Enge Teen Test

Enge Teen Test
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A young engaged couple was looking for ways to spice up their sex life. They both wanted more than just casual sex, they wanted something new and exciting.

So they decided to look into other things. A few weeks later Kellan came across an idea in which he wanted to use. One day while Ashley was at work Kellan decided to surprise her. When Ashley arrived he was waiting for her behind the door. As soon as she shut the door he took a blindfold and placed it over Ashley's eyes She gasped but allowed Kellan to slowly lead her to the bedroom where he handcuffed her to the bed.


Once he was sure that she could not get loose, Kellan removed her blindfold. Ashley gasped once she noticed what Kellan had done to their bedroom. There were candles everywhere and over to the side of the bed was a table covered in various sex toys. Once Kellan noticed what Ashley was staring at he smiled and walked over to them carefully examining each of them trying to see his starting possibilities.

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There at the edge of the table was a pair of black handled scissors. Kellan picked them up over to the bed and began to cut her clothes off. Ashley's only thought was that she was going to have to get new clothes after this. When Kellan saw that Ashley was staring at her clothes now piling up on the floor he whispered that she should not be concerned about that right now. Ashley nodded. He then began to cut the black lace bra she was wearing he then threw it into the pile on the floor.

Ashley watched intensely when she noticed that Kellan had not yet removed her panties. Kellan then again rose and walked over to the table of sex toys.Instead of reaching for one of them he reached into what seemed to be a drawer and pulled out a bottle of heating lubrication. Kellan walked back to the side of the bed. Slowly he began to massage her breasts, pinching her nipples softly. Ashley moaned lightly. With the warmth becoming more and more intense it sent shivers throughout her body.

Feeling Ashley trembling beneath his hands Kellan couldn't help but smile. Knowing what he was doing to his beautiful fiance made him Kellan hard. He wanted to make her scream and he knew just how he was going to do it. So Kellan stopped and looked up at Ashley, her eyes were pleading but he tossed the bottle into the floor. He then began to circle her nipples with his tongue.

He then softly bit down on her already sensitive nipples causing her to moan. Each time he would bite down slightly harder and Ashley would moan louder and louder. By the way Ashley's body was trembling Kellan knew that she would be close to reaching her climax. Her breath became ragged and she balled her hands into fists as she came, wetting the soft black satin sheets beneath her.

Once again Kellan got up much to Ashley's displeasure and went to the table of toys. Kellan then picked up a silver vibrator that laid at the center of the table.

Kellan then walked to the foot of the bed where Ashley's legs were tied. He then turned the bottom of it and the vibrator came to life. At first he just ran the tip over her thighs and the lips of her pussy, teasing her.

He chuckled when he noticed how much this made her squirm. Her eyes pleaded and begged that he would put it inside her however he refused. Kellan instead pressed the tip on her clit when he did Ashley moaned even louder than before instantly cumming. Kellan decided that he had teased her enough so he gave her what she wanted.

He then cut off her drenched panties and moved the vibrator slowly in and out of her. He then began to move it harder and faster.

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Ashley moaned loudly. Kellan then stopped and threw the vibrator over to where the bottle of lube laid. He then got on his knees and began to make tantalizing circles around her clit with his tongue. This made her squirm more than ever. Kellan chuckled causing a vibrating sensation. When Kellan done he looked up at Ashley and said he was going to uncuff her. Ashley nodded and he reached up and released her when he did Ashley quickly pinned him down and began to rip off his clothes.

Kellan couldn't help but laugh at her intensity. When all of his clothes had joined her's in the floor she reached down and grabbed the bottle of lube from before, she began to rub his cock. Kellan moaned. The heat got to him soon after and it made him moan louder.


Now that Ashley was in control she decided to tease Kellan just as he did to her. She slowly rubbed his cock then sped up then slowed down again. She them abruptly stopped.

She looked up at Kellan and knew just what she was going to do to him. She wanted him to know what torture he put her through with his teasing. She then began to make circles with her tongue around the head.

This sent shocks throughout his body and she knew it. Kellan reached down and tried to push Ashley's mouth farther down on his shaft but she smacked his hands away and said if he tried that again he would regret it. Kellan nodded.

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Ashley then began to deep-throat him. When he came she swallowed it all and looked up at Kellan and smiled at him and he smiled back at her.She then pushed Kellan down flat and stratled him.


Ashley lowered herself down on him. She moved slowly at first but then moved faster. Kellan began to thrust his hips as Ashley descended.Ashley and Kellan both began to moan simultaneously.

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Ashley came first followed by Kellan. He then fliped her over and took control once more being sure not to waste time teasing her he slipped his cock back into her and began rotating his hips she moaned and screamed in pleasure.After cumming once once more they laid down with their bodies intertwined and laid motionless staring into each others eyes till they drifted to sleep.

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