Redhead with small tits fingers her pussy

Redhead with small tits fingers her pussy
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Ayame believes that's it not a persons heritage that defines them but their enviornment and how their raised, for example an adopted child who's biological parents are violent alchoholics and drug users can live a normal productive life if that child is raised by the adoptive parents in a positive enviornment far away from negative stimuly.

Ayame is sure that if she can escape with her Orc Son and raise him alone, away from all violent and sexual stimuly then her Orc Son won't try to rape and impregnate her when he's old enough.

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Knowing what Rikimarue has planned for her would make any Woman go insane but Ayame keeps her sanity by focusing on several scenarios such as all the ways she could escape with her Son, even if she could escape with her Son where could they go?

how could she support her Son and herself? All these thoughts take up her concentration 99 percent of the time but there's always that 1 percent that creeps into her thoughts and that 1 percent is after being brutally gangraped and impregnated she knows what to expect from the Orcs but she's never seen a horse demon before and has never heard of this monster that Asagi met in the Chaos Arena named Ou - Chan.

Rikimarue feeds Ayame three times a day everyday, he taunts her everyday by asking her questions like if the horse demon impregnates you would your baby be a demon Centaur?

Ou - Chan is a giant monster, if he impregnates you could you even survive giving birth to his child? She ignores his taunts by focusing on the multiple scenarios that play in her head. There's another problem, Rikimarue is a highly skilled Taimanin who trains other Taimanin in armed and hand to hand combat, even if Ayame could escape her restraints she would have to fight him.

Ayame is also a very skilled fighter and it is possible that in a fair fight Ayame could win but then again this is the same Rikimarue that set her up to be gangraped and impregnated by Orcs just because he wanted to see it so it's very doubtful that it would be a fair fight. One day while eating her meal Ayame asks Rikimarue if it really is all about money?

Rikimarue laughs and says " In the begining it was for the money and watching you get brutally raped by all types of demons but things have changed, the demons have promised to teach me the dark arts, the ability to harness and manipulate dark energy ". Then he says " With this dark energy I can levitate, fire dark energy blasts, create dark energy shields and open portals to dark dimensions that can allow me to summon demons ".

He then says " I can open a portal to any of these dark dimensions and enter it, then opening another portal I can appear any where on Earth I choose so no prisons can hold me, this dark energy will increase my physical abilities well beyond that of a normal Human but most important of all is the demons will give me the powers of regeneration, Immortality and resurrection ".

Ayame says " All these things just because your giving me to them? ", Rikimarue laughs and says " Don't be so arrogant, your not the first Taimanin I've set up to be captured by demons and you won't be the last, I'm their inside Man ". Rikimarue smiles and says " Regeneration, Immortality and resurrection, the power to regenerate missing limbs and become immune to all diseases, the power to stop aging and even if I am killed I can be resurrected or resurrect myself ".

He looks at Ayame and says " Combined with all the other powers I'll gain I'll be a god ", Ayame says " Your insane, I will break these restraints and I will kill you and then take my Son and escape ". Rikimarue laughs and says " Your welcome to try but you better hurry, the horse demons coming for you tonight ", Ayame watches as Rikimarue grabs a cloth from his pocket and then grabing a small bottle from his other pocket, he pours some liquid from the bottle into the cloth and then places the cloth over her mouth and within seconds Ayame passes out.

Ayame dreams that she's holding her Orc Son in her arms far away from Rikimarue, her dream is interupted by what sounds like chains moving over something, she opens her eyes and right away she notices that she can barely move her head and hands, looking to her left she sees Rikimarue placeing a lock between two chain links and closing the lock.


She's bent over, her head and hands are trapped between two very thick pieces of wood held together by two chains, one on her left and one her right, the bottom piece of wood is supported by two metal pillars, one on her left and one on her right bolted to the floor. Rikimarue moves behind her and places a stool under her stomach so she won't be able to move and the horse demon won't have any problem raming his gigantic horse cock into her pussy and ass.

Bolting the stool to the ground so Ayame can't knock it down Rikimarue moves in front of Ayame, smiles and says " I've seen horse demons before so believe me when I tell you that this is really going to hurt ". A few moments later Ayame and Rikimarue see what looks like a knife appearing out of thin air and then the knife starts cutting the air itself downwards, the knife vanishes and a large red circle appears and from that large red circle a Man steps through, the red circle closes behind him.

Rikimarue says " Hello Merik how are you? ", Ayame is suprised to see a Human male, she was sure the horse demon or some other demon would come through the portal. Merik says " Is this the Taimanin you told me about?


The one who thinks she can raise her Orc Son? Rikimarue smiles and says " Yes, she's not to smart but she is sexy, I've tried to tell her that her Orc Son would rape and impregnate her the first chance he got but she's stubborn ". Then Rikimarue says " Oh where are my manners? Ayame this is Merik and Merik this is the demon cum dumpster Ayame, Merik is going to teach me how to harness and manipulate dark energy and grant me regeneration, Immortality and resurrection ".

Ayame says " But he's Human ", Merik laughs and says " Your right, she's not to smart, I think I'll have some fun with her before I summon the horse demon ". Ayame watches as Merik transforms into a demon with tentacles for arms and his huge cock becomes erect in front of her face. Merik shoves his cock into her mouth and although he's standing in front of her his tentacle arms strectch around the two large pieces of wood and start rubbing Ayames pussy and asshole before sliding into and raping her pussy and asshole.

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Ayame gags on Meriks huge cock, Merik grunts as he rapes her mouth and he says " She is sexy, I'm sure the Orcs had a great time with her when they gangraped her for over a year and impregnated her ". Raping her mouth, pussy and ass Merik grunts and then moans as he cums and shoots his sperm down her throat, she swallows it all before Merik pulls his cock out of her mouth and then he pulls his tentacles out of her pussy and asshole.

Ressuming his Human form he says " That was fun, I'll summon the horse demon now but first I'll make sure were not interupted ". Right now Ayame, Merik and Rikimarue are in Rikimarus basement but a surge of dark energy fills the entire basement and when the dark energy vanishes all three find themselves in a small pocket dimesnion.

Ayame is still trapped by those two pieces of wood and still has the stool under her stomach but now she, Rikimarue and Merik are in a room where the walls, floor and ceiling seem to be covered with a blood red substance that's pulsing and seems to be alive.

Merik opens another portal and Ayame watches as the horse demon steps through, she had know idea how big horse demons are, their so much bigger than regular horses, totally white with parts of them that seem to be on fire with blue flames.

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As the demon horse moves she notices the horse demons cock start to become erect, it huge, when fully erect it's almost the size of one of her legs, the horse demon moves behind Ayame and uses its huge tongue to lick both her pussy and asshole several times.

Merick looks at Rikimarue and says " Were still in your basement but in this pocket dimension no one can see us or can hear her screams ", after licking her pussy and asshole for a while the horse demon lifts it front legs and places his hooves on top of the wood that's holding Ayame.

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The horse demon positions himself and Ayame can feel the head of his huge cock pressing against the entrance of her pussy, with a hard push the horse demon rams his huge cock into her pussy, Ayame lets out a loud scream as the horse demon starts to rape her hard, fast and deep.

Ayame is screaming so loud as the horse demon rapes her pussy, grunting with each thrust, after what seems like an eternity to Ayame Rikimarue smiles and says " It looks like he's about to cum ", then looking at Merik Rikimarue says " Do you think her demon Centaur baby will be Male or Female? ". Merik laughs and they both watch as the horse demon cums and shoot loads of his sperm deep into Ayames pussy before finally pulling his huge cock out of her, Ayame is exhausted after this long and brutal rape.

Merik uses his dark energy to disolve the locks and chains holding the two big pieces of wood together, then he disolves the two pieces of wood, the two metal pillars supporting the wood and the stool and Ayame collapses on the ground.

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The horse demons sperm is still leaking out of her pussy, Merik turns into a demon again and wraps his tentacle arms around her waist and leg and drags her just underneath the horse demon, Merik says " clean the cum off the horse demons cock you whore or I'll make sure you never see your precious Orc Son ever again ". The horse demons cock isn't erect but is still huge, Ayame looks at it and still can't believe that something that big was inside her pussy just a few moments ago, getting on her knees she grabs the horse demons cock head and starts licking it, Merik rams one of his tentacle arms deep into Ayames asshole and squeezes one of her tits with his other tentacle arm.


When he's done Merik takes Human form again and opens a portal and the horse demon goes through, the portal closes right after, then wrapping Ayames wrists in dark energy she can't break free from Merik covers the room in dark energy and when the energy vanishes Ayame, Merik and Rikimarue are in Rikimarus basement. After that long and brutal rape Ayame is exhausted and just wants to go to sleep, Rikimarue brings her to the bathroom so she can shower and wash the horse demons sperm off her body.

After drying her off Rikimarue brings Ayame back to her bed and hand cuffs her wrists to the bed posts, as soon as he does this the dark energy around her wrists vanishes. As Ayame sleeps Merik touches her face, Merik looks at Rikimarue and says " I'm giving her a nightmare where her now adult Orc Son is raping and impregnating her ", Rikimarue smiles and says " Nice, let's see if she still wants her Orc Son after that ".

Merik tells Rikimarue that anyone can use the dark arts but because all Taimanin already have demonic blood in their veins it will be much easier for Rikimarue to harness and manipulate dark energy, and he teaches Rikimarue how to tap into the infinte energies from all the dark dimensions.

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