Hairy pussy Bhabi fuck in hardly

Hairy pussy Bhabi fuck in hardly
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Hey I'm brad I'm currently 17. I have brown hair, green eyes a good body wouldn't say it's amazing I have an oncoming six pac from working out in the gym but apart from that I'm 5 foot 11 inches tall and weigh 9st and something.

I feel that my worst feature is my penis because it hasn't grown since I was fourteen it's still only 6 and a half inches and 2 inches round but apart from that I think everything is ok, but I guess most guy's are not always happy with their package. Anyway enough about me and on to the story This took Place almost three years ago when I was fourteen and had known I was Interested it boys for a few years but never acted on it.

I had always found it weird how I never found girls attractive but pretty, just never took interest. It was September and I had never been a confidant guy but this summer I thought screw it I am gunna do it this year. You see I had had a crush on this boy since I was thirteen and he was ten his name was James and he had the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen they were green but slightly blue and everytime he would see me or I made him laugh or we had any type of interaction his eyes would sparkle, he also had a very nice body when he took his top off and I saw his body I felt instantly hot flushed and immediately felt my dick start to harden which wasn't to hard to hide in my waistband of my red shorts but still from that moment I knew I had some sexual attraction to James.

James has black hair always messy and as I said before a very nice body but the best thing is his bum it is so round and purcky it would melt you're mind. There was one problem with this crush I had James was best friends with my little brother Adam they are always in the house and one time when I was in my room James came in because Adam was on the toilet and he wanted to see how I was which I thought was very cute. James: hi brad. Adams on the toilet again and I just wanted to see you.

and ask how you were. Me: aww you're so cute sometimes James. I'm fine thanks how are you doing heard you were told off yesterday for swearing? James: oh who told you that? ( he started to blush ) Me: Adam don't worry I'm not telling you off silly I'm only asking James: I know but I didn't want you to find out Me: why its not that bad mate After that I gave him a hug because he seemed like he was Pretty upset by it. I don't know why I felt I had to give him a hug it just felt like the right thing to do James then moved his hands from my back and placed his right hand on my upper leg by my groin and he went to say something.

James: Bradley I . Um I. Like you Me: ( giggling as I say this). I . Like you too James you know were friends you don't have to tell me.

He went to say something else but the toilet flushed and he quickly moved his hand and left my room slightly embarrassed but as he walked out I noticed his trousers were pushed out a little bit, but I didn't think much of it.

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A few days later I was in the garden sun bathing in some spedos because they showed off my little bubble but and I liked sitting there in my garden feeling almost naked.

There was a knock at the door and when I went to answer it a familiar face was on the other side of the glass window. James: is Adam here brad? Me: um I don't know let me shout him (Adam! Adam you here?) I don't think he is in buddy James did not look at my face but at my stomach And the buldge in my spedos as he answered me James: can I. Um. Can I. (He took a breath then went bright red) can I please come in and wait for him?

Me: sure make you're self at home buddy After James entered the house he said I like you're trunks I replied with a simple thanks I was shocked that he even paid attention to them I went back into the garden where I sat back down and then feeling really hot I decided to go for a swim in our little pool we got I didnt realise that James had followed me into the garden as I jumped in and emerged from the water James asked if he could join I said sure he said his mom was not in so he couldnt get trunks I said come in you're underwear if you want to or are comftable with that.

As he took his top off I couldn't help but stare at his beautiful body. He took his shorts off reveling titey whites and the were White which would be see though, though the pool.

Me: I don't think you should come in, in those buddy. James: why not? ( sounding disappointed) Me: because you're pants are White and when they get wet they will go see though and you know I'll see you're thingy James: oh I never knew that can I wear sone of you're pants?

Me: sure let's go to my room and see what I have As I left the pool James giggled but I didn't say anything about it. We walked into my room where I then went to my pants drawer and I took out a couple that I thought would fit him he then said to me something I was not expecting at all James: brad you know when I was over before I told you I liked you A little pause of silence Me: um yeah what about it buddy ?

James : um well um errrr never mind it's not Important Me: are you sure? I'm a good listener After a while James choose his underwear they were a pink and yellow pair of trunks and they were a little baggy but I just did the strings up so they wouldn't fall down on his slim body.

As I went to leave the room James grabbed my arm and pushed me on the bed well a gentel nudge I aked him what was wrong and he said something completely random And unexpected James : do you wank?

( after he said it he looked at the floor bright red and his hands were shacking) Me: um. Now and again why? James: um. Because I do it too and wanted to know if you did it too Me : oh that's kinda random but ok buddy. ( we both giggled a little) wanna go to the pool? James: I'm not really in the mood to swim now but I need to tell you something There was that horrible pause and I said to James Me : what's up buddy ?

James: I knew Adam was going to be out today and I used me calling on him as an excuse to spend time with you. I'm so sorry if I've upset you. Me: you've not upset me. I'm just a little confused as to why you would have to make an excuse up to spend time with me. You know I enjoy being around you. Your a good laugh and were good mates.

What happened next was completely unexpected and I couldn't believe that James would ask. James: brad when I told you that I liked you I ment it but I did not mean it In a friendly way. I like you like I like some girls in school but I like you a lot more and when I wank it's always about you and I came over to day because I was on the Internet and I saw something and I want to try it with you And now you hate me don't you?

I was so shocked when he said this to me I did not know how to react at first I thought I was hearing things and I was like don't be silly brad he didnt just say that. But then I heard James start to cry and he was getting up to leave so I got up picked him up put him on my bed and cuddled up to him and explained his I felt Me: James I don't hate you at all infact if you want the truth I really like you as well and have for a very long time.

I have a confesstion to make I have wanked over you a lot ( he giggled and said really?) I know im older than you but I do like you a lot and I just though since you told me I should tell you. After that James stopped crying and whipped away his tears and sat up allowing me to check him out without him knowing. I then asked James what he saw on the internet and he said he was on google and he wondered how guys have sex so he typed in how do 13 and 10 year old boys have sex.

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He said he found a link and clicked on it. He said it took him to a vedio of two guys having sex he said he licked it then asked me another unexpected question James: have you had sex before? Me: no why have you? James: no but I want to Me: what do you mean by that James? James: let me show you ?

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I didn't know what he ment but all of a sudden he stood up and said I saw them start like this don't move and relax. I was extremely confused by this and then realized what was about to happen I didn't want to affend or upset him by saying no and I really wanted to have sex with James but I knew it was gunna change things between us and I was not sure if it would be good or bad.

But I decided to go along with it. James then began to put his hand on my body. First my neck then slowly down to my nipples as he did this I began to breath more rapidly and began to get extremely turned on by this as he brushed his hands over my nipples I stopped him and said enough.

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This is how I do it I then stood up and pulled him up with me I slowly brought his lips close to mine and he moaned a little when we touched once I broke the kiss I slowly started kissing his neck, he started to breath faster saying " don't stop please ohhh yeah" as I met his nipples I started to gently nibble on then this drove him mad he kept saying " stop wank me now please I want you" I had to admit I was a little shocked at how horney and forward he was but the way he said it made me instanty as hard as can be my dick was throbbing though my spedos.

James stood up and pulled off my pants in one swift movement. He had such such soft skin I felt like I was in heaven I closed my eyes because I didn't want to see his dick just yet I was saving it. I slowly made my way down his stomach feeling his dick throb on my abs this made me moan because it felt great. I couldn't wait any longer I looked down at his cock while we were both stood with hard ons. He had an amazing dick it was completely pubeless it was abot four inches and was so cute I got on my knees and teased the shit out of him I started licking his inner thigh and then I smelled his boy sent and it was freaking amazing I almost came then and there After about half a minuet of teasing James I could clearly see his dick needed attention badly.

So I grabbed the base Of his throbbing boy cock and slowly started to stroke it as soon as I touch it Jane tilted his head back and sighed I started to increase my pase and James started to almost shout how good he was feeling he was moaning "Ohhhhh yeah just like that oh brad yes faster yeah ohhh" I loved the way he said my name he started to go breathless and I knew he was feeling so good I suddenly stopped and pushed him onto the bed I said to him "do you like that baby" James winked and put his finger next to my lips and said I wanna wank you without any instructions or hesitation James pulled at my spedos and just sat there on my bed a while just looking at my dick I shave my lubes because I like to be hairless but that's just me.

James said wow it so big and chubby I just laughed and said it may be big to you haha.

James said can I start, I giggled and said whenever you're ready he grabbed my dick with both hands and started to slowly pump I have to admit having his small hands stroking my dick send shivers up my spine and I felt amazing I started to moan and James thought he hurt me so he stopped and almost cried out "oh my god are you ok have I hurt you I'm so sorry I'll stop" I just looked at him and smiled and said "don't worry I'm fine you just do such a good job I felt so good I'll not to do that again sorry James" I asked James if he was sure this is what he wants and he didn't hesitate to tell me how he felt he thought that I was never going to allow this to happen.

I just thought I really want this. I told James to lie down on the edge of the bed and I got in-between his legs and asked him if he was ok he replied with a cute grin " what are you waiting for suck me off" I loved how forward he was so whiteout hesitation I out his cock in my mouth with ease when i felt that I had it all in my mouth I closed my lips and started to go up and down slowly teasing him until he grabbed my hair and started to pump his dick in and out my mouth while doing thus James was practacly screaming my name " oh yeah arrrrrrrgggggg suck!!!

Yes BRAD OH YES BRAD BRAD BRAD OHHHHHH" I new that if I carried on he would cum or have a dry orgasm I wasn't sure if he could cum or not at the time.

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I stopped sucking and James said " my turn with a wink" I was unsure because I was scared of hurting him he was special to me like china I didnt want to break him if you get my drift.

I wanted to shove my dick all the way down his throat, I felt James slowly make his way up my shaft with his young tounge he looked straight into my eye and then put my head in I thrust my head back and moaned from the intense pleasure I have never had a blow job before and James did it like a fucking pro I started to bob his head up and down at a madmans pace I was almost crying from pleasure " arrrrgggggggg baby don't stop oh yeah I'm gunna.

shit. I'm .stop argggggg" I was so close to cumming I had to stop James and he was disappointed because he wanted to taste my cun I said it an almost panting tone " I. Need a minuet." What happened next I did not think would ever happen put James went into my bottom drawer where I keep my shirts and pulled out a condom came over and kissed me this kiss was so intense I could feel the passion as our lips collided I felt the need to take an adventure in his mouth so I thrust my tounge in and we kissed like that for ever he whispered in my ear I want you to bum me and I wan to do it back I was reluctant to do it because I knew he would get hurt.

Me : I dunno it will hurt James: please brad I want it to be you for my first I thought this kid is so young but seems to be very mature for his age and I liked that Alit so I agree under the cindition that he tells me if it is too much So without another words I opened the condom and put it on I took the KY lube and told James I would stretch him first.


I asked him to lie on his stomack and I loved how his cute little butt just looked like a mountain of candy it looked AMAZING. I had never thought about eating a guy out before because I thought it was always nasty but James was different I couldn't resist so I spread his cheecks apart And told him to relax I the.

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Put my tounge a the rim of his nice pink tight hole as soon as my tounge touch the ri He shuddered and moaned " wow that's great arrrrggggg yeah more deeper oh brad!" As soon as he said my name I shoved my tounge in as deep as I could litarly eating him out he started to shake and scram my name " brad harder YES FUCKING LICK ME YOU SEXY BOY!!

errrrgggggg Hess SSS just like that!!" I stopped licking and placed my fore dinger at his hole which looked like it craved attention I inserted a finger slowly at first James seemed to squirm In pain so I stopped he said to keep going so I inserted another finger all of a sudden " Ooooohhhhhh that feels sooo gooood Yes BRAD GIVE IT TO ME! I asked how he would like to be he said that the boys In the vedio were on top of each other so I said shall I lie down and you sit on me or shall you he on you're stomach he wanted to be on top so I lied Down on the bed and James started to position himself above my acking cock I started to loose control just seeing this boy that I wanted for so long about to loose his viginity and take mine I felt pressure on my cock and James had the head pop in with not problem but it was so tight it was soo good.

After about a minuet of James getting used to it he started to bob up and down trying to get more in I felt him hit the end of my dick and I grabbed his hips and asked if he was on he was breathing so heavy and just saying my name over and over again screaming " Arrrgggggg YES YES YES DO IT LIKE THAT.

YES BEAD FUCK ME LIKE A BITCH YES OH ERRRRGGGG YEAH YEAH BRAD!!" I knew I was not going to last long so I grabbed James cock and started pumping away and sla ing me into his prostate I Kelly this up for a good five minuets James screaming " YEAH WANK ME FUCK ME GIVE IT TO ME BUM ME BUM ME YES ARRRRGGGG" I started moAning louder " ohhhh yeah keep going like that Fuck IM GUNNA OF YEAH YEAH OHHHH YES". SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAP IN OUT IN OUT iz felt myself on the brink of exploding I pulled James of me took the condom of and shoved my dick down his throut he starting sucking and wanking " OHHH SUCK ME JAMES YES YES YES OH IM GUNNA .

OHH IM CUMMING SHIT ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH YES" all of a sudden my cock erupted 1. 2. 3.


4.5. 6 shots of cum it was too much for James and he let most of it fall out of his mouth as I cam down from my orgasm James smiled and said my turn. I bent over and names put it nice four inch dick in my ass with ease it felt great it was just the right size I was tight because I've never been fucked before James started panting after about a minuet.

BANG BANG BANG SLAP SLPA SLAP " Arrrrggggg yeah oh yeah so good yeah aeeerrgggggggggggg yes I'm gunna yes TAKE IT BRAD YEAH IM OHHHHHH.

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YEAH IM YEEESSSSSZ!!!! with that james started to shudder in me and around me he was almost nit breathing from that orgasm after he was done he said " I take it were boyfriends" I just smiled and got dressed then we went downstatis and watched TV and played on the xbox he went home a happy boy.

An unexpected sentence let to an unexpected relationship. I hope you enjoyed this is my first ever story but there are plenty more to come please give feedback and if needed constructive criticism thanks Take care for now Brad :-) xxx