Two sweet teens sharing on a hard cock fucking them in bed

Two sweet teens sharing on a hard cock fucking them in bed
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At the age of 16 I decided that I decided that I couldn't stand to live with my family anymore, so I moved out. I moved in with my friend, Kevin who was my same age and went to high school with me, I had known him for a couple of years now and considered him my best friend so he let me stay there.

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I have a part time job at a Super Target working in the electronics department so I hadn't really lacked with money and I had bought everything for myself over the course of the year that I had now lived with my new family, bringing me now to the age of 17, and they had graciously allowed me to use their basement for my 'Bachelor Pad'.

Kevin's family consisted of him and a younger sister who lived at home and an older one now moved out, plus his mom. They had moved from New York a couple of years back so they were different from the Utahn lifestyle I was accustomed to but it wasn't all that much different, interesting at times though and opinions were different as well.

My story started after living at their house for a year, I had become a family friend and as far as I knew they all accepted me as one of their own relatives. Oh, and a brief description of myself, my name is Rob I stand at about 6'2 and weigh 205 lbs.

of which about 6% is body fat, i'm a high school football player and have played Varsity since my sophomore year, i'm a vicious defensive end and an incredibly fast offensive guard, the fastest lineman on the team.

I have longish brown hair that reaches a bit past my eyes and green eyes to boot. Hope you enjoy. I gingerly closed the front door and re-locked it, hoping that I hadn't awoken anyone as I tiptoed down the stairs into my fortress of solitude. It was now 4:20 in the morning on a Saturday.

I hit the landing of the stairs and wandered over to my room hoping to catch some shut eye before I had to go to work later that day. I went into my room and saw Ashley asleep on my bed curled up into a sort of half hearted fetal position.

Ashley was Kev's sister and she's 14 and in middle school. She has silky dark brown hair that goes to her shoulders, a pretty face that doesn't need makeup to make her very cute, and a well toned tan body that comes with being part cuban. I strode over and shut the tv off and not wanting to make her go up to her own bed being that it was so late, or early depending on how you look at it, I just let her sleep there. She had probably thought I wasn't going to be home that night and thought it would be okay to sleep in my bed which she would do a lot.

That night she was wearing loose plaid pajama pants, and a tight white T-shirt that accentuated her young firm breasts that I would guess are about a B somewhere. From what I could see it didn't look like she was wearing a bra.

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I grabbed a small fleece blanket from a nearby chair and draped it over her as she had nothing. I was exhausted and I had no particular lust for her so I decided I would just climb onto the bed next to and get some sleep anyways.

I stripped and put on a loose pair of basketball shorts then I collapsed on the bed next to her, within a few moments I was asleep. I awoke and saw Ashley laying right next to me facing me, she had been running her hands across my naked chest and when she saw me open my eyes she immediately drew away. I looked up at her face and saw her smiling at me, she kept glancing down every few seconds and it took me a moment to shake off the sleep and realize she was looking at the bulge in my shorts.

By now I had made the decision that I wanted something to happen so I didn't shy away when she started rubbing her hands on my chest again. In turn I reached out and grazed her chest lightly with my hand and proceeded to gently massage them with my hands. She moaned softly and took her hands off of me to reach down and slowly pull off her t-shirt.

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I watched as the shirt slid up her flat tanned stomach and up over her head. She had the best breasts I had ever seen, the now erect nipples were sticking out from her tan firm boobs.

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I sat up and greedily sucked on each nipple, swirling my tongue around them to tease her. She stroked my hair with one hand and with the other she reached down and grabbed my hardon through the shorts.


She pushed my back lightly and told me to lay down. I lay down on my bed and immediately she pulled my shorts and boxers off with one swift pull. She sat staring at my 7'' cock for what seemed to me like an eternity. My cock was now aching and I wanted her to relieve it for me.


She ran her fingers up and down the length and got on all fours over my body where she bent down and licked up and down the shaft. I was in heaven, my whole body tingled everytime she licked up and down my cock.

Without warning she went down and got about 6 inches in her mouth before she started to suck and bob up and down. I gazed at her unsure that this was really happening as I watched her naked breasts bounce a little each time that she went down. I could feel my cum building up in my balls and wanted her to keep going but she had now stopped.

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Now I decided it was her turn and I flipped her over so she was laying on the bed. I ripped her pajama pants off and revealed her white cotton panties. There was a wet spot on her crotch and I immediately started to rub her pussy through the thin wet fabric, she moaned with pleasure "Oh God, that feels good" She said and started bucking her hips to try and grind my hand onto her pussy harder.

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I pulled her panties down slowly and saw her perfect pussy. She had shaved it and trimmed the hair into a perfect V above her pussy, her cute pussy was pink and without a hair.

It was now wet and I leaned down and greedily licked her pussy, she was grinding her hips into my face plunging my tongue deep into her soaking pussy.


"Oh fuck, im gonna cum!" She screamed. I stuck a finger into her wet pussy while I licked and she immediately groaned in ecstasy and at that moment her body pulsed and her juices flowed out and onto my tongue which I lapped up with lust. She lay there unable to move from her climax, I crawled up the bed over her small body and began to kiss her. She pushed her tongue into my mouth passionately and started to rub my still aching cock with her hand.

I broke from our kiss and spread her legs wide and put the tip of my cock against her wet slit and slowly moved it up and down the entrance to her cunt. Finally after I could take no more I eased my cock into her tight pussy, where I proceeded to move in and out, slowly at first, but then sped up as her pussy became less tight and I could get more inside.

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"Fuck me!" She screamed. I increased my pace and I could feel myself ready to cum into her tight wet perfect little pussy. "Ugh, i'm gonna cum." I groaned. Shortly after that my body shuddered as I exploded inside of her as she climaxed the same time I did.

My cock errupting inside of her as her juices flowed onto my cock. I gingerly my cock out of her and just collapsed next to her on the bed, exhausted from the experience and I reached up and gave her a few light kisses. "I love you" She said softly. "I love you too," I replied. I stood up off the bed and strode toward my bathroom so I could take a shower and get ready for the day, little did I know my fun wasn't quite over.

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