Most Sexy Hottest Twerking On The Planet In The Galaxy

Most Sexy Hottest Twerking On The Planet In The Galaxy
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​​ Adam sighed as he started loading his car with duffle bags. All he could think about was how much he didn't want to go to college. He'd been bullied all through grade school and hadnt had a girlfriend his whole life. ​​ ​​ "High school was one long swirly," He thought, "how is college going to be any better?" ​​ ​​ Adam was by no means ugly. In fact, he was quite handsome, at 6' 1" and with good muscle tone he could be called a "looker" he just couldn't get with the popular kids.

​​ ​​ As he was bemoaning this fact his mom shouted, "Get going or you'll hit traffic! I want to hear from you in three hours, no later! You got that?" ​​ ​​ "Yes ma." He said, while rolling his eyes. ​​ ​​ When he finally arrived at the college, it was pouring.

As he ran inside, he met with more bad news. He was about to enter the office to find out what his accommodations were, he heard an all too familiar voice behind him. ​​ ​​ "Hey Lil' Cuc'!

Is that you?!?" ​​ ​​ With a sinking feeling in his stomach Adam turned to face the person who had made high school miserable, Ben Sourds. ​​ ​​ "C'mon Ben. Stop calling me that! It was five years ago." ​​ ​​ Adam was refering to a time in the school locker room when Ben had tied him up and stripped him, which was bad enough.

But he then proceeded to paint his penis, which was very small at the time, green. ​​ ​​ "Now why would I do that? You'd have to prove to me that you're not a little green veggie now!" He said with a laugh.

​​ ​​ As Adam was about to make another remark he was called into the office. He sat down to wait, right across the room from another student who was waiting.


Once he'd sat down he noticed that the other student was a very attractive girl. She had blonde hair worn in a ponytail, blue eyes, B-cup breasts that were a little too anxious to get over the edge of her tight blouse, and was wearing a pear of leggings that were a size too small. Adam could feel a boner coming and hoped she wouldn't notice, as he adjusted himself as inconspicuously as possible. Being a young man, he started undressing her in his mind.

But before he could get anywhere she was called in and he'd been so fixated on her he hadn't even caught her name. ​​ ​​ "Damn it!" He thought to himself. "Just my luck, I see a hot girl and don't even get her name… and now I e got a boner before I go in to see the warden." (A term often used to describe the rooming personnel boss at this college).

​​ ​​ Soon the girl came out, and walked backwards towards the door, giving Adam a great view of her ass. Big, but not too big, and firm. It was all he could do just to keep from grabbing it as she walked out of the office. ​​ ​​ Sporting a full out boner he was called in.

You see he'd grown a lot since the days of Lil' Cuc' and now at full length he was 8" and nearly 2" wide. This made it very hard to conceal as he walked into the office.

​​ ​​ He sat down and The Warden looked at him with a look that said "I hate my job" and started shoving papers at him. In about fifteen minutes, Adam had completed the process that was supposed to take an hour, and was feeling rather anxious that something was missed or that the warden had seen his hard dick through his pants. ​​ ​​ Still worried he headed for his room wondering who he'd be rooming with. ​​ ​​ "I hope I'm with some nerd who doesn't even notice me…" He pondered.

"Better yet just a normal guy like me." ​​ ​​ Then he started worrying that maybe in the pile of papers he'd gone through he was assigned a room that was already taken. This made his heart go from is crotch right down to his feet.


So he tried thinking about the hotty and continued on. ​​ ​​ When he reached the door he slowly tried inserting the key half expecting it not to fit.

However the door swung open and he went in. The room was in the back of the dorm and extreamely quite, with a nice view of the woods. ​​ ​​ "Well this might not be too bad." He muttered. ​​ ​​ As he was admiring the view the door opened and in walked in hot girl! Both of them stood staring at each other wondering if they were in the right place.

​​ ​​ "Is this room 216?" They said in unison.

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​​ ​​ Then they looked at the number on the door which did indeed say 216. ​​ ​​ Adam was the first to speak, "So, is this supposed to be your room too?" ​​ ​​ "Yes." She said obviously flustered.

​​ ​​ "Well let's go down to the rooming board office and sort this out." Adam said. ​​ ​​ "We can't," She moaned as she pointed at the clock.

"It's past 5:00 they are all gone. We're just gonna have to wait till morning." ​​ ​​ With that she can in a dropped her bags on a bed and plopped down on the other.

Looking at the floor she said almost angrily, "Well my name is Talia… What's yours?" ​​ ​​ "Adam, it's nice to meet you." He replied trying his best to focus on her face not her tits while offering to shake her hand.

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​​ ​​ To his surprise she actually shook his head and gave him a smile saying, "Well at least you're a gentleman." ​​ ​​ The rest of the evening was spent unpacking and the two talked about where they were from, family, and the short lives they'd led so far.

At about 8:45, Talia pulled out a deck of cards and asked, "Do you play Poker?". ​​ ​​ "I used too. I haven't for a few years, between school and studying for SAT's I just didnt have the time of energy." ​​ ​​ "I know what you mean. Only time I've played in the last two years was at my graduation party. Feel up to a few games?" ​​ ​​ "Sure why not?" ​​ ​​ They played for about an hour and a half Talia won some and Adam others. Both were actually enjoying themselves, though that was probably due to the Vodka Talia had introduced after the first game.

With a half bottle of vodka gone, Adam had gotten a bit loose tounged and suggested playing strip poker.

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Talia reluctantly agreed thanks to the alcohol. ​​ ​​ The first hand went to Talia and Adam removed his shirt his abs drawing Talias attention making her feel a tingle between her legs. ​​ ​​ The next two hands went to Adam and Talia was now in He bra and panties, leaving Adam with the worst boner he'd ever had. As Talia was dealing the next hand Adam reached over and grabbed her breast and she gasped as a great chill traveled down her spine.


She could feel herself getting wet as he massages her tits. Despite herself she didn't tell him to stop but finished dealing and they continued playing. ​​ ​​ The hand went to Talia and Adam removed his Jeans revealing his boxers with a huge tent. When Talia was it she let out an almost inaudible moan picturing the huge rod stabbing her sex. Adam then began to reach for her breasts again, this time she leaned into it allowing him to knead her and pull her bra down letting her tits spring free.

​​ ​​ "Shit!" Adam thought. "I could cum right now, her tits are so soft and warm. She seems to be enjoying this… I wonder if I could touch her pussy." ​​ ​​ Trebling he slowly worked one hand down to the waist of her panties.

Gingerly he slid his hand under the waist and alert for any sign of rejection. But it never came. Instead he reach her sex and slowly began storming her pussy feeling her juices seeping out. Talia started moaning and at that moment they both made eye contact. ​​ ​​ "When I first saw you in this room," She said. "I promised myself I wouldn't say this, but I'm going to… Fuck me Adam!" ​​ ​​ With that she stood up and slipped off her panties and shoved her hand down Adams boxers feeling his hard dick.

​​ ​​ "Oh wow. I've never felt one this big." She moaned. ​​ ​​ She then removed his boxers and he pushed her down onto the bed and laid on top of her feeling her pussy against his cock, he smiled.

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​​ ​​ "Wait. Are you a virgin?" She asked. ​​ ​​ With a surge of panic he nodded. ​​ ​​ Seeing his worry she said, "Don't worry I'm going to fuck you, just I've always wanted to be a guys first. Lay on your back." ​​ ​​ He did as she said and she positioned herself on top of him and lined his dick up with her sex and asked, "Are you ready?" ​​ ​​ He just smiled and with that she impaled herself on his dick, slowly feeling his rod fill her completely.

Adam was in heaven too, he could feel her walls trying to suck the cum out of his balls. He was already getting close watching her tits bounce in his face and now this… ​​ ​​ "I think I'm gonna cum!" He exclaimed. ​​ ​​ She just looked at him and nodded continuing to hump his dick like it was he last one on earth.

​​ ​​ "Ahhhh… yes…" He shouted in a whisper as he came.

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​​ ​​ Talia could feel his warm seed filling her even more and entering into her womb. She the felt a surge and she collapsed on top of him writhing in her own orgasm. ​​ ​​ They both sat sat in that position for a long time, until Talia rolled off and said, "Let's not talk to the rooming board tomorrow…" ​​ ​​ Part 2 to follow. ​​ ​​ ​​