Young teen girls ass xxx this is our most extreme case file to date folks

Young teen girls ass xxx this is our most extreme case file to date folks
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Chapter two: After the big game: Returning home from the football game, Alex lit up a joint, sat back and reflected on what happened to him earlier that evening.

Some horny ass nypho just draged him under the bleachers and let him fuck her brains out, and he never even got her name. Finishing his joint he had a great idea, he would start his own private video collection. He will film several shots of various girls masterbating for his camera. He set up his tripod, got his camers ready, and called Ashley up on the phone. Ashley was a habitual dope smoker and would do anything for a dime bag.

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Ashley liked his idea and wasted no time coming over. Ashley was a skinny brunette girl with small titties, but she had a nice ass that caught everyones attention in her tight jeans.

Ashley wore a tight hot pink t-shirt and she wore her blue jeans just enough below her waist that you could tell she was wearing a black G-string. Alex offered her the dope in exchange for some footage of her fingering herself for the start of his video collection.

He adjusted the camera lense as she sat down on the corner of his bed. He pointed the camera at her, then pressed record.

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She slowly unzipped her jeans and pulled down her pants to fully reveal the black G-string she was wearing. She lifted her shirt just high enough to expose her flat stomach, her pierced belly botton poked out as she slid her hands down her hips and took her G-string off, slowly spreading her legs apart.

Her brunette pussy hair extended wildly from her crotch as she leisurely stretched her pussy lips open. She rubed her clit playfully for about a minute and then stuck her index finger down inside her twat, pumping it in and out and making a wet sloshing sound, she was lubbing up her finger with her pussy juice.

Ashley was having a hard time focusing with the camers there, it made her nervous, so to take her mind off of it she began to imagine herself back home in her bed. She remembered what happened there just the night before. She was giving head to Steve when all of a sudden Jason walked into the room.

Embarassed, Jason started to leave when Ashley invited him in to watch them. Ashley continude to suck Steve's dick, as she reached out for Jason's crotch. She rubbed his cock through his jeans and managed to unbutton, unzip, and pull his dick out with only one hand as she used her other hand to hold Steve's dick as she shoved it into her mouth.

Soon Jason was removing Ashley's shirt displaying he small tits with her rock hard nipples. Jason removed his clothes as Steve finished undressing Ashley. All three were totaly naked, both Jason and steve stood there with there cocks sticking out towards Ashley.

She put Jason's dick into her mouth and Jason began fucking her face. Steve stood there watching, about a minute this went on when finally Jason pulled his dick out and she stood up. She ordered both men to start sucking on each of her nipples. Both men complied, and Jason slid his hand oer her pussy and began rubbing her clit. Jason, being an anxious man, wasted no time and buried his face into her crotch and began licking her now soaked pussy while Steve continued to suck her tity.

"Fuck me!" Ashley whispered to Steve. Steve pushed Ashley back onto her bed, and Jason followed keeping his tounge on her clit the entire time. Jason moved to the side to make room for Steve.

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Steve held his dick up and slid it into her cunt, and began to slow fuck her drenched pussy while Jason continued to lick her clit. This made Ashley evenmore wet, she closed her eyes and bit her lip as Steve began fucking her harder and Jason began licking her more intensely. Ashley let out a moan, which grew louder and louder. Soon she was screaming "Fuck me!, Oh God fuck me!" Steve was pumping her with all that he had when she let out a cry, then she had an orgasim all over Steve's dick.


Jason lifted his cum soaked face from Ashley's pussy. Steve laid down on the bed, flat on his back. Ashley crawled up on him and stuck his dick back into her cunt. She bent foward and stuck her ass out into the air keeping Steve inside her. "Fuck me in the ass" Jason crawled over to her and spread her ass checks apart. He watch as she made short up and down motions on Steve's dick.

"Keep fucking him baby" Jason said just before he rubbed his tounge down between her ass checks then into her anus. She continued to make her short up and down movements as Jason pulled his tounge out and then straddle her back side. He teasingly rubbed hid dick head all around her ass hole, then without warning shoved it into her pussy. "You're going into the wrong hole.:" She said, but it was too late, both Steve and Jason's dicks were inside her pussy, she could feel herself stretchh open even more as her pussy lips extended over both of there fat cocks.

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Ashley let out a moan as this went quickly from a painfull to a pleasurefull experience. With both dicks inside her she rocked back and forth making sure that she was penetrated as deeply as possible. Both Jason and Steve graoned as she shoved them even deeper into her cunt. She rode Steve, and Jason kept fucking her dogie style, until both men exploded inside her at the same time.

Ashley pulled herself up off both men, and after ten minutes of sucking both thier dick's, she had them hard again. This time Steve fucked her dogie as she sucked Jason off.


Steve was the last to cum, sticking his dick into her little tight ass hole and fucking her up the ass until he came inside her rectum. Ashley, remembering her sexual experence from the night before tottaly forgotten about Alex's video camera as she kept finger fucking herself harder than she ever fingered herself before. She had her index and middle finger inside her pussy while she was shoving her ring finger into her ass.

She let out a maon as she came all over her hand. She opened her eyes to find that Alex had too been masterbating, behind the camera of course, while watchin her going at it. Alex had a half limp dick in his hand and cum was sprayed all over the floor. He must of came just before she did. Ashley smiled and began to get dressed as Alex shut off the camera. He handed her some dope and she left. Alex wanted to make more videos, so he turned to his little black book, and began dialing numbers.

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