Plus sized babe fucks a nasty dude natural tits hardcore

Plus sized babe fucks a nasty dude natural tits hardcore
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Teaching Amanda- Two This story follows on after Amanda's first night with her college art teacher, Graham. It starts on the following day, her project/exam day.

***** I felt a cool breeze pass over my naked breasts and cursed myself for leaving the bedroom widow open. My nipples grew hard as the breeze caressed my skin, the smooth feel of the sheets on my naked body aroused me. Then I remembered why I was naked and I smiled, sitting up in bed. Graham was gone, but on my pillow was a small folded piece of paper. I let the sheet fall from my body as I knelt on the bed and opened it; obviously it was from Graham.

Amanda, Thank you so much for last night. I did not mean to leave you this morning, I would have given anything to have stayed. But as you know, it is your exam day and I am required at the college.

Come to my office at 4 this afternoon. Everyone should have left, and there are a few matters I wish to discuss with you. Until then, my sweet.

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Graham. Realising the time I quickly dressed, putting on a black bra, a mid-length black dress with a low neckline to expose the tops of my soft large breasts, and black boots. Looking through my underwear draw I decided not to wear panties again, excited at the thought of seeing Graham.

I made it just in time for the exam, and was a little disappointed when I couldn't spot Graham among the other teachers. I was still buzzing from having sex with Mr.

Miller the night before and as I entered the room to take my seat, I'm sure the other teachers noticed me blushing whenever I looked at them. ***** I couldn't help but smile as I walked to Graham's office. I could feel my damp pussy between my legs, as I checked the time on my watch. It was 3:56 pm, and, as Graham had predicted, the place was practically deserted.

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I saw Mr. Dawson, the art history lecturer, talking in the hallway with another man, and smiled as I passed. Turning the corner I spotted Graham's door at the end of the hall and hurried to knock on it. His deep voice called from inside inviting me to enter; when he looked up and saw it was me he smiled and told me to shut the door.

He looked tired, but when he smiled his eyes crinkled at the sides and I was struck by how attractive he really was for an older man; his shirt was unbuttoned at the top and his hair was a little messed up. He stood and came to me at the door, surprising me by wrapping his arms around my waist as he pressed me against the wall.

He kissed me deeply, his tongue exploring my mouth. I let my bag drop onto the floor beside me as I lifted my arms around his shoulders and kissed him back, my tongue teasing his lips as I pressed my body against his. Breaking off the kiss he took me by the hand as he returned to his seat; a little dazed I leaned against his desk as his sat in his chair in front of me.

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"I looked for you today Graham, you weren't in the exam?" I told him as he sat back and looked up at me, his hand stroking my thigh. "Ah yes, sorry about that I had meant to see you beforehand. I got a call this morning, a minor crisis with the higher level art class." He paused before saying, "I hope you were not offended this morning, when you woke to find me missing?" "No, but to be honest a few things have been running through my head today.

For instance, was last night just sex?


Or can it be more?" I blushed as I spoke, unsure if Graham would think me just a silly college girl with a crush. He reached up and pulled me by the wrists onto his lap. My dress was short enough to let me sit facing him, with a leg on either side of his. "Amanda, whilst I enjoyed fucking you last night quite a lot, I would love nothing more than to have a real relationship with you.

that is if you'll have such a horny old man as me." I smiled, lightly kissing Graham, my lips massaging his as I spoke against his mouth.

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"Your age turns me on Graham, and I would love to take this much further too!" I felt his large warm hands rub my ass cheeks, squeezing them and pressing me closer against him. My large breasts pressed against his chest as I felt my nipples harden under the lacy material of my bra. Graham kissed the tops of my mounds, his teeth grazing against my skin as I unbuttoned his shirt. "What if some one comes in? I saw Mr. Dawson out in the hall." Graham slipped the material of my dress off my shoulders as he answered.

"No one will disturb us; besides he has probably left by now. I'm sure he would enjoy a little slut like you Amanda!" I was surprised by Graham's comment and blushed as he revealed my black bra, my dress now around my waist.

I was also terribly aroused by the idea of another attractive mature man seeing me, even if I didn't admit it to Graham. Graham licked and sucked my nipples through my bra, his hands groping my body roughly as I cooed, encouraging him to tease me.

"Sit on the desk Amanda, lie on your back and lift your legs up onto the desk." Graham's voice was deep and filled with lust. "Yes Graham," I commented, as I did as he said. Arousal built inside me as I was told what to do. "Mmm.

No Amanda, call me 'Sir'," he grinned as he continued, "we're going to play a game my good little girl!" Laying on the table I couldn't help but moan and smile as I lifted my legs, my dress slipping down onto my stomach to reveal my naked cunt. I could tell by the look on his face that he was aroused. He sat back down in his chair and I felt the light warmth of his breath as he smelt my sex.

"You didn't wear any panties again! Did it make you feel slutty? Answer me!" I moaned before answering. "Yes sir, I felt so wet and slutty." I heard him sit back in his chair and unzip his pants; I felt so exposed lying on his desk with my legs spread wide. "I'm going to teach you to be my slut, Amanda; would you like that? I'd love to have my very own whore." The lust was deep in his voice as he spoke and watched my wet pussy before him.

"Yes sir, please teach me! I want to be a good slut for you." I was so aroused by this I couldn't help but reach down and rub my finger along my wet slit. I heard Graham chuckle before he started to give me his instruction.

"Oh you are a horny girl; that's it baby, rub that pussy. Open it up and masturbate for me." I held my pussy lips open as I ran a finger up and down my slit, a little nervous about performing for Graham but I felt how turned on I was, and I wanted to please him.

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I slid a finger in my opening, pulling it out again and sliding another in along with it. I used two fingers to fuck myself as I started to moan, sliding them out to rub my clit before thrusting them deep inside me.

I could see Graham stroking his cock. "Mmm what a good girl, yes fuck those fingers deep. Oh you will make a good slut. Now get off the table and kneel in front of me you dirty girl." I did as I was told, kneeling in between Graham's legs, and knowing what I was to do; I took his cock in my hands. "Oh you know what I want slut, suck my big dick like a good slut." Grinning up at Graham I kept my eyes on his, stroking my hands up and down his cock and teasing its purple tip with the tip of my tongue.

I liked that he wasn't circumcised; his foreskin had felt great in my pussy the night before. I wrapped my lips around his cock head, moaning as I tasted his pre cum. When I heard his groan I knew he was extremely aroused, so I began to move my mouth up and down the length of his fully erect cock, each time taking it deeper and deeper.


I had never been able to take a cock very deep down my throat but I wanted to be Graham's 'good slut', so I sucked as much of his dick into my mouth as I could. I gagged a little and began to drool as Graham pumped his cock into my mouth, his hands on the back of my head encouraging me to suck harder. I loved his cock deep in my throat, even though I was gagging on it, especially while he held my head just enough to make me suck his dick harder.

"Oh Amanda, Mmm that's a good little girl; now stand up. Lift your leg onto the table, yes just like that with your pussy open, Mmm now let me taste it baby." I gasped as I felt Graham's tongue run up my snatch, my clit instantly swelling with arousal. He rubbed my clit with his tongue roughly as he held onto my ass cheeks, pulling me into his mouth. I loved how he talked to me and the idea of being his young whore was becoming more and more exciting. The dirty, raw way he spoke to me made my pussy twitch with excitement.

I thrust my pussy into his mouth as I spoke, holding his shoulders to steady myself. "Mmm sir! Oh you eat my pussy so good. Please, please make me a good slut." He drove his mouth onto my clit harder, causing me to moan loud as I almost stumbled.

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I briefly worried about anyone hearing me before I felt another deep shiver run through my pussy. Pulling his mouth away from my now dripping pink pussy lips, Graham pulled me back to sit over his lap. He stroked his cock against my slit as he took one of my firm nipples into his mouth.

Slowly I lowered my pussy down the length of his dick. I let out a long deep moan as his cock was buried deep inside me. I felt his balls against my ass and his tongue teasing my nipple in his hot mouth.

As I began to push myself up and down the length of Graham's cock he grabbed be roughly around the waist, thrusting me up and down on his shaft as he let out a groan. "Oh you are a good little slut Amanda; I love your sweet pussy!" We fucked each other hard in his office chair, both needing release as we groaned against each other.


I could feel my orgasm building as I quickened my pace, riding Graham's cock harder and faster, my large breasts bouncing with me. He felt my pussy squeezing his cock as he fucked me up and down his dick harder, urging me to cum for him.

Letting my head fall back as I came, I let out a loud moan, fucking his cock until I felt his sperm shoot out of its swollen head and deep inside my womb.

He groaned against my breasts, pressing his face into them as we slowed our movements, my pussy quivering around his dick.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and lay against his chest as I felt him growing softer inside me, although he did stay semi hard. I smiled when I felt his warm lips kissing my neck and shoulder. Lifting my lips to meet his, he said, "Will you come home with me Amanda? Stay at my house this weekend?" Of course I nodded, excited that this mature, amazing man wanted me.

We dressed and left his office; I was glad to see the rest of the collage completely deserted. As we drove to Graham's house I was glad we had decided to actually have a relationship and I was even more excited at what the weekend would bring. I was definitely becoming more sexual and I had started to have fantasies about things I had never thought about before. And most of all I really was Graham's slut now and I couldn't be happier.