Brunette transex having a lot of dick

Brunette transex having a lot of dick
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Karan-- This is me. I have a handsome face, very fair, of a medium built (I like to work out regularly, but I am not buffed, more lean and mean) and a good height. Maya - She has a cute face with a dusky complexion is of average built, but with larger than average boobs, slim waist and a nice round shaped ass.

Anjali -- Maya's best friend. She is a model. Slim, well toned athletic body (she was a gymnast and was involved in sports). Small boobs, flat stomach, a very tight small ass and long legs. Arya -- My best friend.

The ladies man. Tall with curly hair & blue-black eyes. He spends a lot of time in the gym and has a nicely muscled and toned physique which he likes to show off (like a body builder). Babita -- Arya's fiance. Short hair, very bubbly cute face. Medium height. She has got average boobs. Nice cute round ass. Chapter 1 - The Journey Arya and I had been planning a vacation to Goa along with our better halves for quite a while and finally all of us, had managed to take out time to make the trip.

When Maya told Anjali that we were going to Goa, she also insisted on coming along as she hadn't hung out with friends for long time. When Maya asked us if it was ok if Anjali came along, both Arya and me were more than happy and immediately agreed. We didn't let our expressions display the extent of our happiness, as she had a smoking hot body and had been part of our fantasies for a long time. Of course, we didn't expect anything to actually happen, but it did give rise to a few more fantasies.

Arya and I had actually resigned ourselves that the best we would get would be to ogle at her in a tiny bikini on the beach for real, instead of ogling at her modelling pictures.

Little did we know that we would get to do that and much more. Of course I was also looking forward to seeing Babita in a bikini and was hoping on seeing Maya and the two doing something sexy for us guys. We had booked our seats on a sleeper bus from Mumbai to Mapusa and our hotel bookings in a resort near Baga beach.

The rest of the plans would be decided when we got there. Now these sleeper buses generally leave Mumbai sometime late evening and reach Mapusa sometime early morning. We had booked 2 double sleeper seats (1 for Maya & me and the other for Arya & Babita), along with a single sleeper seat for Anjali.

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We had discussed taking the car along, but it would be too tiring and anyways once you are in Goa, you hire bikes to travel. And in case the crowd on the bus happened to be unsavoury, then one of us guys would probably take the single seat. Finally the day arrived and Maya and I were all packed to go. I basically just packed my bag with a few essentials and barring a couple of nice shirts (for clubbing) it was all t-shirts and shorts.

Like I have mentioned before, Maya is an exhibitionist and she packed only micro minis and tight shorts along with a few tops, some of them were quite revealing. She also packed some sexy dresses and a couple of tiny bikinis, some g-strings and thongs. I just wore my shorts and a t-shirt for the journey.

Maya wore a simple t-shirt along with tight fitting shorts with only a thong inside. Her ass looked so ravishing that all the time at home, I just couldn't keep my hands off her ass and kept on squeezing them. I just wanted to pull her shorts down and bite her ass, but she complained that I wasn't letting her pack. I wanted to do a quickie as I didn't see any opportunity of getting any, until we got to the resort, which too long as far as I was concerned.

But since we were getting late, nothing happened. We picked up Anjali on our way to the bus stop. She was wearing a denim micro mini (which was not even 3 inches below her ass cheeks) with a t-shirt (no bra inside). She had tantalizing long legs and the skirt did little to hide them.

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I was looking forward to checking out those legs and couldn't wait to hit the beaches and the bikini. We all piled up in the cab and reached our bus stop. Arya and Babita were already there. Arya was dressed just the way I was (t-shirt) and shorts), whereas Babita was wearing one of those summer dresses on mid thigh length and from the way her boobs moved, she was not wearing a bra underneath.

Arya remarked that at the rate the girls were dressing, we guys would be walking with hard-ones all the time. Everyone had a good laugh. Anjali then added that we had seen nothing yet and there was a lot more to come. I was looking forward to it. She even teased Maya & Babita that they better hold on to us, cause once she donned her bikini, we guys would forget them and follow her like puppies with our tongues hanging out.

She even started singing the Pussycat Dolls hit 'Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me' and did a mock dance. Maya replied that she didn't mind because there would be no shortage of guys running behind her in Goa, if we guys decided to stray.

We got into the bus and realised much to everyone's delight that the bus was nearly empty.

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There were about 4 couples and 2 guys who were travelling in the same bus and they all had the seats in the front of the bus. This left us with almost half the bus empty. After making a deal with the conductor we took up seats at the back of the bus, so we would not be disturbed. After putting our luggage away, we all piled up in one of the double sleeper.

Arya & I took to one side whereas the girls sat on the other side, stretching our legs. And the two of us sat in such a way, our legs were between the girls legs. So my leg was between Maya's, next to her was Anjali and Arya and I put our legs in between hers (this was to ensure a good view of her panties & boy did we get a good look at her white cotton panties with blue teddies on them).

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And of course Arya had his legs between Babita's, but I couldn't see what she was wearing because her dress fell over her thighs. We were just cracking jokes and laughing and in general having a good time. All of us were slyly rubbing our toes against the thighs of the persons in front of us. Arya & I were of course slowing trying to spread Anjali's legs to get a better view at her snatch. When Maya saw what we were doing she shot me a disapproving look, but didn't say anything. Of course it was a matter of time until Anjali realised what we were trying to do and she just looked at us and smiled and then bent her knees, while keeping her legs parted.

This gave a wonderful view of her panties covering her pussy, before they disappeared between the crack of her ass. Considering this we guys started to believe that we would at this rate get to see much more than her bikini. It was hard (no pun intended) sitting there (with our cocks hard) and keeping the conversation going. After a while Babita also realised what was going on and didn't want to be left behind, so even she bent her knees and this caused her loose dress to fall over her hips and give us a great view of her panties (pink ones with dolls on them).

She had a great camel toe which was very clearly visible through her panties. When that happened I looked at Maya as if to say 'you are the only one not flashing your panties'.

So she also bent her knees and even though she was wearing shorts (they were really short in length), which allowed us to see that she had white panties on.

We stopped for dinner and when we got back on the road, we planned on heading off to sleep. Maya was just browsing the net and I was just reading a magazine. There was complete silence in the bus and the lights were switched off. Since I wasn't in the mood to sleep, I got bold and decided to make out with Maya. I put my hands inside her shirt & started to caress her boobs.

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I flicked her nipples with my thumb and I could see her bite her lips trying not to moan. I pulled her close to me and gave her a passionate kiss. My tongue dived into her mouth & started to explore it. She responded with equal passion and then got on top of me and continued to kiss me. I pulled her shirt over her head and took her nipples in my mouth and started to suck on them.

This was too much for her and she let out a slight moan. I slowly moved my hands from her boobs to her ass feeling her soft sensual skin. I put my hands inside her shorts and started squeezing her ass cheeks. She started to grind her pussy against my dick and took off my shirt. She then proceeded to lick my nipples. By now my cock was straining to break free from its confines.

After a while she moved down and unbuttoned my shorts. She pulled my shorts and jockey's down and my cock sprang free. She engulfed my dick with her soft mouth and hungrily started to suck on my dick. Her head bobbed up and down on my dick, while making wet slurpy sounds.

Her boobs bounced as she was deep throating my dick. I just couldn't take it any longer and wanted to fuck. I pushed her backwards and reached down and unbuttoned her shorts and pulled her shorts and thong off in one movement. I then lay back and pulled her on top of me. She slowly lowered herself on me. I could see her pussy lips stretch as the mushroom head of my cock entered her.

I could feel the walls of her pussy squeeze my dick. Once she had lowered herself all the way down on my cock, she then proceeded to ride me for all I was worth. As she buckled her hips, her awesome tits bounced up & down. I grabbed her ass and kept rocking them. She bent forward and allowed me to take her nipples in my mouth.

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And considering that we were in a bus, with other people around and could get caught only added fuel to our fire. I could feel my balls ready to burst. I exploded in her pussy which also triggered an intense orgasm in her at the same moment. It was heavenly. She collapsed on top of me. I held her close and kissed her deeply. We were just lying there for a few moments when we heard a voice, "that looked like a lot of fun".

We both were startled and Maya rolled off me to see who it was.


In doing so my dick popped out of her pussy and my sperm and her juices started to leak out of her pussy. It was Anjali who had been watching us and before any of us could say anything she added " now let's not let that go to waste" and climbed in. She started to lick the cum leaking from Maya's pussy to her ass. It was very sticky as I could see the streaks of it between her tongue and pussy.

When she had cleaned all the cum outside, she put her mouth on Maya's pussy and sucked the remaining cum, swallowing our juices. This caused Maya to have another massive orgasm.


Now that was hot and in spite of just cumming, I became rock hard again within a few moments. After she sucked Maya, she turned to me and with a smile grabbed my throbbing dick, pushed it back and started to lick my dick and balls. She cleaned the cum before she took my dick in her mouth and sucked really hard on it.

I came within no time. She gulped my cum, before licking her lips. Before she could say anything Arya's voice asked "What about us?" We all turned to see Arya and Babita looking down at us. Anjali licked the cum of her lips and replied, "I hope you have something more to offer?" Anjali then got up and kissed Maya on the lips and said, "See you later darling". She then joined Arya and Babita on top. I was still confused to the events that just took place and I asked Maya about what just happened.

It turns out that Maya and Anjali had experimented on each other when they used to be roommates. I asked her whether she had done it with Anjali when we were going around and she replied no. I was a little disappointed not knowing this earlier, because I had always fantasized about the two of them together. By now we could hear the bunk above us shaking. We decided to wear our clothes and have a look at what was going on above. What we saw was Anjali was on all fours with her head buried in Babita's snatch, while Arya was pounding her from behind.

Babita was under Anjali and licking her clit, while playing with Arya's balls. It was intense and it wasn't long before Babita climaxed and soon Arya shot his load into Anjali's pussy.

Anjali climaxed and her juices combined with Arya's started to drip out. Babita had placed her mouth just below it, so all the cum was dripping into her mouth. It was an unbelievable site. She had her mouth full of their juices when she beckoned Maya and kissed her deeply, sharing their juices with her. Maya took her share, and then moved it in her mouth to get the proper taste before swallowing it in one gulp. I was surprised to see her do that, but I knew from what I had just seen that few of our fantasies would be fulfilled by the end of the trip.

Anjali just laid there between Arya & Babita, while the two of us went back to our bunk. Maya hugged me tight & whispered, "I love you, darling", before curling up in my arms and going off to sleep. We awoke in the morning when the bus stopped by the side of the road for a pee break.

Now for us guys it is not a problem to pee anywhere, but the girls had to go off the road behind some bushes to do the deed. So before going out the Anjali & Babita just pulled off their panties & handed them to us. Babita handed her panties to me and I could see her dried cum on them.

When they came back they didn't bother to ask for them, so Maya took it and stuffed it in my jockey's. The feeling of another women's cum panties rubbing against my dick got it hard again, but since we were about to arrive I had to sit in that discomfort. When we arrived at Mapusa bus stop, we hired 3 scooters and set off. Anjali opted to drive and Maya was riding pillion, whereas Arya & Babita were on the other scooter, while I was alone with some of the luggage.


Now Anjali was wearing a micromini and now didn't have any panties on, but when she was riding she spread her legs and let the air blow against her uncovered pussy. You could see her nipples started to harden, but that might also have been due to the fact that Maya was slipping her hands inside Anjali's t-shirt and playing with her boobs. We finally reached our resort at Baga and soon checked into a suite, tired but totally sexed up for the rest of the trip.

* (Hope you all enjoyed the story. We are working on the parts. Almost all this part is true. Feedback would be most welcome.)