dinner, he really had it coming. I wore a tight, little black dress with no panties or bra on underneath. I was hoping that he'd get excited when he found out I had nothing on underneath this skin tight dress.

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I looked in the mirror. Damn, I looked sexy.

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I started to rub my pussy just thinking about him. The doorbell rang, I ran over to spray myself with the perfume that always turns him on, and opened the door. There he was, leaning against the door way with a smile on his face and a rose, wearing his best suit.

I kissed his lips softly then moved to his neck for a little peck to tease him. He grabbed my waist and moved his hands down to my tight ass. Those squats payed off because I could already feel him getting a little hard from just groping my butt.

I took his hand and led him down to the dinner table where I prepared his favorite foods. "This is too much baby, I have to save up for dessert." I knew what he was talking about. I blushed at the thought. He was going to eat my pussy after dinner. After dinner, my boyfriend stood up and picked me up to put me on his lap. "You know, this dinner was the best I've had yet. But, I do want more." I looked at him and he smirked at me. That sexy smirk. he knows it makes me want to melt. I stood up and sat back down on him cowgirl style.

I lifted his chin to have full access to his soft neck. He ran his hand up my thigh, and then up my dress, and that's when he found out that I had no panties on. I giggled and started kissing his neck, sucking and biting to tease him a bit at first. He grabbed my ass hard, making me suck his neck even harder and he loved every second of it. I could feel his thick cock getting harder than a rock under me.

I kissed the hickey I left on his neck from the hard sucking. I ran my hands down his chest, then to his abs, and finally to his cock. I looked down and saw his boner wanting to just pop out of his pants.

"Let me help you with that." I said in my sexiest voice. He was rubbing my ass and spanked it out of nowhere. "Fuck.your ass is so nice. Let me take this dress off of you." I bit his lip softly and shook my head "no".

He wouldn't let me finish unzipping his pants. He took his revenge on me for not letting him see me naked and stuck his finger up my tiny asshole. He fingered it slowly, my asshole squeezing on his finger. He never finger-fucked my asshole before and it felt fucking amazing.

I moaned with my head tilted up, and he took full advantage of the opportunity. He took his finger out and quickly moved his head towards my neck, licking up and down and sucking on my sweet spot. I grabbed his shoulders and tightened my legs around him. Fuck, I was so horny at this point and I knew he was too.

He stopped sucking and left a red and purple hickey on my sweet spot. I didn't even care.

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I got off of his lap and started to strip tease for him, slowly letting the straps of my tight dress fall off my shoulders. He spread his legs and moved his hand to his cock, rubbing it from the outside of his dress pants and staring at me with wide-eyes. I turned around and bent over, so my ass was almost touching him. I lifted up part of the end of the dress and he moaned.

"I want it off. Now." I obeyed him and stood up, slowly unzipping the dress from the back and letting it fall down onto the floor. I was in his control now. He pulled me over onto his lap and groped my tits, playing with each nipple, twisting and flicking them lightly. My nipples got harder and harder underneath his touch. I grinded my ass onto his cock while he played with both nipples. He took off his pants, revealing his hard, 10 inch cock. I put his cock in between my ass crack and moved up and down.

He spanked my ass and lifted me up, taking me to my bedroom. He opened the door to the room and sat down on the edge, putting me across his lap. He softly rubbed my ass cheeks, then slapped one hard. This continued until my ass cheeks were beat red. I enjoyed being slapped by him, it always turned me on. He let me off of his lap and unbuttoned his dress shirt while sitting down.

I stared at him in awe. His body always overwhelmed me. I wanted to lick his rock hard abs up and down. He winked at me and motioned for me to come to him with his finger. He bent me over his shoulder, he couldn't see my wet pussy, but he knew exactly what to do. He started rubbing and discovered that I was already wet enough for his thick cock, but he didn't care. He wanted to tease me before he fucked me until I cried. He stuck one finger in and I tightened my pussy around it. Everytime he moved his finger into my pussy, I tightened it up to show him what he's about to get.

He stuck two fingers in and destroyed my pussy, moving fast and hard, rubbing my g-spot everytime. I could feel myself building up inside. My pussy juices squirted out all over the carpet and my new bed sheets. He took his fingers out and sucked the juices off his now soaking wet fingers.

I needed his hard dick in my mouth so bad. I got up and threw him onto the bed, climbing onto and taking his cock into my hand. I got straight to work and put my mouth around the tip of his penis.


He put his muscular arms behind his head and watched me closely. I looked him in the eyes and went further down onto his cock, almost deepthroating the whole thing. His groans made me want to please him more and more. I rubbed his cock while tightening my lips around. Everytime I went down onto his cock, I sucked a little harder.

My tongue rolled around his cock, concentrating it on the head of his cock. He had enough and pushed me off his cock, flipping me over onto my back and spreading my legs. He rubbed his cock against my clit at first, then ran it against my whole slit. My whole pussy was dripping wet.

I needed his hard cock in my tight pussy now. He put the tip in slowly, then pulled it out.


He went in a little more everytime, until I told him, "Fuck me hard and fuck me now." He did as he was told and slammed his cock into me. He pulled it out completely, then slammed it in again. The next time, he left his cock in my pussy and went hard.

Slamming in and out, pushing his cock all the way into my vag and pulsing it so it his every wall of my vagina. I was screaming. He flipped me over onto my stomach and lifted my ass up, then continued to fuck my pussy. His cock hit my g-spot in every thrust he made.

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He grabbed all my hair into a ponytail and pulled it so my head was lifted. With his other hand, he choked my neck slightly but made it so pleasurable. My pussy was throbbing and my eyes were watering.

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He let go of my hair and my neck and grabbed my ass, moving it onto his dick hard. I let him take a rest and fucked him like that, moving my ass onto his cock.

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We were both sweating, throbbing, and panting, but he kept fucking me doggy-style. The tip of his cock hit my g-spot so much that I wanted to squirt all over his thick dick. My legs started shaking as he fucked me and he knew I was about to have a huge orgasm. He pulled his cock out and layed on the bed, telling me to ride him. I sat on my knees and lowered my throbbing pussy onto him, fucking him fast and slamming down onto his cock.

I tightened my pussy around his cock and started to grind on it. He pulsed his cock while I grinded my pussy on him and my body shook. He stopped me and thrusted his dick fast into me, grabbing my arms and holding me while I shook.

I lifted my body up as my body came and my pussy squirted. He rubbed his cock fast with my pussy juices for lube.

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He bent me over and groaned, leaving hot jizz all over my ass. It was so much that it covered my whole ass. He slapped my ass once more before cleaning me up. "Your pussy is so fucking good. We might just have to do that one more time tonight."