Brunette teen has a sex toy in her pussy

Brunette teen has a sex toy in her pussy
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Introduction: Sophia Crown is 5'2" she has 36C breasts, she is 17 and is legal. Oh and has an ass for days. Teacher Roy Burns is 6', 24 years old and is athletic and has an 8" cock. Mr. Burns is teaching the class about the brain system and how the right side of the brain tells the left side of the body what to do, and vice-versa. Sophia is sitting front row, in her school uniform she had tailored to be shorter, and she can't stop thinking about how sexy Mr.

Burns looks. She is not paying attention one bit but she is imagining him and what he could do to her.

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Mr. Burns is teaching and notices Sophia just staring at him and can't understand what she is looking at. He clearly knows she is not paying attention. Mr. Burns takes a quick glance beneath her desk to find her legs spread with her hand between them rubbing her pussy slowly.

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Mr. Burns quickly realizes she is fantasizing about him and he needs to put a stop to it and wraps up his lecture and returns to his desk. Sophia on the other hand, wanted this to just begin start. She definitely knew he took a peak and liked what he saw. She decided to see how far she could go with this and devised a plan to seduce Mr.

Burns until he can't take it anymore. The next day Sophia wore her shortest uniform that she had and made sure she had a couple of buttons of her white blouse unbuttoned.


She walks into class and immediately catches Mr. Burn's head turn and stare at her body. She feels his eyes follow her the entire way to her desk. Today she sits in the front row, right in front of his desk.

The bell rings and Mr. Burns is going to try his best to go on with the lesson, even when he has this pretty angel in the front row.

He talks about the nerve system and how people can block the pain with their head but not everyone can.

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As he talks about pain he looks right at Sophia. Sophia feels really turned on and loves being dominated. She knows she can get him to fuck her sideways. She spreads her legs again but today she is not wearing any underwear. She lets her hand get to work right during his lecture. Mr. Burns catches glimpses and is stunned. He just stops during his lecture and chokes a little bit.

Sophia could not stop smiling to herself.


Mr. Burns tells the class that they have the rest of the period to work on the assignment. He could not do it quick enough before Sophia notices a huge bulge in his pants.

She has a great idea to go up to her desk and to mess with him.

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She unbuttons one more button and her blouse is going to be completely off after two more buttons. She walks up to his desk and notices him rubbing his pants. She couldn't believe his teacher was rubbing his cock thinking about her. The idea of that makes her completely wet. He looks up and sees her, he stutters like no other and finally gets out "how can I help you?" Sophia looks him up and down and lays her homework down and leans over his desk giving him a great show of her cleavage and says "I don't get this at all.

Can you explain this all over to me?" Mr.

Burns was just staring down her huge 36c breasts and said, "Well we don't have time now but after school I would love to help you." Sophia was thinking, 'PERFECT! I got him right where I want him!' She goes and sits down and starts to think of the possibilities of the after school tutoring.

Sophia keeps looking at the clock wanting the day to end and it finally comes.

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She jumps out of her seat and power walks down the numerous halls of her school to get to Mr. Burn's classroom.

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She finally reaches his classroom and looks both ways to look if there are any teachers or such and adjusts her clothes. She unbuttons her blouse almost completely and pulls her plaid skirt up enough to where standing there is a slight sign of her round ass. She notices something running down her leg… she realizes her pussy is soaked. She quickly wipes it up and sucks on her finger and loves the taste of her own pussy.

She grabs the handle of the door and turns it slowly. She finally makes it into the room and Mr. Burns tells her to lock the door behind her. She does. She walks over to his desk and begins to speak before he cuts her off and says, "What are you doing?" Sophia responds "I don't know what you are talking about Mr. Burns" she has on a little smirk on her face.

He says, "You know exactly what your doing. U know that teacher and student intercourse is strictly forbidden!" Sophia knows the rule where if you get caught you are expelled. She starts to get depressed and turns around and starts to walk out to the door. Then Mr. Burns says, "Sophia you know that rule only applies if we get caught" now he had the smirk on his face. Sophia spins around and looks Mr.

Burns in the eye. Mr. Burns gives in first. He says, "Get over here you sweet thang! Show daddy what you know how to do. *wink*" Sophia walks seductively over to him and pushes him down onto his chair and starts to dance in front of him. She straddles him and starts to get into a deep kiss. She feels his hand run over her bare ass and start to squeeze her.

Sophia can't take it anymore and says, "Show your little whore what daddy can bring to the table for me to eat." Sophia starts to unbuckle his pants and finds the Holy Grail she has been looking for the last two days.

She whips out the massive 8" cock she has been thriving for and takes no time to swallow the cock.


Mr. Burns throws his head back in pure ecstasy. He could not believe such a young girl could suck such good cock! He leans forward and undoes her last two buttons of her blouse and finds the two mountains he has been wanting for the last two days. He unclasps the bra from behind and finds that her breasts are better in the flesh.

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He stares at the two areoles the size of silver dollars with nipples the size of an eraser. He stops her and lifts her onto his desk and kisses her beautiful breast. Taking the right nipple into her mouth first and making her instantly moan. He moves to the left nipple and sees if she likes pain and starts to nibble onto her nipple and she goes crazy! He notes that and moves on down to her pussy.

He loves being a tease and licks her inner thighs and finally he takes a long lick of her pussy. She lets out a deep and swallowing moan. He mounts his mouth onto her clit and starts licking it in circles and nibbling on it.

Her not being experienced cums all over Mr. Burns face. Mr. Burns goes back to kiss her. They kiss and she says she has never felt that way in her life. Mr. Burns chuckles a little bit and asks her, "If you can get out of your house for the night I would not mind having you over to my house for a little more pleasuring. Do you want to?" Part Two?

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